Week 51

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1 Today Tonight Seven 1,174,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,133,000
3 Seven News Seven 1,101,000
4 Better Homes And Gardens Summer Seven 1,026,000
5 The Santa Clause 2 Seven 941,000
6 Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple ABC 922,000
7 First Test – Australia V South Africa Nine 815,000
8 ABC News ABC 797,000
9 How I Met Your Mother Seven 770,000
10 The Last Castle Nine 725,000
Law & Order 463,000
Friends 453,000
Numb3rs 409,000


1 Today Tonight Seven 1,216,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,163,000
3 Seven News Seven 1,135,000
4 Law And Order: SVU Ten 996,000
5 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Ten 946,000
6 Secret Millionaire Nine 918,000
7 Abc News ABC 816,000
8 The Amazing Race Seven 795,000
9 7.30 Report Abc1 787,000
10 How I Met Your Mother Seven 786,000
11 Eli Stone Seven 781,000
12 Cold Case Nine 770,000
13 First Test – Australia V South Africa Nine 742,000
14 Ten News At Five Ten 737,000
15 Ugly Betty Seven 732,000
16 Don’t Forget The Lyrics Ten 699,000
17 Two Men In A Tinnie ABC 697,000
18 Deal Or No Deal Seven 564,000
19 Friends Ten 556,000
20 Close To Home Nine 552,000
The Waiting Room 385,000
Out Of The Blue 365,000

Nine: 29.4
Seven: 27.7
TEN: 22.1
ABC: 14.2
SBS: 6.7


1 Today Tonight Seven 1,405,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,264,000
3 Nine News Nine 1,172,000
4 CSI: Miami Nine 1,082,000
5 ABC News ABC 919,000
6 How I Met Your Mother Seven 905,000
7 E.R. Nine 843,000
8 Air Crash Investigations Seven 824,000
9 My Family ABC 782,000
10 House Ten 738,000
11 First Test – Australia V South Africa Nine 728,000
12 7.30 Report ABC 715,000
13 Ten News At Five Ten 699,000
14 Las Vegas Seven 696,000
15 AC/DC Legends Of Rock Seven 675,000
16 Wallace And Gromit: The Wrong Trousers ABC 674,000
17 Rules Of Engagement Ten 652,000
18 The Simpsons Ten 650,000
19 Grumpy Old Women ABC 631,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 620,000
The Unit 524,000
Rush 518,000
Gossip Girl 441,000
New Adventures Of Old Christine 426,000

Nine: 31.7
Seven: 26.3
TEN: 17.6
ABC: 17.3
SBS: 7.1


1 Seven News Seven 1,278,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,275,000
3 NCIS Ten 1,193,000
4 ABC News ABC 951,000
5 A Current Affair Nine 929,000
6 Nine News Nine 902,000
7 Sudden Impact Nine 885,000
8 How I Met Your Mother Seven 876,000
9 7.30 Report ABC 859,000
10 Police Ten 7 Nine 848,000
11 Temptation Nine 840,000
12 Coastwatch Seven 815,000
13 Ocean’s Eleven -Nine 803,000
14 The Simpsons Ten 789,000
15 Eli Stone Seven 788,000
16 Wild Vets Seven 785,000
17 The Museum ABC 780,000
18 Ten News At Five Ten 746,000
19 In Plain Sight Ten 725,000
20 Rules Of Engagement Ten 696,000
Ghost Whisperer 595,000
The Bold And The Beautiful 467,000
Jamie At Home 423,000
Hustle 402,000
Survivor 373,000
Prison Break 328,000

Nine: 27.7
Seven: 26.2
TEN: 23.6
ABC: 16.5
SBS: 6.0


1 Seven News Seven 1,416,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,357,000
3 Bones Seven 1,137,000
4 A Current Affair Nine 1,044,000
5 Abc News ABC 1,038,000
6 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,011,000
7 Nine News Nine 1,006,000
8 The Rich List Seven 993,000
9 How I Met Your Mother Seven 919,000
10 Top Gear SBS 915,000
11 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  Nine 888,000
12 Temptation Nine 885,000
13 Ten News At Five Ten 866,000
14 The Big Bang Theory Nine 824,000
15 7.30 Report ABC 799,000
16 Face Painting With Bill Leak ABC 741,000
17 Celebrity: Dominick Dunne ABC 697,000
18 Deal Or No Deal Seven 644,000
19 Scrubs Seven 644,000
20 Law & Order: Criminal Intent Mon Ten 613,000
Fringe 602.000
The Bold & the Beautiful 516.000
Swift & Shift Couriers 511,000
Jamie at Home 443,000
Army Wives 440,000
Survivor 410,000
Kath & Kim 278,000

