Week 9

Down to the Wire
Top 100 Week 9
Pay TV Week 9
ASTRA week 9


1 Seven News Seven 1,365,000
2 Kath & Kim Seven 1,009,000
3 New Tricks ABC 1,008,000
4 Nine News Nine 992,000
5 In The Bush With Malcolm Douglas Seven 984,000
6 The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 971,000
7 ABC News ABC 940,000
8 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Nine 868,000
9 The Bill ABC 844,000
10 50 First Dates Nine 836,000
11 ABC News Update ABC 736,000
12 Ten News At Five Sat Ten 654,000
13 Gardening Australia ABC 556,000
14 ABC News Update ABC 528,000
15 Seconds From Disaster: Hotel Collapse Singapore Seven 501,000
16 Kiss The Girls Ten 462,000
17 Sports Tonight Sat Ten 461,000
18 M-Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit Seven 456,000
19 Antiques Roadshow Nine 448,000
20 Center Stage Ten 429,000
Click Nine 351,000
M-Smart House Seven 330,000
M-Overboard Seven 308,000
Iron Chef SBS 307,000
Rockwiz SBS 298,000

Seven: 29.5
Nine: 26.3
ABC: 21.9
TEN: 14.7
SBS: 7.6


1 Seven News Seven 1,320,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,238,000
3 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1,231,000
4 Nine News Nine 965,000
5 Home And Away Seven 955,000
6 Ten News At Five Ten 919,000
7 A Current Affair Nine 894,000
8 Trial And Retribution ABC 879,000
9 ABC News ABC 876,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 876,000
11 The Simpsons Rpt Ten 793,000
12 The All New Simpsons Ten 776,000
13 The Biggest Loser Ten 749,000
14 Collectors ABC 733,000
15 Yours, Mine Ours Nine 699,000
16 Hitch Nine 685,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 681,000
18 Neighbours Ten 670,000
19 Stateline ABC 663,000
20 Medium Ten 612,000
Law & Order Ten 583,000
Dalziel And Pascoe ABC 575,000
The Simpsons 6pm 575,000
The Bold And The Beautiful Ten 529,000
2009 NAB Cup Seven 435,000
The Thirties In Colour SBS 181,000

Seven: 29.7
Nine: 25.8
TEN: 20.0
ABC: 18.5
SBS: 5.9


1 Seven News Seven 1,381,000
2 Today Tonight Seven 1,309,000
3 Home And Away Seven 1,121,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,064,000
5 Getaway Nine 1,056,000
6 Adults Only 20 To 1 Nine 1,053,000
7 A Current Affair Nine 1,040,000
8 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,037,000
9 ABC News ABC 1,013,000
10 CSI: Miami Nine 982,000
11 Grey’s Anatomy Seven 979,000
12 Ghost Whisperer Seven 965,000
13 The Biggest Loser Ten 914,000
14 Ten News At Five Ten 908,000
15 Bondi Vet Ten 826,000
16 7.30 Report ABC 805,000
17 Deal Or No Deal Seven 739,000
18 2009 NAB Cup – Collingwood V Richmond Ten 713,000
19 Private Practice Seven 709,000
20 Neighbours Ten 693,000
Catalyst ABC 691,000
Amazing Medical Stories Nine 544,000
Bringing Up Baby ABC 519,000
Scrubs Seven 511,000
Law And Order: SVU Ten 502,000*
Q & A ABC 446,000
Life On Mars Ten 333,000*
Inspector Rex SBS 295,000

