Axed: Big Brother

It’s time to go, Big Brother.

Now that it’s been leaked everywhere and possible embargos well and truly broken, here’s what you already know….

Production staff were told today they would not be required for 2009. TEN is not going ahead with BB next year.

A site administrator has also released this news on the official BB website.

There is some speculation that 2010 may see the ‘concept’ return in some form.

The axing of the show comes as little surprise to fans and media with a poor reception to the reality series, despite TEN’s best efforts to “reinvent” the series with the phrase “I don’t think so.” It also follows ongoing assurances TEN was satisfied the show was hitting its demographic. Last week the eviction episode came in under one million viewers, beaten by the ABC. It spiked with the appearance of Pamela Anderson but quickly dissipated.

But despite letting Gretel Killeen go for Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, the casting for the eighth remained predominantly young and ultimately similar to previous series. Many commented that the cast resembled “a freak show.”

The axing of the series for Jackie O represents a long string of television failures she has fronted, giving her the unfortunate brand as a “kiss of death.” This is despite a long-running radio show.

Big Brother has its finale episode on Monday July 21. Mike Goldman, Ryan Fitzgerald and Bree Amer will return with Friday Night Download shortly thereafter.

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  1. And after 8 years the format is done, they would have to REALLY vamp it up to change it. Not just casting (which is in dire need of change) but everything, from its image, to its sets, to its tacky cheesy Big Brother voice. This show needed a reality check, it seemed to think it was invincible and now they realize they cant do whatever they want and always have a guaranteed place on TV. Without Airtime, the show is worth 20 bucks
    But they are spending 25 million a series (30 million according to seven) and even this series saw it chopped down to the bone, very crap prizes and less airtime (uplate gone). This was an attempt at survival, their ratings over the eight years have dropped around 60 percent, Working Dog know you end on a high note always leaving them wanting more.
    This show needs a BIG break (like two years min) a different network (foxtel would have been perfect), different hosts, different look… different EVERYTHING! The excitement is gone. I personally think it should retire now with fond memories and a small degree of dignity and respect, but it is BB after all. The optimistic in me says even though its flatlined it may still be resuscitated, but it would really need to have seen the light and change its ways if it wants to survive longer.
    (ps lol@ “learnt” Dave)

  2. I dont understand…I am an international student studying abroad in Australia.

    I love Big Brother. It’s the only thing I can watch on TV that has Aussies on it besides the soaps!

    It’s so much better than over edited American reality shows where all the people are made up and look like super models.

    I think it’s just cultural cringe. Aussies seem to think everything Aussie is inferior to stuff from the US and the UK. You guys have a great country. Big Brother here is more interesting than it is in the USA. It’s more fly on the wall.

    I don’t think people who hate it actually have seen the show. They just listen to dreadful talkback radio and ACA and TodayTonight and regurgitate the false outrage. It’s a decent show.

  3. Let me guess? SOmeone wants more repeated American shows to fill BB’s slots and not air Australian repeats?

    If I wanted to watch American TV every night of the week Id just hit the net. I watch Aussie TV to see Aussie TV :)

  4. They are still returning with Friday Night Download? If I want to view funny clips, I would go onto YouTube. At least you do not have to put up with ads.

  5. I’m one of the people who have bagged BB fairly mercilessly this year… but I have watched pretty much every single show.

    It is going to leave a gap yes, but hopefully some new and innovative TV will come our way.


  6. best. news. ever.
    i’m dying to know what they will fill all that air time with. but i don’t think 10 has the money to go out and buy great new shows. wonder what 2009 will bring.

  7. So, 10 are axing BB, but will bring it back in 2010??? What a Joke!! It needs a permanent axing, not this 12 month break rubbish.
    Anyway I am glad we won’t see this show on TV next year…. just a pity it wasn’t a permanent chop also.

  8. Yeah I have to agree with you fangera101 the fans do complain about it all the time that is why I hardly ever go the the official forums because they just whinge about everything

    The Winchester maybe they should get Jackie O to give the singing bee the kiss of death

  9. Alex, you have some good points. If BB is going to return, it should move to summer (as is the case with the British and American counterparts) and split the programming into two:
    The season launch, evictions, Friday Night Live and the finale should stay on the main channel.
    The daily shows (including an extra program on Saturday nights), nomination, Big Mouth, late night coverage and specials should be shown on the new standard definition channel or the high definition channel.

  10. Why do I think they’ll replace this with some cheap American “comedy”?

    2 and a half men have been a top rater for 9 in this timeslot.

  11. BIG BROTHER! NO NO! This is the first season I have watched from start to finish (well almost finished). I put the failure of BB to the fact it is on ALL THE TIME! I mean common!

    In the US its only on like 2hrs a week I think. The only reason I have watched it this year is because I got a PVR (topfield, the best :) and I can watch the episodes last thing before I sleep.

    If they do bring it back (fingers crossed) they need to in a much reduced format. Maybe keep friday night live and Sunday Live eviction, but put an hour weekly show on Saturday night. Then leave it. Cut the Daily Shows, cut Big Mouth, and for Gods sake cut the constant vote for … every ad break.

    My 2 cents.

    Do you rekon the will bring the US version to Aus tv? PLEASE DO! Sorta like they do with biggest loser, 9:30 timeslot!

