Week 40

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ABC beats TEN as Seven wins.
Top 100 Week 40
Pay TV Week 40
ASTRA Week 40


1 Seven News Seven 1.263
2 National Nine News Nine 1.084
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1.036
4 ABC News ABC 0.995m
The Bill ABC 0.796m
Men In Black II TEN 0.795m
Stick It Nine 0.794m
Gardening Australia ABC 0.710m
The Shaggy Dog Seven 0.577m
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Seven 0.574m
Black Hawk Down TEN 0.554m
Mythbusters SBS 0.377m

Seven 24.7
Nine 25.7
ABC 22.1
TEN 20.4
SBS 7.0


1. Better Homes and Gardens Seven 1.373
2. Seven News Seven 1.334
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.179
4. Nine News Nine 1.127
5. Home and Away Seven 1.097
Two and a Half Men Nine 1.091
Taggart ABC 1.060
A Current Affair Nine 0.992m
War Of The Worlds Seven 0.807m
Neighbours TEN 0.645m
America’s Next Top Model TEN 0.572m
Snakes On A Plane Nine 0.545m
Miami Vice TEN 0.335m

Seven 31.2
Nine 27.6
ABC 20.9
TEN 13.9
SBS 6.3


1. Seven News Seven 1.440
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.280
3. Home And Away Seven 1.155
4. National Nine News Nine 1.092
5. Getaway Nine 1.070
6. Two And A Half Men Nine 1.061
7. Ghost Whisperer Seven 1.049
8. ABC News ABC 1.041
9. A Current Affair Nine 1.040
10. Ghost Whisperer – Late Seven 0.971m
11. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.949m
12. Life At 3 ABC 0.946m
13. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 0.928m
14. Law & Order: CI TEN 0.921m
15. The Strip Nine 0.883m
16. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? TEN 0.871m
17. Law And Order: SVU TEN 0.828m
18. Catalyst ABC 0.809m
19. Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.756m
20. TEN News At Five TEN 0.746m
Antiques Roadshow 0.458m
RPA 0.437m (select states)
Sunrise 0.379m
NRL Footy Show 0.319m (various timeslots)
Today 0.292m
The Morning Show 0.170m
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 0.118m
9AM with David and Kim 0.071m

Seven: 28.6
Nine: 26.9
TEN: 20.7
ABC: 19.5
SBS: 4.4


1. Two and a Half Men  8:00pm Nine 1.651
2. Two and a Half Men  7:30pm Nine 1.512
3. Seven News Seven 1.497
4. Medical Emergency Seven 1.338
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.317
6. Criminal Minds – 8:30pm Seven 1.312
7. Crash Investigation Unit Seven 1.257
8. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.234
9. Home and Away Seven 1.212
10. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.165
11. National Nine News Nine 1.148
12. A Current Affair Nine 1.104
13. ABC News ABC 1.083
14. Criminal Minds – 9:30pm Seven 0.946
15. Fringe Nine 0.901m
16. The Hollowmen ABC 0.877m
17. TEN News At Five TEN 0.859m
18. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.848m
19. House TEN 0.802m
20. The New Inventors ABC 0.762m
Deal or No Deal 0.726m
Life 0.682m
Kenny’s World 0.664m
Bondi Rescue: Bali 0.632m
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares 0.593m
Newstopia 0.142m
Friends 0.598m

Seven: 31.3
Nine: 27.3
ABC: 19.1
TEN: 18.3
SBS: 4.0


1. Packed To The Rafters Seven 1.836
2. Find My Family Seven 1.701
3. RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.617
4. Seven News Seven 1.507
5. NCIS TEN 1.320
6. Today Tonight Seven 1.302
7. All Saints Seven 1.285
8. Home And Away Seven 1.267
9. Two And A Half Men 7pm Nine 1.252
10. A Current Affair Nine 1.205
11. ABC News ABC 1.170
12. National Nine News Nine 1.128
13. Wipeout Nine 1.092
14. Two And A Half Men Ep2 Nine 1.031
15. Two And A Half Men Ep1 Nine 1.011
16. 20 To 1 Nine 0.944m
17. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.922m
18. The Simpsons 8pm TEN 0.877m
19. Rush TEN 0.871m
20. Two In The Top End ABC 0.861m
Survivor 0.463m
Make me a Supermodel 0.419m

