The 7pm Project: it’s official

7pmIt will be known as The 7pm Project.

It will start on July 20th and it will look at the day’s news live everynight.

Led by comedian co-hosts Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering, The 7PM Project will be “the simplest new idea in television for a long time.” The news of the day will be brought to audiences by Carrie Bickmore. The show will have a team of correspondents delivering stories from around Australia and around the world into the studio every night. Ruby Rose will be bringing viewers all the latest music news. The media and sport beat will be covered by James Mathison.

TEN says “The 7PM Project is a place where people who are genuinely interested in the world around them come together to talk, offering genuine conversation in a space previously crowded by scandal and spin. While it’s not afraid to be serious, The 7PM Project can guarantee that there will be no miracle diets, no stories that ‘no parent can afford to miss’, and virtually no dodgy plumbers. The 7PM Project is the news un-spun. It is not a satirical newscast in the style of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, but a TV show joining in the conversations going on in living rooms around the country.”

Rose and Mathison join the three names tipped by TV Tonight earlier this week for the show produced by Roving Enterprises. More names will be announced over the coming weeks.

Mathison recently stepped asided from Australian Idol although he was quoted at the time as saying, “I am not going to be on TV for a while now, not Dancing With The Stars or anything like that. I just want to explore other music opportunities while I am here in New York and at home.”

TEN Programmer David Mott said, “We’ve had great success in introducing brave projects to the Aussie TV landscape such as MasterChef Australia and Talkin‘ ‘Bout Your Generation and if we get this right, The 7PM Project could be a game changer for TEN in that very crucial 7pm timeslot. Not to mention our digital platform which plays a key role in the experience, driving content and discussions to the show, making it a truly integrated TV /on-line offering and a place for audiences to share their stories, opinions and interact.”

TEN has surely found 7pm success with MasterChef Australia and The Biggest Loser but it struggled with Taken Out and too often has had to rely on The Simpsons as filler.



  1. What a Fantasatic advertisemnt for Being a Wwomen. Miranda Kerr had a natural birth and is Breastfeeding. I thought all that had gone out the window. As a midwife I was thrilled to hear of nature taking its coarse

  2. dusty should be saved and researched to find a cure for hendra.what are the idiots thinking he could be the sign for a cure. Why aren’t the bates that that re carrying the virus the bird flu/foot and mouth deceases.they all hat to be destroyed so should the bats

    by hunter family

  3. hi 150 000 wish i get about 60 000 this year will pay 16000 tax 12000 for 1 child in suport start new family ????? its hard work 10 to 12 hrs day 6 days a week


    Budget No help if you earn over $150,000 ?? I had received a disability pension because of serious health issues I am unable to work, bearly keeping myself alive and trying to raise 2 young children (1 with health issues also). Because I entered into a defacto relationship with my partner earning a measly $64,000 I lose All my entitlements. Not even a health care card to healp for medications. What assistance is out there that stops at $150,000 income ?? Id like to know what that is maybe imaginary

  5. _Pat Collingwood

    Have many people commented on the fact that with all the carers and minders, to say nothing of her mother and sister, when Catherine lifted her arm to wave to the crowds outside the Goring Hotel, the hem of her jacket had come undone and was hanging down?

  6. Listening to tonights show 18/08/2010 i have been unenployed for 13 months i had money in the bank and centrelink made me wait 6 months til i spent my money on house repayments and living now i look like having to sell my house as i still dont have a job and have been look ing for work for 13 months with only 1 interveiw i am 46 and have a lot of experience in the work force from forklift driving to managent

  7. $$$$$ for unemployment!!!!! are we kidding? why cant these long term unemployed be placed directly into our military? they don’t have to be super soldiers fighting over sea’s. the military needs people in the support companies providing the required trade skills to support our troops during training and conflict. i spent time in the military and have prospered in life and careers ever since. any tax paying citizen in this country could not agree more, they would rather see $30,000+ going towards a persons wage rather than $20,000- to unemployed people to do nothing. the defense force employs, trains, educates and houses those who serve in the defense force. how could we not see the positive effect this would have on the unemployed…….???

