Week 8

Seven strikes back
Week 8 Top 100
Week 8 Pay TV
ASTRA Week 8


1 Seven News Seven 1,367,000
2 New Tricks ABC 965,000
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 950,000
4 Nine News  Nine 934,000
5 Open Season Nine 915,000
6 In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas Seven 910,000
7 Kath & Kim  Seven 905,000
8 The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 881,000
9 ABC News ABC 847,000
10 The Bill ABC 823,000
11 ABC News Update ABC 775,000
12 Ten News At Five Sat Ten 721,000
13 Sports Tonight Sat Ten 636,000
14 ABC News Update ABC 590,000
15 Gardening Australia ABC 540,000
16 Spiderman 2 Nine 525,000
17 Jaws Ten 489,000
18 M-Sister Act Seven 477,000
19 The Last Detective ABC 468,000
20 2009 NAB Cup – Geelong V Adelaide Ten 426,000
M-Get A Clue Seven 389,000
M-Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit Seven 371,000
Australia’s Greatest Athlete Nine 357,000
Rockwiz SBS 273,000
The Rich List Seven 269,000
Iron Chef SBS 261,000
Prototype This SBS 224,000
Britannia High Seven 223,000

Seven: 27.9
Nine: 25.4
ABC: 21.9
TEN: 18.9
SBS: 6.0


1 Seven News Seven 1,406,000
2 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1,258,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,199,000
4 ABC News ABC 993,000
5 Nine News Nine 962,000
6 Home And Away Seven 939,000
7 The Simpsons Ten 909,000
8 The All New Simpsons Ten 907,000
9 Trial And Retribution ABC 903,000
10 Ten News At Five Ten 879,000
11 A Current Affair Nine 878,000
12 Two And A Half Men Nine 837,000
13 The Biggest Loser Ten 798,000
14 Collectors ABC 790,000
15 Stateline ABC 744,000
16 Two Weeks Notice Nine 739,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 724,000
18 Medium Ten 712,000
19 Neighbours Ten 675,000
20 Law & Order Ten 652,000
2009 NAB Cup: Carlton V North Melbourne Seven 511,000
Wedding Crashers – Nine 405,000
M-Bruce Almighty Seven 387,000
Women’s Murder Club Ten 376,000
Can We Help? ABC 372,000
A Lady’s Guide To Brothels SBS 304,000

Seven: 30.1
Nine: 25.0
TEN: 20.6
ABC: 18.2
SBS: 6.2


1 Seven News Seven 1,407,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,229,000
3 Law And Order: SVU Ten 1,129,000
4 Home And Away Seven 1,068,000
5 ABC News ABC 1,063,000
6 Grey’s Anatomy Seven 1,031,000
7 Nine News Nine 1,027,000
8 Adults Only 20 To 1 Nine 1,016,000
9 Ghost Whisperer Seven 983,000
10 A Current Affair Nine 943,000
11 Getaway Nine 919,000
12 Two And A Half Men Nine 911,000
13 Ten News At Five Ten 909,000
14S CSI: Miami Nine 884,000
15 The Biggest Loser Ten 884,000
16 Life On Mars Ten 866,000
17 7.30 Report ABC 858,000
18 Bondi Vet Ten 822,000
19 Private Practice Seven 780,000
20 Catalyst ABC 739,000
Neighbours Ten 734,000
Deal Or No Deal Seven 724,000
Bringing Up Baby ABC 551,000
Amazing Medical Stories Nine 540,000
Scrubs Seven 512,000
Q And A ABC 466,000
Antiques Roadshow Nine 454,000
Tibet: Murder in the Snow SBS 305,000

