Big week looms for TEN

dancenatChannel TEN has revealed programming for its big week beginning Sunday April 26th.

It will see the end of Dance, Loser and the premiere of MasterChef Australia which begins with an audition week.

When Big Brother was placed in corresponding weeks it has traditionally been TEN’s best week of the year.

Select highlights follow:

Sun Apr 26
6:30pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm So You Think You Can Dance Australia final
9:30pm Rove

Monday April 27
7:00pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm MasterChef Australia premiere
8:30pm The Biggest Loser final (2 hrs)

Tuesday April 28
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
8:00pm Bondi Rescue final
8:30pm NCIS rpt
9:30pm Lie to Me

Wednesday April 29
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
8:00pm All New Simpsons
8:30pm House
9:30pm Life final

Thursday April 30
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
8:00pm Bondi Vet
8:30pm Law and Order: SVU
9:30pm Life on Mars

Friday May 1
7:00pm MasterChef Australia
7:30pm The Simpsons rpt
8:30pm Medium
9:30pm Law and Order
10:30pm Law and Order rpt



  1. I hope TEN are only showing 1 hour eps of Masterchef Australia for its first week, and then cut it back a bit. People will not sit there every night of the week and watch 1 hour of Masterchef.

    I need to know – when are the new eps of NCIS returning?

  2. As much as I’d like to see Masterflop succeed, its unfortuanetly not going to find any traction with viewers, its a dud format especially with it being stripped the way it will be, its just overkill and in an era where there is huge audience apathy towards anything I just don’t see this working at all.

    Invariably 10 will crow about its figures on the Tuesday after it debuts, but they also did with The X Factor……..

  3. even though biggest loser is against ub the bl is 2 hrs and ub will loose alot as they do after every ep. i would love for it to do more than 1.5m. david you should put up a poll to see what numbers people think the the 2 finales will get

  4. Dumb choice by ten to put TBL finale up against underbelly they should have just stuck to Thursday night as for master flop Australia it seems like overkill it would be better suited to 2×1 hours

    Bing back big brother but without stupid stunts like Corey or Pamela

  5. The Biggest Loser started purely half an hour each weeknight, but once the ratings were successful, they expanded it in subsequent seasons.

    TEN’s taking a humungous risk by putting Masterchef with the same over-doing it times as Loser. It’s not a wise idea to do this. It’d be safer to just play it half an hour and ensure there is no overkill, wait until the show rates strongly and then overkill all the kell you want.

    They should’ve just thrown in some of those half hour comedies Wednesday and Thursday 7.30 (fair dinkum doing 1 hour on tuesday, the premiere)

    If this show fails for TEN, they are severely screwed. Futurama wil obviously come to aid, but it really doesn’t rate well anyway. Simpsons will have to be overplugged, etc, etc, etc. It’s gonna be a huge hole in their schedule. That’s the problem with TEN. They place way too much importance on these reality shows. Without them, they would have nothing. NCIS, yes, but nothing else.

  6. Way to kill The Biggest Loser final there Ten. Though it will probably pull Underbelly under 2m, and sadly DH even further down.

    Their entire schedule is held together with what looks like the biggest flop of the year…I don’t know how they’ll plug those holes if/when MasterChef does flop.

  7. No, this is about TV appealing to the lowest common denominator of the viewing audience and is typical of the trash we’ve been enduring for years now.

  8. I will check out masterchef, but very uncertain about how it will go. could rate at 1.2 mil or could rate at 700,000 for every night. shall be interesting, but i admit i may miss the trashy bogans, even if last year bombed.

  9. Rubbish shows that take up far to much time replaced by yet another. At least with Big Brother a group of oxygen thieves were removed from society!

  10. Stanners, it’s not about what the “average Australian viewer” wants.

    It’s about what the hand-picked and statistically unrepresentative few thousand Australian viewers chosen by Oztam want.

  11. @ Jerome. It would appear Ten are becoming complacent now they know NCIS rpts rate so well. Pretty poor form, but I guess they’re only serving up what the average Australian viewer wants…

  12. I think it’s a schoolboy error not to jam a 30min MasterChef teaser ep between Loser and Dance on Sunday. People are going to switch on for Dance regardless and if it pushes Rove back then..well…who cares, he rates like a dog these days anyway. The flow through from that bit of exposure on Sunday could have been huge and MasterChef needs numbers early if it’s going to hit.

  13. Mon 27th will be interesting. i wonder if underbelly will take a hit. i doubt BL fans would watch UB over the final. and then of course where does this leave DH.

    10 should load this week and see if they can come 2nd. why is there a NCIS repeat in there?

  14. Shouldn’t that be Rove at 10.43pm? We all know SYTYCD is gonna run overtime. They can’t help themselves.

    I’m not really interested in Masterchef. It looks terrible. Kind of ironic that they are switching from a show that tells you food is bad, to a show that says food is good. Looks like i’ll be sticking to putting 30 Rock dvd on from 6.30 to 7.30. Me mum keeps telling me to put 2.5 Men on at 7, but i want to keep my brain cells.

  15. Hey

    I have no amendment that Law and Order is moving to Thursday nights as well as the Friday night broadcast. I still have Life on Mars in that slot on Thursdays.

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