Nine releases GO! schedule

Fringe4Nine has released its new schedule for GO!, its youth channel set to begin on August 9th.

With its mix of mostly US shows it will be a chance for television fans to soak up missing titles, or sample favourites they have only ever heard about.

Many of the US programmes such as Fringe, Gossip Girl, Moonlight, The Big Bang Theory, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Eleventh Hour begin from their pilot episode.

Additional titles that have not received any earlier press include TMZ at 11am / 7:30pm weeknights, and The ARIA Music Show to run from 1am – 7am daily.

With its 12 hour block programming, many evening titles will screen with a next day repeat, as per pay television models (alas prime time repeats in the day are from GO! not Nine).

Programmed not to conflict with Nine’s audience, there are plenty of tempting titles on offer. Prime time viewing is as follows:

6:00 Seinfeld
6:30 Wipeout Australia
7:30 The Big Bang Theory (4 eps)
9:30 Aliens in America
10:00 The New Adventures of Old Christine
10:30 Movie: National Lampoon’s Vacation

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Dog The Bounty Hunter (2 eps)
9:30 Neighbours at War (2 eps)
10:30 Bad Lad’s Army

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Survivor: Gabon
9:30 The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman
10:30 The Bachelorette

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
9:30 Fringe
10:30 Eleventh Hour

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 Gossip Girl
9:30 Moonlight
10:30 The Hills

6:00 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 TMZ
8:00 Seinfeld
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY

6pm Seinfeld (3 eps)
7:30 Dance Your Ass Off
8:30 CSI
9:30 CSI: Miami
10:30 CSI: NY
11:30 Movie: American Outlaws

Additional titles during the day include Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Nanny, Just Shoot Me, Teen Titans, Xiaolin Showdown, The Jetsons, Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Marine Boy, Thunderbirds, Scooby Doo and more (note: some are weekends only).

The channel can be seen on Channel 99 from 7am Sunday August 9th, and will screen on WIN and NBN.

As per TV Tonight Advance Guides, you can download the entire grid in Excel here: GO! SUNDAY August 09, 2009



  1. The first week of GO’s programming looks great, providing decent free to air alternatives to what currently is on offer. I imagine the schedule will develop over time, especially come October for their major launch. Like a new Foxtel channel, the initial programming is usually quite average to start with, and will only build in time. Based on what’s on offer so far though, the channel should achieve 9’s objectives of not only doubling the ratings of ONE, but reaching the 4% they hope for. And, music overnight – I remember that from the late 80’s and glad to have overnight TV back, not infomercials.

  2. Raher have ONE’s niche truck racing than daily Funniest although Curb and The Wire are good additions if they can be shown any earlier than 1am which has been the Nine norm

    Cannot see more people switching from analogue to digital because of it though, as I think those who watch these shows would either have it already it or download. More work for Freeview to encourage the switch

  3. Memo to Nine/GO99:

    Please, please, play series’ in order, from beginning to end.

    Please use different programmers and schedulers to you other channel.

    Please consider throwing Curb into the mix after Seinfeld each night!!

    Please let shows build an audience.

  4. Neon Kitten

    I wonder if the “ARIA Music Show” breaches advertising restrictions, given that ARIA is, effectively, the record companies?

    Oh, hang on, silly me. Non-stop advertising after midnight has been 100% legal since forever, duh. I mean, look at the post-midnight programming the past few years…

    This lineup is welcome as proper alternative programming (hello Ten, cough) but there’s a big fanbase for the majority of these shows that’s given up and “pirated” it since Nine was being an arse about actually not showing 2.5 Men.

    Then again, they know that everyone who got hooked on Fringe has downloaded it “illegally” and shared it. They don’t care. They only want to fill timeslots to give advertisers the illusion that they’re providing entertainment.

    Same old Nine agenda, in other words, just without the breathless crotch-hugging wait for ratings numbers at 9am. Followed by a programming meeting at 9.10am.