Seven: 27.8
Nine: 25.9
TEN: 23.4
ABC: 17.3
SBS: 5.6


1 Seven News Seven 1,476,000
2 Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1,417,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,413,000
4 Criminal Minds Seven 1,329,000
5 Gangs Of Oz Seven 1,189,000
6 Home And Away Seven 1,155,000
7 Spicks And Specks ABC 1,071,000
8 ABC News ABC 1,070,000
9 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1,053,000
10 Nine News Nine 1,048,000
11 Two And A Half Men Nine 979,000
12 The Mentalist Nine 955,000
13 Ten News At Five Ten 935,000
14 A Current Affair Nine 931,000
15 7.30 Report ABC 917,000
16 The Biggest Loser Ten 848,000
17 House Ten 846,000
18 Life Ten 810,000
19 The New Inventors ABC 759,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 733,000
Neighbours Ten 722,000
Guerrilla Gardeners Ten 687,000
Flashpoint Nine 632,000
Cold Case Nine 561,000
Lost Seven 516,000
Chandon Pictures ABC 457,000
Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul ABC 387,000
The Morning Show Seven 191,000
Mornings With Kerri-Anne Nine 123,000
Fresh Nine 117,000
Taken Out Ten 107,000
9AM with David and Kim 76,000

Seven: 33.7
Nine: 24.4
TEN: 20.6
ABC: 16.8
SBS: 4.5


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1,737,000
2 Find My Family Seven 1,585,000
3 Seven News Seven 1,549,000
4 Today Tonight Seven 1,477,000
5 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1,376,000
6 NCIS Ten 1,325,000
7 Lie To Me Ten 1,227,000
8 Nine News Nine 1,187,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,156,000
10 All Saints Seven 1,154,000
11 ABC News ABC 1,060,000
12 Wipeout Australia Nine 1,041,000
13 A Current Affair Nine 1,041,000
14 Bondi Rescue Ten 1,011,000
15 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,000,000
16 Two And A Half Men -Ep1 Nine 956,000
17 Ten News At Five Ten 929,000
18 The Biggest Loser Ten 909,000
19 Two And A Half Men -Ep2 Nine 877,000
20 7.30 Report ABC 862,000
Aussie Ladette To Lady Nine 841,000
Deal Or No Deal Seven 833,000
Neighbours Ten 744,000
Eli Stone Seven 550,000
Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Nine 508,000
Lead Balloon ABC 458,000
Foreign Correspondent ABC 430,000
Sunrise Seven 360,000
India Reborn SBS 275,000
Today Nine 262,000
Dirty Sexy Money Seven 253,000

Seven: 34.2
TEN: 24.8
Nine: 23.7
ABC: 12.9
SBS: 4.4


1 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities Nine 2,465,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,648,000
3 Customs Nine 1,449,000
4 Today Tonight Seven 1,432,000
5 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,366,000
6 Aussie Ladette To Lady Nine 1,360,000
7 Nine News Nine 1,211,000
8 ABC News ABC 1,175,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,157,000
10 A Current Affair Nine 1,149,000
11 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,090,000
12 Desperate Housewives Seven 1,029,000
13 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,024,000
14 Ten News At Five Ten 1,005,000
15 7.30 Report ABC 993,000
16 Australian Story ABC 972,000
17 Brothers & Sisters Seven 969,000
18 The Biggest Loser Ten 940,000
19 How I Met Your Mother Seven 932,000
20 Neighbours Ten 897,000
Top Gear SBS 879,000
Four Corners ABC 852,000
Media Watch ABC 782,000
Good News Week Ten 692,000
Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive ABC 583,000
Dexter Ten 531,000
Talking Heads ABC 437,000
Boston Legal Seven 398,000
30 Rock Seven 306,000

Nine: 34.2
Seven: 24.9
TEN: 17.6
ABC: 16.5
SBS: 6.8


1 Twenty/20 – Australia v New Zealand Nine 1,625,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,616,000
3 Border Security – Australia’s Front Line Seven 1,511,000
4 Triple Zero Heroes Seven 1,469,000
5 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,373,000
6 Sunday Night Seven 1,335,000
7 Nine News Sunday Nine 1,309,000
8 City Homicide Seven 1,201,000
9 The Biggest Loser Ten 1,052,000
10 Bones Seven 1,027,000
11 Rove Ten 898,000
12 ABC News ABC 882,000
13 Ten News At Five Ten 801,000
14 Domestic Blitz Nine 663,000 *
15 Wild Caribbean ABC 661,000
16 Cranford ABC 659,000
17 The Einstein Factor ABC 544,000
18 ABC News Update ABC 511,000
19 Weekend Sunrise Seven 502,000
20 Seven News At 4.30 Seven 499,000
24 Seven 494,000
Compass ABC 406,000
Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities Rpt Nine 307,000
Out Of The Blue Ten 278,000
Dateline SBS 207,000
Insiders ABC 199,000
Today On Sunday Nine 159,000
The Office TEN 81,000

Nine: 31.9
Seven: 28.1
TEN: 24.0
ABC: 11.6
SBS: 4.5

* Melb and Syd


  1. Thanks, David. H&A I can understand that, but L2L where having 2 on per week is not regular, doesn’t seem right. Does this also mean “encore” repeats count in the final figures?

