If it’s Tuesday, it must be recycled.

bertIt’s finally happened.

Channel Nine plans to fill an (entire) prime time evening with its 3 staple shows: Two and a Half Men, Underbelly and 20 to 1.

Nine has just dumped AFHV World’s Funniest Videos and Commercial Breakdown, clip-show ideas that haven’t worked in other versions, and replaced them with Bert Newton hosting 20 to 1 next Tuesday.

That means aligned up with it’s other scheduling, Two and a Half Men and repeats of Underbelly’s first season, the network has effectively pooled wall to wall programming of 3 recycled brands from 7pm to 11:30pm.

And we’re in ratings.

Tue April 28
7:00pm Two and a Half Men rpt
7:30pm 20 to 1 new
8:30pm Two and a Half Men new
9:00pm Two and a Half Men rpt
9:30pm Underbelly rpt
10:30pm Underbelly rpt

Bert Newton, Charlie Sheen and Vince Colosimo deserve gold watches for the way Nine resorts to pulling them off the interchange bench. No doubt Gordon Ramsay would have some stern advice for them.

So too would a certain Nine executive who admitted the network would have been “F***ed” without Gordon Ramsay last year. Now he doesn’t even rate.

The clip shows hosted by Shane Crawford, Lyndsey Rodrigues and Darren McMullen are now out of schedule after 3 weeks.


  1. franz chong

    Nine is a disgrace

    The Saddest Thing was after close to thirty years Sale of the Century/Temptation was sent to the scrap heap at the start of 2009.
    Why Not Bring Back the Price is Right for 7pm weeknights something everyone can enjoy instead of this overdose of 2.5 men.
    Only thing I watch on Nine Now is Getaway.I used to watch Bugs Bunny and Looney Tunes Cartoons but those things no longer screen before the 6pm News anymore.

  2. dean bailey (melbourne)

    Can’t you all see what’s really happening?
    Channel 9 are deliberately trying to lose the ratings this year to get better draft picks for next season!!!

  3. Why does this make me think of a chicken running around with it’s head chopped off? Ch9 is dead and doesn’t even know it.
    Worse still are the people at WIN running 9 Perth who won’t take things in hand and at least move 9 Perth programming away from the dreck being generated in Melbourne and Sydney and give us some unique programs that might win them an audience.
    Shame, shame, shame. No one to blame but themselves.

  4. You’re a disgrace Channel 9. You’re the channel of smut.

    I say this in the hope that someone from the channel reads this page, and thats my 2 cents

  5. Well it’s not suprising. They are the 3 shows that nine only have that gets them in the ratings. I can’t see bert knocking off RSPCA and Find my Family. Things must be bad at 9 if you need to keep on relying on Bert to keep you in the ratings. How many more 20 to 1’s can you do. Soon they will be doing the 20 to 1’s best ice cream or stupid things like that. Well sorry 9 I won’t be watching. Tuesday night is ch7 night. You wonder why you keep losing in the ratings.

  6. You’re a disgrace, Channel 9.
    If you’ve gotta show reapeats, how about some Fringe? Great show – if we had the chance to get into it!!!
    Many others request Survivor, ER, Sopranos… anything than more Bert, 2.5 Men & Underbelly – especially in Victoria, were we won’t even get to see the whole series.

    Turn over the programming to the public – I’m sure that I can do a better job than those “experts”.

  7. You’d think, with Packed to the Rafters off the air, that Nine would take a chance and actually try to capture some of the homeless Tuesday night ‘drama’ audience. Why not air something like Without a Trace, Flashpoint or Fringe? And when you do pick a show, keep it on air for more than a month. Allow viewers to connect with it and begin to plan their daily schedule around it. They call them viewing ‘habits’ for a reason, you know.

    I acknowledge that TV is a cut-throat business, but I think a large part of Seven’s current success has come down to this sort of stability. Shows like Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy no longer win their timeslots, but they’re able to pull in a solid 1,000,000 every week because Seven hasn’t had a knee-jerk reaction to their ratings drop. Similarly, shows like Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice and How I Met Your Mother have never really been smash hits for Seven, but they’re holding down the same timeslot every week, and pulling in consistent ratings.

