Week 28

1 Seven News Seven 1.368
2 The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 1.237
3 National Nine News Nine 1.172
4 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1.155
5 The Great Outdoors Seven 0.926
6 ABC News ABC 0.880
7 The Wizard Of Oz Nine 0.878
8 TEN News At Five Sat Network TEN 0.869
9 The Bill ABC 0.748
10 The Recruit Seven 0.725
11 Batman Begins Nine 0.720
12 Saturday Night AFL Network TEN 0.704
13 Gardening Australia ABC 0.658
14 Saturday Afternoon AFL TEN 0.647
15 ABC News Update ABC 0.626
16 Wild At Heart ABC 0.625
17 Midsomer Murders ABC 0.614

Nine: 26.8%
Seven: 25.2%
TEN: 21.2%
ABC: 19.3%
SBS: 7.6%

1 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.489
2 Seven News Seven 1.452
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.299
4 Two And A Half Men Nine 1.185
5 National Nine News Nine 1.176
6 Silent Witness ABC 1.136
7 A Current Affair Nine 1.122
8 Home And Away Seven 1.117
9 ABC News ABC 1.064
10 BB: Friday Night Live TEN 0.948
11 Collectors ABC 0.896
12 Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.862
13 TEN News At Five TEN 0.857
14 Spooks ABC 0.838
15 Big Brother TEN 0.784
Stateline ABC 0.779
Seven’s AFL: Rnd 15: Carlton V Seven 0.724
Neighbours TEN 0.718
Friends TEN 0.658
Nine’s Live Friday Night Football Nine 0.617

Seven: 29.8%
Nine: 25.6%
TEN: 20.1%
ABC: 18.2%
SBS: 6.3%

1. Seven News Seven 1.436
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.366
3. Getaway Nine 1.286
4. The Celebrity Singing Bee Nine 1.266
5. Law and Order: SVU TEN 1.220
6. ABC News ABC 1.175
7. Home and Away Seven 1.159
8. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.140
9. My Name Is Earl Seven 1.128
10. National Nine News Nine 1.107
11. Law and Order: Criminal Intent TEN 1.101
12. How I Met Your Mother Seven 1.083
13. Bones Seven 1.075
14. Big Brother: Pamela Anderson TEN 1.023
15. A Current Affair Nine 1.015
The Footy Show 0.906m
Deal or No Deal 0.881m
Futurama 0.804m
The Amazing Race 0.797m
Antiques 0.557m

Nine: 27.8
Seven: 26.5
TEN : 22.5
ABC: 17.1
SBS: 6.1

1 Seven News Seven 1.554
2 Today Tonight Seven 1.439
3 Big Brother – Pamela Anderson Enters The House TEN 1.417
4 Spicks And Specks ABC 1.349
5 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.349
6 The Gruen Transfer ABC 1.302
7 Nine News Nine 1.293
8 Two And A Half Men Nine 1.286
9 A Current Affair Nine 1.242
10 Medical Emergency Seven 1.230
11 Home And Away Seven 1.220
12 ABC News ABC 1.208
13 The Hollowmen ABC 1.185
14 Criminal Minds Seven 1.163
15 The New Inventors ABC 1.054
Missing Persons Unit Nine 1.051
Big Brother TEN 0.957
Numb3rs TEN 0.900
Cold Case Nine 0.886
Fire 000 Nine 0.857
Search and Rescue 0.832
Prison Break Seven 0.727

Seven: 25.2
Ten: 24.0
Nine: 23.8
ABC: 20.6
SBS: 6.4

1. Seven News Seven 1.560
2. The One Seven 1.468
3. Two and a Half Men – 8:30pm Nine 1.447
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.385
5. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.343
6. Wipeout Nine 1.339
7. NCIS – 9:30pm TEN 1.318
8. All Saints Seven 1.274
9. A Current Affair Nine 1.266
10. National Nine News Nine 1.229
11. Home and Away Seven 1.220
12. ABC News ABC 1.205
13. NCIS – 8:30pm TEN 1.071
14. The Simpsons – 8:00pm TEN 1.053
15. The Simpsons – 7:30pm TEN 1.025
Border Patrol 0.936m
Deal or No Deal 0.918m
Big Brother 0.857m
Ladette to Lady 0.792m
Boiling Point 0.616m
Antiques 0.597m

Seven: 27.5
Nine: 26.7
TEN: 23.0
ABC: 14.8
SBS: 8.0

1 City Homicide Seven 1.583
2 Seven News Seven 1.548
3 Border Security Seven 1.485
4 Today Tonight Seven 1.426
5 Surf Patrol Seven 1.408
6 Nine News Nine 1.383
7 Two and A Half Men Nine 1.313
8 Criminal Minds Seven 1.309
9 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1.270
10 A Current Affair Nine 1.242
11. Home and Away Seven 1.239
12. ABC News ABC 1.205
13. David Attenborough’s Life Of Mammals Nine 1.197
14. TEN News at Five TEN 1.015
15. Australian Story ABC 0.965
Neighbours 0.965
Deal or No Deal 0.895
Elders With Andrew Denton ABC 0.876
Big Brother TEN 0.867
Good News Week TEN 0.862
Big Brother Nomination TEN 0.853
Top Gear SBS 0.838
The F Word Nine 0.806
Four Corners ABC 0.731
Boston Legal Seven 0.713
Mark Loves Sharon TEN 0.676
Antiques Roadshow 0.630
30 Rock Seven 0.372
TEN Late News with Sports Tonight 0.270