  5. As the other poster noticed ( \/ way down there somewhere), 2400 and 2500 are not any time that is familar to anyone on Earth outside the programming department of Channel 9. Takes me back to that Micallef sketch where they had monkeys throwing the schedule together (I could be wrong here though… but he meant that C9 is run my morons).
    Still, is a welcome start. If it evolves and succeeds, maybe it will be huge hit. I can see the potential is there for ‘difficult’ shows and kids programming, as well as the late night music being well worth it. But! More movies please! I only saw 2 listed in the first week!

  6. Nice to see Nine really going for the youth market and having the Aria show overnight. Be good to have music clips to watch – beats informercials!

  7. Me too! I love it.

    I think GO will now be my most watched TV station. There’s about 7 or 8 hours a week in there that I’d watch, which is pretty much the entire amount of TV I’d watch in a week now.

    While many of the shows may not pull huge audiences, they are certainly shows that would manage to pull a reasonable loyal audience, hopefully encouraging advertisers.

  8. there are things to like about this schedule but given Nine is committed to a $100m a year contract with Warner I thought there might be a greater variety of shows and movies rather than a handful of titles on 12-hour rotation including more CSI which is already done to death on the normal Channel 9.

    Although I will enjoy Bewitched and Seinfeld.

    And The Flintstones which I haven’t seen for years.

    I mean also, wouldn’t the Warner Bros deal see Nine having access to its cartoon catalogue, eg. Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Merrie Melodies… etc etc… the classic cartoons!

  9. Will this channels ratings be recorded seperately?

    Also isn’t it airing on HD only channel in regional areas until they get the second SD channel up, then it will move onto that and HD will return to normal?

  10. The Teen Titans and Xiaolin Showdown episodes shown twice on weekdays, doesn’t make any sense at all. This will be the third time Teen Titans (season 5) and Xiaolin Showdown (season 3) are been repeated from the start again, in a row! Meanwhile we still have not seen the last three episodes of Teen Titans (season 5).

    It is good to see the many cartoon series hosted by Kids WB will continue and be expanded on Nine Go!. I’m looking forward to Krypto the Superdog, Legion of Super Heroes and especially Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I’m curious to see what the old classic Marine Boy was like too.

    Unfortunately many of the new cartoon series aren’t starting from first season, due to more rights expiring I expect:
    Class of 3000 is unknown (no episode title listed).
    Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is season 5.
    Krypto the Superdog is season 2.
    Legion of Super Heroes is season 1.
    Life and Times of Juniper Lee is season 2
    Squirrel Boy is season 1.

    I really wonder if Nine will manage to show complete season of some cartoon series, before the rights expire. For example, Krypto the Superdog season 1 only expired recently.

  11. Thanks for the heads up David.
    The kids lineup looks quite interesting.
    I’ll be setting my PVRs to catch Batman, Scooby Doo, Jetsons, Flintstones so my kids can enjoy the same shows I used to watch.
    They are already enjoying Charlie’s Angels, Bewitched and Jeannie on 9HD.
    SD on GO! will be more convenient since they will take up less space on the PVR.

    It would be nice to put on some Aussie shows. How about reruns of Skippy?

    Tried to search for the official GO! website – took a few GOes!
    Typed “GO!” into ninemsn’s Bing and couldn’t find it on the first 10 pages even just searching Australia – GO! figure!

  12. this actually sounds good, considering its nine at least. nice to have seinfeld on weeknights and gossip girl has a good hour as well, although it does clash with rush, which is an absolute cracker of a show. nice one GO

  13. pretty good, there are atleast 8 shows i’ll be watching, and probably more once it is fully launched because they do have a few more offerings up their sleeves. hope that fringe will be unedited this time, since they are giving the ads away for free they don’t have to cut it down to fit more in. in that hope i’ll delete the stored episodes i currently have that have been sitting there unwatched waiting for 9 to screen the rest and i’ll start fresh with the GO screening and actually watch the episodes this time. with the old shows like bewitched and the kids cartoons being on GO am i right in presuming they will no longer be on 9HD and it will return to a simulcast of 9 apart from any shows not appearing on GO?