Seven: 31.1
Nine: 25.1
ABC: 18.0
TEN: 15.0
SBS: 10.8


1 Outback Wildlife Rescue Seven 1,274,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,227,000
3 Hot Property Seven 1,204,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,113,000
5 Seven Wonders Of The Industrial World Seven 982,000
6 Two And A Half Men Nine 962,000
7 Die Hard 2 Ten 908,000
8 Someone Like You Seven 905,000
9 ABC News ABC 869,000
10 Schools Spectacular 2008 ABC 868,000
11 The Big Bang Theory Nine 840,000
12 The Girl In The Café ABC 686,000
13 Battlefronts Nine 684,000
14 Ten News At Five Ten 669,000
15 Don’t Forget The Lyrics Ten 608,000
16 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2 Nine 543,000
17 Sports Tonight Sun Ten 529,000
18 2008 Men’s Australian Open Golf-Day 4 Seven 494,000
19 Weekend Sunrise Seven 428,000
20 America’s Next Top Model Ten 415,000
Holby Blue 342,000
Californication 332,000
At The Movies Summer Special 292,000

Seven: 30.3
TEN: 21.9
Nine: 20.9
ABC: 20.7
SBS: 6.2


  1. Die Hard 2 and Never been kissed have done well because it hasnt been on tv for a long time and/or it was a network premiere for channel ten. it seems channel ten has made some sort of deal with Twentieth Century Fox recently, because now they are putting on a lof of their movies which are mostly “Premieres” for channel ten.

    never been kissed, die hard 2, ice age 2, the siege, home alone 3 …

  2. Hey Guys, I know that most people won’t care or know the answer, but i’ve noticed there seems to be a discrepancy between the UK & Australian Versions of Out Of The Blue. I can understand why the Opening Credits are different, but I don’t understand why the content of the episodes are different? Are we showing them out of order or repackaged here in Australia? IF anyone knows anything i’ve checked the Wikipedia page and googled it and haven’t found any info. Thanks :)


  3. TT is top as there is no ACA. Fans of rubbish tabloid stories are flocking to TT and this could hurt 9 in the long term as ACA viewers could stay with TT even when ACA returns.

  4. If Old Christine wasnt on in Adelade then it was only on in Perth. Mabye those numbers include the cricked overtime in Adelade as well because it wasnt scheduled anywhere on teh east coalt.

  5. Gossip Girl – just imagine if they aired it last year and in a better time slot, it could be good for 800k

    Old Christine is just not work, I can’t even remember seeing a promo for it yet.

  6. Woah! Awesome ratings for Gossip Girl! It didn’t start till 11pm either since a delay in cricket. Old Christine did really badly. HIMYM is getting higher everyday!

  7. Go CSI Miami rpt and ER. Christine got good numbers considering i think it was only on in Adelade and Perth. What is the go with Secret Millionare tonight on 9 at 8 30 David. It isnt in the coming soon or programming lists and you havent mensioned it although it is the tv guides that i have looked at.

  8. As much as I hate the show, Seven might want to think about bringing back Criminal Minds repeats. Its their highest rating overseas show and it actually doesn’t make sense not to be airing it, especially when Las Vegas and The Unit are bombing so badly (500k at a 9:30pm timeslot is woeful). They should put CM in its normal Wed slot and bump LV and TU back an hour, its good they’re trying different things with different shows but its not paying off for them. Nine and Ten are flogging their crime procedurals for all they’re worth (L&O now being on 4 times a week, same with Nine with CSI, Cold Case and CSI: Miami), Seven may as well do the same.

    Its also good to see Gossip Girl winning its timeslot over PB, considering 2 weeks ago it got 280,000 viewers compared to the 441,000 it got yesterday. I watched an ep and its actually quite a compelling show with rich characters and interesting storylines. Its isn’t quite The OC quality-wise but it has the potential to get there. And funny how its getting better figures now in a 10:30pm timeslot than what 90210 was getting at a 7:30pm slot.

  9. Good to see the cricket doing bad hopefully it will drop even more

    Pretty good result for ER considering how late it was because of nines obsession with the cricket

  10. Ghost Whispered is doing really bad, anything under 0.6m at 9 30 time slot is really poor, it is giving prison break a big headache…Dont understand why they dont put prison break on at 9 30.

  11. looks like 9’s chances of having a super rating factual are gone. i’m quite impressed with 7’s factuals there was barely any promotion.

    ghost whisperer won’t last much longer there. and why aren’t more people watching eli stone, its soo good.

    tuesday is suposed to be 9’s only day to shine they won by 7% last week, now only by 1%, apart from this and thursday 7 had a good win every day last week. the rest of the summer is not looking up for them.

  12. “NCIS is doing what CSI did and getting great numbers for rpts”

    Not anymore. CSI rpts are tanking against Bones rpts, as you can see above.

    9 news and ACA are getting appalling numbers. I dont remember them doing this bad last summer.

    Good to see HIMYM doing well, im a first time viewer and quite enjoying it – infact it was all I watched on commercial tv last night.

  13. knoxoverstreet

    Well 7s factuals tanked though they did affect 9s factuals..but they did about the same as UB but with much worse numbers in the important demos.

