Amazing Race pitstops in Sydney

The Amazing Race swept through Sydney last week, shooting episodes of its 14th season.

One reader tells TV Tonight, “I was in Sydney this weekend and they were filming new Amazing Race. They were at the Opera House. Two teams came up running with camera crews -I was so excited! I think they were after Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. I wanted to follow, them I love the show!”

According to it was also in Manly: ….for an hour or so there was a sudden stampede of earnest, sweaty, tired types with backpacks clambering on the sand.

It’s not the first time TAR has visited Sydney, previously visiting the Harbour Bridge and Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. It’s also raced through Brissy, Perth, Adelaide, Cairn, Coober Pedy and Darwin.

Of the 14th season, Keoghan has said, “It’s incredible. It’s amazing, quite frankly. We’ll be heading out for the 14th time to go around the world. We keep having this opportunity and for me, it’s the best job I’ve ever had and I love it. And thankfully the viewers love it and it’s always nice to be employed and when you get employed. You get to go around the world and shoot great adventures with people and with an audience, there’s nothing more exciting than that.”

Source:, CBS


  1. David, maybe back track on this news article as the Amazing Race clearly did not come to Australia for season 14. The Map is on CBS website and they are on thier last leg going from Beijing to Hawaii.

    • It was actually a Sydney paper that claimed they did… when I checked with Seven at the time they couldn’t confirm one way or the other, noting ‘sometimes they come and go without even telling us.’ Logic would suggest it was the Asian Amazing Race that swept through.

  2. I love the show. Because I enjoy looking at maps and atlases, this show is like touring the world without leaving your seat.
    I hope that when the show goes down under again, it goes to Canberra or some rural towns or regional centres (i.e. Newcastle, Goulburn, Ballarat, Mackay)
    My only criticism of the show is that the first episode always guarantees a team’s elimination before completing a stage in one country/continent. Why not start the eliminations in the second episode?

  3. I don’t want to get into Melbourne vs. Sydney as I live in neither. My point is that Americans only ever get a tiny view into Australia and it’s usually the outback or the bridge. We are much more than that.

  4. As someone from Victoria I couldn’t give a rats that they haven’t come here. I’m just glad that they have come to our beautiful country.

    The whole rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is stupid.

    Geez, so they’ve been to Sydney twice, so what?

    Who knows, Melbourne might be on the map in future seasons.

  5. It’s not that Sydney is less interesting than Melbourne (though there’s a good argument for that), it’s that they’ve already been to Sydney. It’s not often that TAR visits the same city more than once, but Sydney’s getting a second go.

  6. Sydney Kicks ass over Melbourne, Sydney is more interesting then coffee shops and a casino.
    Obviously TAR rates all Brissy, Perth, Adelaide, Cairn, Coober Pedy and Darwin over Melbourne Ha!

  7. MRB as far as I’m aware Taxis are not public transport. The government tried issuing more licenses and then taxi drivers complained and threatened to strike because their would be more competition.

  8. Carta: TAR had been to Gold Coast (sort of). When the teams were competing in Brisbane, one of the detour tasks (I think it was surfing) was done at a Gold Coast beach.

  9. They actually bother travelling all the way here and all people can do is complain about the fact that they didn’t go to Melbourne?! Good grief!!!

    I live on the Gold Coast (completely by choice!) but I’m not complaining that they’ve never been here – I’m just glad they’ve been to Australia at all!

  10. All I can say is come to Melbourne!!!!!

    They go to Sydney twice, while the closest they have come to Melbourne is catching a connecting flight at Melbourne Airport.

    There is so much they can base the race upon in Melbourne. The series will get axed before it even reaches Melbourne I reckon :( .

  11. Are all this eyewitnesses for the US version or the Israeli version. Apparently there is an Israeli Race currently being filmed with people on other sites reporting that they’ve been in Australia around the time of these reports, so I’m getting the feeling that what has been reported is not for the US version meaning Australians won’t be seeing Sydney on their screens next year

  12. I can also remember the last time TAR was in Sydney, the pitstop was the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art between The Rocks and Circular Quay.
    I wish the series would come to Melbourne though.

  13. lol don’t get shirty there Melbourne, who’s to say they didn’t also visit somewhere in Regional Victoria or Melbourne and no one there was cluey enough to blog about it.

  14. Great show, but why the heck haven’t they come to Melbourne? They’ve been to almost every other state, but not Victoria or Tasmania, both of which have plenty to offer to TAR. Disappointing that Sydney gets the international exposure…again.

  15. Great show. Great host in Keoghan. Star though is person/s who puts together all the tasks – must take some doing to get all that logistics etc
    Wonder how far in advance they plan and who tests things.

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