  8. I listen to pollies about Super and how the mining tax will help the workers & families will benifit with the increase in super 9% to 12% in 2012 but I thought the Employers pay our super and how is the mining tax going to help our super. I would like someone to ask the polies that question.

  9. cheyrl and mark munn

    Hi guys love ya show. We just wanted to voice our concern for the babies having bad reactions from the flu shots… maybe all newborn babies should have a routine blood test for mercury levels as this can give anyone bad reactions let alone babies, for examle if the mother had consumed mercury through fish or other food with mercury in it or had injections through her pregnanc,y the baby could have a high enough level of mercury that when the baby has it’s immunisation weather it be flu shot or triple antigen, all vaccines have an element of mercury and if the babies level is built up too much and they have an injection, just that bit extra can cause reactions( as mercury is a led that builds up in your body and is released very slowly) and the injection takes the mercury level past a safe point. We just thought we should voice our idea in this case. If the medical profession don’t know why the babies are reacting this way maybe they should look at this idea, this could explain why only some babies react this way because only some have the high mercury levels. Please read this on your show ,just so as the general public are aware there is mercury in all injections as a component to deliver the vaccine.
    Cheryl and Mark

  10. This smoking garbage is all garbage, go to any hospital with a problem, the doctor says to give up smoking it is bad for you, yet when next you see that doctor he/she is outside having a smoke, when a person gives up smoking the body goes into clean up mode and repairs itself, but when a drinker goes to see the doctor nothing is said about the clear health problems, when a drinker gives up drinking, the bosy does not go into repair mode, it is stuffed, but we never see the same bagging out of drinkers even though medically it is a killer.

  11. cherl and mark munn

    we feel that the soft porn mags in shops should be out of childrens’ sight, it is not healthy for kids to see nudity in our local shops, we also feel it adds to the peer pressure of female body image, We also agree that junk food and cigarettes are jsut as harmful but in a health way and porn is in a moral and female and self image way. We love your show guys keep it going and all the best, cheryl and mark

  12. just on should they ban police chases . a stolen car is not worth a life but whats going to stop them from speeding and causing an accindent .if they know the police wont chase them they are going to do what ever they want and there will be more accidents and more loss of life…. they should not stop they chase they should change there tactics

  13. Just watching the program on suicide and would love it put out there you don’t need something to go wrong in your life to be feeling suicidal. I personally nearly get there and can’t put my finger on what I am depressed about. Put all the praotices into play to ‘get over it’ and have learnt from experience that for me I ‘need’ to speak to someone professional to help sort out my thoughts. Friends as you pointed out don’t know what to do or say. Let me tell you all now a show of friendship be it an invite to a movie a hug a phone call about anything just to 1. distract me and 2. make me feel wanted, worthwhile and or simply liked if not loved.

    • Thanks for the comment. Please note this isn’t the official site for The 7PM Project if you are looking to contact the show. I believe there are some support contacts there. Good luck.

  14. You guys are harder to get in contact with than the Pope! A suggestion for a name for a town noth of Perth. If the USA can have Cougar Town, why can’t Australia have Akubra Town?

  15. I dont watch much Commercial TV but have enjoyed the 7-00pm Project when George Negus is on. I totally support his views expressed tonight, 25/1/2010, on the Monarchy,Australia day and the Flag.Its a” no brainer” that the flag should be the Southern Cross with the Aboriginal Flag replacing the Union Jack.

  16. yeah just commenting on the remarks about being bludgers on the 19/1/10
    just spend a day with me and my boys scaffolding in north qld in this heat! and then get on national tv and say we are bludgers. have a bit of respect. australia is builtather on hard work weather you can see it or not……!

  17. Watching your program this evening, the Queen on the train. Could you imagine on her arriving at the train station and asking ‘when would the next train be arriving’ the tram conductor says ‘at 7.30 Mam’ so the Queen waits patiently for 10 minutes and looking up at the clock , it says 7.25 thinking ok the train arrives in 5 minutes good, then looking up at the clock at 7.30, having a look to where the train drives through the tunnel, saying to Max perhaps being very concerned for lack of punctuality ‘ oh dear I wonder where the train could be’.

