Returning: Thank God You’re Here

tgyh91As expected, Seven has confirmed Thank God You’re Here will move into the 7:30pm Wednesday timeslot.

It will premiere on April 29th.

Seven promises the fourth season will include past favourites plus new performers. Shane Bourne and Tom Gleisner also return to key roles.

Tom Gleisner, co-creator of the show, said: “Thank God You’re Here is all about peril.

Watching our fabulous performers cope with whatever we throw at them. This season we really look forward to making the show even more exciting and unpredictable. In terms of scenarios, we’ve got bigger sets, more elaborate props and – hopefully – enough rubber safety matting to ensure all our guests make it back out the blue door in one piece.”

The ensemble cast of Heidi Arena, Daniel Cordeaux, Roz Hammond, Ed Kavalee and Nicola Parry also return.

Seven famously swooped on the comedy series from TEN late last year.


  1. Sounds hilarious, I applied for a ticket, but then stopped when I received a different email explaining you have to be over 18 first… Well I’ve got about another two & half months to be eligible to see TGYH Live. It would be so good, its one of those shows that have to be seen live!

  2. Having been to a recent taping for this season of TGYH all I can say is its a ripper of a show, so many complete belly laughs were had its bound to be a winner, it really is some good old fun. Id recommend it to anyone to jump onto the channel 7 site and try and get some tickets, a really good nice night out!

  3. Ok, as probably said before, who cares about which channel it’s on. Ok, well the official date it starts on is of course the 29th of April this year, so why don’t we appreciate that Thank God Your Here is still on the air, alright, and whoever is saying “Never have some like Mel or Kochie on the show…” and so on, umm, dude, its a show where all comedians, and nothing but comedians are on the show.

    Can’t Wait!!!

  4. Why is the theme song ‘Come Any Time’ by the Hoodoo Gurus. Shouldn’t it be ‘What’s My Scene’ by the Hoodoo Gurus. Did someone stuff up, or is it deliberate??? Makes no sense to me.

  5. Can I ask one question- actually two…
    Why are so many people here damning the show??? Why not encourage all-Aussie talent/comedy when at the moment our tv screens are being overrun with American s**t??
    And secondly, who cares what network’s hosting it. Who complained when K&K moved over to 7? They couldn’t be on the ABC cos the ABC didn’t have enough funds to support a new series. All Channel 10 plays now is SYTYCD, Rove, The Biggest Loser, GNW and hmm maybe the news that are Aussie shows. The rest is American crap. So as long as TGYH gets a fair hearing and new exposure who cares what network it’s on???

  6. I hope they put on the Channel 7 celebs that are awesome at this kind of thing…. Virginia Gay (from All Saints) is absolutely brilliant with Theatresports and the like and to my knowledge, she loves it!!!!! So I Hope she is one!! She would be just amazing!

  7. lol, well put R. This really is fanboyism at its best/worst.

    It’s the same show, same timeslot, similar guests…yet people are crying fowl over the fact it will have a 7 watermark on the screen as apposed to a Ten. I couldn’t give a s**t what network it was on, as long as I got new episodes.

  8. man, the way some of the ten fanboys are carrying on in here, you’d think working dog had slept with them, snuck out before dawn and never called them again.

    The whole “omg i hope it fails” and “omg working dog are sellouts” thing got old about 20 minutes after this move was first announced. As if you lot wouldn’t accept a job at a rival company for more money. Loyalty is important but money talks.

    Get over it.

  9. Hey Alan, I put the entry for episode 2 on Wikipedia! I was at the taping of that one too. :-) Rob Carlton’s performance is definitely the best of the show.

  10. cant wait for this season. i dont know what people are bitching about,. those first 2 supposed episode have awesome cast members! colin lane! rob carlton!

    those 2 are worth just watching those episodes alone.

    ill be watching thats for sure.

  11. they might put 7 actors as actors on the show but not as guests, working dog never put any neighbors on it while it was on 10 so i don’t see why they’d put a summer bayer on it.

