Week 48

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Final week (almost) a Seven sweep
Week 48 Top 100
Pay TV Week 48
ASTRA Week 48


1. Nine News Nine 1.184
2. Seven News Seven 1.158
3. Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 1.011
4. ABC News ABC 0.963
5. Mountain With Griff Rhys Jones ABC 0.942
The Bill ABC 0.832
Polar Express Nine 0.801
Camp Rock Seven 0.709
Second Test – Australia V New Zealand Nine 0.695
Garfield 2 TEN 0.613
Jurassic Park TEN 0.569
X-Men 2 Seven 0.539

Nine: 26.0
ABC: 23.8
Seven: 23.0
TEN: 18.9
SBS: 8.4


1. Better Homes and Gardens Seven 1.353
2. Seven News Seven 1.327
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.241
4. Home and Away Seven 1.163
5. Nine News Nine 1.104
6. ABC News ABC 1.007
7. A Current Affair Nine 0.944m
8. Crocodile Dundee Nine 0.938m
9. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.884m
10. The Stepfather ABC 0.856m
Crocodile Dundee 2 Nine 0.825m
Die Another Day Seven 0.765m
Van Helsing TEN 0.604m
The Simpsons TEN 0.505m
The Bold And The Beautiful TEN 0.458m
Second Test Australia v New Zealand Nine 0.458m

Seven: 31.1
Nine: 29.8
TEN: 17.2
ABC: 16.5
SBS: 5.4


1. Seven News Seven 1.407
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.306
3. Home and Away Seven 1.237
4. Life After People Seven 1.134
5. Nine News Nine 1.121
6. Crime Investigation Australia Nine 1.113
7. ABC News ABC 1.098
8. A Current Affair Nine 1.004
9. Getaway Nine 0.993m
10. Law & Order: Criminal Intent TEN 0.992m
11. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.976
12. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.916
13. The Amazing Race Seven 0.893
14. Law and Order: SVU TEN 0.851
15. TEN News TEN 0.809
Bones Seven 0. 801m
Under 25: Young. Rich and Famous TEN 0.696m
The Simpsons TEN 0.535m
The Bold And The Beautiful TEN 0.469m
Will & Grace TEN 0.468m
RPA Nine 0.422m
Graham Kennedy: King of Television Nine 0.417m
Heroes Seven 0.367m
The Strip Nine 0.345m
Inspector Rex SBS 0.342m
Out Of The Blue TEN 0.307m

Seven: 31.0
Nine: 27.9
TEN: 20.1
ABC: 16.3
SBS: 4.6


1. Seven News Seven 1.395
2. Criminal Minds Seven 1.379
3. Today Tonight Seven 1.273
4. Two and A Half Men 7:30pm Nine 1.246
5. Home and Away Seven 1.240
6. Air Crash Investigations Seven 1.140
7. Nine News Nine 1.130
8. Two and A Half Men 7pm Nine 1.088
9. ABC News ABC 1.082
10. A Current Affair Nine 1.058
11. House TEN 1.020
12. The New Inventors ABC 1.009
13. The Big Bang Theory Nine 1.008
14. Life TEN 0.889m
15. TEN News 0.853m
The Unit 0.839m
Christmas with the Kranks 0.692m
Futurama Wed 8pm TEN 0.684m
Futurama Wed 7:30pm TEN 0.650m
Will and Grace 0.532m
Summer Heights High ABC 0.479m
Prison Break Seven 0.446m
Newstopia SBS 0.142m

Seven: 34.1
Nine: 24.5
TEN: 21.5
ABC: 18.4
SBS: 4.4


1. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.824
2. Seven News Seven 1.523
3. Find My Family Seven 1.519
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.391
5. NCIS TEN 1.350
6. All Saints Seven 1.307
7. Home and Away Seven 1.221
8. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.194
9. Nine News Nine 1.059
10. ABC News ABC 1.055
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.023
12. The Chopping Block Nine 0.913
13. Two and a Half Men – 9:00pm Nine 0.910
14. 7:30 Report ABC 0.899
15. 20 to 1 Nine 0.889
The Simpsons – 8:00pm 0.883m
Two and a Half Men – 8:30pm 0.881m
Rush 0.846m
The Simpsons – 7:30pm 0.812m
Deal or No Deal 0.794m
Will and Grace 0.541m