Nine: 27.4
Seven: 26.7
TEN: 25.0
SBS: 16.1
SBS: 4.7
* Sydney / Brisbane only


1 Seven News Seven 1,427,000
2 Australia’s Got Talent Seven 1,370,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,339,000
4 Criminal Minds Seven 1,334,000
5 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1,184,000
6 Nine News Nine 1,166,000
7 Gangs Of Oz Seven 1,162,000
8 Home And Away Seven 1,145,000
9 A Current Affair Nine 1,084,000
10 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,065,000
11 Spicks And Specks ABC 1,050,000
12 The Mentalist Nine 1,038,000
13 ABC News ABC 1,033,000
14 The Biggest Loser Ten 939,000
15 Ten News At Five Ten 899,000
16 House Ten 871,000
17 7.30 Report ABC 821,000
18 Neighbours Ten 816,000
19 Cold Case Nine 789,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 774,000
Guerrilla Gardeners Ten 712,000
The New Inventors ABC 706,000
Life Ten 657,000
Cold Case Rpt Nine 510,000
The Cook And The Chef ABC 483,000
Lost Seven 465,000
Chandon Pictures ABC 431,000
Tribe SBS 340,000
Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul ABC 338,000
At The Movies ABC 264,000

Seven: 32.2
Nine: 26.4
TEN: 19.9
ABC: 16.2
SBS: 5.4


1 Packed To The Rafters Seven 1,833,000
2 Find My Family Seven 1,643,000
3 RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1,512,000
4 Seven News Seven 1,412,000
5 NCIS Ten 1,389,000
6 Today Tonight Seven 1,288,000
7 All Saints Seven 1,223,000
8 Lie To Me Ten 1,181,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,161,000
10 Bondi Rescue Ten 1,137,000
11 A Current Affair Nine 1,121,000
12 Nine News Nine 1,116,000
13 ABC News ABC 1,077,000
14 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,048,000
15 Wipeout Australia Nine 1,026,000
16 Two And A Half Men -Ep2 Nine 1,004,000
17 Two And A Half Men -Ep1 Nine 982,000
18 The Biggest Loser Ten 969,000
19 Ten News At Five Ten 941,000
20 Aussie Ladette To Lady Nine 832,000
7.30 Report ABC 818,000
Neighbours Ten 802,000
Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Nine 587,000
Eli Stone Seven 481,000
Lead Balloon ABC 463,000
Foreign Correspondent ABC 431,000
Dirty Sexy Money Seven 243,000

Seven: 33.7
TEN: 24.6
Nine: 24.0
ABC: 12.5
SBS: 5.1


1 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities Nine 2,291,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,659,000
3 Today Tonight Seven 1,505,000
4 Nine News Nine 1,294,000
5 Customs Nine 1,269,000
6 The 81st Annual Academy Awards Nine 1,251,000
7 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,234,000
8 ABC News ABC 1,195,000
9 Home And Away Seven 1,191,000
10 A Current Affair Nine 1,147,000
11 South Park SBS 1,069,000
12 Ten News At Five Ten 1,039,000
13 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,037,000
14 The Biggest Loser Ten 1,034,000
15 Desperate Housewives Seven 1,013,000
16 Top Gear SBS 1,011,000
17 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,009,000
18 7.30 Report ABC 944,000
19 How I Met Your Mother Seven 920,000
20 Australian Story ABC 911,000
Neighbours Ten 844,000
Brothers & Sisters Seven 839,000
Deal Or No Deal Seven 811,000
Good News Week Ten 757,000
Four Corners ABC 659,000
Media Watch ABC 650,000
Antiques Roadshow Nine 585,000
The Cut ABC 562,000
The 81st Annual Academy Awards -Live Nine 545,000
Dexter Ten 508,000
Boston Legal Seven 465,000
Sunrise Seven 366,000
Talking Heads ABC 359,000
Today Nine 301,000
The 81st Annual Academy Awards -Red Carpet Nine 278,000
30 Rock Seven 228,000
The Morning Show Seven 217,000
Mornings With Kerri-Anne Nine 127,000
9AM with David and Kim Ten 70,000