  12. I cant wait for this to return and i think it will be bigger and better than ever. Who cares if its on another network it will still be the same show and at least it is back. I think all these people saying they will boycott it wont. Its all talk. People said the same about kath and kim and look what happened to that show 2m+

  13. I’m up for that David! Haha, sometimes i feel aussie shows are only good for showcasing talent to the US.. oh and i love it how u always put Dexter in the best in viewing everytime its wither on cable or ten! It’s definitely the best show on tv!

  14. i agree david cancel all aussie shows that backstab!! for people that want to there is a boycott group on facebook to join, has thousands of people joined already

  15. I can’t stand this show, it’s so forced and unfunny! Like when Rhys Darby was on rove he was hilarious, then rove did his final 5 and tried to set him up (similar to tgyh) with some jokes and he had to force things that didnt get a laugh, comedians are funny coz they prepare their work (few exceptions – Chris Rock)… I hope this show dies…oh and shane bourne is excruciating to watch.. get me real comedy like the office and arrested development (rip)

  16. Lol. Just as I was typing out the names of those who appeared in episode 2. It’s already on Wikipedia.

    Hamish Blake, Rob Carlton, Peter Rowsthorn (Kath and Kim) and Josie Long (UK comedian) were on the show.

    The recording was done at Melbourne Showground. They had to re-film some of the scenes because you can hear the trains going past.

    I didn’t really like Josie Long’s performance. She was a roving reporter in the group scene, but she forgot where she was and forgot that she’s got a TV monitor in front of her. When asked where she was, she turned back but can only see a big green screen, and she said: “…err… green, Greenland!”

  17. I wonder if Ch 7 will be stricter with the content? Over the years there were a few risque moments either visually or verbally on Ch 10 – the sort of stuff that I think Ch 7 viewers would scream ‘won’t somebody think of the children’ over!

  18. the Cal Wilson, Merrick, Colin Lane and Rhys Darby may have been the first episode they filmed but will not necessarily be ep#1.

    they film them in order of when the guests are available i know AGT was filmed in order or #4, #2, #1, #3 and singing bee was all over the place as well. u’d think they’d have a strong lineup for the first ep cal wilson ect. doesn’t scream that out.

  19. oh i so agree!! seven is grubby channel who tries to succeed from other channels fortunes! it will push me towards ten more aswell on wed! doesnt matter really cause i watch biggest loser on wed and then guerella gardners.
    I will jump with joy if the numbers are s**t!

  20. thats interesting alan,
    i guess there is a stronger chance that other personalities will show up that we thought couldn’t.

    working dog would be smart to keep the show as much the same as it was last season, there are some people out there that have some idea that the show will change from 7’s influences which i doubt is true. it will be the same show with a different watermark. 7:30 Wed is smart.

    Alan, can we get any more information. other guests?

  21. Yuck. I won’t be watching.

    Seven’s disgusting corporate attitude does nothing for me as a viewer. All it does is puch me closer towards TEN.

  22. @littlea: as Hamish& andy have already said, they’re not making a show.
    I personally would be disappointed if they did have something regular, because history shows that when a high rating radio show tries to mimic it’s sucess on tv, it fails. That’s why it’s good having H&A on rove, they get a little tv spot to show off their latest antics from the radio show. It’s enough to compliment the radio show, not completely take it over.

  23. I won’t be watching it. They lost me as a viewer when they changed station for money. Why change when it is not broken. I just hope Channel Ten get some sense and sign on Hamish and Andy as weekly show on Wednesday and they will give Channel Seven run for their money.

  24. I’ve been to recording of TGYH.

    The show is most or less the same.

    Hamish will be on episode 2.

    Damien Fleming (the cricketer) will have a video presence every week.

  25. I got something to watch at 7:30pm on April 29th now :)

    I became hooked on the Show when Ahn Do did that waiter skit at Season 2 opener. I hope they kept alot of thier craziness!

  26. A lot of the Ten fanboys won’t be too pleased with this, but I say if you enjoyed the show you’ll continue to watch it, regardless of what network its on. As for me, I got bored of this show after 2 or 3 episodes, but kudos to those who like it, its better than all the factual crap on Seven

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