Seven: 34.6
Nine: 25.4
TEN: 21.2
ABC: 14.9
SBS: 4.0


1. City Homicide Seven 1.670
2. The Force Seven 1.627
3. Seven News Seven 1.581
4. Border Security Seven 1.481
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.443
6. Home And Away Seven 1.257
7. Two And A Half Men Nine 7:30pm 1.198
8. Two And A Half Men Nine 7:00pm 1.193
9. ABC News ABC 1.173
10. Bones Seven 1.159
11. National Nine News Nine 1.144
12. A Current Affair Nine 1.140
13. Top Gear Australia SBS 0.933m
14. Australian Story ABC 0.902m
15. Australian Idol TEN 0.893m
16. Til Death Nine 0.888m
17. Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.848m
18. TEN News At Five TEN 0.843m
19. Enough Rope With Andrew Denton ABC 0.820m
20. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.778m
The Triangle 0.709m
90210 0.616m
Friends 0.610m
Burn Notice 0.438m
Out of the Question 0.437m
Boston Legal 0.310m

Seven: 33.2
Nine: 25.0
ABC: 17.6
TEN: 15.5
SBS: 8.7


1. Seven News Seven 1.448
2. 60 Minutes Nine 1.343
3. Dancing with the Stars Seven 1.213
4. Doctor Who ABC 1.207
5. Australian Idol TEN 1.202
6. Midsomer Murders ABC 1.184
7. National Nine News Nine 1.181
8. ABC News ABC 1.181
9. ABC News Update ABC 1.154m
10. CSI: Miami Nine 1.053m
11. The Outdoor Room Seven 1.047m
12. Thank God You’re Here TEN 1.044m
13. Battlefronts Nine 0.963m
14. Outback Wildlife Rescue Seven 0.961m
15. Rove TEN 0.892m
16. TEN News At Five TEN 0.867m
17. Crime Investigation Australia Nine 0.840m
18. The Einstein Factor ABC 0.794m
19. Private Practice Seven 0.685m
20. Sports Tonight TEN 0.661m
Dexter 0.611m

Nine: 25.3
Seven: 24.6
TEN: 23.4
ABC: 22.3
SBS: 4.4


  1. That seems like a new low for Neighbours. Nothing is going right for Ten. They have serious issues at the moment and it wouldn’t surprise me if the ABC manage to beat them one week.

  2. Regarding 2.5 Men, since it was such a ratings flop here in its first few seasons, Nine will be aware that at the very least, half of their audience will not have seen the repeat episodes, so they’ll keep running them along with new release episodes.

  3. John, they will then just rerun the reruns. Ten’s best tactic to rebuild trust would be to do a back flip on the canning of 90210, and put it in a low key spot, like the Friday they promised. Quickly, before the fans find other 10 shows on the internet. They should also bring back big bang theory and promote it is from the same creator as 2 1/2 men. Funny show. But which 2 1/2 men episode to replace…….

  4. I wonder if nine knows that there is a finite number of 2.5 men eps. If it keeps going at this rate (10x a week), imdb reckons there are 139 eps overall… At some point it will run out.

  5. I thought Miami Vice was terrible. I watched it like in 2005 or 2004 or something and it was one of the most boring, mundane films I’d ever seen. I’m not surprised it only got 330,000 viewers. Terrible film. Maybe this will make Ten rethink their position on bumping 90210, I’m sure those 600,000 viewers are looking good right about now.

  6. Why is ch9 wasting so much air time on 2.5 Men? surely if they put on any half decent show it would rate give some time! They’re still sitting on Big Bang Theory and Chuck, will they ever air Aliens in America???

    I still haven’t seen Miami Vice LOL are they thinking 90210 can’t do any better in the Friday night time slot?

  7. Bloody hell, Two and a Half Men only get good ratings because the other networks have failed to put in anything to compete with it during that timeslot!

    Any US Sitcom would easily beat Two and a Half Men. I’m thinking The Office, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother… anything! Why haven’t the networks exploited this yet?

  8. Nick, I’d be waiting until 2009 for the return of those two series…no way would Seven ever fast-track the two series

    2.5 Men is here to stay, but if Nine we’re smart they would kill all the over-programming and just keep the 7pm slots with the one 7.30-8.30 Wed slot as well

  9. There is no way Nine are going to axe 2.5 men RichoTB , it’s a ratings hit!.

    BTW it is only on 10 times a week. :)

    Monday – 7.00, 7.30
    Tues – 7.00, 8.30,9.00
    Wed – 7,00, 7.30, 8.00
    Thurs – 7.00
    Fri – 7.00

  10. I never knew only 3,000 household in Australia contributed to FTA ratings. I wouldn’t care, except that Oztam’s figures completely dictate (at least on commercial channels) what stays on air and what gets dumped.

