111 Hits will target 24-54’s.

111 HITS, which launches on November 1st will be aimed squarely at the lucrative advertiser-friendly 25-54 demographic, as a move to compete with the new standard definition digital channels by commercial networks.

It will program US hits primarily from the Warner Bros, Disney and 20th Century Fox studios, including Friends, Will & Grace, Ally McBeal, The Wonder Years, That 70s Show, ER, Murphy Brown, Alf, Lost, 24 and Baywatch.

The schedule from 6.30pm each weeknight begins with Murphy Brown, The King of Queens, That 70s Show, Dharma & Greg, Friends and Will & Grace. Nine’s major US hit this year, Two and a Half Men, will screen five nights a week (at the same time) in 2009.

“Collectively, our ambition is to take audience away from the free-to-airs,” Foxtel executive director of television and marketing Brian Walsh told The Australian.

“If anything, this will take audiences away from the three commercials.”

“It will be great to have a channel that shows programs consistently and reliably,” he said.

“We promise a dedicated schedule that won’t change.”

The channel will comprise part of the Get Started package and be run from the Comedy Channel base in Melbourne.

Press Release:
FOXTEL today announced the iconic programming line-up for its exciting new entertainment channel 111 HITS which launches on November 1, 2008. The channel comes from the FOXTEL Owned & Operated group which is behind the ASTRA Award winning channels FOX8, W., Arena and FOX Classics.

111 HITS will be the new home to television’s biggest hits and some of the most-loved programs in television history, including critically acclaimed dramas and award-winning comedies. It’s triple the stars, triple the memories and triple the hits.

Top-rating and ground-breaking series such as Friends’ Will & Grace, Ally McBeal, The Wonder Years, That ’70s Show, ER, Murphy Brown, Alf, Lost, 24 and Baywatch are just some of the programs that capture the energy, fun, heart and soul of this new channel.

FOXTEL Executive Director of Television and Marketing, Brian Walsh said: “The television you love now has a brand new home on 111 HITS, bringing the best of TV from the ’80s, ’90s and today, together at one FOXTEL destination.”

111 HITS will be presented to audiences in a new format offering blocks of programming across the day. For FOXTEL subscribers this means the best dramas are delivered as movie length double episodes and comedies are grouped together based on genre and audience profile.

Walsh continued: “The unique programming blocks on 111 HITS have been strategically targeted based on audience viewing habits of these programs gathered from FOXTEL’s research. It will ensure that once you arrive at 111 HITS you”ll never want to leave.

“111 HITS is a wonderful addition to FOXTEL’s stable of channels’ and provides an even wider range of sought after programming ensuring our subscribers will always love what’s on FOXTEL seven days a week.”

With the introduction of 111 HITS, viewer favourite FOX Classics will be re-positioned to celebrate the legendary television series’ from the ’60s and ’70s including Mash, Petticoat Junction, Lost In Space, as well as continuing its much-loved Bill Collins’ Golden Years of Hollywood with Mr Movies himself. FOX Classics will continue to honour the films of James Bond which have been ratings juggernauts for the channel throughout the 2008/09 summer season.

FOXTEL is also pleased to announce Alex Ristevski as the new Channel Manager for 111 HITS. As Group Channel Manager for 111 HITS and THE COMEDY CHANNEL, Ristevski will operate the channel from FOXTEL’s Melbourne studios.

111 HITS will be part of FOXTEL’s Get Started package, enabling all subscribers to enjoy watching the most successful shows in television history. Find 111 HITS at channel 111 on FOXTEL’s Electronic Program Guide.

On November 1, 2008 FOXTEL is also launching two new family-oriented channels exclusively to its subscribers – CBeebies, an ad free channel for pre-school children and BBC Knowledge which is a documentary channel. Both unique channels are from BBC Worldwide, FOXTEL’s subscription television partner in Australia.

Source: The Australian


  1. I have now seen the ads saying 111 Hits is now coming to Austar in March….yes they seemed to have listened to all the upset customers, but what’s the bet they make us pay extra for the channel.

  2. i was excited for channel 111 mainly because the shows i love have been canceled off the other channels so that they are exclusively on 111 hits.
    only to find out that as an austar viewer i cant get 111 hits.
    so i miss out on malcom in the middle and friends etc.
    thats a joke

  3. A lady from Austar has contacted me through my Facebook group (“Bring 111 Hits to Austar”) and informed me that Austar will be getting 111 Hits in March. Apparently they finally listened to their customers!

