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survivorMore information emerged on GO! in the last week when critic Andrew Mercado told MediaWeek about some of the programming plans he had seen as part of his chat for A Current Affair.

Sunday night is sitcoms and movies, Monday includes male-skewed reality such as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Bad Lads Army; Tuesday is female-skewed reality such as Survivor, The Bachelor and Bachelorette; Wednesday night is Sci-Fi; Thursday is Gossip Girl, The Hills; Friday and Saturday is aimed at CSI when the target audience is out.

The programming is designed to win audiences that attract a differ from Nine, such as female dramas on Thursday while Nine has its Footy Shows.

Updated: The channel will be designed on a 12 hour block system. Prime time viewing will be aired the following day on GO! daytime, with some limitations.

As GO! must still adhere to classification rules, some programmes will not be able to re-run during the day.

Daytimes will also have classic entertainment including The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie.

After a soft opening in August, the main launch will follow with The Vampire Diaries, expected to be in October.

Shows that do not attract an audience on Nine will be shifted to GO! and continue uninterrupted.

The trend to on-sell shows to Foxtel and other broadcasters will no longer continue.

Source: Mediaweek


  1. GO is confirmed to be on both WIN and NBN from Aug 9 – so unlike ONE, most regional areas will not miss out on GO from day one.

    The new Optus satellite should allow it to come to Foxtel soon after the launch in August, hopefully.

  2. I think most of us are surprised at how strong Go!’s lineup actually is.
    And I think it probably took Seven by surprise too.
    Knowing the fierce rivalry between the two – I suspect Seven will come out and try and trump Go! in terms of quality of lineup.

  3. Go sounds better every day, looking forward to go launching. speaking of launching,
    when are seven going to announce their 2nd sd channels’s launch?

  4. i’ll be watching wednesday, bit of thursday and sunday plus whenever vampire diaries is put on. why are people complaining that we are finally getting to see the shows 9 axed, people complained and said they made a mistake when they were axed, now we get to see them and you wish they were still gone. as if ratings and the decisions of 9 programmers are actually indicators of a quality program, i know i don’t believe that, sometimes the ratings get it right, but often they don’t. GO is just what 10HD was and people weren’t complaining about it in this manner. i didn’t watch fringe on 9 purely because i knew it would get axed, but i will watch it now that it is on GO because i am expecting it will be in the same timeslot each week now that the ratings pressure is off. although if 9 screws us on this yet again they will be dead to me. plus right now 9 seems to be having trouble launching new shows, but with a GO as a backup people will be willing to take a chance on new shows again because they will still be able to see them on GO even if they get axed off 9.

    the 12 hour block thing sounds good, maybe something like mid-day to midnight and then repeat it all again to the extent that classification requirements allow, this will be especially handy because i was worried about programming conflicts with other channels, it was ok when the only channels i watched were 7 and 10 but adding a 3rd is more than i can record with my pvr.

  5. Curtis, WIN own the Crawford library and run their programs overnight. Division 4, Skyways, Matlock Police, Flying Doctors, Carson’s Law, etc., so, like Ellen DeGeneres Show, there should be no problem in Nine acquiring those programs from WIN.

  6. Now we have to see what Seven will offer, if anything soon. Seven is so so slow off the blocks which is disappointing for Australia’s leading network – I am only hoping that it will offer a good balance of entertainment like Nine’s GO!! seems to be. (Hoping they show the Crawford’s library though).

  7. What is this 12 hour block limit they are talking about? Certain times of the day will be available for GO to be airing?

    Woo , I wouldn’t mind watching the Jestsons and Flinstones, haven’t seen them in years! I’m now looking forward to this channel. :)

  8. @RichoTB – most of those shows have been listed in earlier stories about GO. So hopefully they’ll appear in the program somewhere. Hoping for ER too, but not really GO!’s demo unless they put it late weekend nights maybe.

    Can’t wait to see the program. Hoping good alternative FTA programming in the mornings, especially 9am -11am or so when FTA is essentially useless, a good 6.30-7.30pm alternative and 1-4am has shows liek ONE does, not infomercials even if its simply a repeat of 7.30 – 10.30pm of even 9 or GO.

  9. It’s been so flipping long since I watched the ‘lost’ Survivor seasons I might actually make an effort to watch them again on Go! 9’s advertisers win after all!

  10. I’m hope the Kids WB hosted cartoon series currently exclusive to Nine HD, are moved to Nine Go! too.

    Nine doesn’t have a large library of cartoon series from Cartoon Network / Warner Brothers anymore, since they let the rights to many cartoon series (Duck Dodgers, Justice League Unlimited season 1- 2, Krypto the Superdog season 1, Teen Titans season 1-4, Xiaolin Showdown season 1-2) expire, before actually showing them.

    The worse part, is we missed out on seeing the widescreen versions of many of those cartoon series (Teen Titans season 1-4, Xiaolin Showdown season 1-2), which I don’t think have even been shown on TV elsewhere.

  11. sound like a solid line up, unlike with their main channel nine seem very organised and have put a lot of though into the schedule, also good to see confirmation that any show cancelled on nine will show up on GO!, hope they keep to their word. looking forward to GO!

  12. sound like a solid line up, unlike with their main channel nine seem very organised and sure about their line up, also good to see confirmation that any show cancelled on nine will show up on GO!, hope they keep to their word. looking for to GO!

  13. And where will Flashpoint, Without a Trace, ER, Eleventh Hour, Hidden Palms, Aliens in America, etc pop up? Seems that they’re going to keep these on the shelf while reality crap like Bad Lad’s Army will get a primetime slot. All up better than their normal channel but I’d take Fox8 over this any day.

  14. I just hope that they keep the structuring and dont do a “channel 9” and move it all around after 2 weeks.

    I would be more likely to tune in if i know that a certain show is on the same day every week and grouped together with shows that are similar…. :)

    Survivor and Fringe for me please…..

  15. What ya mean Survivor is female-skewed??? I love Survivor. Probably the only show i’d watch on this Channel. And that’s the same amount of shows i watch on Nine’s normal channel.

  16. So the HD breakaway with classic programming was a test run for GO?
    I guess the only announcement that hasn’t been made is concerning the Kids WB breakaway on 9 HD, and whether it will move to GO!.

    But for that to happen, (which it probably will, due to the limitations of a rerun primetime schedule) Nine has to try the same formula that has made the Saturday version work, since it was bumped two hours, earlier this year to make way for Weekend Today. Nine has a goldmine from WB, and a lesser extent Cartoon Network, that can be used for that very challenge, which has not been seen on FTA.

    They can also try and blur the line. Also Nine needs to consider getting the FTA rights for kids stuff that Ten holds onto with a iron fist.

  17. So does that mean (as much as possible) the previous nights prime time shows will be replayed, in order?

    If not, what do they mean by 12 hour block system?

  18. I like the idea of “Encore’ showing of prime-time the next day, in case you miss something but apart from The Vampire Diaries nothing else is really. Speaking of, it starts Sept 10 in the US so are they going to be a month behind? you know what that mean!

  19. David @ Green Point

    “Shows that do not attract an audience on Nine will be shifted to GO! and continue uninterrupted”???? Sounds like wall-to-wall Nork Network failures and rejects! Is this where they got the name for the new channel… ‘just GO’?.

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