  14. Good to see that Go are starting from the beginning for many series (include CSI NY and Terminator). Hopefully fans of such shows will get an uninterrupted run of these shows.

  15. I wonder if The Closer will get a run being that it gets treated like dirt by the main ch? It’s arguably Nine’s best cop show and deserves better.

    Ideally what I would actually like to see is two GO! chs one for recent stuff and another devoted completely to classic tv.

  16. As Casey lists – so much more they could be offering. It looks like a cable channel with back-to-back episodes, daily repeats and stipped primetime programming. Think it’s quite poor actually. Can’t find it on WIN. Don’t think I’ll be looking too hard now. Their first movie “National Lampoon” something, already been aired umteen times.

  17. Is the Wipeout on launch night the much delayed “Biggest Hits” episode, as it’s not marked as a repeat?

    And perhaps if a repeat run did relatively well for GO!, Nine would reconsider taking a second series. I imagine the US one might end up there too.

  18. I’m kind of happy – I guess. I mean, I have already watched Survivor: Gabon, and Tocantines through other sources, but I do like their whole old school angle. I’m a big fan of most of these shows, and I will certainly be tuning in. Any news on what their overnight programming will be?? I’d love it if they had more of the same, enough of Gunthey Renker or whatever it’s called…
    I for one, am all systems Go!
    (wow… the inner nerd in me just really enjoyed that horrible pun)

  19. WoW! Nothing I can see there that I want to watch. Seinfeld is on TV1 at 8:30 weeknights, which is 8pm Adelaide time, so makes nothing extra for that time slot.

  20. awesome sched – though some shows are missing such as Pushing Daisies… maybe later on in the year. Its good that the people at Nine are skewing to younger audiences and its another reason for me to not get Foxtel! Beginning from their pilot episodes – its good for those who wanna relive it!

  21. What?!?!?!?! No Two and a Half Men or 20 to 1 anywhere!!! (well for now anyway) Are you sure that Go! is run by Nine???

    @ tasmanian devil: i think you’ll find Dance Your Ass Off is one of the first examples of Nine’s strategy of moving poor-performing shows directly to Go! since its been axed from Nine’s main channel. A good strategy I must say, as it is still availible to those people that may have actually liked it.

  22. “It’s all systems GO!”

    If nothing else, at least this channel gives TV writers huge scope for puns. (Love your work, David.) But it’s a reasonably interesting lineup, and it’ll give the general public greater impetus to switch to digital than ONE’s truck racing in Idaho, as the saying goes.

  23. Why do we need 3 eps of AFHV a week &, 4 eps of BBT on one night?. Why are the repeating the only season of Wipeout Australia again. There’s not gonna be a 2nd season!.

    I’ve seen a preview of ‘Aliens in America’ & it’s really aweful & dull. A middle eastern kid stays with an american family & they aren’t sure how to socialise & act around him.

    TMZ is worst than ET. Seinfeld was & still is the boring & creepy excuse of a comdey!.

    I hope ch 99 isn’t gonna keep dig really old movies from their vault & replay them endless times!.

    Both GG, Privileged & TSCC, have alraedy shown their 2 seasons on foxtel. Both TSCC & Privileged have been axed for months in the states.

  24. I mostly like what I’m seeing. Will be watching Go! more than 9. Currently there’s not one show I regularly watch on 9 except some NRL which is only 1 live game a week.

  25. how if this channel any different to what ten used to have? couple of new shows but most shows are the ones knowone watches!! whats the point in that?? sounds like crap to me!

  26. tasmanian devil

    That’ll be good – something to watch in the 6-7pm hour weeknights now that I’ve stopped watching Neighbours. And great that Tasmania is actually getting a channel for once!! Really it’s amazing that Nine could come up with something like this, the only bad thing is encore screenings of Dance your ass off – I don’t think they know the meaning of encore.