  4. Looks like I will have to download more shows off the net and reduce my subscription to the bare minimum/or cancel all together. When quick broadband comes Pay TV will become irrelevant. They are cutting their own throats by ignoring the will of the people.

  5. It didn’t take me to long after the 1st November, to figure out that as an Austar subscriber I have been let down again… I tried so many times to enter 111 into my remote as every time I used the scroll key the channel just kept changing from 108 – 112. At first I thought to myself maybe its a channel that you need to pay more for, but then found out that it was only available to Foxtel subscribers – how lucky for them I say, – you know why……..

    The following few days I attemtped to watch some of my favorite shows, you know that ones that you have probably seen a number of times before, but they still make you laugh. Well not anymore – see those shows are no longer on Austar channels as they have all been moved over to 111 which is not available to Austar subscribers. Even shows that were on channels that you pay extra for each month are now lost to Austar viewers for who knows how long…….until they start to charge us extra for channel 111… Thanks Austar thats why we love you….

  6. It’s me again, for the third time, just wanted to comment that I’ve now noticed a teeny disclaimer on the bottom of the Tv Hits ads…..not available at this time to Austar subscribers…….obviously they have had a ton of complaints…..but check my message above, when I told them they need a disclaimer they replied that they don’t because they are nothing to do with Foxtel……..well Austar it seems you’ve changed your mind…….morons.

  7. For those who have Austar and dont get Channel 111 – you are missing out on nothing. Its just full repeats of Will and Grace, Malcolm in the Middle, King of Queens, Friends. And a few random token TV shows that are on TV when most people cant watch it.

    I dont understand why Foxtel and Austar have TV shows that people wanna watch. Its not that hard. How about the following

    Step By Step, Major Dad, Gimme a Break, Soap, 21 Jump Street, Punky Brewster, Maud, Greatest American Hero, Super Dave Show, Barney Miller, Rosanne, Benson, Bosom Buddies, Charles in Charge, Chips, Hill Street Blues, Dear John, Diff’rent Strokes, Doogie Howser, M.D., Parker Lewis Cant Loose, Empty Nest, The Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Hart to Hart, The Jeffersons, Jennifer Slept Here, Joanie Loves Chachi, Love Boat, Mr. Belvedere, Murphy Brown (put on at a time people can actually watch), Newhart (and BOB), Perfect Strangers, Quantum Leap, Silver Spoons, Taxi, Three’s Company, The Who’s the Boss?, WKRP In Cincinnati, The Wonder Years (at a time that everyone can watch)…

    Those of us from the 80’s remember these shows and yes they were crappy …but at least it was entertaining…

  8. Forgive my ignorance, pehaps I am not understanding things correctly, but don’t Foxtel customers get the benfit of all those fabulous repackaged channels and programs on Fox Classics and Arena AND 111 too?

    Ah well, that’s what I get for moving to the country…

  9. I phoned them today…and again with the “up yours attitude”

    I have never been happy with austar but it is the only option that I have for pay tv as they hold the monoply here in my town….(if I lived in next suburb I would have austar and be watching better programs…)

    I have now told them that I have dropped my service down to basic package. I will not add any extras until they deliver what they promise…..I am only keeping the basic so my kids can watch their cartoons.

    Austars customers service is unbelievably bad and they really have a “i dont care attitude”…when you phone to complain to them, their customer service team talk over you, wont listen and in some cases hang up….

    Rude Austar, very very rude

  10. Austar and foxtel seperate entities? What a load of crap. Why then between shows does the Foxtel and Austar logos come up at the same time. I certainly will be calling them to inform them of mine and many others anger over this absolute scam. If they don’t get it together I’m just gonna cancel my subscription. It is simply bad business and I’m paying the same rates to receive second rate service. I hope Austar is bombarded with irate customers.

  11. Very poor from Austar tv not letting your loyal viewers know that they wont be enjoying the new channel 111. We still have to endure constant remainder of what Foxtel viewers will get and we wont.

  12. Bad form Austar…

    here is their response to my email

    Thanks for your email.

    AUSTAR doesn’t have any current plans to launch either channel 111, Cbeebees or BBC Knowledge although some of the channels on our existing line-up have taken this opportunity to refine their core programming.

    Arena and FOX Classics, for example, offers fantastic programming from years gone by. Now they are able to add even more classics from the 60’s and 70’s with the addition of several new shows such as Hart to Hart, The Odd Couple, Lost in Space. We’ve included a list below.