    Was watching police ten 7 last night and it’s hilarious stuff. If you want a laugh forget so called comedies like HIMYM and watch this it’s lol funny!

    Amazing numbers for an NCIS rpt but I guess there’s nothing else on. NCIS is doing what CSI did and getting great numbers for rpts. In Plain Sight not doing too badly either which is good to see.

  14. Looks like Wild Vets and Coastwatch took quite a sizable chunk out of 9’s factuals, and improved their nightly shares by quite a lot.
    HIMYM continues it’s winning streak over Temptation.
    9 News and ACA get woeful numbers
    NCIS owns the night, though tens early part of the night is embarassing.

  15. looks like law and order did the same as 8:30 army wives last week and the 9:30 army wives did the same as the ex-list last week, looks like the combo doesn’t matter, that is just the number of people willing to watch 10 in that particular timeslot, and it doesn’t matter what 10 put on. at least it’s good news for supernatural coming back in a timely manner as it rated better.

  16. I cant believe how well Scrubs is doing at 10.30. I think seven should attempt this back in a 7.30/8.00pm timeslot again. I’m quite enjoying HIMYM, didn’t watch much of the first season the first time round so it’s good to catch up on these eps. Behind Scrubs it is easily the best comedy on our screens at the moment.

  17. Is Army Wives at just 440k doing any better than The Ex-List did last week? I bet before long we’ll have a double L&O in some form on Monday nights, so much for new shows for the summer.

    BTW ch10 s still advertising Ex-List in it summer promo, wonder if they plan on using it on another night?

    Good on TG making the top 10 again!

  18. i cant believe how bad ten does on mondays!!! i mean army wives is awesome and everyone i talk to watches is yet it fails badly, i think ten need to bring out some big guns for mon nights like law and order s.v.u new eps which they have plently of.

  19. spam alert

    Massive figures for Scrubs at 10.30
    Bones dominating it’s 2 hour timeslot

    I agree Jerome. Flashpoint will probably struggle to find an audience with the massive interest in Bones.

  20. Ch 9 was 4th on Saturday as well. They really don’t try!!!

    I think Ch 7 doing so well as half the shows they have on now are actually quite good and would have worked well during ratings if given a chance.

    Does anyone know when Hereos is back on?

  21. Why are people watching 2.5 men, when there is something at stake by watching the Rich List. At stake is a third series and a chance for us all to auditon and win some money. 2.5 men just puts money in Charlie Sheen’s pocket

  22. flashpoint sure has its work cut out for it. bones strong audience is growing every week even up against CSI. and the 8:30 ep is probably much higher than 1.1mil

  23. I think moving Law & Order CI was a good move made by TEN but for some reason it didnt rate at all. Either did Army Wives. They both need stronger and more emphasising ads that will draw people into the show.

  24. I agree with RichoTB, the office is a great show I think it should replace ocker trash Battlefronts – as of next week thanks very much. Yes I know wrong channels but Battlefronts is wrong, the makeovers are terrible and the green side are crap actors.

  25. I agree 2.5 men blows. Good to see it slipping. Nine’s lineup has been poor for a long time now. BBT is not much better. Seven have the best comedy with HIMYM & Sunny, too bad the latter is in a ludicrously late slot.

    I caught an ep of The Office yesterday for the first time in a couple of months, I forgot how great that show really is. Its being wasted at midnight and definitely deserves a primetime strip slot ahead of B&B, Jamie @ Home and Friends.

  26. No wonder Nine came third the National Lampoon’s 2 was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I stopped watching after the incredibly fake boat scenes which were clearly done on a sound stage. They would have been better of showing the original Lampoon’s vacation (even though it’s been on hundreds of times.)

  27. Terrible night for 9, deservedly so with the back to back appalling programming. lol, i’m gonna join the Die 2.5 Men band wagon! That show was so over rated, good to see it under 1 million now and continuing to sink. At this rate we wont have to put up with 10 repeats a week, though 9 will probably try flogging another show to death….

    Huge win for 7, Outback Wildlife Rescue would have to be in contention for another season. lol, I can’t believe Weekend Sunrise made the top 20!

    Die Hard did really well for ten, I can’t beleive Next Top Model rated lower than Weekend Sunrise though.

  28. those #’s for weekend sunrise are amazing.

    i watched battlefronts for the first time last night. god that is a shocking show. its so bogany. and with numbers like that in a highly competitive slot probably won’t last much longer.

    also good to see 2.5 men falling further

  29. sunrise made the top 20!
    ten beats 9 with a medicore lineup!
    2.5 men falling more!
    OWR+hot property are killing it. will probably be the top show of the week.

  30. Diplorable night for 9, almost coming 4th! Huge night for 7, Outback Wildlife Rescue did really well. Good to see 2.5 Men under 1 mill and dragging Big Bang with it, I really hope this is the beginning of the end of the that show. Die Hard did really well for ten, shocking numbers for Next Top Model though.

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