Web campaign against Bold & Beautiful shift

Channel TEN viewers are using the internet to vent their anger over the network moving The Bold and the Beautiful to 6pm.

The American soap shifts from 4:30pm today in a bid to lift TEN’s ailing early evening figures. It will replace repeats of The Simpsons, in a timeslot that has long been the mainstay of the long-running animated series.

On TEN’s own website both Bold and Simpsons fans sound unhappy:

– To say I’m disgusted at this decision by Ten is an understatement!!

– You gotta be kidding me right? Whoever does the programming for ten should be fired. This has to be one of the worst moves ten has made.

– Please leave B&B on at 4.30. This is the time that as a mother I can sit down for 30 minutes of me time and the kids leave me alone to watch mummys show.

– Yes, I absolutely agree. Bold and Beautiful is not 6pm viewing….. I can only hope the programmers will listen to the viewers.

– It would appear Ten is not happy with their 3rd place in the ratings. Apparently they would prefer 4th place.

But the campaign doesn’t end there. One Facebook page has already attracted 5000 followers. Say NO! to Bold and Beautiful at 6pm. Bring back The Simpsons! says “C’mon Channel 10, What’s the deal!? You feed us episode after episode of our favourite dysfunctional family and now you plan on cutting us off Cold Turkey! And to replace it with Bold and the Beautiful is a giant insult to the animated series that has shaped a generation for the last 20 years.”

The site has seen a rush of new members, picking up 2000 new members in just 24 hours.

Channel TEN claims the summer non-ratings period allows them to test whether the soap can succeed at 6pm.


  1. franz chong

    God Help us all when Channel 9 Runs Out of Two and a Half Men Episodes and there is nothing suitable that is fresh and new to replace them that they have to resort to putting on Days of our Lives on at 7pm.Kerry Packer would roll over in his grave

  2. This would have to be the worst programming decision ever made who remember when they put on Prisoner before Dallas? Something along the lines of the OC,Laguna Beach,The Original 90210,Neighbours and Home and Away I don’t mind.I would even like Taken Out to be put on at 6pm(It is back but why after Midnight I don’t know).What about some old comedies such as Family Matters or Full House or Roseanne amongst others that have not been seen in years a much better choice and more to anyones taste.I also agree that the repeats have been done to death many times over but anything is better than BB.

  3. as a Simpsons fan even i agree the repeats have been on too long but replacing it with BB is really sad! Something like Futurama repeats would be much more to my taste. I dont even mind a soapie like Home & away or Neighbours but B&B is boring as, the same characters have been in it for yrs & talking over about the same ridiculous problems etc, the acting is terrible etc At least with H&A there is variety in the stories/characters, ok the stories are recycled but at least it gives the illusion that something new is always happening 😉

  4. Of course the audience will be higher than normal, it’s in primetime! The point of the move was to increase the audience of the 6pm slot in order to boost their overall line-up for the night. As such, it failed. But we’ll see how it does in the next few days/weeks.

  5. Monday night’s audience for The Bold and the Beautiful ( 594,000) was 26% higher than the 2008 survey average (473,000) and the highest rating episode of the year.

  6. Hah! Apparently last night’s episode scored 594,000 viewers! A 26% increase over the 2008 average for the show.

    Told you so. The only way is up from here. It’s actually getting advertising at the end of each episode for the next night’s show – fun, melodramatic advertising. Ten must really want it to succeed at 6pm.

    Ten must be rejoicing. It’s a lot more viewers than the Simpsons got, isn’t it???

  7. I don’t why so many kids are complaining ‘6pm is a kids timeslot’ WTF? No its not, thats after school on ABC at like 3:30. Channel 10 forums are full with 12 year old kids complaining its so funny to watch. Even though I don’t like BB, its time for a change. There are just way too many Simpson repeats.

  8. You know a network is absolutely f***ed when they move a daytime soap to primetime. Having said that if it works then good on em, at the very least they are trying something different. Tomorrows ratings will be very interesting…

  9. The Simpsons is a staple and people have been watching it for years. They have recently started playing newer episodes so the repeat issue shouldn’t be as big a deal.

    I am now at a loss of what to do a 6 every night. And since everyone who watches B&B doesn’t like the censoring, why not keep it at 4:30?

  10. aussiebum, there’s definitely a difference between tonight’s broadcast episode and the one you can get online at ten.com.au. Cool and thanks for letting us know!!! Ten didn’t show Donna nearly getting strangled at the start of the episode…and it sure sounded like Crazy Pammy was doing the strangling!

    When I can tell there’s been editing (it’s pretty obvious most of the time), I can now quickly go and see the cuts on the ten website. Cool that the website actually acknowledges that it’s an uncut episode that you can watch.

    I think Ten have done a fantastic job advertising the change, and getting more people to get hooked by making the eps available on line.

    If only they would go to the same effort with other shows they’ve helped destroy (*cough* 90210 *cough*).

  11. I just watched today’s episode on Ten’s website as I got home late….
    OMFG gripping stuff…!!!!
    I will defiantly be watching tomorrow. Ratings are gonna hit the roof….you wait!!

    More interestingly, was there anything edited on the 6pm broadcast versus the episode on Ten’s website?????

  12. Interesting seeing a number of people here who don’t even watch B&B, actually considering watching it!

    Exactly what Ten is hoping for. Wonderful. It’s not the most watched television show in the world for nothing.