    Even outside primetime, shows like Boston Legal, Scrubs, Eli Stone and Lost have been given a stable timeslot and allowed to maintain an audience. Take note, Nine.

  8. david i agree that some changes are necessary the networks are a business. but this is taking it too far.

    Tommyk, i love “the list” even if it has to be complicated and apparantly controversial. i’d say the next addition will be what’s good for you. maybe replaced by RPA repeats

  9. Sorry about the typos in my post.

    I’ll add that, as usual, 9 have changed their schedule too late for printed guides in Sunday papers.

    At least 7 and 10 usually make schedule changes prior to print deadlines.

  10. God help their second channel. What about ER and Survivor, finishing Gilmore Girls, etc??? ET at 7pm? New shows? Thinking outside the square?

    No doubt the motivation at 9 is now simply the cheapest dollar per ratings possibly with no concern of overall ratings. Said it before – I think they now have an agends not related to winning ratings.

    David – you and other people in TV medai should be pushing 9 for answers. Nearly 40 comments here in one night say it all. And then theres thousands of other who will say nothing and tune out.

  11. Ummm , I think everyone’s missed the obvious .. Logie voting is still on .. Underbelly 1 and cast are up for a bunch of awards … and the ratings were good first time round so even if they get 1/2 as many tuning in for the second go around .

  12. Far be it for me to defend dodgy programming…. but part of the skill of programming is to respond to competition. If a show hasn’t aired, and especially if it hasn’t even been promoted, it’s not unreasonable to make a change. It’s only due to the net we can see ‘behind the scenes’ via blogs and messageboards but I think a line should be drawn in the sand as to what has aired.

  13. They lasted 3 weeks ?
    Just out of interest, does Nine actually want to win the ratings or is their sole goal to be crowned “most idiotic programmers of all time”
    How about “first run Tuesday where all Nine’s warehoused and unused programmes could be shown – Weeds,Survivor, Pushing Daisies, Chuck
    Or how abouta whole month without Bert,Underbelly or SHeen

  14. David, i try to stick to the boundary’s as much as i could to keep it fair, and avoid conflicts like this, but obviously we realise that the need for a big fineprint.

    strictly speaking RPA, Weeds, and WaT were scheduled to air in particular timeslots and didn’t. Crimes that shook the world was outside ratings which is why shows like the zooNZ weren’t included, fresh and doctors are outside 5-midnight. i only mentioned 7, 9 and 10 here. but sorry i wasn’t aware that bargain hunt were repeats so i will take that one out.

  15. “Johnson says:
    April 23, 2009 at 8:36 pm
    Tepee: Channel Ten now has the output deal with CBS Paramount.”

    I think you will find that Ten has a couple of outputs deal with CBS Television, but it seems not for all of their content. Which is why Entertainment Tonight is on Nine.

  16. i might also say that AFHV was was one of the worst shows i have ever seen, did anyone see shane crawford’s “my beef” segment on the 7:30 report. i could not believe this stuff made it to TV.

    ps. david you can delete that first comment i don’t know why a half finished version was submitted.

  17. now might be a good time to pull out an update on “the list” that i’ve been doing behind the scenes all year. This is a tally of all the shows that the commercial networks have pulled out of schedule during ratings without an immediate scheduled return date. i think you will notice a trend:

    TEN: (0) quite impressive really
    Seven: (3) gavin&stacey, not going out, beyond the darklands
    Nine: (14) the big bang theory, ramsay’s kitchen nightmares USA, CSI:NY, weeds, RPA, bargain hunt, celebrity singing bee, airline, without a trace, flashpoint, bridezillas, worlds funniest videos, commercial breakdown, hells kitchen

    lists like this do not work without clear boundarys so here is the fineprint: only shows from 5pm-midnight are included, HD-exclusive shows not included, repeats not included, only included if they were scheduled in ratings, can be scheduled for any market, this is regardless of intention, note above definition.