  2. David, when I look at the top 100 for week 8, Ladette to Lady is there once only – does that mean the Tuesday night episode did not even crack top 100?

    And glad to see the corrected figure of 1.056 million as opposed to the initial 1.3mil prior to overruns being removed.

  3. Hey david, is there anyway you could put up the numbers for the ‘all in call’ on 7hd? i dont know even if they have seperate figures for it, or if its just added to border security, or even if they do ratings for shows on hd channels, but just thought it’d be intresting to know!

  4. If you Sharon Gidella fans out there truly believe Weekend Sunrise impressive figures are because of her ‘skills’ as a newsreader, then you must also believe the ‘Bob Morrison Show’ will make a comeback.
    Get real. She is bland.

  5. @RichoTB
    are u tring to impress someone with your idol chitchat there???
    hmmmmm i never said i was good at english…… nor should u judge someone cos they cant spell etc etc.
    in regards of the don mackay thing…. butt out cos u have no idea how much of a impact it has to the town of griffith… i would know… i live there! iam intitled to voice my views just like u… and if ppl want to comment on underbelly not knowing the facts or the views of the ppl who are involved in it and say crap about it then iam going to say my views.
    in regards of the cbs shows….dont really care what u think…. why dont u try and get a job at Nine????
    they must know more about theses show, hense the reason why they are airing them at the time that they are..
    as far as ratings of these shows and others, it would interesting to see how they rate out in the country not cap cities!…. as the rating provied on this site are only the cap cites.
    please keep that in mind. .
    have a nice day!

  6. Old Simpsons doing (marginally) better than new Simpsons again. Still 900k on a Friday not bad, and is only a little worse, and sometimes the same or better, than what it’d be doing on a Tuesday last year.

  7. What a low rating night. Better Homes remains the only stand out on a Friday, apart from 7 News and TT.

    Nine News and Home and Away are really low. ACA must have absolutely bombed, can’t imagine how low Neighbours and The Biggest Loser must have been.

  8. @vid: You’re full of it, you wouldn’t have mentioned your beloved 18 years “in the industry” if you weren’t trying to make yourself appear more competent than you really are. Interesting you say “judging from your comment”, that seems to be all you’re good at really, judging others and throwing juvenile names at them like “smarty pants”, “know it all” and “idiot” at them (the latter being in the Donald McKay Underbelly thread where you were again insulting people for no reason with atrocious grammar. They musn’t have required English to be your first language where they hired you). Guess what, not everyone is a fan of stale, tired CBS cop shows that have been the same thing (albeit with declining quality) for 6 years. I believe Without A Trace has been a much more consistent performer, consistently getting 1 mill+ viewers in a 9:30 slot while CC struggles to grab 800k in a Thursday 8:30 slot with little to no competition. And, as I said before, you may enjoy the show, but that doesn’t make it “good”, so you are “intitled” to your opinion, as am I.

  9. I think 800k is the new 1 mil. A show doing 800k should be taken as have done well. Definitely think less people watching FTA TV especially later in the week. But then again, apart from a few stand out shows, theres not really that much on offer, is there?

  10. @RichoTB….. Oh your so funny.
    iam not bragging, just say ive been in the industry for over 18years.
    judging from your comment aimed at me… your bit of a smarty pants and your a know it all!..
    like i said….cold case is not an awful program…u just dont like it.
    your intitled to your opinion….and so am I…..

    In the famous words of RichoTB….. Get over it!

  11. @vid: I don’t care how long you think you’ve been “in the industry”, does it make you feel good to brag about something no one cares about on an internet blog? I posted my opinion, Cold Case is an awful show. If you like it, good for you. That doesn’t mean its a “good show”. Get over it.