    Arena is building upon its amazing success since it was relaunched some months back. Fantastic programs such as Project Runway, Shear Genius and Top Chef will now be joined by a range of new programs that focus on personal style, including a whole block from The Style channel with shows such as Dress My Nest, Style Her Famous, and Modern Girls Guide To Life.

    In saying all this, we are always looking for new content and the 100 or so channels we presently have on offer provides our customers with fantastic programming, offering something for everyone, both the old and the new with many premiere shows never been seen on free to air television.

    New programming coming to FOX Classics and Arena

    FOX Classics:
    · The Odd Couple
    · Hart to Hart
    · Mannix
    · Lost In Space
    · The Addams Family
    · The Saint
    · Petticoat Junction
    · The High Chaparral

    · Cristina’s Court
    · One Tree Hill
    · Instant Beauty Pageant
    · Style Network Block: Dress My Nest / Style Her Famous / Modern Girls
    · Guide To Life
    · Style By Jury

  13. Alrighty! I emailed Austar at [email protected] and they basically told me that Foxtel and Austar are 2 completely different companies, nothing to do with each other……which leads me to ask Foxtel….why did you advertise to Austar viewers then??
    Oh and I was also told that Austar has absolutely no plans to air this new channel EVER.

    Here is some of their email….

    “There was no need for a disclaimer advising that AUSTAR would not be adding these channels to their current channe line up as AUSTAR and Foxtel are total separate entities. The only similiarity between the two companies is that they are competitors in the subscription television market. Although our programming base may have similarities AUSTAR is not obligated to to provide identical channel selections.

    AUSTAR doesn’t have any current plans to launch either channel 111, Cbeebees or BBC Knowledge although some of the channels on our existing line-up have taken this opportunity to refine their core programming. ”

    They then went on to give me a list of their new programmes, including such awesomeness as Petticoat Juncion :s

    Well, it looks like we definitely won’t be getting the new channel advertised to us constantly……regional areas treated like second class citizens again!

  14. Another disgruntled Austar subscriber here! I have been so excited to see all of the shows that I have seen advertised, only to find that I get ripped off!
    As someone else mentioned, there should have been a disclaimer at the bottom of those ads saying something like ‘Channel only available to Foxtel Subscribers, Not available to Austar and Optus Subscribers’.

  15. Yes, I totally agree, Austar should be ashamed. I’ve had Austar for 8 years now and there is no loyalty to their customers. Unfortunately we live out in the country and have no good tv reception so what choice do we have – besides no tv at all.

  16. I’m absolutely sick of being considered a second class citizen, just because I live a little bit outside of what the entertainment and communications industries consider the “desirable” zone.

    I can’t get good internet. I can’t get good TV. I can’t get good phone services. Yet people who liveten minutes down the road can?

    What a joke. Austar should be ashamed.

  17. OMFG!!!! my wife was so pumped for the new 111 hits channel, and yesterday she was gutted when it was not forthcoming. It is now 2nd November and we are still getting those bloody ads about it and even had the Countdown Show last night for nothing to happen afterwards. What happens to the shows we currently get on the other channels, do they dissapear and we have to miss out? Very ordinary Austar, shame on you.

  18. What?! Austar won’t be getting the 111 Hits channel?? You mean I had to sit through ad after ad, getting more excited as they went on, only to not actually get the damn thing?! What BS!! I will be complaining to Austar, you better believe me! I will be super pissed if it is not on the cards for some time in the future

  19. Austar is an absolute joke! First I hear they will not invest in HD television and now they have no intentions of adding the new Foxtel stations to our subscribers. We keep seeing the advertisements for both yet we cannot get access to them. Also, we are not allowed access to the free-to-air channels 7, 9 and 10 the way Foxtel subscribers currently enjoy.

    Austar subscribers stand up and be counted! Enough is enough!

    We deserve the right to a beter tv service or at least be offered the equivilent to Foxtel at no further charge. Write to Austar and complain. Ring them on Monday and complain. Ring your local talk back radio stations and complain. Contact your daily newspapers and complain. Contact your local tv nws presenters and complain. We are not going to accept this just because we live outside of a Foxtel area.

    We the subscribers are the voice. We the subscribers hold the power!