  12. It was only last trashy indulgence on commercial tv. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of weeks but I think some good changes was marred by the lack of lovable housemates and to some extent the hosts.

    Oh well back to torrents and cable!

  13. Love it or hate it,this show has been apart of our TV landscape for a long time!!The finale should go out with a bang.Bring back Gretel as a guest and celebrate something that has been one of this country’s most succesful shows.And Rove makes me laugh!Making fun of BB getting the chop when his show’s ratings are in the slums.I used to love his show.I cant bear to watch him anymore.Have some pride for ur network Rove.

  14. Well. I am a little fazed. I did like this show – not for most of the goings on – but for a look at the human psyche. What happens when you put varying personalities in close quarters, especially the sort that The BB psychoanalysts select – 30 mins a night is/was fine and I enjoyed watching the day’s highlights – The eviction show is/was way too long drawn out. The whole thing could be covered in an additional 30 mins and do not get me started on phone voting again :( Ahhh Well. Let’s see what happens when the dust settles.

  15. Funny thing about BB is the fans complained about the show more than the us people who didn’t watch it, questions is, what will the fans complain about next year? I am sure they will find something :)

    Its like having a really bad stain on your carpet, you can cover it up with a couch or something, pretend its not there and not look at it. But you know its there and its ruining the whole damn carpet :)

  16. The millions of dollars BB costs to run doesn’t translate into money spent of dramas etc.

    BB requires massive sponsorships to run that a drama just won’t bring in. It also has been employing 300 odd people for 8 years now and the scope has been much more than most other tv shows.

    What’s the bet Ten will just replace this with another reality show (maybe screen an overseas versions?) or even more simpsons repeats?

  17. oh please, dont be blaming the conservatives or anyone else, fact is, like with any TV show, if not enough people watch, the show gets axed. The BB brand in this country has become so tarnised and tired the last few year there would be no chance in hell another network would touch it

  18. Fully agree cartone I wonder what they will complain about next year probably channel 10s only other good show the biggest loser

    bet the current affairs shows won’t be able to help themselves and rub it in that BB is gone

  19. Wasn’t it 25 million or something to make one season?
    Imagine how many shows, jobs, actual talented people this will employ and new shows being put into production. BB ate up so much air time and no one watched it now we can spread all that time out and give some new things a shot, instead of trying to make f grade celebs out of lazy, boring un-charismatic, brain-dead people. Now Ten can concentrate on getting back into the ratings race.
    As for Mint (and you can even relate this to BB), imagine all the money people have saved and will save now these call to vote shows are gone! Plus, instead of three ours of dodgy puzzles, you get old episodes of the Avengers, Mad TV (which is actually funnier than SNL) and the odd late night movie! Much better.
    Looking forward to Channel Ten on the move next year :)

  20. “It’s time to go…. Big Brother”

    Are you serious? I knew this line would be used a lot in the next few days. It’s so cheap and un-original

    Rove also used the same joke tonight. $10 says The Age or the Herald Sun’s news headline will be the same thing

    Gonna miss Big Brother. After 8 long years of having it on TV, it’ll be weird it not being there for a whole year

    But I’m confident it’ll be back for 2010/2011

    1. It gives the produces time to think of a new, refreshed format to BB, a lot like BBUK

    2. They’ll realise axing a show that scored the most viewers for channel TEN regularly can’t be replaced with repeats of the Simpsons or Futurama, or a brand new reality tv show

  21. I for one will miss BB oh well for the last season I would love to see Alice or Terrie win hopefully Alice

    I hope that ten sinks even further next year proving to the BB haters that it is not always BBs fault that ten is so low in the ratings

  22. Endemol Southern Star haven’t ruled out the possibility of another network airing the show next year, and the statement on the official site forums by admin confirms that “Channel 10” has decided not to go ahead with it. I know it has a lot of very vocal detractors (who don’t even watch the show), but there are still a lot of people who do and who are disappointed that it won’t be back (at this stage). What on earth will people complain about next year? :-)

  23. At long last!
    The show completely outstayed its welcome. I didn’t watch this series but the endless amount of ads about “Call 1902 blah blah to evict this person or 1902 blah blah to save this person” got really tiring after a while. Plus I don’t see what’s so exciting about a bunch of idiots lying around on sofas with their shirts off talking about utter rubbish.

  24. Although this season has had its faults, the last few weeks have been one of BBs best. With the exception of the very boring Alice, they still have a lot of good characters left in the house.
    Jackie O, I find, can be more insensitve than Kyle. At least with Kyle you know it’s just part of his act.

  25. How long will the British and American version of Big Brother last?
    (The US version has just started its 10th season on CBS, while season 9 of the UK Big Brother is close to end.)
    The conservative forces have won once again, which is a shame.

  26. Yes jie, and that’s why it’s being axed because not enough people liked it or watched it!

    It is a shame for it to go though, even for the amount of jobs that it creates.

    Let’s hope Jackie O doesn’t wander onto the Australian Idol set as well!

  27. fanger101 i would prefer to watch The Mint than the shit they have been replacing it with on all channels… after midnight the only thing to watch is foxtel or a dvd…..
    Dont really understand everyone knocking the show….. if u didnt like it you didnt have to watch it

  28. I saw this news on another site but thought that it was a hoax, but it finally looks official. Very good news, and a very good decision.

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