Nine picks up V remake

v-hedChannel Nine has picked up the V remake as part of its output deal. As many readers will remember, Nine and sci-fi have not been good primetime bedmates lately, with the Fringe experience still raw in the minds of many fans of the genre.

Nine also picks up Eastwick, the spin-off from The Witches Of Eastwick, Past Life (with former Home and Away actor Nic Bishop) and the Jerry Bruckheimer dramas The Forgotten, Miami Trauma, Hank (Kelsey Grammer’s new comedy), and Middle, starring Patricia Heaton.

TEN programmer David Mott described his haul as “the best season I’ve seen in about seven years,” picking up the drama series The Good Wife, led by former ER medico Julianna Margulies, the comedy Modern Family with Ed O’Neill (Married With Children) and the spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles, with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.

Nine programmer Michael Healy returns with a couple of remakes, among others, each generating solid buzz.

Seven nabs epic adventure Flash Forward, starring Brits Joseph Fiennes and Jack Davenport, and the Courtney Cox comedy Cougar Town (created by Bill Lawrence). Seven also has the drama Day One, starring Sea Patrol’s David Lyons.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Why can’t Channel 9 leave V alone. who wants to watch all that Underbelly garbage week after week. At least put V in a time slot where it can stay. You lot are useless when getting a new show. I hope it stays on and doesn’t disappeare like fringe did. Leave V alone 9.

  2. Yeah i agree with all of u ppls out there, V looks soo good and nine is only going to stuff it up, So if there is any execs from nine reading these posts, get the hint, grow up and Dont! Stuff! It! Up!

  3. I dont’ get why any of this even matters, all 3 mainstream channels are jump dumping the same TV shows on during nearly all primetime hours.

    Channel 7 – when there’s a free time slot, air a half hour reality/unscripted thingy, like Border Security or The Force
    Channel 9 – when in doubt, air Two and a Half Men or 20 to 1
    Channel 10 – when in doubt air The SImpsons or some crappy game show…

    We know the shows are going to end up on those new nosebleeds free-to-air channels, where they air them all in the wrong order…

  4. I actually watched the first Episode of the new ‘V ‘ series over the weekend(not realising it was coming to Australia at a later date ) and I really enjoyed it. The whole episode introduced a Lot of characters and was really enjoyable. The last 5 minutes is what got me totally hooked.
    Really looking forward to it coming to Aussieland, shame its on Channel Nine. Would of been good to be picked up by another station, at least it would of had a chance!

  5. I was interested to see that Nine will be screening the remake of V. As a sci fi fan who enjoyed the original I was both pleased and unhappy. Pleased that it is coming back, unhappy that it will be on Nine. Nine with it’s mind numbing obsession with sport and blokiness has an appalling track record with other tastes especially the arts and/or sci fi which is why I so rarely watch it these days. Star Trek, that huge 40 year old unstoppable franchise has always been relegated to the back burner (ie struggling to stay awake at the allotted time slot). Elsewhere it is uber prime time. But not on Nine oh no! One of the reasons I stopped watching the Today show was because whilst it was the more serious and intelligent breakfast show it always got bumped for any sporting event going. Tiddliewinks in outer woop woop? Can the Today show till it’s over. Good grief people. Some of us like something a little different occasionally, we are not all slaves to boofheaded, semi literate, barely articulate sports “stars” . The general behaviour of footie players this year a pertinent case in point. There are more of us out here in the real world than you could probably imagine. Not impressed.

  6. i noticed it on an advertisement, but with all sci-fi shows it starts offat a resonable time slot then get later with each episode so the earliest it starts is at least 1am. Whats the go with free to air, isn’t there enough medical / police action / dramas lately bring back go sci-fi shows…

  7. I’ll be shocked if V lasts more then a season…
    I loved the old series have them on Dvd :) but come on what is it with remakes 90210-melrose place whats next a remake of The Fresh Of Bel Air.

  8. Isn’t it amazing that the once-dominant network has truly fallen from grace? The excitement about the remake of an awesome show has been diminished by the fact that it has been picked up by Nine. No-one even has faith in the brand anymore. No confidence in the management. Burnt by its reputation. And the sad thing? There is enormous opportunity to rebuild its reputation. To once again be the network the others aspire to be like. We all know this won’t happen. No-one truly likes to say it. But it’s true. Time will undoubtedly prove all comments on this story to be true. Sigh.

  9. ahh now i know chan9 has got it just made my mind up that ill just be seeing it elsewhere , not going to be stuffed around week after week as chan 9 likes to do with this type of show .

  10. Channel 9’s second SD channel could have a Sci Fi Thursday – Fringe, 11th Hour, V, Primeval (probably in the reverse order though).

    Might actually make me watch 9 for once.

  11. I was looking forward to watching it, but if any one there from channel 9 reads this we know what you will do with it, the same that you did to star trek .
    And if they do put it on GO us out here in regional land will most likely missed out there as well ?

