Nine’s “first quarter” in ’09

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette to Lady, Sea Patrol, Flashpoint, Crusoe (pictured) and Local Heroes are some of the shows Nine intends to air in the ‘first quarter’ of 2009.

Also due early in the new television year are the Jules Lund-hosted For Richer For Poorer, which seeks to find the perfectly wedded couple. Amongst the contestants on this show are a gay male couple.

What’s Good For You is back, now with new host Dr Andrew Rochford (The Waiting Room).

Also in the first quarter Nine will also screen the US version of Who Do You Think You Are?, Secret Millionaire (an Aussie version is due), and Bert Newton hosting both When I Grow Up and 20 to 1. Others due soon include Farmer Wants a Wife, Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Crime Investigation Australia, CSI, CSI: NY, Without a Trace and Cold Case.

And there is still more Two and a Half Men coming in the first quarter, meaning Home Run, Nine’s new 7pm reality show is unlikely to launch before April.

Other shows expected after April will likely include Eleventh Hour, Singing Bee, RPA, Little Britain, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Trouble in Paradise, The Unusuals, Seven Deadly Sins, Missing Pieces, CSI: Miami, Rescue Squad, Toasted & Roasted, Hell’s Kitchen, The Gift, Animal Emergency, Random Acts of Kindness and Missing Persons Unit.


  1. when i grow up will be a smash hit people. bert newton at his best, he is a star no doubt. those 2 cute interviewers bert1 and best2 are future stars with their ad lib interviewing style.
    i saw the pilot and laughed so hard, it is platinum family entertainment. channel 9 can keep their usa cop shows tho. only hope when i grow up gets a 730 time slot that it deserves.

  2. Leading the ratings push for 09, Bert Newton and Steve Liebmann …. Good luck with that !! Ch-9 appears to be lost in some sort of sick time warp!!

  3. What a load of garbage! Did 9 not learn from 2008?

    A couple of shows have sparked my interest but I have no faith in 9 showing them for too long.

    I wish there were more rules when it comes to TV programming. These networks get away with everything.

  4. Zambora, I thought Monster House was one of the worst shows that i have ever seen and i didnt even take a look at Hole in the Wall. Although, i still think that 9 has a lot more variety and a lot more to offer in their schedule this year than last year. And yes whilst i do like what 9 has to offer that does not mean that i am all for 9. I can not comment on what the other networks have to offer at the moment as they haven’t realeased their line-ups yet.

  5. Underbelly 2. That’s it.

    Kevin (your position at ch 9 is?): How can shows like Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette to Lady, The Farmer Wants a Wife III, Home Run be “Competitions / Game Shows / Reality” – they are all reality apart from wipe out. Where are real game shows like Temptation which you can participate in by anwering questions, thinking, etc. What do any of these shows on here do for you? (Trying really hard not to insult anyone here, I know we are all entitled to our own opinions!).

    And as for the comedies? Just tell me what I am supposed to laugh at… probably ch 9 itself.

  6. i was thinking exactly the same about knoxoverstreet.
    i used to make an effort to be network neutral on this site. but ch9 is getting very hard to like, and hard to defend i guess thats why the fake knoxoverstreets will stick out like a sore thumb.

    i think that everyone should use this site to give their genuine opinions, not as a promoting machine. otherwise their view has no credibility.

    i doubt anyone will ever be able to say and mean “9 is the one for diversity.” i too will not be convinced unless i see change

  7. I understand that some people can support networks that have shows that they like, but when people like knoxoverstreet push 9 propaganda like ‘gyngell is the man’ and ‘i can never fault channel nine’ etc with no logic behind them, motivations get questioned.

  8. Touche lee123.
    strange how ‘knoxoverstreet disappears and 3 newbies all post pro Nine stuff with no mention of Ramsay,Bert & 2and half men overlaod pus the shuffle programming of last year – Damages,Fringe,Canal Road,McLeods Daughter
    Gerrard,Billy and Kevin where were you when Nine kept chopping and changing throughout 08 ?
    BTW, were you the ones that liked Monster House & Hole in The Wall

  9. ok, so which one of you is knoxoverstreet with a new name? i can tell because you are just as much a spin doctor as gyngell.

    no one will ever be able to convince me that 9 has variety. in 2008 people said that there was no variety but monster house ect. bad as they were, atlest they were something new. this year is worse, the new shows look just as unpromising but they are “warmheart” clones of each other therefore even less variety than this time last year.

    the day that 9 has less than 4 or less cop shows (reasonable number)in their whole year then i might believe you, until then, sorry (that means they will probably have to drop 15.

  10. Wow! So many people have commented on this article. Channel Nine have also released promos of their 2009 line up on the internet. Just search ‘Choose 9 in 09.’ They’re pretty good!

