Micallef moonlights on TEN

Shaun Micallef will host TEN’s new panel show MyGen (is that the best name they could come up with?), which pits celebrity baby boomers against generations X and Y to find out who knows most about the world.

While playing quizmaster on the new show, he is expected to remain with NEWStopia on SBS (although there has been no formal announcement of the show moving forward).

Previously known as Talkin’ ’bout my Generation the half-hour comedy panel show, will tackle everything pop culture.

Micallef is also expected to be developing new shows for TEN.

The more Shaun the better. There are too many who miss out on his champagne comedy style!

Source: smh.com.au


  1. sorry, “Hares & Tortoises” actually. Yes… that’s… much… better…. or there’s “Wrong Side Of 40″… the list goes on… Must destroy list…

  2. “MyGen” sounds like an ointment… sorry…

    what about “Old School v New School”… “Truth or Youth”… “Hey Hey its A Quiz Show”… “Does Mum Know Best?”… “What Do You Know?”… “I Know Everything”… “So You Think You Know Everything?”… “Are You Smarter Than Your Fifth Grandchild?”… “Another Rubbish Title”… “Act Your Age”… “Age vs Knowledge”… “The Generation Gap”… “Generation Population: The Gen-pop Quiz Show”… “Pop-Gen” … “Get Smart” oh wait that’s already been done… or borrow from Judge Judy with “Poppycock!”, “That’s Ludicrous” or some other jaded catchphrase but my personal favourite is perhaps this one: “Disparity”. But let’s face it they’re all complete and utter crap suggestions, just like this one: “Rabbits and Hares”. God… that’s just awful.

  3. Micallef is a comic genius but commercial audiences just don’t get him!!! Very frustrating.

    I bought the Micallef In A Box boxset recently and laughed my box off for weeks.

  4. Micallef back to commercial TV in a regular role. Didn’t last long last time. But Shaun is always good value, even if the format isn’t exactly novel.

  5. I don’t mind MyGen…it sort of insinuates what it’s about….other than that all I can think of is something like “Twice Removed”….I think this concept has potential…interesting that people are quick to write it off after the only description is a quiz of generations playing against each other. I think there is great scope here with the likes of Hamish and Andy being roped in (contracted to Roving therefore TEN). But I do agree that it will be easier to make it crap than it will to make it slick and fast paced….or is that just MyGen that likes that?

  6. ducko, I think he’s too clever for the broader audience appeal. Personally, I love Shaun and cannot wait for this show. I loved him on TGYH, and really only watched for him and Josh Lawson…now they’re both on other networks. I think I’ll leave TGYH to the Seven viewers who enjoy watching Andrew O’Keefe, and I’ll continue to enjoy Shaun on Newstopia and Generation.

  7. Sounds great, Shaun has a history with the producers/format creators of My Gen as they did the Eric bana show and Full Frontal (7) and the Micaleff Show on ABC.

    Hope they get some good talent for the panel

  8. I hope these news ‘shows’ might involve another Late Night show attempt. I loved Micallef Tonight. Now Rove is more a comedy/variety show and on so early, maybe Ten could give it another try. Especially now Denton is gone.

  9. Seems a strange idea for a quiz show, but with Shaun involved it’s bound to be pretty good (and wacky). I think they should have kept the original title “Talkin’ ’bout my Generation”.

  10. Yaay! Although it sounds like a stupid show, I’m just glad that we’ll get to see more of Shaun in 09. 😀

    Come on, Ten. Let the man pilot his own show. 😀 (Lord know we need some decent Aussie comedies)

  11. This is obviously not a Micallef concept. I’d put money on Shaun pitching some ideas, Ten being wary about them but allowing him to proceed in development. Meanwhile, they utilise his contract by getting him to host one of their own pilots to test the waters, build their credentials and maybe even score a hit.
    Afterward, Shaun will have free reign to pursue projects on Ten that are more him, until they get axed after one season.

    At least we’ll have Newstopia.

  12. knoxoverstreet

    Show sounds like it could be fun & Micallef is always hilarious. But like someone said it will also depend on the quality of the panel. 10 always do these types of shows well so it could work.

  13. Great news! Shaun has always been underutilised. Hopefully now he and TEN can build a successful relationship that will be mutually beneficial over the years to come.
    And to expand on Andy’s point, TGYH without Shaun, Hamish or Josh Lawson – three of the best? Someone get Frank Woodley on the phone!

  14. MyGen? Hmmm, this sounds like Spicks and Specks meets GNW Nite Lite.

    Micallef has done well in Newstopia because the format isn’t so tight that he can be himself.

    Since this is Micallef’s own show, I hope the format will allow him to still do the off-the-wall stuff he usually does.

    And as much as there can never be enough Micallef, I do hope the networks promote some new talent in the next year as all the new shows we’ve had lately have had the same faces.

    The only new comedy/light entertainment show featuring new talent (on FTA) I can remember from last year was Review with Myles Barlow.

  15. lol, redbullboy 😀

    Love Shaun, I’m not sure if I like the idea too much. Asking younguns about The Civil War and asking oldies about computers and text messaging. Let’s just hope Shaun can make it good.

  16. sounds awfully similar to out of the question by glen robbins. the mere fact that its on ten makes it unlikely to succeed. better off making the show on sbs or abc.

  17. This show will now mean he has worked on all 5 free to air television networks. Starting his career on the ABC with Theatre Sports and The Big Gig, he moved to Seven where had he appeared on Jimeoin and on the show where he made his name Full Frontal. Back again to the ABC for three seasons of the brilliant The Micallef Program and two seasons of Welcher & Welcher, he then moved over to Nine in 2003 where he hosted the ill-fated Micallef Tonight. After appearing in some great Aussie films, he now hosts Newstopia on SBS.

    So not including his appearances on Thank God You’re Here, this will be the first regular stint on Network Ten.

    Now I know that Jana Wendt has also done this but can anyone think of another actor or comedian.

    To the program itself, like most shows of this nature (Spicks and Specks, GNW, Out of the Question etc.) it’s success will depend on who is making up the panel but having Micallef hosting will certainly help.

  18. Is this their answer to 7’s Out of the Question?

    Also, Shaun contracted to 10 is not good for TGYH on 7. He is one of the best regular performers they had.

  19. The more Shuan the better for sure, but I have to say this seems quite uninteresting compared to NEWStopia. Night and day.
    Why’s SBS being slow about giving us another series of NEWStopia?

  20. Yawn. This panel format is so stuck in the 90s.

    And Micallef is one of those ‘talents’ they keep wheeling out time and time again, no matter how many failures he has had.

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