2009 Show Watch

The way the deals look like shaking down, Knight Rider (pictured) is heading to Seven, Fringe to Nine and Dollhouse to TEN.

That’s assuming the networks exercise their options.

Aussie networks have been in LA this week looking at the ‘upfronts’ presented by US networks.

We will need to await confirmation by our big three, but here’s an early look at where they should fall. Some shows may premiere in the second half of 2008.

This section updates.

My Own Worst Enemy
Knight Rider

Robinson Crusoe

Kath & Kim (US)

The Goode Family

Opportunity Knocks

Project Gary
The Philanthropist
The Office Spin-Off
Find my Family

The Mentalist

Eleventh Hour

The Block
Underbelly: 2
Sea Patrol
Untitled Gordon Ramsay Australian series

The Ex List
Worst Week

Life on Mars
Do Not Disturb
Harpers Island
The Oaks*
Exit 19*

* to be confirmed
bold = confirmed


  1. is anyone going to pick up the vampire show “true blood”? also if you still have that list of aussies in american shows you could add ryan kwanten to it if the show becomes a sucess.

  2. Reaper would be a massive flop in a primetime slot – it gets half the viewers that most CW shows get in the US and that’s saying something. It showed massive potential in the kickass pilot but it quickly dug itself into a hole of mediocrity and repetitiveness as it followed the same annoying procedure every episode of Sam getting a vessel, Sam capturing a soul, Sam whining about not getting it on with Andi, Sam whining about working for the Devil, oh, and Sam whining. A lot. I’m not surprised they’ve given it the shaft.

  3. The Office is amazing. Great, great show. The chemistry between the characters is epic. I love it. The spin-off should be good too, and yes, Seven should buy The Office off Ten. But I probably won’t watch either at such a late time. Downloads

  4. lavender-ia

    Is there any chance of Seven buying The Office off Ten if they’re showing the spin off? Ten has treated it appallingly – we’re now a season and a half behind.

    Seven at least seems to air full seasons, no matter the crappy timeslot (30 ROCK!) I’d love to see the same attention given to The Office.

  5. Just a question from meenz’s post, how come ten gets house and law and orders, when they are produced by nbc (look at the end of house and law and order for the nbc closing thingo)? And do the deals change every year, and the networks that already have the shows keep getting new eps from the previous deals?

  6. for everyones info, shows picked up by networks here depend on the output deal the network has with production companies. US networks purchase shows from different companies and do some in house. For example ABC produce Greys Anatomy but 20th Centuary Fox produced Womens Murder Club. ABC buy the show from fox. This year the same has happened with Life on Mars US. It’s produced by fox, not ABC, hence why it ended up on ten. another example is terminator, produced by WB, purchased by fox in the US and Nine here. Networks can decline or trade shows, an example would be Gossip girl was done by WB and brought by nine, which it sold to foxtel .

    here are the studios the networks have deals with for your referneces.
    Ten – Fox and CBS Paramount
    Seven – ABC/Disney and NBC
    Nine – Sony/WB

  7. KnoxOverstreet

    Bindi..it’s not about the network rather the output deal. Nine also has Terminator and The Moment Of Truth which are also on Fox. And Seven have Criminal Minds from CBS.

  8. isn’t fringe a fox show? why does channel 9 get it when channel 10 got all the other fox shows? all the other 9 shows are from CBS. channel 7 doesn’t seem to be getting anything interesting, sad news for them.

  9. According to Variety.com many pilots are still in production for Abc, Fox (courtroom K) and Cbs (Exit 19) for a Jan start or March start because they recently changed their Feburay sweeps to March? I Hope Abc pick up the outragous fortune pilot Good Behaviour.

  10. Who’s got The Philanthropist? It sounds like the most appealing of the new series to me. Well, Dollhouse will be legendary, but chances are it’ll get axed by freakin’ FOX. Anything remotely sci-fi (Dark Angel, Firefly, Tru Calling) on that network is usually axed fairly quickly. But then again, they ARE giving it a chance by letting it debut after American Idol, but all the same. After Back to You, Moonlight, Jericho and Journeyman all got axed this season I don’t really feel like giving non-established shows a chance until they’ve been given a second season.

    Cleveland could go nicely for Ten if they paired it up with The Simpsons or Futurama’s new season. 90210 could be a hit for Ten, but I don’t think it’ll appeal as much as The OC did. Nine have some potential hits this yr with Fringe and Eleventh Hour, although they both sound like X-Files ripoffs to be honest. And I’ve never heard of this “Courtroom” show, which US network picked it up? As for Seven, it looks like they got the rough end of the stick this season. Overall, I’m not too fussed about checking out any new shows unless they at least get a full season order, but I hope that some of them are fast-tracked here in September though. We’ll see.

  11. Dollhouse sweets! Hope they let us know when they’re going to air it.. hopefully the same time abouts as the US in Jan? ..probably March i guess

  12. The Oaks (FOX) and Exit 19 (CBS) are dead, according to The Futon Critic, and weren’t picked up. Same according to Deadline Hollywood Daily. Why are they listed?

  13. Sillygostly

    GRRRRRR!!!! F**k you Seven! They just HAD to buy The Goode Family didn’t they?! >:(

    Following their unforgivably poor treatment of King of the Hill, I have no doubt in my mind that Goode will also fail miserably on their network.

    I’m surprised that TEN managed to pick up Cleveland though. A poor choice on their part IMO as it doesn’t look any good (yet ANOTHER FG clone, as if AD wasn’t enough), and I can’t see how they’d slot it into their line-up unless they grab the rights to Sit Down, Shut Up as well.

    Weird, weird choices by the networks.

  14. I knoe 7 doesnt have a direct deal with ABC,but i would have thought they would pick up Life On Mars considering they already have quite a few ABC shows (DH,Lost,Private Practice,Grey’s,Ugly Betty,Sam Who?)….has potential to be a big hit (follows Grey’s in the US)

    Worst Week could go anywhere…doesnt look like any major hits for the networks…90210could be big (but its on The CW, so maybe not), Knight Rider will be too “nice”, The Ex List limits itself too much & Dollhouse looks very good indeed

  15. Fringe on Nine? Damn. I kind of hoped that their failure with Sarah Connor earlier this year would put them off science fiction. I’ll probably end up buying Fringe from Amazon, because Nine is going to screw it up something spectacular.

    From what I’ve read on the Knight Rider TV movie, unless the series improves on it, the series won’t probably even last as long as Bionic Woman. US version of Kath and Kim — we don’t know much about it but we know how these remakes usually go.

    Dollhouse on Ten… guess I’ll have to buy an HD TV.

    The Oaks? I thought I read somewhere that Fox has passed on the show.

  16. Isn’t Life On Mars an Abc Studios production? If so could’nt it air on Seven not Ten and not Foxtel? Would it even air if Seven had the rights of Foxtel? Ps Is there are word on who will get the rights to these shows…
    -Project Gary
    -Worst Week
    -Surviving The Filthy Rich
    -Do Not Distrub
    -Harpers Island
    -Suriving Suburbia
    -Book of Murphy
    -I.M Valentine
    -FAT City: Fugitive Apprehension Team


  17. Is Life on Mars the new US version? if so doesn’t channel nine have a deal with the US ABC Network ?

    Any reason why it hasn’t been picked up by any of the commercial networks seen a trailer for it, it doesn’t look to bad it actually looks half decent…

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