    Choose Nine in 09!!

  11. I disagree about Big Bang Theory being unfunny, but definitely ‘Til Death. The first season was at least watchable, but somehow i managed to watch the entire second season, and it was so bad, except for the rare few episodes, but they were far and few.

  12. @Kevin: There is absolutely no “variety” in the “dramas” on that list. The majority are monotonous CBS cop shows, excluding ABC’s The Unusuals which will most likely be axed after a few episodes. The Aussie ones are different though. Seven have a lot more variety, shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, etc may not be a bloke’s cup of tea but at least they target a different audience. And if a good serial drama like LOST, Heroes or 24 ended up on Nine it would be axed within 2 weeks. Its a good thing they axed Canal Road and The Strip though, 2 more horrible shows. Hopefully they gave Underbelly 2 a bigger budget.
    BTW, you forgot The Big Bang Theory, Old Christine and Til Death, all of which are more of Nine’s “comedies”. Pity none of them are particularly funny.

    As for this paltry lineup, the only show that remotely interests me is The Mentalist, but I’ll be downloading that as Nine already have screwed that over with 3 timeslot changes and horrible handling of the series. And you can be sure that half those new shows will be bumped or axed after 2 or 3 weeks in favour of more bloody 2.5 men and CSI spinoffs.

  13. I have to agree with Kevin. This is a very diverse schedule and i think it will work for them. Cant see For Richer For Poorer or Crusoe doing any well though. Overall a very promising schedule.

  14. But will 9 find it possible to show Cold Case in bloody order? Yes, it’s mainly self-contained, but there were a few ongoing storylines this past season that they royally stuffed up.

  15. How boring!! I will be watching Underbelly and Farmer wants a wife but thats it the rest of the shows on there are just rubish!

    And for me Nine has already failed 2009 because my faavroute show McLeod’s daughters has gone.

  16. There are a few I will watch
    Domestic blitz
    Kitchen nightmares
    The gift
    Animal emergency
    Missing persons unit

    I wonder how many of 9’s shows will make it past 2 episodes this year

  17. Zambora in defence of Kevin… 9’s scheduling wasn’t above board, BUT… 7 and 10 were just as bad in offending!

    7 never fully aired Ugly Betty, nor did they with Samantha Who?, Outback Wildlife Rescue, Outdoor Room, Kath and Kim (US) or Dirty Sexy Money and they’re just the tip of the icerberg! They shifted and changed the timeslots of The Apprentice, Prison Break, Lost, Bones (when it went to 9.30 Mondays) So 7 weren’t above board (even though everyone makes it out that they were, as they’re our #1 network for the 2nd time) and as far as 10 goes don’t even get me started!!

  18. Here’s diversity for you:
    – Cooking: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen
    – Family: Singing Bee, Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show, Crusoe
    – Lifestyle: Getaway, Domestic Blitz, What’s Good For You
    – Comedies: Two and a Half Men, For Richer For Poorer, When I Grow Up, Little Britian, (Comdedy and Drama) The Unusuals
    – Competitions / Game Shows / Reality: Wipeout Australia, Aussie Ladette to Lady, The Farmer Wants a Wife III, Home Run
    – Dramas: Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Underbelly II, Sea Patrol III, CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Flashpoint, The Mentalist, Without A Trace, Cold Case, Eleventh Hour, Rescue Squad, a new show announced recently on TV Tonight currently in development which I can’t remember the name of…
    – Crime / Documentaries: Who Do You Think You Are?, Missing Persons Unit and Crime Investigation Australia
    – Factual: Secret Millionaire, Animal Emergency, RPA, The Gift, Local Heroes, Missing Pieces, Random Acts of Kindness, Seven Deadly Sins

    As far as I’m concerned, that spells Diversity! 9 never confident to try something new – Underbelly, Sea Patrol, The Farmer Wants a Wife to name a few weren’t something new now were they?! Although flops, Power of 10, Monster House, My Kid’s a Star again to name a few weren’t something new either?!

  19. Jerome: Nine did air Monarchy – The Family at Work in February and March, and actually asked Cate Blanchett to narrate the program for local audiences. The DVD is now available from ABC Shops.

  20. Lol @ Kevin, do you work for Nine’s advertising agency perchance ?
    Just had second look at promised schedule and got to love name of shows, perhaps quite apt for Nine.
    Wipeout Australia, What’s Good For You, Who Do You Think You Are?, When I Grow Up and 3 shows well suited to Nine’s programmers –
    Missing Pieces, , Toasted & Roasted & Random Acts of Kindness .
    C;mon Channel 9 if you serious with this lineup, tell us now whether you will leave a show for 2 or 3 weeks before moving it.I need to know now to avoid disappointment later.
    Kevin, if you are dead serious that Nine is the one with the bloody brilliant lineup (your words), how much will Ramsay,20-1 and 2 and a half men get thrown in to schedule and even worse how many of the promised shows will actually get their full series run at same time each week.