  27. Not as good as I was expecting. Survivor is probably the only show i’ll end up watching, and that will be the Wednesday (day) repeat of it. TMZ…oh dear. Hopefully Chuck appears soon.

    Seven’s second channel is rumoured to be a similar variety type channel to GO!. Hopefully it’s a little better than that.

  28. For their evening lineup Nine need to also get these shows,that they
    have the rights to :
    1) Entourage. Why Nine let SBS get the free to air rights, is mystifying when it
    would’ve been a good fit on GO. Nine originally stupidly onsold this to Foxtel,
    when it would’ve been a good fit them at a 10.30 or 11 pm timeslot.
    2) The Shield final season 7 (since Ten gave up on 10HD) via their Sony contract.
    3) Smallville. Rescreen season 7 and continue with season 8 and its 9th and final season.
    4) True Blood (from HBO). Another stupid decision to onsell it to Foxtel.
    5) Damages season 2 and then 3.
    6) Hung, the new HBO show and all new HBO shows.
    7) Nip/Tuck. Nine were screening 2 year old eps on 9HD, then stopped when season 4 finished.
    8) Sons of Anarchy, from F/X. Not unless Foxtel have got it.
    9) Weeds, new episodes.
    10) ER, season 14 and final season 15. I presume Nine intend screening
    these in double episodes on their own network,in late November.

  29. 2 nights of CSI, 2 nights of trashy reality, sub-par sci-fi……..Goooooo Bingoooo

    For young people or young people without brains?

  30. great schedule!! dont love all of it, but plenty of variety on offer, with more up their sleeve. will watch this more than their main channel…

  31. GO! looks to be pretty good for a digital-only channel.. I’m not very tempted by it (not really a big fan of most US shows these days) but it should go well for them. However, I reckon they could loose a good 3-4% of their main channel’s viewers to the new one, which wouldn’t be good considering their current ratings crisis. =/

  32. Love Seinfeld and can’t wait to see the end of Moonlight finally. Look forward to some new titles. It looks like it will become a nice new channel.

  33. Goody good sked… Can’t wait for my dose of Seinfeld. I wonder what happened to Flashpoint, Hotel Babylon, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Secret Millionaire and other UK shows though.
    David will Ch 90 be showing the content of Ch 99 or it will retain the schedule it has now?

  34. Lots of good shows but nothing much new, either seen most of them through PayTV or the Internet, or just not interested.

    Shame they are not doing an encore of the main SD, that could help the ratings for both channels.

    So just over 2 weeks before the launch, will ch9 be promoting the shows on the main channel as ABC and SBS do?

  35. James Russell

    I think, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos is going to turn into a TT or an ACA with a different time run, different host and different set and will battle in the 6-7pm timeslot with Seven News/TT on Seven, Nine News/ACA on neighbour Nine, The Simpsons/Neighbours on Ten.

  36. Great to see that pretty much all of the main shows are starting again from the 1st or Pilot episodes…hopefully they wont play around with the schedule too much and that way let the series run out the way they were supposed to be.

    I know it is way too early to speculate….but any idea if GO! will be subject to the ratings year? i.e S**t summer programming? How did TenHD work in that respect?

  37. James Russell

    Major Changes to Nine’s GO!:

    “The ARIA Music Show” is the new “Rage Top Fifty” –

    “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos” Expand to Weeknights

  38. Could it be? Nine are finally doing something smart? Wow! I am so impressed that this was created by the same people at Nine. Well Done.

    Can’t wait for the Aria Show – it should be awesome. We need a channel that plays back-to-back music during the night.

    I’m suprised by the AFHVS repeats though – seems a bit much. I would personally like to see the Fresh Prince on at that time (I know I’ve recommended that a lot), but seriously, Fresh Prince is targeted at teenagers, so what better channel than this GO!? Anyway, well done Nine and GO! on the rest of the line up. Good Luck!

    @ michael ‘oz,
    Good call.

  39. koverstreet

    Instead of AFHV why not show an old ep of Hey Hey each night?