Nine: 35.9
Seven: 23.2
TEN: 17.6
ABC: 14.5
SBS: 8.9


1 Seven News Seven 1,440,000
2 Border Security Seven 1,369,000
3 So You Think You Can Dance Australia Ten 1,311,000
4 60 Minutes Nine 1,288,000
5 Triple Zero Heroes Seven 1,228,000
6 Nine News Nine 1,183,000
7 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Nine 1,105,000
8 City Homicide Seven 1,086,000
9 The Biggest Loser Ten 1,073,000
10 Sunday Night Seven 1,071,000
11 Domestic Blitz Nine 998,000
12 ABC News ABC 945,000
13 Rove Ten 922,000
14 CSI: Miami Nine 881,000
15 Ten News At Five Sun Ten 823,000
16 Bones Seven 782,000
17 Wild Caribbean ABC 746,000
18 Cranford ABC 704,000
19 ABC News Update ABC 611,000
20 Compass ABC 567,000
The Einstein Factor ABC 561,000
Without A Trace Nine 448,000
Weekend Sunrise-Extended Seven 386,000
Weekend Sunrise Seven 377,000
True Hollywood Story: Heath Ledger Ten 355,000
Nine News Special -National Day Of Mourning Nine 339,000
The National Memorial Service For Bushfire Victims ABC 324,000
24 Seven 317,000
Out Of The Blue  Ten 308,000
Today On Sunday Nine 190,000
The Office Ten 153,000
Bushfire National Day Of Mourning SBS 138,000
Bushfire Memorial Service Ten 136,000

Nine: 27.9
TEN: 26.3
Seven: 25.7
ABC: 15.1
SBS: 5.0


  1. I agree Buddy029.

    At the very least, Ten should move it to before their Sunday night late night movie – 10:15 on a Sunday is too late for a movie anyway – people dont want to be up to after midnight.

    A prime time slot would be even better though.

  2. Kath and Kim should be on Monday night at 7.30 with How I Met Your mother after it. Two episodes in one night are dragging it down, and they’ll run out of episodes quickly.

  3. This might be wrong place but what da? When is Network 10 going to do the right thing by The Office, they have a gem there and they play it so late. The stuff they play in prime time could be replaced with “The Office” and help their bottom line. Love The Office…… Take a chance Network 10. What u got to loose….

  4. Sillygostly

    Crap. I completely forgot about Sister Act 2. :( I caught the original in a late-night slot on Seven a while back… would’ve been nice to see the sequel.

    Shocking night for Ten. Serves them right. Appalling choice of movies.

  5. Wow. TEN gets 14 on Saturday! I dont know why they dont just play replays of shows that whole day. Would be good as I tend to miss shows..

  6. I was expecting In the Bush to be a massive flop, but it seems to have found a solid audience for a Saturday, and beating AFHV by over 100k.

  7. I guess considering what it used to get in its 8.30 thursdays slot, where it used to get 2 million.

    Wow, kath and Kim repeat over a million?? That’s thanks to seven’s great promoting, saw so many last week for it.

    In the Bush beat Funniest Home videos, ohh finally people are showing some sense now

  8. Ten’s all new Friday lineup isn’t doing them many favours. Usual hit shows like The Simpsons and Medium are now flailing to make even average figures, especially with Medium only just managing to crack the 600k mark, they still get thumped to third behind Seven and Nine’s ancient films (okay Hitch isn’t that old…but Will Smith is sure getting there)

  9. yeah medium was awesome last night! its was hell funny how she was obsessed with weird objects, law and order was good too. dont know why it doesnt rate well.

  10. Neighbours had its lowest ratings for quite a while on Thursday and Friday (which is odd, considering they were Ian Bishop’s last episodes) and dropped over 150 000 viewers over the course of the week, which is just bizarre. I don’t think it’s on its last legs, though. When it rates in the 500k region for months, then I think 10 will end it, but as long as it’s still fluctuating between 600k and 800k, it should be fine.

  11. I love Neighbours. Its a fantastic show but yes, it needs an overhaul if its going to survive. 670,000 is a poor number for a Friday and Harolds last ep.

    Law and Order / Medium both fell hard last night! I thought Law & Order would do well, it usually does. Medium was great last night!

  12. tragic ratings for Harolds final exit, all I can say is thank god for the Five deal, or TEN would probaly axed Neighbours, and despite being a fan, with those numbers, I wouldnt blame them.

  13. yes! definately neighbours needs an overhaul! but not like the one that they surposedly went through. the new gold digger woman is another shocking storyline!!