  21. I was looking for Terminator – channel 9 still have the rights to that don’t they?

    Oh and Survivor would have been cool too.

    But I’ll check out Crusoe at least, other than that – I’m a bit unimpressed.

  22. Here’s hoping Nine can finish screening the original series of Underbelly in Victoria before the second starts up. I’m sick of hearing how Underbelly was so great, and a great show and all like it has been and gone.. when Channel 9 is still yet to officially play it in Victoria past the first few episodes.

  23. @kevin…

    you are entitled to you own opinion of 9. but to say they are the one for diversity i must disagree. first of all “emotion, entertainment, love, romance and passion” 4 of those 5 genres are the same (not exactly variety) and “entertainment” is very broad.

    in 2008 all we saw on 9 was cop shows and 2.5 men. in 2009 we will see cop shows, 2.5 men, feel goods and unoriginal factuals. all crap IMO, very far from “most diverse”. on the odd occasion that they do try something new we get trash like hole in the wall, my kids a star, monster house, or the chopping block.

    where are the non-cop dramas, lifestyle, comedys (sorry 10x 2.5men doesn’t count) gameshows, sci-fis, family shows, and competitions all of which we see on other networks. 9 only airs shows that follow suit of other sucesses, never confident to try something new.

  24. Ladette to Lady was my guilty pleasure this year, so I can’t wait for the Aussie version. Other than that nothing particularly sparks my attention, but nice to see What’s Good For You returning, and I might have a go at Underbelly 2.

    Nine seems to have a good balance of “feel-good” shows, reality, crime, and factuals. Don’t really see any lighter serial dramas, but other than Desperate Houswives and Grey’s (on 7) dramedys don’t really rate spectacularly (eg. Ugly Betty, Eli Stone…).

    Also, I wonder what’s going on with the new Claudia Karvan show? Perhaps it’ll be on later in the year, or in 2010.

  25. i just checked david’s article that announced 9’s 2008 lineup back in 2007

    so many of them never aired:
    Amnesia, Jingles, gameshow from the producers of the National IQ Test, Here Come the Newlyweds, Million Dollar Salon, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, (well we know where they are) Big Shots, Canterbury’s Law, Rock Rivals, Extraordinary Animals, Monarchy – The Royal Family at Work, Heroes and Villains, Hunted, The Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo, Toasted and Roasted Specials, “Unnamed reality sitcom”, Hotel Babylon, Damages, Primeval. (correct me if some of these did make it that i missed)

    so just because 9 promise them doesn’t really mean much. don’t get too excited.

  26. Well I for one will definately be choosing 9 in ’09! – They have a bloody brilliant lineup and one which comes second to none!

    They have the most diversity of any of the networks in progamming, from emotion and entertainment, to love, romance and passion.

    As Anna said, 9 looks promising and I too hope to see 9 regain #1 status in ’09 – All the best!

  27. Ella, Fire 000 and Search and Rescue were not flops, they in fact won their scheduled timeslots. The reason they aren’t returning is because they attract the wrong demo for Nine.

  28. All these shows people have mentioned that were not mentioned such as Survivor and Hotel Bablyon, have you all thought of the possibility NIne will air these on their second channel next year. They do have to have something to air on it and why not stick some of these shows that do have a core following. WOuld be a great way to kick off their new channel. They could call it the loyal viewers channel. 😀

  29. Travis, I doubt Andrew is the sole on air talent on the show, so I’d say no change.

    Tommyk, probably UB2 for Melb before UB1 yes. 60 Mins is back, I haven’t included ‘core programming’ like 60 Mins, ACA, Today, Getaway, KAK etc….

  30. Key comment there is “Nine intends to air”
    Does not mean they will ..sorry Gyn but your network rarely kept promises in past so why should we believe you now.

    Will Underbelly be shown in Vic ?
    Wipeout Australia & Aussie Ladette to Lady look like flops but “only those fewsouls with people meters get to decide”\Looking forward to Sea Patrol & Flashpoint but what time/promotion will show get.,
    Nine’s new Local Heroes plus all their other factual type shows do not interest me one bit.And for goodness sakes Jules Lund and Bert hosting more shows – no thanks.
    The big hit could be Farmer wants a wife – depends on the editing and people though.
    The big question is will Nine deliver on their promises or is it as I expect more spin…Oops they only intended to show this or that never ever did we promise.
    *fingers crossed*

  31. absolutely nothing that i am excited about. this just makes me want to see 7’s lineup even more. 2009 i am predicting will be a big deja vu for 9 only worse.