Seven: 36.7
Nine: 24.2
Ten: 21.7
ABC: 13.9
SBS: 3.4


1. Today Tonight Seven 1.590
2. Seven News Seven 1.513
3. Home and Away Seven 1.306
4. Weddings: Where Are They Now? Nine 1.242
5. The Rich List Seven 1.210
6. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.207
7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1.157
8. Nine News Nine 1.135
9. City Homicide Seven 1.089
10. The Howard Years ABC 1.080
11. Top Gear SBS 1.067
12. Enough Rope with Andrew Denton ABC 1.066
13. ABC News ABC 1.052
14. A Current Affair Nine 1.026
15. Bones Seven 0.941
Good News Week Awards 0.877m
Cold Case 0.842m
Deal or No Deal 0.766m
Will and Grace 0.565m
Out of the Blue 0.477m
Out of the Question 0.461m
Antiques Roadshow 0.435m
Swift and Shift Couriers 0.430m
90210 0.408m*
Sunrise 0.358m
Today 0.309m
Louis Theroux 0.210
The Morning Show 0.155m
Mornings with Kerri-Anne 0.126m
9AM with David & Kim 0.083m

Seven: 28.2
Nine: 26.6
ABC: 19.4
TEN: 17.0
SBS: 8.8

* corrected, error made by Seven press release.


1. Australian Idol – Announcement of Winner TEN 1.566
2. Seven News Seven 1.543
3. Australian Idol – Final Verdict TEN 1.489
4. 60 Minutes Nine 1.411
5. Kath and Kim Seven 1.327
6. Australian Idol – Live from Sydney Opera House TEN 1.301
7. CSI: Miami – 8:30pm Nine 1.162
8. Nine News Nine 1.159
9. 20 to 1 Nine 1.147
10. Movie: Over The Hedge Seven 1.102
11. ABC News ABC 1.079
12. CSI: Miami – 9:30pm Nine 0.942
13. Movie: National Treasure Seven 0.942
14. NCIS TEN 0.920
15. Eagle Island ABC 0.907
Thank God You’re Here 0.772m
Einstein Factor 0.757m
Little Fish 0.725m
V8 Supercars 0.380m

Seven: 27.5
Nine: 26.7
TEN: 24.1
ABC: 16.4
SBS: 5.2


  1. The Bold and the Beautiful on at 6pm now? Aw..Ten…I usually wonder what goes on in ten’s programmers minds….but….this is just probably the silliest thing they have ever done….

  2. was at schoolies all week sorry for length in advance.:
    – sunday was a huge surprise, i was thinking that 7 would come 3rd K&K at 6:30 should have been done weeks ago. The Dond/antiques gap still at 300k is a bit of a worry especially as it will probably rise with the home improvement lead in i’m sure there are some people that only watch antiques because its better than mash at 5:00. What happened to 7’s tuesday those numbers are relatively so low, pttr has had a very variable season and has always bounced back so i wouldn’t be worried. Air crash is a great show surprised it is a summer filler, surely might have done better than the car crash shows. LOL @ xmas with the cranks, i guess we all expected that tho, why are they holding mentalist till next year it is not a good rater in aus (blame that on 9), i guess this is just one more reason that it is not building an audinece, which is a shame i quite liked the episodes that i have seen. Camp rock did well considering it is strongly targeted at young kids and tweens some of which would have seen it already.

    @ron i thought ACA was good on mumbai day aswell but story quality is just one of the factors affecting ACA there is the lead in, the reputation and momentum, and just the fact that it is on 9, which is now a 2nd rate network. @ craig re: 2.5 men: let’s hope so, fingers crossed. 7 definately will win this week

  3. Disappointing to see TT beat ACA by 300,000 on Thursday. ACA had great coverage of the Mumbai attacks, whilst TT had its regular stories. I thought viewers wanted more in-depth coverage of major events, not trash.