  14. Used to watch Neighbours in late 80’s. Stopped in 1990. Watched Harolds’ last ep last night. Was difficult to stay tuned. Definitely needs an overhaul if its going to survive.

  15. I assume since SVU and LoM was in NSW and Qld only that we will stay one episode ahead of the rest of the country for a wee while. And if that is the case, does that mean the ratings for the upcoming weeks are going to be separated (NSW/Qld vs other places), since we are watching different episodes, or will it be like the news, and added to one national figure?

  16. nine are still well in this week thats for sure. Although srdjan says seven often get a good friday share, nine also often get a good saturday share in response. So id say its neck and neck from here, will be an interestin conclusion for sure!

  17. i agree 20 to 1 is terrible!! bert looks like he has just has a buffing machine rubbed all over his body, and the makeup looks shocking! and the content is even worse!!!

  18. Im not into Underbelly. Ive tried watching it and I hate it! I dont give a damn about the sex scenes, its just a ploy to attract more people and it does. Dont care whos in it, or what true events took place.. it sucks.

  19. @ redbullboy

    I expect that situation to turn around in 2010, there are a tonne of sitcom pilots on order in the states at the moment – much more than in recent years and a lot of the concepts are more realistic and less ‘singles in the city’ type rubbish, we should see a lot more sitcom slots next year.

  20. Some good points from a lot of people r.e Ten’s troubles on Wednesday nights. Moving House back to 9pm and Life to 10pm seems the most logical solution. One thing noticeably absent from Ten’s prime time programming this year is the lack of US sitcoms (besides The Simpsons). It seems that Ten is filling in the half-hour slots that used to be used for sitcoms (eg Tuesdays 7.30-8pm, Wednesdays 7.30-8pm and Thursdays 730-8pm) with an hour long episode of TBL which I think is a bit of overkill and affecting Ten’s ratings for both the TBL and their prime-time programming generally.

  21. @ Benno 20 to 01 did not win its timeslot – Ten did with their split programming – if you check out today’s Rant you can see a breakdown of state by state ratings as well as the aggregates for those timeslots

  22. Nine won’t win the week, as seven always gets a high share on fridays, here are last fridays figures, ABC – 18.2%
    Seven – 30.1%
    Nine – 25.0%
    Ten – 20.6%
    SBS – 6.2%

  23. Wow, I didn’t expect Nine to win last night at all. Surprising that Getaway and 20 to 1 are rating so well. I would have thought that Seven’s line up would do much better than that. I guess that leaves the door open for Nine to win this week.

  24. Oh no people are losing brain cells again, 2.5 men is creeping back up.

    Getaway getting 1mil viewers. Odd that Seven would scrap Great Outdoors then. All they need to do is get rid of the extravagent travel through Egypt and Europe holidays, offer Australian destinations and places close to home at an affordable price and there’s still an audience for it.

    And Ten really needs to do something about House. Great show wasted. They either need to find a better lead in, fill half hour and start at 9 to get Spicks viewers or change nights, possibly Thursday to put it up against Seven’s medical night.

  25. Good to see GG on Ten pick some extra viewers
    Not a bad show and next will be good when melbourne suburb gets makeover
    Hopefully build up an audience,Better Than AGT on 7 mid week

  26. Wow. Nothing over 1 million for TEN on Wednesday? I was expecting big numbers from the new House eps, they are failing epically. It will be interesting to see how the footy rates, I know I’ll have my TV on watching Ben Cousins (I hate him) return to footy. Hope Richmond get smacked as well.

  27. Seems the viewers that are trickling from TEN’s woeful Wednesdays are helping Nine just a little. But Seven still dominating as usual with the good AGT, the bad Criminal Minds, and the ugly Gangs of Oz.

  28. gangs of oz . inside the band of brothers ; rubbish , as in factual my arse, old hat news and lies , factual homework was not done on most of the crimes commited , and its not a crime as yet to be in an outlaw motorcycle club in sa …
    just another bikie bash ; … more like the police created it not the producer or director … again rubbish ,

  29. I think there is too much cross over in the AGT, Farmers and Guerrilla Gardeners audience and Channel Ten would be smarter to run a counter programme against AGT.
    If I were Ten I would restructure their factuals to run on a Thursday and programme comedy or drama against either of those two options. It’s a shame that they don’t have anything to support House and Life.

