Week 5

ASTRA Week 5


1 Seven News Seven 1,407,000
2 Nine News Nine 1,221,000
3 Aust Open – Day 13 Night Session Seven 1,109,000
4 Aust Open – Women’s Final Preview Seven 1,026,000
5 The Italian Job Ten 993,000
6 Ten News At Five Ten 962,000
7 ABC News ABC 896,000
8 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Summer Series Nine 867,000
9 Mr. Deeds Ten 827,000
10 The Bill ABC 731,000
McLeod’s Daughters Nine 576,000
Gardening Australia ABC 550,000
Mythbusters SBS 390,000

Seven: 30.4
Nine: 20.6
TEN: 24.4
ABC: 17.6
SBS: 7.1


1 Seven News Seven 1,794,000
2 Open Water Seven 1,545,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,473,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,299,000
5 Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Day 12 Night Session Seven 1,223,000
6 Home And Away Seven 1,147,000
7 One Day Cricket – Australia V South Africa – Game 5 Session 2 Nine 1,104,000
8 Disorderly Conduct Caught On Tape Seven 1,089,000
9 Ten News At Five Ten 1,002,000
10 Law & Order Fri Ten 883,000
Quigley Down Under Seven 594,000
Trial And Retribution: Closure ABC 555,000

Seven: 38.5
Nine: 28.4
TEN: 17.7
ABC: 10.9
SBS: 4.4

Does not include overruns


1 Seven News Seven 1,608,000
2 Aust Open Day 11 Night Seven 1,587,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,432,000
4 Home And Away Seven 1,284,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,239,000
6 Ten News At Five Ten 1,093,000
7 ABC News ABC 1,080,000
8 A Current Affair Nine 1,068,000
9 Law & Order: CI Ten 984,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 951,000
11 Law And Order: SVU Ten 950,000
12 Emergency Nine 912,000
13 Cold Case Nine 870,000
14 The Waiting Room Nine 861,000
15 The 7.30 Report Summer ABC 830,000
16 Don’t Forget The Lyrics Ten 823,000
17 Neighbours Ten 789,000
18 Secret Millionaire Nine 763,000
19 Friends Ten 585,000
20 The Simpsons Ten 583,000

Seven: 38.4
Nine: 23.2
TEN: 21.2
ABC: 11.7
SBS: 5.4


1 Seven News Seven 1,575,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,543,000
3 Home And Away Seven 1,370,000
4 Aust Open Day 10 Night Seven 1,326,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,179,000
6 ABC News ABC 1,087,000
7 CSI: Miami Nine 1,072,000
8 Ten News At Five Ten 1,042,000
9 A Current Affair Nine 1,022,000
10 10 To One Nine 1,009,000
11 Two And A Half Men Nine 914,000
12 Rules Of Engagement Ten 894,000
13 The 7.30 Report Summer ABC 832,000
14 Neighbours Ten 823,000
15 The Simpsons Ten 800,000
16 House Ten 798,000
17 New Adventures Of Old Christine Nine 796,000
18 House Ep 2 Ten 788,000
19 My Family ABC 727,000
20 Friends Ten 685,000

Seven: 34.3
Nine: 25.0
TEN: 20.1
ABC 13.3
SBS: 7.4


1 Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Day 9 Night Session Seven 2,316,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,720,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,588,000
4 Home and Away Seven 1,429,000
5 Nine News Nine 1,187,000
6 ABC News ABC 1,140,000
7 A Current Affair Nine 1,109,000
8 NCIS Ep 2 Ten 1,072,000
9 NCIS Ten 965,000
10 Ten News At Five Ten 957,000
Two And A Half Men Nine 909,000
Police Ten 7 Nine 794,000
Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Day 9 Night Session – Late Seven 635,000
Seven’s Tennis: 2009 Aust Open – Day 9 Seven 568,000

Seven: 46.6
TEN: 19.7
Nine: 18.0
ABC: 10.8
SBS: 4.9


1 Seven News Seven 1,506,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,483,000
3 Nine News Nine 1,275,000
4 Aust Open Day 8 Night Seven 1,105,000
5 Cricket Australia V South Africa Nine 1,064,000
6 A Current Affair Nine 1,019,000
7 Home And Away Seven 993,000
8 ABC News ABC 966,000
9 Top Gear SBS 931,000
10 Serenity Ten 821,000

Seven: 31.9
Nine: 27.7
TEN: 19.7
ABC: 11.8
SBS: 9.0


1 Aust Open Day 7 Night Seven 1,745,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,644,000
3 Hot Property Seven 1,338,000
4 Aust Open Day 7 Night Late Seven 1,039,000
5 Nine News Sunday Nine 929,000
6 20 To 1 Nine 832,000
7 Two And A Half Men Nine 794,000
8 Inside Man Ten 776,000
9 Doctor Who: The Next Doctor ABC 738,000
10 Aust Open Day 7 Seven 735,000
Nanny McPhee Ten 677,000
Flashpoint Nine 585,000
The Terminator Seven 269,000

Seven: 45.1
TEN: 18.2
Nine: 17.9
ABC: 13.6

SBS: 5.2


  1. How did “Prince Charming” work out for ch9? I don’t see it on the list but McLeod’s Daughters is, what a stupid ratings move to have the final of such a great show ending 11:30 on a Saturday night are such a poor rating crappy movie.

