Bye bye Hughesy and & Carrie at the Newsdesk

dhuTonight’s episode of Rove will be the last regular appaearance for Dave Hughes and Carrie Bickmore, now set to focus on The 7PM Project.

With Rove taking a four week break, TEN will fill the spot with an advance screening of Glee next week, followed the week after by a movie: Night at the Museum.

The new weeknight show will comprise much of the schedules for Hughes and Bickmore, who will join Charlie Pickering, James Mathison and Ruby Rose. TEN already has some clever promos running which give a glimpse of how the new show will look.

Both shows are produced by Roving Enterprises, along with Hughesy’s other TV regular, Before the Game. Hughes said he is sad to be leaving Rove but expects to be back in the future.

“I will now have a clear day just to be a family man, which is great,” the new dad told the Sunday Telegraph.

Agents are already being approached in the hunt for a replacement for Bickmore. In a show dominated by male personalities it really needs to retain a female presence (although we did love Bert reading the news last year).

(Corrected: Apologies to Petespace. Doh!)



  1. It is a shame they are going as they add a lil genuine humour (and a lil gender balance) but I promise that I wont shed a tear if Ryan Shelton is removed completely. He adds zilch and is just plain crap. Longer interviews could be good.

  2. I doubt Carrie will be gone long. They’re such a bunch of no-talents on that 7pm show, it can’t possibly last. Myf only has one talent and that’s to be herself.

  3. i like the idea of not replacving Dave hughes and have long interviews…but i also agree that a female presence is needed…now if Rove reads this, start an internet audition online on Rove daily and get someone fresh and new, Carrie was fresh and new to most of us, and was great if Myf gets the gig i will turn off, i like her but dont think she is funny and natural enough for this role, and when all is said and done its a 2 min spot then sitting on a couch…so get on with the Youtube audition comp…that would be great, then we can all have a say

  4. myf warhurst was terrible when she replaced carrie, the delivery was terrible and you could tell she was just reading the lines from an autocue. celia was kind of funny but she was trying too hard, that style of rambling looses something when it is over rehearsed. i’ve never liked rebel wilson. corrine grant left for the glasshouse didn’t she? that’s over so she should come back, corrine was great and she’s been on GNW a bit lately so she doesn’t appear to have anything stopping her from appearing on channel 10.

  5. You know who they should get as a replacement?? Who remembers the ‘Real Stories’ presenter Jennifer Adams? She’s be perfect for the news desk segment. The way she read was very funny, with all those parody current affairs

  6. Don’t put that Celia girl on – she had a good 3 minute slot on Rove the other week and died badly. I’d like to see Rebel Wilson do a Tina Fey type ‘Weekend Update’ sketch each week.

  7. Give Nikki Osborne the job!

    She has the experience, she’s a Melbournite, she is appealing to all demographics and also she’s a new mum and now a blonde!

  8. I’m expecting the 7PM Project to be a mini-The Panel, though not as narrow. If so, it’s big shoes to fill, but if it gets a good chance to find its feet it could work well.

  9. I;m sorry to be negative and I want to see this 7PM show do well, but I have nervous feelings for it. To me it just seems like a mini rove show on every night and I just can’t see it being a ratings hit. But I’m willing for the show to prove me wrong.

  10. hehe…Pete Hilliar has already had enough bad news this week with the axing of his radio station….doesnt need more at the mo :)

    you are allowed the occasional slip up david… do a great job here and I love reading it several times a day

    david…..yep another one

  11. Im going to miss Dave Hughes segment and Carrie was good as well, surely Myf would be perfect to replace Carrie. She has been on Rove already this year replacing carrie.

  12. So 7pm will be the time slot for a lot of Uhhhhhh’s as Hughes tries to think of something funny. I do enjoy the guy but he isn’t the most quick twitted lad. I am very interested to see how this will do but not expecting huge numbers. Do we really need more panel shows?

  13. It’s sad to see Carrie leaving Rove the show because she gave some funny interpretation to the news items during the week which would otherwise not be mentioned in the evening bulletins. I guess that with her reading the news on the breakfast show on Nova Melbourne (where she is also assistant news director) plus her recording segments for Skybus service between Melbourne CBD and the airport each month, she needs the weekends off.

  14. Oh excellent. Great news!!! But why would Petespace be going if Peter Hellier isnt. But please get rid of that too, and ryan shelton and rove’s interviews too. Keep Hamish and Andy and they should take over the show!!

  15. Get Celia Pacquola to do the news! She’s an awesome talent and the pre-defined structure might do her good after a small debut the other week.

  16. Carrie Bickmore should be easy to replace…she added nothing to the show, just read out a few jokes that other people had written…a monkey could do what she did. I’m sure she’s pleasant to be around but that doesn’t equal ‘comedy.’ Anyways, if there is a slot opening on Rove for a female what about Cal Wilson or Rebel Wilson? They’ve both shown they’ve got comedy chops on Thank God You’re Here.

  17. Doesn’t Peter Helliar write and present Petespace (not Dave Hughes) or am I completely mistaken? I wonder who Rove will get to replace Carrie? They definitely need a female presence on the show.

  18. Well now that Corinne Grant has landed a gig on Seven can they still buy her back?

    She was a big part of the golden era of Rove that involved funny skits etc with Pete and Rove.

    Bring/buy back Corrine!

  19. It will be sad to see Carrie go, but both work during the week on Nova so they do need to have family time. Considering both have young children.

  20. Sorry to be a stickler David but Peter Helliar does the Petespace segment not Dave Hughes. I’m tipping they’ll try and get Myf Warhurst to fill the void left by Carrie. She’s filled in before when Carrie hasn’t been there. Does this also mean Rove might actually have longer interviews with his guests.

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