  12. TEN isnt going very well, bad week for them. They had good numbers for a Thursday though, SVU was fantastic.. I had never watched it but last night I did and I was transfixed. I tried Life On Mars last week but I hated it.

  13. David, I’ve been looking through Ten’s ratings and they have been down based on previous years.

    Do you think it’s people not watching tv full stop or just Ten?

    One million used to be the hit figure, now it seems to be more like 900 or 800k?

  14. RichoTB & Ryan…. do u consider yourselves experts on whats works or not on TV?????
    Ive been in the industy for over 18 years….
    one thing i have learnt is this…..anything can happen….

    oh… cold case is not an awful show richoTB….. u just dont like it.
    there are ppl out ther who do like it….. i dont mind it…

  15. i so agree, life on mars should be doing so much better!! esp since it has a good lead in- s.v.u, which is still ratings well!!
    10 needs to bring back criminal intent! how about mondays 8.30 in their failing slot!

  16. Flashpoint boned, no surprise there. Nine should axe that awful Cold Case and put Without A Trace in its place, now thats a good idea. Life on Mars dropped a bit, I don’t see it increasing but its still doing 300k more than Dexter. House is back where it belongs at a measly 800k , that show’s been the same thing for 5 years. Life is doing well here, pity its bombing in the US and is unlikely to be renewed unless the USA network picks it up. And I don’t see Seven axing any of their shows, the closest contender is PP but as some1 said its doing well in the demos. And ryan, NCIS being on once a week is good enough, you may enjoy watching the same show every day (e.g. 2.5 men, ncis, biggest loser) but others find this is oversaturation and annoying.

  17. ABC news may be more professional and have better content but it is just boring with no personality. not that i think it should be entertaining but it should be a bit people friendly which IMO is why 7 news does well.

    but i can understand that there are people that just want good content so it’s good that ABC offers that option for those people. not for me though.

  18. @Spunkymonkeycaesar: 9 definitely lacks substance compared to 7. Not saying 7 is great either but its one or the other at 6pm, isn’t it. Occasionally watch ABC news, but find it slow like Peter said. Even 10 news at 5 is better than 9 and 7. And as for the 4.30 news, I find 9’s better than 7’s but then again, the 4.30 news is national in any case whereas 6pm is local and varies from state to state.

    Its all really a matter of personal choice in any case!! It’s not a bad thing that news rates highest as it shows people care whats going on in their world.

  19. hey peter, im 21yo and i find abc news alot more interesting than commerial network news. major differences between the networks is that abc news has no celebrity and fluff stories. abc also puts their stories in correct order unlike 7,9 and 10 who put things like sportsmen behaving badly ahead of the death of an aussie soldier in afghanistan. another interesting aspect that people miss is that abc news has 30 mins of content whereas commercial news only has around 22min of content.
    people who say that abc news is boring is missing the point of news. it is not meant to be entertaining but be informative.

  20. Its a lol moment when a show like ACA doesn’t even crack the magic million! I was thinking it would do great, seeing as the had heaps of ads on the radio all the way home last night, trumping up an interview with a guy whos been in TT stories the last few night. Also, private practice sounds like its not really appealing, but i watched it last night for the first time, and its a cool show, and the demo’s agree. It won its timeslot in the 16-39’s, and did well in the other 2 demo’s.
    Also intresting is that when theres a huge news story in Melb, people flock to watch Nine News, which here in Melb would beat Seven News by alot, such as during the bushfires. But when things are just normal, Seven News thumps. Last night it took 381,000 to Nine’s 290,000 and its been similar numbers all week. I think ch7 must have noticed this, so much of their advertising is now things like ‘When news is breaking, its on seven’ and ‘See all the pictures first, on seven news’ or something like that.

    As for watching ABC news. I think that would be the most boring things to do, ever. The anchor person has a monotone, the stories drone on forever. Plus, theres no lookers reporting…! So why would a 19yo want to watch something as boring as that? I dont really care, nor does my age group, about the actual content, as long as its presented in a easy to understand and intresting manner.
    *Sorry, didnt realise i had droned on that long!

