Actor spills on family fight

“Fallen TV Star” Scott Burgess (Water Rats, Above the Law, The Great Bookie Robbery, 1915) told A Current Affair tonight of a dispute with his wife that has cut short his acting career and sees him working for $17.50 an hour in a boat yard.

Behind the story lays a broken relationship, multi-million dollar assets, insurance claims and apprehended violence orders.

Burgess admitted he slapped his partner of 20 years and mother of his children, Tracy Jones.

Burgess said his wife was a skilled accountant, looking after their finances, but after the birth of their third child Jones took ill and cashed in insurance policies claiming she could no longer work.

Burgess claims he stumbled onto some money he knew nothing about. Burgess says when he brought up questions about financial matters he “lost it.”

“I slapped her and I threw her on the lounge,” he said. “It’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. I have a great deal of remorse for that.”

A tearful Burgess spoke about wanting to watch his kids grow.

Jones is said to have been awarded a $300,000 lump sum insurance payment and $17,000 a month in compo payments. Burgess pays $250 a week in child support.

More of the story described an apprehended violence order taken out by Jones who, according to ACA, “cut off all access to their $4m fortune.” It also featured two other men who questioned Jones’ incapacity to work.

Throughout the ACA story there were surreptitiously filmed shots of Jones in car parks. Reporter Chris Eccleston confronted her but she evaded his questions.

So far, only one side of this story appears to have been told.

ACA said it requested a formal interview with Jones but she declined.


  1. I’m one of the 3 children of Traci Jones and Scott Burgess.

    It’s sad to think the amount of times I have looked up my fathers name and come to see so much personal information about our family lives for millions of people to see and in our society this type of information isn’t hard to find, but the supposed journalists out there are at the end of the day promoting and exposing such traumatic events that may or may not have occurred for the whole world to see and I think it is disgusting how everyone sits here and does absolutely nothing about this situation… Very poor on David Knox’s part, it’s appalling how you think it is appropriate or even close to okay to be publicising this type of information. Your digging your nose into a very sensitive subject and now thinking it is absolutely fine to do this, I don’t believe it.

    You may think this is rude or too confronting…

    • Thanks Lily, as you can see I have not gone digging at all, I have restated the claims made in the public domain by Channel Nine. I also indicated only one side of the story has been made, and withheld a number comments that were not as a result of the contents of the story. The last comment on the story was in 2008, but I suspect your grievances are with Nine’s original story. Thanks.

  2. NB: Some comments pertaining to this thread have not been published as facts cannot be verified.

    Please keep comments general or related to the content that has aired.

  3. I am related to Scott Burgess and I can tell you this has nothing to do with Channel 9 or Water Rats its about a man struggling with the family law system and trying to keep a connection with his children and the lengths that another party will go to to seek revenge and cause someone else pain….there is so much more to this story than you could every imagine…its like a tv script in itself!

  4. Is nine planning to re-launch Water Rats this year and just using this as some shameful cross-promotion of Channel 9 product?

    ACA has left me cynical and jaded.

  5. Sounds intriguing 🙂 And sensationalistic! The true art of story telling, you have the good and bad guy, good and evil and their roles are clearly defined.
    My father is a retired P.I and he used to tail people who received disability/work comp/lump sum payouts for injuries claiming they couldn’t work. The person with the un-curable back would be at the gym trying to look their best or the one in the wheelchair can miraculously go bowling, he would testify in court on a weekly basis. But like ya said it is one side of the story, maybe Jones would like to keep her health issues private? She has every right to do so! But as for ACA reporting a story trying to get to the truth based on its deep sense of social responsibility to the community, I’m sorry… I refuse to accept that 😉

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