    Also how about some Australian classics like Matlock Police,Sullivans etc if Nine have the rights.

  40. Am I reading this right…two 60 min slots of non-repeat Funniest Home Videos every weekday? Yeesh! Either they’ve got a lot of spare material or they’re going to be repackaging like crazy…

  41. Kenny – From what I’ve read around the place, WIN will have GO! on Channel 80 in SD, before moving it to 88 around October and returning WIN HD to 80.

  42. I like the Seinfield schedule.. only, will they still air it on 9HD, because It’d be a waste to show the cropped WS HD version in SD, may aswell put on the original 4:3

  43. I think a certain Kirben may be happy with the lineup, particularly the expansion of Kids WB, to a full length Sunday morning, and a extra two GO-only hours on Saturday (to make .

    And yes, the Teen Titans/Xiaolin Showdown duo is intact, and screening twice a day.

    As for the idea of running Funniest Home Videos every weeknight at 6pm, there will be a time, where they will run out of 1hr eps to screen in that slot.

  44. Jezza, if you are confused then so am I. Here in local WIN territory, Wollongong NSW, we’re getting the analogue WIN channel on WIN SD Digital and bits of this & that on WINHD. Neither a set top box or new HD TV can find any other WIN channel. So, will GO be on WINHD in SD or……..what???? Anyone know? Don’t try calling WIN Wollongong. The one switch girl has to handle too much, including visitors and their i98 radio station, and the phone constantly rings out unanswered. Was there the other day. It looked like Aldi queues and Optus phone system.

  45. Yes I saw the HD liner too. I suspect it is a typo from old Guides. Looking into this next week.

    IMO: Minimum you need is a set top box, but if you’re getting one then go all the way and get an HD Set Top Box.

  46. With no set top box, Foxtel digital only, and an analogue TV, can someone please tell me the minimum I need to do to watch this channel. I haven’t had the need to upgrade yet, and I really only want to now so I can watch Survivor.

  47. David, on the Advance Guide some programs say HD next to them, does this mean they will be on 9HD at the same time – i hope show , Do you know?

    Overall i really like this lineup and even so i wont be watching every show on Go it really looks good but the only problem i have is that Channel 9 said if shows don’t work out good on 9 that they will move them to GO, But where?, 8:30-11:30pm Weekdays looks full to me unless they wait until those shows are over unless they are going to stick them at 11:30pm or on the weekend because i can not see 9 moving a show to GO at 7:30pm then they would not be showing TMZ and Seinfeld which i guess would’nt be that bad.

    Also on the ACA preview on Youtube 2:36 into it, the girl with the purple top, does anyone know what show she is from?

  48. koverstreet

    What impresses me most is the classics. Scooby Doo,Starsky & Hutch,Charlie’s Angels,Jetsons,Bewitched!!! Damn Go! looks fabbo!

    That and two nights of three hours of CSI.

    Nice work Nine!

  49. Unless Foxtel actually puts this channel on straight away, the good ol’ VCR is gonna be getting a workout. It’ll feel like the 90’s all over again!

  50. The dirty bastards have put survivor on when Packed to the Rafters is on. Hate nine even more now. Why can’t they put it on at 7.30 on any night besides Mon/Tues!!!

  51. Looks good. I think ARIA music will be popular. Could end up being extended until 8am for those who like music in the morning.

    Will Go! 99 be available on Foxtel Digital?

  52. This schedule is an uninspired approach to programing.

    The content is fine, but the grid has the feel of a poorly conceived dumping ground and not a well structured schedule designed to draw in a solid viewership.

    4 episodes back to back of The Big Bang Theory on a Sunday night? Really? Love the show, but a Sunday night should offer more.

  53. Hmm, TMZ was originally on Arena until september last year. Good to see it back on australian tv screens.

    Any word on whether Go will be on Foxtel from start up? Or is it going to be a few months before we see it, Did One appear on Iq2 when that channel started up for cable subscribers?

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