  21. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    Geez it’s a sad day in Australian television when the top show on both Thursday and Wednesday night, was Seven News! People constantly bag out Nine’s programing and as being the ‘lowest common denominator’, however Seven, Nine and Ten News are all news services which are the ‘lowest common denominator’, yet millions of people still watch Seven News! – ABC News should be wining, and it would be extremely interesting to see how it would perform against both Seven and Nine News if it were to be on at 6 o’clock. Andrew B how could you possibly say “9 news lacks substance” when all the commercial networks do?! – Sure, Nine News may lack substance in comparison to Seven News, but as mentioned above the state of news and current affairs in this country at this present stage is an absolute disgrace, and Australians you should hang your heads in shame for watching a crap news service; Seven News, over an intelligent, extremely credible, informative, and well presented news service; ABC News.

  22. Bringing up Baby was a great show… considing we have a 3 month old baby!

    However, I think this show was on the wrong channel to get the ratings. Young couples with babies just don’t watch ABC on a regular basis. Also the older viewers probably wouldnt be interested in this anyway.

  23. ch7 back on top which is to be expected given they are back to normal programing, maybe 9 should have hoping for another telethon LOL

    Good to see L&O SVU come in 3rd over all for the night, close call at 9:30 with Private Practice left behind in 3rd but Life On Mars hanging on not far behind CSI.

    Now sitting back to see who will move first to ‘adjust’ their line-up.

  24. Greys did well, better than I expected. Private Practice sucked big time. Similar audience to Greys, yet is shed 300,000 viewers. I wonder how long it will last for?

  25. Geez ryan you tell us to watch biggest loser, and then tell how boring it is. Sounds appealing. I used to watch it, but i can’t be bothered anymore. And AGT does have plenty of inspiring people on that too. It’s all about entertainment though, i don’t see why people hate it that much. Just sit down, relax and watch some people try to entertain you. It’s great.

    The 9pm start for House certainly helped so it wasn’t against Underbelly, but a strong lead in is also needed as well. Ten need to find a strong show they could put on from 8 to 9. In fact i’d actually love to see all channels change programming so it starts and finishes on the hour. Why do we start at half past here?? It’d give me a half hour more sleep!!!

  26. well L&O did really well, life on mars not so much but it did great in the demo’s.

    again 9 comes 3rd in all demo’s except 50+, i hope they are getting the hint that young people do not want garbage like adults only 20to1.

  27. Completely agree with you Ally – I don’t see the need for TBL to have 2 week-night episodes which run for an hour instead of the usual half hour. Other than the weekly weigh-in, I don’t think hour-long episodes are necessary and tend to drag out the program a bit.

  28. Great numbers for all of Seven’s shows. Not so great for Nine. And much worse for TEN. Guerrilla Gardeners did not premiere well at alI, and sad to see House back to its ususal numbers from late last year. Put it back at 9pm and you’ll get 300k more viewers, TEN. I still think a solid performer that’s never mentioned is Life, which always never loses more than 100k. Cold Case is doing awesome things at 10:30, even though it’s just another CBS cop show – maybe Nine should swap it with Flashpoint. I honestly can’t believe the amount of people who watch Criminal Minds and Gangs of Oz. CM has formulaic plotlines, and characters about as original as the wheel, while GoG has no substance to it whatsoever with stereotypical portrayals of ethnicities last week and poorly produced re-enactments.

  29. I thought Seven would scrape a win by the end of the week, but not overtake 9 by over 1% after Wednesday! Their lineup is definitely strong. On paper, so is Nine’s but audiences aren’t watching. Guerilla Gardeners was diplorable so it’s numbers are hardly surprising. Shame House has reverted to late 2008 figures though.

    7 also won the all important 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos last night which is quite surprising because their schedule would seem older skewing.

  30. i cant believe people watch aus got talent!! its such a cheap format show! the judges just say yes and no when they feel like it. how about you people go watch some inspiring people and go watch biggest loser! stop watching a F rated program

  31. It’s disappointing to see Guerilla Gardeners do so badly for its premiere. I watched it and thought it was great but I think the timeslot had a lot to do with the ratings. TBL isn’t a very good lead in for it and people aren’t likely to switch over halfway through a show they’re already watching. I think Ten should put more of its half hour shows together instead of splitting them all up and showing longer Biggest Loser 3 nights a week.

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