  12. since V is only a mini-series at this stage i’m going to hope 9 has enough sense to fast track it as a special event

    of course, once our appetites are whetted and it goes to series, it’ll be straight to a midnight slot

  13. If Channel 9 stuff us around with V i will never ever trust them with any show again. I am looking forward to it as i was with Fringe and because of my download limit i cant download it and its annoying because i want to continue watching. I cant wait to see if Seven ends up picking up the Warner Bros deal even if it means pairing up with TEN. Anything to get new shows like this in the future a hope. Still anything is possible. Nine might learn from mistakes but the news room stuffed up huge the other night when the SOO side was announced on TEN at around 5:40pm and they said we will have live update at 7:50pm with the team. Um what the?

  14. well since pretty much every comment here is saying the same thing maybe 9 should take the damn hint, we don’t want them picking up shows like this and then butchering them. the only chance this show stands is to be on the new multichannel, they need to launch that thing and start marketing it, show all the axed sci-fi shows people have been waiting for on it and start earning back some trust by doing it consistantly each week in the same timeslot. hopefully enough trust will have been earnt by then that V will be able to make a go of it. there is a market out there for sci-fi, dvd sales and cinema box offices proove that, it is just that they have been driven away from FTA through years of abuse. 10HD sci-fi thursdays got a lot of people back and then they scrapped that too, use the right marketing strategy and you can get a lot more viewers. but don’t just advertise it on channel 9, coz no sci-fi fans watch your station anymore so they won’t see it, you’ll have to use internet and print media and other forms of marketing to reach your audience.

  15. Only hope for V is, if it’s for a HD channel or something where they will have less preassure to take it off after a week if it doesn’t rate aswell as whatever crappy reality show.

  16. Come on 9……show us you’ve grown up and learn from your mistakes…….if V doesn’t work out, at least put it on late at night – and don’t dump it completely (and in doing so, taking another dump on your viewers).

  17. With every output deal in the past few years, channel ten’s programmer says it is the best output deal in x years. The credibility in him saying that line has very much expired.

  18. I will be watching, look forward to it and hope it is better than the 80’s version.

    However, if 9 take it off after a few weeks rather than letting it grow its audience, I will be downloading it, unless they pass it to Foxtel within suitable time frame. (I currently do not download TV).

  19. 9 got V hey, not sure what to make of that! All I know is that unless they show it within a decent timeframe after it airs in the US, then I will be downloading it.

    Does anyone know when it will be airing though, I’m keen to see what they do with this show!

    As for all the other shows, well they all seem a bit of a yawn to be totally honest.

  20. Well i guess there’s no point me watching V now. Nine will probably only show it for 2 eps before axing it or moving it to 11.30. Can’t wait for the NCIS: Los Angeles and Flash Forward sounds interesting. Wonder if it would work here though.

  21. Oh well, was looking forward to seeing the whole series, on commercial free to air it will get bounced around days and timeslots and finally axed. I think i’ll wait till it’s on DVD so i can watch it without disruption. Definetly looking forward to it, i remember i was about 8 or 9 when i saw it for the first time and it scared the bejezzuz out of me, but i loved it and the story.

  22. V for Nine. Another Sci-fi series is doomed to fail then. Nine hates Sci-Fi, and to top it off, I’ll bet it will put it on beyond 11pm as usual for Science Fiction. Looks like a downloading frenzy, again! (We have not forgotten what you did to Fringe, or Farscape, or B5 Channel Nine, the list of sci-fi series you have stuffed up is endless!)
    Pity though, saw the first clips online, this remake looks very good so far!

  23. just because 9 has the output deal why do they have to take the show, can’t they show some mercy, recognise that it will fail on their station and pass on it leaving it open to others to take or not. i wanted to watch V and eastwick but on 9 they are doomed, the only way they could be saved is to launch on the second SD digital channel because shows on the multichannels have some security as the ratings pressure is off. although i don’t know if the general public even trust 9 enough to take a chance on their multichannel. well i guess we have some more shows that will sit on the shelf collecting dust at 9 only to be sold to foxtel a year or two later because they can’t find the time in their hectic schedule of a million 20 to 1’s and 2.5 men.

  24. You have to wonder whether Nine is just acting as a spolier in regards to the remake of V. Given their past performance with anything other than 2 1/2 men, you have to wonder why they even bother. Frings got the chop and they refuse to persevere with anything that doesnt rate 1.0M in the first 2 weeks. It obviousky doesnt fit their profile and it loosk to me they would rather spend the$$ and not show it than allow a rival station a shot. Pretty crap really.

  25. David Mott’s a bit full of it, last year he said the exact same thing at the upfronts “this is the best haul we’ve had in the last 10 years”, only now he’s switched it to 7. As I said in my massive TV lounge posts the only real show that interests me here is Flash Forward, and its likely Nine will sell V, Eastwick and Vampire Diaries to Foxtel

  26. Great! So we should expect Nine to air about 2 episodes of V before it goes off air. Who’s even going to trust Nine with the treatment of that one? Thank goodness the two other good sounding ones Flash Forward and Day One are going to Seven. At least they’ll show them at 11pm if they don’t perform well.

  27. V – Given Ch9s history with SciFi this will probably be on 2 weeks before being pulled, with luck by then the 2nd SD will be around and it could move there. Ditto for Eastwick.

    The Good Wife – I’ve seen the extended promo and it looks good.

    Cougar Town – I can see Ch7 pairing this with How I Met You Mother… The promos look fun.

  28. oh well, might as well forget about V then. Nine will, show it a few times, shunt it to no where land and then forget about it completely. It looks so good too, pity that.

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