    9 seems to go around a carousel of new flops ever y year. last year = “monster house, my kids a star, power of 10, the chopping block, ramsay x3, canal road, fire 000, and search and rescue,” this year = for richer or poorer, when i grow up, wipeout australia, local heroes, crusoe, L2L aus.

    20 to 1 and domestic blitz are both returning? which one will take the 6:30 sun slot. DB might stay in its monday slot. the choice will be important because it will probably be up against sunday night, which 9 will be wanting to destroy (good luck).

    if sea patrol and underbelly were returning in a few weeks you would think that there would be a bigger promotion atm.

  32. US Who Do You Think You Are,surely another show they will bury.Can’t see where it fits with their desire for younger demo’s.

    Belongs on its natural home – SBS.

  33. also does this mean that us melbournians will see season 2 underbelly before season 1. will we ever see season 1

    i’m assuming that 9 will now show the seasons in time order and air season 1 after season 3 if the ban is lifted by 2010.

  34. Not really anything much there to get me interested.

    Crusoe, i really will be surprised if this lasts or makes it on the air. I saw the first episode, and while I did enjoy it, it fits into the xena, Hercules type category of, a bit cliche, just a fun over the top sort of family adventure show. I will watch though, i just don’t see it being something the mainstream would enjoy. Timeslot would be crucial for this to succeed. It really is like a saturday night 7.30 timeslot type show. Or maybe sunday 6.30.

  35. well this time last year we were looking at this page seeing monster house, my kids a star, power of 10, the chopping block, ramsay x3, canal road, fire 000, and search and rescue. none of them were any good and either were their ratings.

    can’t really say that any of the new shows have improved in quality or potential. ch9 are looking down this year, they don’t even have powerhouses ramsay and 2.5 men to fall back on, like they did last year.

    and 60 mins isn’t there. does anyone know if 60mins will retrurn in feb this year or in late march like last year. if it is late, they are giving sunday night a free head start which will kill 60mins future.

  36. I cant believe 9 are continuing with 2.5 Men in the 7pm timeslot. If we remember back to beginning of this year, it was struggling to get 800k in the 7pm timeslot. Why??? Because ten actually had decent competition in The Biggest Loser, as it will again this year. 9 are going to kill that show as fast as they turned it into a hit, not that im complaining…

    CSI Miami and Cold Case for me. The rest…..*projectile vomits*

  37. well the only show i will be watching on 9 in the first quarter is ladette to lady, which i think is 9’s best show, and that is saying something.

    in the rest of the year, its interesting to see ramsay in there, i thought they had given up on him. also does this mean they will be super un-fasttracking 11th hour

    i also might watch the unusuals later in the year, sounds like a cop version of scrubs, and i love scrubs.

    quite unimpressive really, especially for a year that is so vital for 9 to do well in before their financial issues get the best of them.

  38. hmmm. nothing for me, i might rewatch the mentalist, if they end up showing it.

    it will be interesting to see how 9 deals with the competition with PTTR, last year 2.5men, underbelly and NCIS barely made a dint in it.

    jules lund’s for richer, for poorer: god help us (is this what has come of ‘here come the newlyweds’)

  39. Alex, nine keeps emphasizing their desire for younger demos, and Fringe and Chuck especially skew young. Yet they seem to make their frequent scheduling amendments based on total people, not demos. Fringe has extremely good demos in the US, but not sure about here – they were as good as the mentalist with half the viewers. Plus, Chuck and PD haven’t even aired here, so how can anyone say that it would have failed. It’s called variety in the schedule, which nine seems to have very little of.

  40. 9 is looking very promising this year. What is When I Grow Up and will Whats Good For You be on weekly or just specials. Most looking forward to Underbelly, Sea Patrol, The Mentalist, CSI and Wipeout. Whilst i love 2.5 men i think airing it 5 times a week is a mistake and could potentially kill the show

  41. I’m lucky that every single one of the shows Nine has screwed around with I haven’t liked – Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Fringe.

    Honestly, people can’t expect Nine to continue with shows that few people will watch.

    On another note – will Sea Patrol be in the first quarter? I was under the impression it will be in around April like this year. Can’t wait for the new season!

  42. Heaps of these shows I can’t wait for
    esp Sea Patrol, Underbelly 2 , Farmer want’s a wife,
    Lady to Ladette, Crime Investigation Australia, Cold case, WOAT
    Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist
    Channel 9 looks promising, hope they can deliver and become the
    #1 station again.

  43. Wow.

    Unlike last year – when they promised things like Pushing Daisies – 2009 sets a new standard in empty promises from Nine.

    For 2009, they’re not promising *anything* good. And I bet they still don’t show half of it :)

  44. Don’t even bother watching Crusoe. It’s not rating well in the States, and Nine will just take it off air within a couple of weeks anyway, even if it survives in the States.

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