    That figure seems low to me, though I’m not sure how we compare to other markets like the US and UK and how they compile their tv ratings (?)

  11. I like NRL. I do not like the NRL Footy Show. The grand final edition in particular was some of the most cringeworthy television I have seen for a long time – terrible stuff. It rated poorly because it was poor (not that there’s always/often a correlation). The best NRL show on TV is the Sunday Roast, Andrew Voss does a good job with it.

  12. The NRL Footy Show Grand Final was up there with the worst shows of the year, and deserved those ratings. I know Nine won’t axe it but I think it’s time for it to end. Really enjoyed the GW season final last night. I’m guessing Nine will move The Strip to 9.30pm next week and switch it with RPA. Those numbers for GW must give Seven some hope for Heroes next week.

  13. I don’t buy the contrived dramas on most factual shows. Sure, some of it is real, but who is to know how much of it is staged. I have heard stories on the radio about the staging of drama on factual shows, especially the gardening shows – fake phone calls, people not knowing that their garden is being renovated (yeah right), the fake tears etc etc. But that’s just me. Don’t get me started on Border Security.

  14. Yes Ralph

    I have hundreds of shows which have real substance you can watch out for

    RPA, Domestic Blitz, Animal Rescue etc

    The list goes on with shows about real life people and real life problems

  15. That’s true David, but with shows like heroes and prison break, so much happens in only a few episodes that the idea of ‘fast-tracking’ prison break 7 episodes later or heroes 4 episodes later still leaves non-downloaders behind, and open for spoilers. With house and other non-serial dramas, the situation is a bit different I believe. Yes it is all relative to previous efforts, but their core target, ie 18-49, is becoming increasingly able to use the internet to keep up to date with the US schedule, so i think that since they can and have aired shows just days after the US broadcast, then they should, especially serial dramas.

  16. I don’t agree these shows are not being fast-tracked. We need to look at history, which had shows like these airing 3, 4, 6 months after the US. Now they air within 1-3 weeks. That remains a cultural shift, and therefore still qualifies as ‘fasttracking’ in my view.

    For those who download, even a week isn’t fasttracking. There are those who can’t wait until the end of the day for a cliffhanger to resolve.

    That said, I do think the “seriously fasttracking” is a silly brand at TEN. As we know the fastest shows in turnaround are actually those in the Letterman, View, Ellen etc camp.

  17. I think it’s a real shame that the NRL Footy Show finale rated so poorly (although I assume it was only screened live in Sydney and Brisbane, so that has to be accounted for when looking at the figures). It was a great show. They announced that it will be returning in 2009, at any rate, so it doesn’t appear that Nine is very concerned about it.

  18. David do we get ratings for the Heroes special? I thought it was pretty good but would have been much better at an earlier time slot on Sunday night, like they did in the US. And how can they say it’s being fast tracked when by the time we get the first 2 ep 4 will have aired in the US?

  19. I’ve been trying to support all the new Aussie shows. I think RUSH is excellent but needs better promotion from 10. My least fav. has been The Strip and it clashes with The Circuit on SBS which is just a phenomenal show.

    It’s been interesting to see the House/Idol no’s maybe folks are getting sick of the same same type of shows?

  20. ALL SAINTS…..who knew? I watched it from the beginning but left about 5years ago probably when ‘our’ Georgie left and the hospital was bombed / burnt down / ward shut down. Never in my wildest dreams or 7’s i’m sure would I think the show would still be on and doing so bloody well. This must be some kinda record for an Australian drama? Sure Blue Heelers / A Country Practice made it this far but had long since left the Top 10. Does anybody know what the record for the longest running still successful Australian Drama?

  21. I knew from the first promo that ‘The Strip’ would tank. No one was going to buy an glossy CSI Miami style show set on the Gold Coast. Way too over the top. Miami, NYC, Vegas maybe, the Gold Coast I don’t think so.

  22. Well The Strip wont be back next year, infact i’d be surprised if it remained in primetime for its remaining eps – I bet Bob Morley is really regretting the comments he made! Those figures for the NRL Footy Show GF are absolutely woeful, IMO that is another axe that should be fast looming.

    Model continues with poor overall numbers, stable and good in demos but it wont be back next year. I have barely ever watched Ghost Whisperer, but gave it a go last night as there was nothing else on. It was really good with some interesting twists, I think I might be hooked. With this lack of competition, Heroes could do quite well next week.