  13. I’m looking forward to the ratings results tomorrow.

    I have a strong feeling that Bold will do very well at 6pm, beyond expectations, and we’ll be seeing Bold stay in the evening slot next year.

    If only they could move it to 7pm, but unlikely given Biggest Loser and Masterchef.

  14. I agree, it is a nice change. Even the Simpson fans have to agree they have been repeated to death. I concur with everyone else who have pointed it out it is for the summer, I highly doubt it will continue after summer programming ends.

  15. lol, im sure we could all complain about summer programming but we all know what were in for. i want new eps of ncis on but im not getting it, i want rush eps at 8.30! not 9.30! i want new simpsons, i want neighbours to keep goin!! just get over it people, how bout you tape it if you cant watch it, then watch the taped show at 4.30 the next day??

  16. i didn’t think i cared as it doesn’t affect me because i don’t watch bold or simpsons millionth repeats, but i just realised that this means the news is no longer timeshifted to 5:30. that is a bit annoying, i often watched this later news coz i usually flick around, discover the news on 10 and then decide to go to 1 to get it from the start, now i’ll miss the first few stories, but i don’t care that much, i’ll just go to 7 or 9.

  17. I think its a good idea for TEN, prehaps not the fans, but whats the bet they will still watch. I think its actually going to score quite well tonight and hope the figures are released tomorrow for it.

  18. @ Burt

    No, it’s not. B&B airs at 6pm on both Ten and Ten HD. This means that Ten News at Five has moved back to 5pm on Ten HD.

    Also, Ten seems to allow streaming of “Full Uncut” B&B episodes online. While this is a nice feature, it would’ve been better if they actually screened them on TV. Hell, I reckon they should screen uncensored B&B episodes following Out of the Blue at 11pm.

  19. I should correct what I said, as apparently Ten have ditched showing TBATB earlier at 5.05 pm on Ten HD, in order to make everyone see it at 6 pm. You can record it each day and watch it later, so you can fast forward the commercials.

  20. ridiculous!
    6pm, channel ten IS simpsons!
    simpsons was the escape from news
    now kids are stuck sitting and watching dinner being prepared, not so fun for kids or parents…
    i think it’s quite obvious what the public wants, listen channel ten!

  21. Ten haven’t promoted the fact that if you have a HD TV (and most people now do), you can watch TBATB on Ten HD (with less ads than on their standard channel), at 5.05 pm – 5.30 pm weekdays, which was the case before the timeslot change and still is now..

  22. I’m a bit over repeats of The Simpsons so I’m glad that Network TEN is trying out a new show in that timeslot.

    However, I do feel for the people who enjoy the 4:30 timeslot.

  23. B&B will be good in the 6pm slot for summer and 10 has been doin a good job promoting it

    Ten has done a good job this year offering some more diversity other than simpsons in every slot, take friends, taken out, will and Grace. Sure they rated bad but its something different at least, this is another one of those cases as i’m sure ten is sick of being referred to as the Simpson network

    kuttsyswood, thats a hell good idea u got about shifting ten news forward half an hour. They should definately do that next year. If people start watching ten news at 5.30, they’ll watch it right through and it’ll detract numbers from 7 and 9 because theres no reason to change, and will keep a decent audience for neighbours possibly and later shows

  24. Good move by TEN. I remember when Bold moved from 1pm to 4.30. There was people throwing temper tantrums but not like this. All this publicity is just what Bold needs to succeed.
    I wonder if 9 will put Days in primetime too?

  25. Honestly who cares. I don’t watch the Bold, but I’d rather have that on at 6pm then The Simpsons.

    What’s wrong with replacing a show that’s been repeated over the years with a “first” run show.

  26. seriously those 6pm episodes of the simpsons have been repeated to death, if I flick over during ads of the news and see “Mr Plow” or that bloody 3 eyed fish episode one more time, ill throw something at the TV.

  27. I’m in favour of the move, but not to 6pm, because it’ll mean that many storylines will still be censored or removed altogether. I think it should either play earlier in the day whether they can play the series in its entirety in an M rated timeslot, or move it to 7pm where there’ll be a lesser need for cuts.

  28. Well while I’m disappointed that I can’t see the classic Simpsons on at 6:00pm anymore (the new episodes are pretty lousy), my mother is actually looking forward to it, as her job required her to work up until 5:30pm. She always had to check what happened online, but now she can finally watch it again.

    Plus I’m sure it’s only for Summer.

  29. i personally love this move. I work full time and have not watched Bold since i finished High School 3 years ago. Bold at 6 is a smart move cos it has a legion of both young and old fans. I have a friend who is so obsessed,, she wont pick up her phone between 4:30 and 5pm, and another who tapes it everyday and watches it at 6pm, every night after work. I think for every fan thats pissed off, there is another one thats happy. all those stay at home mums, think of all the people that dont get to watch it cos they go to work full time, or are at uni, and if your like me, if you really love this show, u will watch it anytime its on. God i followed torchwood to midnight last year, be gratefull its on in primetime.

    As for the simpsons, get over over it. I absolutley love the simpsons, but seriously how many times can ten repeat this. They need a proper long term solution, and although im all for the bold move, and i can see where ten are comming from cos its attracts a broad audience, im not sure if it is the solution. I personally think that ten should of tried Ten News: Xtra. An ACA style show out of ten news. & have news, tt, h&a, and have proven that ACA shows, work out of the news, and lead in well to soaps.

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