Neighbours Spoiler: Who dies?

So who is it that makes it out alive and who doesn’t?

When last we left Ramsay Street the roof had come crashing down on a bunch of kids: Zeke, Ringo, Declan, Bridget, Riley, Elle, Josh, Jessica and Taylor.

Then Karl went in and even Libby looked like she was in peril.

Now TV Tonight tells you what you wanna hear. When the show returns on January 14 who isn’t going to survive?

The answer is here.

It’s mean girl ‘Jessica Wallace’ played by Heidi Valkenburg.

Call the undertaker.

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  1. Kirsten xxx.

    Guys Bridgette Dies she is is with India, her mum, her dad

    and they are going to some place cant member were but a horse comes out in front and they cant stop and they crash and bridgette dies : ( and india is left with no mother india survives so does the mum and dad but with injuries

    Steph gets the blame cause apparently her tyres had no grip cause steph did there car so its gonna be really sad and i really dnt no how Declan can cope hes such a good guy :( its jsut soo sad that it happened to them
    also there for 4 people that were gonna die Elle Paul Libby Bridgette and sadly its bridgette i would rather it be paul but no

    the reason it is bridget is because brigdet has to go to university the university she wants to go to said she has 2 years to apply and 2 years went by until now she told them how she is a big member of neighbours but they said either come now or never so bridgette is going there thats why ….
    so sorri to say guys but its really sad : (
    pooooor declan
    hope i helped 😉 xoxo

  2. I dont want Ditch to die because it would be unfair if India didnt have a mum so if you profer Ditch to die not Zeke your rreally mean !!!!! beause Ditch has a Daughter and a Husband!!!:(:(:(

  3. WTF. this doesn’t answer my question. and for everyone who comes on and bags others- get a life! if you don’t like what ppl have to say just leave. totally agree with emily- good girl :)

  4. i am only young, (13 ).. and love settling in to watch neighbours, i have watched it ever since i was little, every one has there oppions and i respect that , but please you can be civil about what you say. you anonymous people who just ‘bag’ out the show . What is the point ? , do you enjoy bitching about television shows ? .. seriously grow up! if you dont like the television show then F**k OFF!

  5. The teaser clip on the official site shows her slipping away, but like all good soaps we know it doesn’t always mean the real deal.

    That said, it’s good I didn’t use the word exclusive.

  6. This really isn’t an exclusive… the Neighbours website itself reveals it in it’s episode section and has done so since the finale went to air last Friday night.

  7. I’m actually surprised. I figured she was one of the most expendable but thought she’d survive because without her they lose weeks of the “will she reveal Rachel’s secret affair with her teacher?” storyline.

  8. Not sure what the issue is ,Neighbours is on tv and this site is about tv duh! If you have issues with Neighbours then ignore it and move on. Anyway great finale to the best soap on tele but I kinda figured Jess would be the one to die a few weeks ago.

  9. Pellizzeri has been gone for some time. Not sure he was fired.

    To Anon who finds the site full of “stupid shit.” There’s a lot of stupid shit on TV so expect more stupid shit here, ok? Like some seriously stupid shit too.

  10. *yawn* What a shock.

    Honestly, she was barely on the show for a fortnight and they’ve already done away with her. Meh. Couldn’t care less. If it were any of the other characters it would’ve been announced sooner.

  11. Given the horrendous ratings for the last few years it’s a relief to hear Ric Pellizzeri has been fired and Susan Bower (formerly All Saints and McLeod’s Daughters) has been hired in his place. FINALLY, the show may have a chance of being a success!!

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