  18. @Jed LOL and it is the truth

    Great article David

    Time to put the kindergarten kids in charge of 9 programming department they would do a better job

  19. JJR, how is this the fault of the advertisers? The advertisers see a medium where around a million people (which will be shrinking with that garbage line-up) are watching, and want to place their promotion. They pay their money to the network, they air their advertorials. That does not necessarily amount to endorsing what they do.

    Also, i doubt the ‘Gyng’ will get these messages soonish. He is obviously not in the state of mind to make rational decisions at the moment, if you know what i mean…

  20. Blame the advertisers who support this rubbish. I agree with everyone else’s comments below on mor esuitable alternatives – Survivor, movies, drama, even Sopranos repeats!

    If anyone at Nine is reading these comments, please place them in David Gyngell’s pigeon hole!

  21. Just in case the monkeys at Nine happen to look at this. We want Survivor!
    Not repeats of repeats of repeats of repeats…
    Actually maybe I’ll try Nine’s programming tactic:
    We want Survivor!
    We want Survivor!
    We want Survivor!

  22. If CSI was on that list, then that is pretty much what Channel 9 consists of. Two and a Half Men, 20 to 1, Underbelly and CSI. They really need to wake up.

  23. David are they really out of ideas for aussie made shows at nine? Seriously whats wrong with them? I mean 30 minutes sitcoms, or 45 minute comedy dramas is what we are all screaming for. Good solid, likable characters. I mean as a writer this fustrates the heck out of me, especially when i have synopsis’ for about 12 dfferent shows which wouldn’t cost the network much at all.

    Whats wrong with Nine is it that bad now? is it, gulp, the re-run network!!!!!!!

  24. 20 To 1 Shows on Nine’s programming

    #20 Two And A Half Men
    #19 20 to 1
    #18 Underbelly
    #17 ummmmmmmmmm …..
    #16 still thinking………….
    #15 just repeat #s 20-18

  25. Even more of a reason not to watch nine! Dumb move, dumb executives and even dumber progammers! Can someone just axe the whole network and be done with it. It’s full of a bunch of people with no new and original ideas.

  26. And have you noticed how many of the 20-2-1’s are about “TV moment” as there are no noteworthy moments on Australian TV these days.

  27. Is there any word on when Survivor: Gabon* will air? You would think with such a bare line up of quality programming that Nine would bring this back and yet they continue to disrespect fans of this franchise :(

    *This is the season immediately after Fans vs Favorites right?

  28. Lol. Nine proves its even more hopeless. And so predictable, we all knew something like this would happen. And next year we’ll be talking about how 2.5 Men has to be moved to 11.30 because it doesn’t rate, 20 to 1 will be axed, and Underbelly will get rating figures of 500,000 all due to overload. They learnt nothing from Ramsey. Stupid fools.

    One the one hand i would love Nine to put Survivor back on, but then that would mean i actually have to watch something on channel Nine.

  29. Oh. My. God. More 20 to 1? Underbelly repeats? Not to mention still having Two and A Half Men. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bert, and his lame-o jokes are saved by his brilliant delivery and cheesy face, and 20 to 1 has proven to be a success in a number of timeslots, but I mean this repetitive programming is just more ammunition for Nine-bashers. What are you thinking Nine? You really must be broke! But surely there are better programming choices… Survivor, traditional-format Millionaire might have worked, new shows from their CBS Paramount deal?…

  30. Firstly, wtf was Darren McMullen thinking going to Ch9 to host a clip show?

    Obviously this is just an emergency holding pattern until whoever is programming Ch9 these days (my bet is Dexter from Perfect Match….”89% chance that commercial clip show will fail”) gets their head together. Why didn’t they snap up 2nd season Damages before Foxtel/W? How about Underbelly 9:30pm into 10:30pm Sopranos series 5 & 6?

    Ch9 have lost it…that they ever had it is debatable.

  31. Lol nice article David. ‘It’s finally happened’. When i see nine come third in total people, i think that surely they would be coming either second or first in demos given that they haven’t made any changes to their garbage line-up, but no, last in every demo but 55+. The network is now officially a joke.

  32. Survivor and not to mention Flashpoint and Fringe etc…even make it a Movie night..They must have something in their archives/library

    I would be interested in learning about the reasoning behind the scheduling tho

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