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That 10pm Fridays timeslot on SBS, otherwise known as “the naughty slot,” will surely be hotly debated once more when word gets around on a documentary to air next month.

Best Undressed
is a documentary about the Miss Nude Australia pageant.

It promises a “behind the scenes” look at the pageant held at the Crazy Horse revue nightclub in Adelaide.

Expect to see naked women, peacock feathers, the “hottest body”, the “best legs”, a formal wear parade, a drag queen, a woman who works as a pole dancer, a stripper and her mother, and a giant novelty cheque.

A photo of a puppet show involving Kermit and Miss Piggy is too hot to publish here…

Now in its 18th year the competition has recently flourished with a constant flow of entrants, keen to compete for the Miss Nude Australia title.

Judges are said to be directed to look hard and long at each performer. Publicity notes indicate “When they judge her face, they look at her teeth, her smile, and her hair. When they judge her body they look at her proportions, shape and her beauty.”

SBS is yet to indicate a classification for the programme.

It airs Friday, 6 February at 10.00pm on SBS.

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    I was an entrant into Miss Nude Australia 2 years in a row and been in the adult entertainment industry for 15 years and I also took part in the documentary. I would like to let people who judge us know a thing or two. To the people who call us bimbos I would like to remind you not to judge a book by it’s cover because the majority of these “Bimbos” as you would say, own their own businesses teaching average women in the community to dance in the same manner for their husbands and boyfriend at home behind closed doors and provide these women with the confidence to do so and build up their self esteem to be proud of the beautiful women that they are no matter what age , size or shape they are. I personally don’t think that there is a problem with helping other women spice up their personal life with their other half. And by the way the average Pole Dancing / Burlesque Dance Studio’s profit annually turns over $100.000 +. So whole the bimbo know???

    I’ve always been honest with the people I meet, my family and friend as to what I do for a living because It’s what I chose to do with my life. It’s not just tits and ass as you would call it. It’s about gaining a title that would make you ten’s of thousands of dollars for the year to come. It’s like any career choice, you get the qualifications to make more money at the end of the day because it’s the security that you’re after. Because like everyone else you would like to purchase a home, run a business and have the freedom to travel the world. Last I checked that wasn’t a crime.

    These dancers that you see on stage and in the doco’s are actually extremely intelligent, educated, respectable businesswomen who have very successful personal lives that they have built from the money that they have earned from the likes for you. I ask you again who’s the fool now??? Sure as hell not us!!! So the next time you would like to judge a person who you don’t know think twice and take a look in the mirror because the person that should be judged is looking straight back at you.

  2. Nothing wrong with nudity – as long as the blokes show full frontal nudity too. We females seem to show it all to the vast male audience who view it, yet are deprived when it comes to looking at what hangs below a fella’s navel. Come on SBS be fair when it comes to doco’s about nudity.

  3. I work as a DJ at the Crazy Horse. I’ve seen a short preview and it seems to be another pointless beat-up “let’s see some T and A” show. The pageant is the worst time to film anything because it does cheapen the whole industry. I’m not sure that one shouldn’t watch it but do take it with a pinch of salt. Most of the girls shown on the show do not work there and are not the brightest globes connected to the mains. There is a good documentary to be made about the industry. This is not it.

    I”ll be avoiding the show at all costs.

  4. @Andrew: Agreed. It shows how many people have hangups with with seeing a human body but comfortably accept TV violence in its multitude of forms. At least this show is upfront about its content. If a channel can air a tv show on martial arts, boxing, wrestling or a violent movie we show be able to watch a show with nudity as adults (-even- if we want to watch it just to see naked people!)

  5. I totally agree with Brendan, it just seems really wrong that everyone makes such a huge fuss over nudity on tv, which is completely harmless to anyone that watches it and completely natural, yet alot of people accept violence on tv which can cause harm by encourageing people to copy the voilence on tv. Most sensible people wouldn’t but some people would. What does everyone else think?

  6. Call it a “doco” and chuck it on SBS!!!


    Not porn anymore.
    Everyone happy.

    On any other channel…

    Parliamentary inquiries..
    Interviews with the ministers for anything!
    Reviews of broadcasting licences.
    Judean People’s Front Emergency meetings..

  7. Why are the close-minded people taking such afront at this?

    Why is it reprehensible for some girls to have a good time and make a documentary about the odd pageant, but its all right to have violence and very adult thems in earlier timeslots on other channels? or the mardigras on in primetime. this has nothing to do with homosexuality, the mardigras is simply wuite graphic occasionally.

    and besides, i assume these girls aren’t going to be pulling porno poses or fornicating on the stage. I bet you it is going to be quite tastefully done.

  8. lameboyadvance

    Two things you can always count on for SBS: the occasional anime, and movies/docos containing nudity.
    It just shows how the rest of the world has a more relaxed view on nudity, whereas English speaking countries are usually overly suppressive.
    …And considering this is an Aussie doco, it’ll probably mean it’s filmed in such a way as to minimise the ‘impact’.

    @Goonies: “As usual I think people see the title or the rating and start screaming ‘won’t somebody think of the children!!!’”
    LOL, I was watching The Simpsons as I was reading this, and that exact image came to mind.

  9. I didn’t watch the first series of Matrioshki but I did watch the second series ‘Thai Sex Trade’ and I thought it was a fantastic series. I don’t really see how it was ‘disgustingly wrong minded’ either!

    Even though there is ‘some’ nudity and adult themes in the 10pm timeslot, more often than not these documentaries are fascinating and give you inside information on things you would normally have no idea about.

    As usual I think people see the title or the rating and start screaming ‘won’t somebody think of the children!!!’

  10. @Craig: “What wound the average guy like to watch tennis is Miss Nude?”

    Erm…did you mean “what would the average guy like to watch: Tennis or Miss Nude??

  11. It shouldn’t cause a stir, not unless SBS wants it to of course. Their Australian “sex” programs are always moderate in comparison to their European imports.

    Neon Kitten, why was scheduling Matroishki in that slot “disgustingly wrong-minded programming”?

  12. Bogun porn. Yummmeeeee.

    Urgghhh, I’ll pass. They’ll be enough tacky Australian bimbos with Ladette to Lady.

    And really when you’ve seen one naked Australian female bogun you’ve seen them all. No class, no dignity, no pride, nothing special.

  13. Actually, this sounds quite interesting; in my line of work (which is not in the sex industry by the way!) I’ve come across a few women who’ve participated in this “event”, yet never been able to figure out its allure, aside from its obvious appeal to bogan tabloid readers. Thing is, they’ve never been able to explain it to me either. And I’ve never been to one of these to find out. Or Sexpo. Ugh. Get some class, people :)

    I’m not judging this one until I see it, though SBS’s continuing scheduling of Anything With Boobs In It in that Friday slot (which is of course the “soft porn slot” on SBS) really annoys me. Putting “Matroishki” (or as they called it, “Russian Dolls”) in that slot was disgustingly wrong-minded programming.

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