  20. I was so excited to see the ads for the old shows not on any other channel, like Dharma & Greg, ALF, Wonder Years, Suddenly Susan etc………and then I was supremely pissed off to switch to channel 111 this morning and Austar displaying “No Channel” Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

    Why the hell tease us with all your D Grade tv “stars” raving about how they loved the old shows……..and then give us nothing, no apology, no explanation about how we won’t be receiving the new channel…..nothing!!

    Austar has now become a D Grade pay tv subscriber in my book……..hopefully with this many disgruntled customers Austar might at least provide us with an actual date for when this new channel actually works. (I’m so not gunna hold my breath though) 😐

  21. I am so pissed that we that get Austar can’t get this channel. I really wanted to see The Wonder Years again :( I was also hoping to see some new shows that aren’t already on other channels.

  22. Well Austar have done it again. They have failed to provide their subscribers with any of the three new stations coming to Foxtel from November 1st.

    I have seen the advertisements for the Classic Hits 111 station, and was eagerly awaiting Saturday morning in order to view this station, however, I have now discovered that this is not an option for Austar subscribers. This is becoming so typical and Austar has become a very sub-standard pay tv provider in my opinion.

    I cannot remember when Austar actually introduced a new station, well other than Sky Business, and the programs that are on that channel are recycled on Sky News.

    Their mystar, the equivalent of the Foxtel IQ service, is well below par, with recording options failing more times than working, which is unacceptable given the extra cost involved in having that service.

    Come on Austar, do the right thing by your subscribers and add new stations when they become available. This disgruntled subscriber has had enough.

  23. Im hoping that the channel plays my all time favourite American comedy “Living Single” its about 5 African-American friends, Queen Latifa is 1 of the friends. Its hilarious i love it, i remember channel 7 or 9 use to play it after i came back from school i used to watch it. Nobody seems to know it, I really wish 111 Hits play all the eposides

  24. Although this is Fox8, Arena and Fox Classics mashed together – I’m looking forward to it. I am embarrassed to admit but the advertisements for ALF are making me crack up already, can’t wait for it to start.

    You know, I have been listening to music for the last hour with the ads for 111 Hits on loop in the background, and I haven’t seen 2.5 Men featured at all. As I said, I have been listening to music (and using the computer) so I could be distracted and have missed it, but I haven’t seen it….. once.

  25. “The ads are finally up ”
    And they’re up for Optus customers too, so, provided it doesn’t suddenly go off line for us on November 1, we must be getting this too! YAY!

  26. Thanks for looking into Austar, David. Guess we’ll just have to sit tight. Although there are alot of channels on Austar…if you’ve had it for some time, you’ve probably seen alot of their content and (ie: law &order) so whenever a new channel arrives we get all giddy that there just may be something new or different. How I wish there was a channel that was viewers choice. They could list what they have rights to, then we could all vote on what we’d like to see. Now that would be…..dyn-o-mite!!!!

  27. It is a disgrace that Austar have not informed their subscibers that we will not have access to the new 111 channel even though it has been advertised on numerous other channels. Obviously these are Foxtel controlled channels.
    Why couldn’t Austar put a message on the screen to avoid confusion ?
    The new channel is only a combination of repeated shows we have seen on Fox 8 and Tv1.
    In essence,it is not a new channel and it barely has any more credence than the plus 2 channels.
    Look at Showcase. They also think giving a channel a new logo makes lt a better channel. No wonder people are cancelling subscriptions!

  28. Well I guess us Austar viewers won’t be getting this channel anytime soon – the two people I spoke to at Austar today had no idea that there was a new channel. The first woman asked me what channel 111 was, so I’m assuming they’re not planning to add it in the near future.

  29. Why do we need another channel with the same repeats on it?
    And not on Austar next month what a joke. If the new BBC channels can come on Austar 1st Nov why can’t 111?
    I guess it’s another channel to flick through! Anything is better the free to air though.

  30. I hope Law & Order doesn’t make its way onto this, its already on 10, W’s and TV1 and I think even classics!! I love it but I’ve had enough.

  31. So what, is the channel just gonna be called 111 Hits or are they going to rename it into a decent channel? Id like to see how FOXTEL will manage when their customers switch to freeview next year. The programming on public television seems to be at a better standard, only thing they need to realise is that Nine doesn’t need an hour of friggin Two and a Half Men each night.

  32. I contacted Arena a few weeks ago about the 16×9 issue and they didn’t say the end of the year, they just said “In the Future” but I guess the end of the year is the future LOL. I doubt any now channel would be released in 4×3 any more, really what’s the point?