  2. Actually for most people who work, 7pm is a much better time for news – this maybe why ABC has stuck to 7pm and succeeding (combined with a lack of viewing options).

    Found an old newspaper from the 80’s – 1982 to be exact – 7 and 9 used to have news on at 6.30pm (and some regionals had local news at 6, then national / capital city news at 6.30, like NBN-3 and WIN-4 in the 1982 program) . 10 would be “first at 6 with Eyewitness news”. ABC was still 7pm. Those were the days!

  3. Wow. Interesting to see that both seven and nine news improved heaps on Friday. Obviously because of the fact that Nine had their news on at 7pm (instead of 6pm). So people that watch the news at 6pm would have watched seven, and people that would rather watch the cricket instead of the news, would have caught nine news. Maybe channel nine might moves their news to 7pm permamently, but i doubt that will happen.

  4. Open Water is a bad Jaws knock-off, it wouldn’t have gotten more than 500k in viewers, I do agree those results are botched and that those figures are really for the tennis.

  5. Again went was Open Water on because the tennis ran long her in Qld and I didn’t see it, not that it was a good movie anyway. Was the high rating because of the tennis and a mix up with the system again? There is no way that movie got 1.5Mill!

  6. For those who did not see the tennis last night, the game went till 1.15am – so the high rating ch 7 shows you see in Fridays’ ratings list are actually for the tennis. I can assure you Disorderly conduct and Quigly would never rate that high!

    It is very disappointing that the ratings system cannot accomdate late running sports events in the way it shows the ratings for the advertised show and prompts me to question the accuracy of ratings overall especially considering 7 and 9 run continuously 5 minutes late every weeknight from 7 – 10.30pm.

    From what I can see from the examples of sports running late, the networks running 5 minutes late in weekday prime time appear to be a ploy to use some of the ratings for their previous hour to count towards the next hour or show meaning the figures would be actually scewed. This is what ch 9 will be doing by having Laddette to Lady straight after Underbelly knowing full well that Laddette has no hope of being a block buster but 9 have to make sure at least some of their shows will rate above 1 mil.

  7. Go Neighbours! Honestly, Neighbours rocks this year. Every episode is more out there than the previous! Example, Susan calling Kelly a ‘stupid, stupid girl’ and Karl calling Kelly a ‘crackpot’. Worth watching!

  8. Seven have truly whipped the competition this week. Nobody that I know is watching anything other than the tennis, so it goes to show that nothing stumps the people meters.

    Neighbours doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Although I wouldn’t be surprised. They’ve been having this big hoo-ha at TEN becuase they’ve supposedly improved the storylines, but they took a huge backstep today when Toadie’s girlfriend (the one that looks like the Vicar of Dibley) was revealed to have the ability to have some sort of “sixth sense”. A bit too Bold & the Beautiful for me.

    Just one thing about the tennis: although I am enjoying the match-ups and quality of tennis, Seven’s coverage continues to prove very underwhelming. The commentators are very annoying and sometimes you can tell who they want to win (Todd Woodbridge in particular is starting to grate). Plus the cross-promotion is not very convincing: I don’t think Jim Courier is that much interested in Desperate Housewives, for one!

  9. Looks like TEN is going pretty good with News at Five… Then being crushed with The Simpsons, only to slowly build once Neighbours is on.

    TEN needs to do something about the 6PM timeslot. I reckon if they fix that up then their primetime schedule will be cemented well.

  10. wow… TEN actually got a half decent audience share on a wednesday.. That must be their best wednesday share since the Hamish and Andy special.. Maybe it’s a sign that House and Neighbours might actually pick up a bit this year… I won’t get my hopes up though 😛

  11. Wow! 2.3 million is a fantastic number for the Tennis, great to see Dokic has immense support behind her! Thats 2.3 million Safina haters too! 😀

  12. Wonder why Flashpoint went way down. Shame. I understand Nine has their reasons for what they program and when and why, but imo they should have had more promos and just waited and aired it after the Mentalist when it returns for the ratings season or something. And from the pilot episode onward too!