  4. H&A did fairly well for a Friday though, look at 2.5 Men which plummeted below 900k.

    As for who won the night, 7 got atleast over 30.9% for the night (based on the week to date figures), presumably 9 were a fairly close second.

  5. wow for a H&A finale, no-one watched. They got great numbers throughout the wek, except for the finale. how disappointing. Then again, only the last 3 mins was good and sad :(

  6. David… Re the Rich List: Do you know if Channel 7 are going to show the next series of Rich List they have already taped straight after this one?? Do you know if they are going to hold more auditions and tapings?

  7. Why did Seven waste a new episode of Bones and start it 10.00pm or 10.06 pm. This show is doing well for them, isn’t that the way they usually treat their ratings challenged shows? I watched the start and wanted to see it, but needed sleep and had already chose to tape Out of the Blue, so I didn’t end up watching it.

  8. Huge win to 7, and also massive wins in all the younger demos. Chris, I think it is very likely 7 could win every night this week. Tonight 9 dont have Potter, and 7 have Better Homes and an okay movie. They might lose Saturday though with *spew* Camp Rock.

    In regards to RPA, it was only in two states, but it was still down quite a lot in it’s aired markets (Syd/Bris)

  9. Criminal Intent below 1 million for its Finale! What the hell happened there? Life after people rated well and Under 25 did not. Evidence that people watch for the network and not the actual shows.

  10. The Strip starting so late would really annoy people who don’t want to watch TV till midnight or are watching something else or have recorded it and then as a result miss the last 5-10 minutes as their recording finishes too early – has happened to me before, now I allow 15 minutes for anything from 7 and 9 and usually record rather than watch as their offset starting times from 7-11pm don’t fit in with watching Foxtel channels as well.

    Happy to see heroes win its time, but really cannot understnd why it can’t be on earlier, even in summer.

  11. “20 minutes late? It must be one of their strategies to entice more people to the station…….”
    Yes and how is that working for them 😛

    The problem with that is if you are watching another channel switch to 9 to catch RPA only to find CIA has not ended, so you wander around the channels and find there is much better stuff out there so they loose you as a viewer.

  12. I noticed RPA and there for The Strip being 20 minutes late, why? I mean 5 maybe 10 minutes but 20!

    Good to see Heroes still beat The Strip though :)

    Good to see Life after People do so good, even though ch7 butchered the special, cut 25 minutes of of it and all for the sake of a few ads. Speaking of ads have you noticed late night they cut them way back, many breaks only 60-90 seconds where as now in prime-time it’s common to have 4 minute breaks, then barely 5 min of program before cutting to another ad break!

  13. S**t what happened to RPA I thought that it would have been one of its highest ever ratings because DR O’Brien was on it but it lost 600,000 and it was only on 20 minutes later than normal

  14. More poor figures for Newstopia *sigh*. David, can you let me know what it’s averaged over the last cpl of seasons please? Think it’s going to get the chop?

  15. lol poor nine and their weeknight movies. Not only are the movies terrible, but the promotion of them is so crap like all of nine’s promoting.

    I think one point that contributes to seven’s success is their promotion of shows and their graphics (title screens, logo’s, like that swirly gold thing over the red that looks like coca cola bottle, and even voice overs)

    They promote their shows like a blockbuster movie, and have those theme nights like ‘monday mystery’ & ‘better fridays’, or last years ‘beautiful sundays’, big wednesdays and amazing thursdays. I know its not these things that make a network get viewers but i reckon it helps.

  16. I wonder how Criminal Intent, Young Rich & Famous and Life After People will rate. I didnt watch any because I went and bought a whole heap of movies, and watched them instead.

  17. jak mate. your right, i reckon things will get worst for sunrise though. today needs to get a new weather presenter though. steven jacobs tv use by was up when just for laughs finished.people are getting sick of kochie

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