  33. Hmmm….no mention of 111 on the Austar website. Looks like regional Australia misses out. Would have loved to see Alf and Dhama & Greg. My favourite show of all time is ER so would happily watch any episode.
    There are so many old TV shows that this channel could offer.
    Is it just me or should they change the name of TV1 to Law & Order channel??? I think there’s a Will & Grace channel too!!!!
    David, what’s your best guess at the chances of Austar getting this channel?

  34. I see what Foxtel are trying to do here. It’s abit like a small house with a growing family living in it. The Foxtel family have some kids, they name them FOX8, TV1, Arena and the Comedy Channel. The house gets crowded. They have another child called 111 Hits and they need to extend the house to cope with all the baggage. You get what I mean.

    To sum it up, Channel 111 is the “extra bedroom” where all the ‘junk’ which does not belong on the four channels mentioned above goes, which leaves the other channels with more room to show more programming which is skewed to the other channels demographics.

  35. knoxoverstreet

    Good one RichardH we need more JJ! Anyway like everyones said a lot of these shows are on Fox8 or TV1 already nothing new. And we get all the Friends and 2.5Men we need on FTA. Out of the ones listed that I haven’t seen in ages are Murphy Brown & The Wonder Years as these are almost never repeated on FTA.

  36. They have said that Arena (and other channels) will go widescreen by the end of the year, so I reckon 111 will be widescreen.

    Foxtel never advertised it as a channel with new content – they are basically splitting up FOX8 so that shows get a better run (eg. LOST only being shown early in the mornings). I’d love to see them doing this even more when the new satellite goes up (of course I want new content as well), but I’d love to see as many shows as possible getting a good daily or weekly timeslot.

    Hate the name though, they should have moved arena to 111, put the new channel at 106 and call it FOX6. Or just call it FX.

  37. How many more repeats of Will & Grace must we endure? I don’t even watch it with sound anymore because I can recite the dialogue word for word.

  38. @Peter,
    I don’t know what ratio it is going to be, but considering that some of the shows are P&S already, and that there are a few channels on Foxtel like TV1, Arena and SCI-FI that are also not WS, it would not surprise me if this “New”channel was also not WS.
    ANYWAY, the channel looks like it is going to suck….. a repeats channel this is all it is going to be.

  39. @Matt

    Where are you getting your information from that 111 Hits will be in 4:3? I’ve heard from a number of sources that the channel would be in 16:9…

  40. It would be great if CSI aired on this channel especially since it has not aired on pay tv before. Would also be nice to see some rarely repeated or rarely seen shown shows.

    Great to see the new channel coming along.

  41. They should really use the abysmal state of fta as a point of difference. ‘Tired of shows running late, never staying in same timeslot, etc etc, get foxtel’. I’m not advocating foxtel, and i don’t even have it, but anything to take fta down a notch is welcome.

  42. What a joke!! But not surprising, this channel 111, I knew it was going to be a regurtated- of shows- from -other- channels -and- that-have -already -been repeated-to- death.
    PLUS, it will be in glorious pan and scan, like most of there channels already(TV1, Sci-Fi channel).

    Foxtel….. what a joke you are!!

  43. Some of these ALF, Murphy Brown are only available on the Entertainment Tier, As I get the Kids/Music Tier instead I’ll be happy to have them move to the new channel.

    Also Lost is currently on Fox8 if you’re able to set your VCR for 3.50 in the morning – I caught about 5 eps before I missed one and gave up! So an earlier slot will be a good thing.

  44. Isn’t this channel just a combination of Fox8 and TV1?!?

    I don’t know how Foxtel can justify an increase in price when they just find more space to recycle shows.

  45. So what about some different content too? This channel is just a mix of the other foxtel owned channels, thrown together! Its one big Repeat Channel of shows that have already had thier 1000th repeat run!

    The only show ill be watching is ALF. Wheres Dinosaurs foxtel?!!

  46. Is that for real?… Every program they’ve mentioned is already on an existing Foxtel channel…this is a joke, Foxtel – you’ve done it again!

  47. “It will be great to have a channel that shows programs consistently and reliably,” he said.

    “We promise a dedicated schedule that won’t change.”

    This sounds great. If they follow through with this I can see them actually presenting a superior alternative. Plus, LOST and 24 are awesome, so they’ve already made some good choices there. Now they should work on getting some better comedies…

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