  18. for the love of Christ, or anybody you hold dear, i implore you Charlie to get an interview technique. this is the third time ive seen you cut off an esteemed guest or guests in mid-flow. its unprofessional, rude, embarrasssing for the guest and the audience and it puts me the hell off ever watching an interview on this show. i want to turn off for fear of a cringe attack. you dont deserve to interview the likes of Hale and Pace, or Clive James. you really are a shocking interviewer and as far as worst ever co-hosts go, you blaze a flaming trail. get with the strength.

  19. dear 7pm pepole. I love you guys put some of the most famous celebrity’s for example pink!!! wow and Charlie oh my god you are the best if you were in a contest i would put you in 3rd place dave i’d put you 2nd and of course the lovely carrie 1st because you do the news your show is awsome keep up the good work.

  20. Julian Wesley Charles Gartner

    Today I celebrate my sisters 25 th birthday (Wednesday 28th October) only now I am living in Perth, so when your show attempts to berate those who seek to acknowledge malignant tumours due high voltage powerlines – in a discriminative fashion – I find it repulsive.
    I left my thirty years of residing in Melbourne because such a cause is well beyond the comprehension of many of you.
    Seek Georgis Kate Gartner and more than enough info is provided to disband your criminal arguements. Atleast 450 people acknowledged her funeral.

    Nothing else would kill a six foot one inch twenty year old.

    Goodluck with your show. Tis becoming a touch unsanitory.

  21. It’s about the ban in hugging at school. I guess it is sort of inappropriate to hug or kiss or what ever with your boyfirend or girlfriend but i really don’t think it’s so serious that you have to give a detention or suspend students. At our school, just recently two people were caught kissing and they got suspended for two weeks. That is way over the top in my opinion!

  22. hi my name is tayah reed i am ten yrs of age i would just like to say i Hate the new name i think it should be named
    (123 yum yum ) it seems bad and i would also like to say you should put heros and normall people instead of celebs all the time thanks bye ps plz read this on ur show.

  23. Kyle Sandilands reads:
    I’m havin a piece of cheese on toast
    I’m shovin it in me go
    All I do is eat all day
    Cause I haven’t got a job
    I into the cakes and pastries
    Knowing I’m fattening into a slob
    Aha…that’s one more reason
    I can’t apply for any job
    I fix me face with chocolates
    For the ones with nuts I’d rob
    And then I’m Kyle hyperactive
    ‘n could chop wood for a job With butter’ n salt ‘n pepper
    I smear sweet corn o’ the cob
    So I can’t smile to goes for a job
    I rip into a bottle of wine
    ‘n afore the days end I sob
    Of man’s inhumanities to man
    And how I’ve got no job
    And if you think I’m hedgin’
    Cause the thought of work is dear
    P’raps your right, I’ll diet & diet
    ‘n get a job New Year!!

  24. Carrie Bickmore made some shocking comments regarding battery farm hens, now every time I see her I want to change stations. Carrie aside – the show is entertaining, and will be even better once the hosts loosen up a bit.

  25. about the dolphins being killed and eaten in japan.I couldn’t access the broome shire council to show my disgust. do you have the site address
    on the topic of equal pay,the question should be. men and woman who have the same job do they receive the same wage? the answer would be Yes

  26. Charlie! you really need better skills in interviewing, what was that when you cut off your guest speaker on equal womens pay! you just and cut her off mid sentence! not that that was bad enough but you cut her off to cross to the dolphin loving freek!

    Show some respect!!!! Please!! This is a serious issue!

    Other wise love your work!

  27. Carry,
    I am astounded at your ignorance of how caged chickens are treated in order to give you “cheap” eggs given the salary you must be on. Educate your self pleaseand show some respect of animals that provide you with sustinance.

  28. that blond lady, really p…me off, she obviously doesn’t know how much hens suffer in tiny crowded cages so people like her can have her cage eggs…
    shame on her, wish she has to sit her whole life in a little cage where she can’t move…

  29. Well this has to be the program we were crying out for and now we have it and what a terrific show it is.So who ever thought of it well done but to pick this amazing group of people to run it there is nothing to say but very well done we love it.