  13. woah, go the tennis. that was such a good game. shame she didn’t win but she played so well for a 100+rank vs #3. and 7 would be happy that the game and their big audiences lasted a long 3sets.

    i was getting worried about home and away getting 900k on australia day but good to see it is back in the game!!! they have had lot’s of adds though.

    interesting to see 7 news with 1.7 when the big audience came after. when i was a 9news watcher i always watched 7news during the open just because i thought they would do a better tennis report, i’m sure 9 did a similar effort but it just something i did.

  14. David do we know how Doctor Who went on the ABC in re-run from season 2?

    Good to see NCIS rating so well be I have a problem with that, ch10 will know there is little difference in the ratings between old and new eps so what is there to stop them from dropping in a few re-runs to prolong the season or replace a show that is failing?

    I smell double NCIS for the rest of the year if Lie to Me fails to fire.

  15. richo, serenity never aired on 10HD before last night, at least not in qld where i am, perhaps it is different where you are but that would be weird. glad to see such an excellent film did well and i agree they were mad to let go of dollhouse and given the excellent performance of firefly on dvd 10 really could have done with re-airing it coz i must be almost the only person to catch it when 7 aired it. there is excellent word of mouth for firefly now, once i even overheard people talking about it on the train and then a few other people within earshot joined the conversation with total strangers all talking about how they loved firefly, what other show produces a phenomenon like this?

  16. If you did not watch the cricket and were hoping to see one of the shows that followed the cricket, you would have been very annoyed to see they were all running one hour early due to cricket finishing earlier.

  17. Yeah Hot Property didn’t screen in Melbourne – I’m not sure about the other places. Channel Seven had it scheduled in their timetable, and before the weather report on Seven News, they said that Hot Property was the season final and was “Next on Seven.” Then at the end of the news they said that they would be returning to the tennis.

    It looks like channel nine is not the only network who falsely advertises shows, without actually showing them.

    Flashpoint didn’t do so well – maybe because it wasn’t advertised that much. Hopefully figures pull up for this show, as it is a great show. Maybe it just needs to slowly gain an audience.

    Speaking of crime shows, is anyone else annoyed at the amount of times the voiceover says “Who Shoots Horatio” for the ads for CSI Miami? I think its a pretty good ad, but some of my friends don’t particularly like the ad, they say it gets annoying, however I like it.

  18. Serenity did well with the tennis and cricket still on, what ch10 should have done was buy the rights to the FireFly series and run it over the summer before the movie, surly it couldn’t have done worse than how the summer has gone for them.

  19. Serenity did really well, that’ll teach Ten to shaft such a good film off to Ten HD for no reason at all. (It aired there at least 3 times before its “premiere” on Ten SD.) There really is a good audience for sci-fi out there, and with the success of Whedon’s film it only goes to show how stupid it was to sell Dollhouse to FOX. Sure, it may be axed after one season, but it’d still be different from the rest of Ten’s cop shows (Life on Mars, Lie To Me, NCIS, Numb3rs, Life, and all the legions of Law and Orders…)

  20. Where is the “here” that Hot Property screened? Does anyone know if channel seven intend to air it again seeing it was obviously missed by a lot of people?

  21. those numbers for the tennis are incredible. this whole season has been well above last years, usually the first week does not reach 1mil but we have had soem great numbers this year. 1.7 is a number we’d expect in the last few days let alone night 7 (last year night 7 only got 1.3 and we thought that was great). it will be interesting to see how high the finals can get this year. the usual number for an uneventful formula open is 2.5mil for the mens final, this years the womens finals are in primetime as well and it has the most amount of interest in years.

    unlike the cricket the tennis does seem to dry up the other networks, during the 20/20 which got 2mil 7, 10 and ABC’s shows only dropped a bit.

    it seems flashpoint does not fare well with competition, so good luck to it during ratings. lol

  22. The Yelana Dokic (pardon spelling, not sure of it of top of my head) match would have kept the ratings up – was a great game, and I look forward to seeing her play her next match. Unlike cricket, the success of tennis broadcasts depend on whos playing, and traditionally, the biggest rating nights will be those that the Aussies play in. If Dokic gets to the finals, expect 2 million plus.

  23. Craig, there were many trailer screenings for The Next Doctor on ABC1 starting with a “Coming Soon” last week. Surprisingly, they used the same 45 sec trailer as BBC1.

  24. bloody hell, and hp still got those numbers ! Now seven get to bask in the glory. It seems the tennis gets much more consistant numbers than cricket

  25. Doctor Who was a lower than I expected, I haven’t been watching much ABC of late did they do much to promote it?

    Damn shame Flashpoint is dieing with just 585k, I give it a month before ch9 pulls the plug on this great show!

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