  30. spicks and specks getting lower every week. it is starting to get a little boring and some tinkering is needed to help rejuvenate the show.

    also interesting to see the large drop-off from house to life of 220k. last week the difference b/w the shows was around 10k. maybe cold case caused this exodus as it is the only show with a changed timeslot compared to previous weeks.

    guerrilla gardeners still struggling. up a little from last week but probably needs to be around 900k to be safe from the axe. last years bondi bali and kenny rated similarly on wednesdays and didnt last very long.

  31. and the ads on the air for dexter say 9:45, check at the end of last weeks ep, it was there. still runs a bit later than that i think but it is only like 5 mins.

  32. Andrew Dextar on Monday was the worst, after GWN ran almost 20 minutes over going by my clock.

    People new in advance the Oscars would be live during the day on ch9 so if they wanted to they could have recorded it then played that at night and FF the boring bits!

    *sits waiting to see how many times ch9 will adjust their Wednesday line up 😛

  33. I don’t have a problem with them cutting an hour out; it’s what they cut that’s the issue. Which bright spark believed no one wanted to watch Ben Stiller satirise Phoenix? Thank God for YouTube!

  34. David, yes, people would have noticed the difference in the programming time, but who can honeslty trust a channel 9 program in any case? The later show should have been promoted as “highlights” to remove any expectation of viewers hoping to see the lot.

  35. CBS has 13 main crime shows that are on aus tv. 10 of them are on ch9, NCIS and numbers is on 10 and CM is on 7.
    9 must be kicking themselves that out of 13 none of the 10 that they got are the sucessful ones (CM and NCIS). not even CSI has had a good figure in a while

  36. Mentalist last night started 8.35, that’s better than its been in previous weeks, but still 5 minutes late. On Tuesday, Lie to me started exactly at 9.33, which is what the EPG said. Underbelly still 8.38 start. Worst offender still 9 for lateness, followed by 7, and 10 best as far as making sure their EPGs match real start times.

  37. I agree with Forevernight, in light of the success of the Oscars, and the job Hugh did, they should have shown the whole ceremony unedited. I’ve heard they cut out some great segmants.

    • I think Nine was pretty clear on this from the outset. The whole event was shown in full, live to air.In this competitive environment anything extra should be considered a bonus.

      Normally “encores” are shown days later so to do so in primetime is rather generous. I agree it would have been nice to see the whole thing in its entirety in the evening (including at 7.30) but it’s not being realistic. Die-hard fans could have seen in the Guide there was an hour less than the daytime screening, which I also tipped off to readers.

  38. Looks like house is stuck in the same ratings with less than 900k, with less than 700k I wonder how long Life will hold on?

    Lost did do to bad last night but still beaten but Cold Case rpt.

  39. The Mentalist deserves to crack the Top 10. I’m a Specks fan, but know I can catch the repeat on ABC2 tonight. Farmers is rating very well. I’m surprised anyone is watching AGT!

  40. Wow, I am surprised that AGT is still rating at 1.3 mill + it is doing well. I though Farmers would rate better since it has had some successes. The Mentalist is improving its ratings while Spicks and House begin to struggle. The battles continue….

  41. Gosh.. it’s a bit depressing reading all the comments and attacks this week between the suburbs and locations of where people live..

    Well, i think we can all (as australians) agree that we want our drama’s to do well.. but obviously we’re not going to agree on taste… Some people like underbelly, some dont.. but for goodness sakes take a breath and accept that we’re not all going to agree on the type of show we enjoy and the type of acting that is in it.. There’s never been a show which has attracted 21 million viewers..
    (i can see this comment attracting a lot of critisism by the way but dont be too harsh.. it’s just my opinion lol)

  42. FoereverKnight

    What was with channel 9 cutting the Oscar telecast at night to shreds? No original score, Cinematography, a heap of tech awards.