  30. I still have only watched one episode of this show…becuase its still stupid and unorganised.
    I dont see the point of them just basically repeating the news that was on only like half an hour earlier. It gets really boring.
    Carrie and Dave should go back to Rove.

  31. Gotta give the show a good go.. but Dave Hughes can bore for Australia. Deeply and terminally unfunny, and can only be there for the bogan audience. What about someone likeJosh Lawson( hope name right). I reckon you have got to the end of this week to dump him, or the audience me included will dump you.

  32. cheryl james

    well you said that 45yrs is the new 60……Im now gunna tell u that the new 60 is 45 , us girls have a great time and 3 of us have just got fulltime permenant work with the govt & leave the so called younger girls for dead

  33. so so boring.thank god for austar to switch over to while this boring news show drags on for 30 minutes. get rid of it and give fitzy his own show.

  34. It’s bad enough having this show aired at 7.00pm without having a repeat during the afternoon. Can’t stand Dave Hughes. Have been disappointed with Rove lately as well, I used to love his show when he first started, but don,t bother to watch anymore. The best show you have had on for a long while has been Master Chef.

  35. This show is really very bad – it’s very boring and not even remotely funny.
    These comedians are funnier when allowed to be themselves – in a later timeslot…

    I’ve resorted to Two & A Half Men as my background noise. 7PM Project isn’t even good enough to be background noise.

    Sorry Channel Ten, this one’s no good….

  36. franz chong

    Let us not forget the other things they relied on as Filler over the years

    Jamie Oliver Cooking Shows
    Will and Grace
    The Simpsons
    Everybody Loves Raymond

    People need to give the show a chance

    Having Said that They should put on a Gossip Girl/OC Type show on at 7pm to provide a good alternative to Home and Away and 2.5 men for those tired of such programming

  37. Really enjoying this… it’s a chance to cut the crap and have a laugh… but I do think the “panel” should have a bit more time to really have a good ol debate about stuff. Something a little more like the ABC “Panel”, but not that far. Hughsey’s one lines and rants are always welcome as well as general “taking the p***” from everyone, and I think that should stay, but some more time to really have a good ol natter about how stupid some of these news items really are (Like the baby shirts). It’s one thing to have a laugh, but when you take the time to look at something seriously, it adds a lot to the presentation, and gives the show a bit more respectability (Not that it needs it, but it can never hurt, Jon Stewarts Daily show being a prime example, behind the jokes, Jon Stewart is a genious, and a top bloke to boot)

    I can see it getting a lot better as the guys settle in and get their timing together… but right now it’s refreshing and enjoyable tv, one of the few shows I’ll be tuning in for

  38. Why do people on channel ten have such trouble reading from an autocue? It’s Rove’s monologues all over again. This show is shite!! The hosts are all pretty funny individually but the scriptwriting sucks!!

  39. i’m confused..serious news content followed by and at times interupted with snyde “barbs” from Dave is early days and these things take time,and given that it’s “live to air” and Mr Hughes may take some time to warm-up i’m willing to hang in there…it’s a shame they (the comedians) cant sit down before the show and workshop the “gags”

  40. Jean Williams

    Life is too serious and after watching 7pm project, I didn’t stop laughing. What a hoot! Julie from Master chef is just as funny being interviewed as she was working on MC. She is so down to earth. I’m sure anyone in Australia would like to meet with her. Julie seems to be everyones sister, mother, thats how she comes across.
    Our family would love to meet with her and try one of her amazing cakes. My mouth is watering while I’m typing.

  41. Okay, I watched the show’s debut and although it’s probably a little harsh to judge a show on one performance, here is my verdict: Crap!

    Yes, it’s crass but the show deserves little more.

    Hughes: Not funny: never has been, never will be.
    Pickering: He may be okay on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation but as a main host, he looks uncomfortable and doesn’t work.
    Bickmore: Nothing good, and I mean nothing good, has ever come out of Rove.
    Mathison: Should have stuck with Idol because at least people are used to that show sucking.
    Ruby Rose: Arrrggghhh! Rarely has someone so easily induced vomit.

    I will stick with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on the Comedy Channel. As for the 7pm Project, may it soon find itself in Channel 10’s grave alongside the likes of Taken Out.

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