Seven: 31.8
Nine: 25.9
TEN: 18.1
ABC: 16.2
SBS: 8.0

1. 60 Minutes Nine 1.946
2. Domestic Blitz Nine 1.578
3. National Nine News Nine 1.565
4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1.555
5. Seven News Seven 1.527
6. Gladiators Seven 1.258
7. ABC News ABC 1.227
8. Battle of the Choirs Seven 1.159
9. Doctor Who ABC 1.112
10. Valentine’s Day ABC 1.037
11. Without A Trace Nine 1.018
12. The Einstein Factor ABC 0.987
13. Big Brother – Eviction TEN 0.965
14. Private Practice Seven 0.935
15. Dexter TEN 0.932
Rove 0.871m
Big Brother – 6:30pm 0.753m
Wimbledon 0.656m
Lipstick Jungle 0.642m
V8 Supercars 0.378m
Formula One 0.232m

Nine: 33.9
Seven: 21.9
TEN: 19.1
ABC: 18.7
SBS: 6.4


  1. How has Neighbours and Ten News been going this week? Do you think that Dexter’s Ratings will improve or decrease? P.s is their anything on a Gordon Ramsey Australia series for next year? Or is it just rumours?

  2. G’day David. Great blog. Just a quick question about Two And A Half Men. Given that it’s on five times a week and are only 24 episodes in a season do you know what channel 9 are gonna do when they run out of episodes.

  3. The Singing Bee is rating so well because it’s the celebrity version (I love the show, so I’m not bagging it, but the celebrities obviously make a difference). The later timeslot could also have made a difference, too.

    Kyle and Jackie O have a three year contract to host BB and the Dreamworld is contracted for another year. Unless the show is actually losing money for TEN (doubtable), they’re not likely to want to pay out those contracts. The show will be back (making the fans happy and giving those who don’t even watch the show something more to complain about :-). Bear in mind that *nothing* rates like it used to these days. Six years ago, the top-rating comedy in the country attracted over 2m viewers every single week. The top dramas rated even higher. Now, it takes a special, a sporting event or something really unusual to rate anywhere near 2m (e.g. 60 Minutes last week). The situation that would be concerning a network at the moment is Home and Away’s. Two and a Half Men has spent years as a filler program with numerous false starts and failed timeslots. Now, it’s actually beating Home and Away on some nights, which must be a worry for Seven.

  4. good to see singing bee getting decent ratings at last. It was a much better show- mainly thanks to Tim Cambell, who is a thousand times better than Joey Fatone.

  5. Lol, no one watched BB that night, they watched the Pamela Anderson show :)
    You could put Pamela Anderson on Huey’s Cooking Adventures and it would rate well.
    BB fans need to realize that if you need to pay out a BIG load of cash to get ratings then its not viable.
    They wanna boost the ratings? New ideas, not Million dollar band aids.

  6. TEN will be very happy with the BB ratings for last night. The daily show was way up and the eviction/Pamela Anderson special was a huge hit. Not bad for a show that “no one watches any more”! :-)

  7. What happened to Search & Rescue last nite?

    Glad to see Prison Break failed!! It should have ended at the end of the 2nd Season. I have seen this season so far and it is worth missing….. as much as i love the cast

  8. Last weeks 8:30pm 2.5men did not play in AFL states because of EJ Whitten Legends Game.

    Think Nine and Seven will both be happy last night with their new offerings.

  9. Hi David,

    7 must be pleased with the figures for The One on Tuesday night. Word of mouth, and some press coverage should see them easily break 1.5m surely?

  10. Looks like viewers have had too much Gordon Ramsay judging by the figures for The F Word. Great to see City Homocide performing so well.

  11. Way to go Neighbours getting 0.965 Monday night. The show is absolutely brilliant these days. So close to a million. Shouldn’t be long until it overtakes the abysmal Home & Away.

  12. Ten really needs to do a complete rewrite of their schedule. The channel is just low at the moment, it’s unbearable to see the results for their shows bar a few.

  13. Man, talk about Seven getting THUMPED last night. Was pretty consitent to last week, Gladiators has always hovered around that mark and good on em too!
    Sixty minutes looks like its going to be the most watched show of the year the way its going.
    I’m wrapped Dexter did so well, not surprised about Rove, very tragic show.

  14. Due to AFL last Sunday, Gladiators was shown in Perth on Thursday in place of My Name is Earl and How I Met Your Mother. This means the grand final was shown in all states last night.

  15. Wow Private Practise and Lipstick Jungle both bombed in the ratings. Both lost 300,000 from their premiere last week. It’ll be interesting to see the figures for them for next week. Also surprising that Dexter outrated Rove. It might turn out to be a black horse for Ten. As for Gladiators, that was a decent figure for a grand final, although to give it credit Perth is behind by a week.

  16. 60 minutes ratings are easily explained – Exclusive interview with the mother of the children killed in Cowra during the week. It was an amazing compelling story.

  17. Glad to see Dexter wasn’t seriously effected by one of the most boring Rove’s of the year.

    Also glad to see that load of crap Lipstick Jungle not do so well.

  18. Luke (Lakeyboy)

    I was going to ask the same thing about 60 Minutes. It must not have been that great if I didn’t hear about it!

    Also, is Gladiators one week behind in Perth because it’s affecting the ratings maybe?

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