    (Ben Stiller taking off Joaquin Phoenix was the funniest part of the entire show. What a bunch of ignoramuses. I keep forgetting the gutter trash that is channel 9 programming).

    They always used to show it back when TV was not total crap.

    I know we are becoming pretty provincial in Australia & are starting to never look beyond our shores, but really. Apparently when i comes to movie awards we are not interested in anything unless it features Brad Pitt, Jolie or Aniston presenting. If it was 3 hours of Paris Hilton channel 9 would be doing ‘encore presentations” of the Oscars.

  43. Underbelly is about crime – in Australia! Of course you’ll have what people are calling “aussie bogans” and “aussie yobs” in it. It’s not a story about the mafia or gangs of New York!

    The acting and the overall look is not that too much different to crime shows in the 70’s – which is not a bad thing considering that’s when alot of the story is set.

  44. Jed, I do think that the acting on Underbelly is excellent, but note that I said “solid scripts” rather than “brilliant” or “spectacular”. I do agree with the few who’ve said that the dialogue is a bit slow and unrealistic, but I never said that UB is perfect. Still it is a landmark series in my opinion (which just to make clear is definitely not biased to any network).

    I too also like and support Aussie shows, and some are definitely on par with (or better than) American/British shows – Rush, Packed to the Rafters – but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on City Homicide. Poor acting (apart from Noni Hazlehurst), formulaic and slow scripts, not to metion utterly boring, especially for a person who does not normally like crime (so liking UB and Rush is a big change) and prefers something lighter such as PTTR.

  45. Brad, Hey I am not going to deny I live in Kirribilli, however chardonnay is not really to my taste, is not really mine scene as I am only 25, i prefer a great imported beer. Notice I spelt it “beer” and not the phonetic Beeraaahhhh as most Aussie yob Underbelly types say it.

    Point is, that there seems to be a leaning towards making Aust TV for the bogan “never been to an art gallery in me life” crowd – the yobs that like low grade TV with plenty of T&A and skanky slags- you know, a little like the people who run round draped in the Aussie flag on Aust day whilst hurling abuse at anyone that is not of anglo saxon descent.

    For sure, SBS/ABC produce most of the best TV for a more discerning viewer. Long Way Down, Pilot Guides, Foreign Correspondent, Great Doco’s etc – anyone with a bit a tertiary education would have to agree.

    Of course, most Australians (like most Americans) would rather go to MCDonalds that have a great pasta, or go to Starbucks than a great family Cafe’ or watch L2L as opposed to Dexter.

    Matt Newton is a shocker on every level.

  46. Good numbers for NCIS, Lie To Me and Bondi Rescue.. I personally love NCIS, I think its the best international show of any category on Aussie TV. Rafters pulled a great number as well, but I hate the show..

  47. What is amazing is how bereft Channel 9 is of decent product. Apart from UB, which when all is said and done is what we used to call a mini-series and Australian mini-series have always done well, they have virtually nothing that is exciting the consumers.

    At the end of last year, advertisers were concerned how poor Channel 10’s lineup looked particularly now Big Brother has left such a hole in their schedule. This criticism may remain valid but nobody seemed to mention how lacking Channel 9’s lineup was.

    Under Kerry, Channel 9 had great product all year round. Now under the bankers and accountants, it has nothing. The network stalwarts still around in RIchmond and Willoughby must wonder how it came to this.

  48. actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Nine don’t put Underbelly on at 7pm five nights a week. They are a bit of a one show wonder and if something rates, well why not just have it on all of the time.

  49. wow, so many people bashing underbelly. its weird that there are so many criticisms for a show that will have the highest ratings for the year. personally i do agree with people that the acting and writing for the show is average at best, but most other aussie shows on tv are no different. shows like neighbours, home and away, city homicide and even rafters have unconvincing acting at times. People are probably comparing aussie shows to american shows where budgets and standards are alot higher.

    or maybe there is a problem in aussie acting/drama schools as there are hardly any young actors which stand out through strong acting.

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