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NZ to produce Outrageous Fortune prequel 0

New Zealand’s criminal West clan is making a comeback, this time in the 1970s.


Turnbull: ‘Start suing individual pirates’ 6

Minster throws the piracy ball back in the court of studios -but says content should be more affordable and available.


Appeal proceeds on Nine’s Willoughby site 0

Planning Commission says Nine’s target for 450 apartments at Willoughby exceeds “reasonable levels.”


Happy Birthday TEN 18

Video: Today marks the 50th anniversary since Network TEN first broadcast from ATV-0 in Nunawading.


Pro-Russian soldier aims weapon at Nine News crew 1

Damian Ryan reports a separatist rebel soldier mistook them for Ukraine forces and raised his AK47.


Steve Hooker exits Glasgow commentary team 2

Steve Hooker quit TEN’s commentary team after his athlete wife receives a 2 year ban for drug use.


Reality slips, Seven wins their first night of the week. 8

Ratings: Reality shows fail to grab the limelight, allowing Seven their first win of the week.


Viewers told “Too much ABC” prohibited them from ratings surveys 15

Talkback callers claim their preference for ABC precluded them from participating in TV ratings surveys.


Stuart Wagstaff under hospital care 1

Veteran entertainer Stuart Wagstaff, 89, is in hospital battling a lung condition.


Chris Bath faced early career choice, in male-dominated news room. 10

It was either ‘bat your eyelids’ or swear like one of the boys. Chris Bath speaks frankly of her early career choices.

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Airdate: Children of Syria 0

BBC’s Lyse Doucet follows the lives of six Syrian children over six months.


US Bravo to screen Real Housewives of Melbourne 0

Melbourne’s 6 ladies are about to get some US exposure on the channel where it all began.

Picture shows: D?Artagnan (LUKE PASQUALINO)

BBC First to the rescue 5

Director of TV Natalie Edgar talks through her programming strategy of the new BBC First.


Airdate: Pioneers of Television 0

This US series is one for TV nostalgics, and features interview with plenty of A list stars.


Returning: Louie 0

The very dry Louis C.K. is back on the Comedy Channel next month for his fourth season.


Foxtel “applauds” govt plans against online piracy 17

Amid increasing competition and a battle against piracy, Foxtel claps a govt discussion paper.


Gallery: Deadline Gallipoli 0

Foxtel releases photos of its 2015 miniseries starring Sam Worthington.


Fans left reeling as Wentworth packs a punch 22

“Freaking insane!” “Incredibly intense” “Holy hell!” Fans take to Twitter after a knockout episode of Wentworth.

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Sneak Peek: Utopia 0

Video: It’s Kitty Flanagan & Rob Sitch as bureaucrats struggling to agree on a logo.


TEN resumes Family Feud on 3 channels 8

Commonwealth Games is ending, so TEN resumes Family Feud on ONE once more.


Four Corners: Aug 4 0

Four Corners screens a report that analyses why young men from around the world are fighting for ISIS.


Airdate: David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities 0

This little fella can be found lurking in what is sometimes the darkest of places….


Have You Been Paying Attention?: Aug 4 2

TEN’s comedy quiz returns on Monday night with Mick Molloy, Jane Kennedy and Troy Kinne.


Bumped: Legally Brown, Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1

SBS decides to give its locally-produced comedy the better slot, in a Monday switcheroo.


60 Minutes: Aug 3 1

Foreign Correspondent got there first, but now 60 Minutes files a story on Scotland’s vote for independence.


Airdate: The Dreamhouse 0

ABC premieres a new doco series on 3 young adults with intellectual disabilities who move into a new home together.

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The Normal Heart 0

HBO delivers the best telemovie of the year in a political, personal, tour de force led by a stunning cast.


Sharknado 2: The Second One 5

A “twister with teeth.” Get ready for more B-grade action, dialogue and celebrity cameos.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5

Dysfunctional cops and a man-child hero, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine still solves the crime.

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