  23. Francis,

    Please clarify – are there any particular substances you would like us to keep an
    eye out for?


    Francis on October 3rd, 2008 9:56 am Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!


    Start watching shows with actual substances.

  24. LOL @ the strip
    9 cant possibly keep a show like that at an 8:30 timeslot for much longer.
    I agree with nick i always support aus drama (CH and PTTR) but the strip is just an embarassment

    that fact that 7 won one of its weakest nights sure is saying something.

    even though supermodel is not going to well 7 will probably keep it as a tactic to keep the younger demogs on 7, I think this show would actually have a chance if it had a better budget. its a bit like big brother only stuff happens.

    suprised 5th grader did not do to good, 871k

  25. I have no problem with people watching 2 1/2 men, its probably a funny show, although i can’ t recall seeing an ep. It only gets flack cause it probably deserves half-decent ratings such as around 1m viewers, but definitely not being the highest rating show of the night, and about 200,000 more than the news – for a repeat. Also, the more successful the show is, albeit temporarily, the more other shows get shoved back to summer or beyond.

  26. Well done to seven, i knew once the AFL footy show ended, Thursday nights would be theirs. Ghost whisperer even beat The Strip! Even though its aussie, and i’ll support good aussie shows (City homicide, Packed To Rafters), the strip desevres to bomb. GW was actually pretty darn good last night and its great seven sticks with it.

  27. For all of you that are knocking 2.5 men, BITE ME. The show is unreal for wind down, simple comedy relief. What do you want for a tv show.
    I like many at the moment are sick to death of crap lasting a week or 2 and never continuing, you end up seeing more of the promotional commercial than you do the actual show.
    As much as i love my nightly dose of 2.5 men, i do wish 9 would stop trying to run it into the ground. Bring back consistency please!

  28. On the topic of people metres and ratings – until every single TV in the country is fitted with eletronic monitoring software that can monitor every second spent on one station, when the channel is changed, etc and some way to work out the age and gender of those watching (and whatever other data needs to be collected) – the ratings system will never be a true reflection on what is actually being watched on TV.

  29. Arrested Development

    I would say the number of i tunes downloads is minimal say sub 100 per ep.
    I would also say Oztam is a fairly decent guide – all networks would follow the numbers pretty closely to ensure accuracy given its worth over billion bucks per year.

  30. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!



    I don’t understand the appel of it. It’s the dumbest comedy i’ve ever seen. A whole show based on crude sex jokes, a man who walks around in shorts, and a fat young boy.

    Who cares? This show is crap and we all know it.

    Start watching shows with actual substances.

  31. I think friends only has a few more episodes until the end of the series, so they may as well play them out, then find something else for the time slot.

  32. house may be rating poorly but when i was looking in the itunes australia store i noticed that the first 2 episodes of season 5 are listed as the top 2 tv episodes. so presuming this is an accurate measure of the most downloaded shows and doesn’t just promote them by saying they are the top just to boost sales, maybe more people are watching house than we think. maybe there is more of a trend to get this show through the internet than there was in the past, and itunes is legal and they do pay for these episodes so there is no harm in it., so the viewer numbers may be the same, they may have just shifted the medium they are using. and this says nothing of illegal download numbers either.

  33. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    John you pretty much summed up what I was going to write / say… We’ve all got to put these ratings into proportion… Only some 1 000 people in the ENTIRE country have these People Meters, surely these 1 000 people aren’t a true representation of the some 21 000 000 people in this country! – Here’s what OzTam states: “… the panel is an accurate representation of the population we provide data for. There is a panel for each one of the 5 metropolitan markets, comprising a total of 3035 homes (Sydney 765, Melbourne 705, Brisbane 615, Adelaide 475 and Perth 475) and a reporting panel for the National Subscription TV market comprised of 1,200 Subscription TV homes drawn from the metropolitan and regional TAM services.”

    So the question here really is are these 1 200 people with people meters a ‘true’ representation of the 21 000 000 people in Australia? – I for one think NOT.

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  34. The numbers for house and dare say for other TEN 10 shows FAST-TRACTED are low as the number of these shows fast-tracked over this year is crazy.Cant keep up with final eps and new ones coming couple times a year.
    Stick to one season and wait 12 months for next way to go.
    Love friends near the end on their run. Still hols up well today.Great writing
    2.5 men boring

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