Tahnee named Australia’s Next Top Model

tahneeAustralia’s Next Top Model. She defeated Cassi Van Den Dungen, 17, from Victoria.

While Cassi won extra votes from the judges, it was the audience vote that tipped Tahnee as the title winner.

Sarah Murdoch hosted FOX8’s live finale under the big top at Luna Park, opening the show by asking a huge audience if the winner would be “Boganista Cassi” or “Gorgeous goofball Tahnee?’

“What a bunch of scrags they’ve been,” said judge Charlotte Dawson. “Talk about bitching.”

Co-judge Alex Perry agreed, “If there’s no bitching what’s the point?”

So it seems…

Before a throng of fans, industry, celebrities and media, the finale brought back all 11 eliminated contestants, and featured Jessica Mauboy performing, Project Runway Australia contestants, a message from Bruno, and a surprise reunion with Cassi’s mother who now resides in the US.

Ruby Rose hosted behind-the-scenes moments with contestants and members of the audience.

But an unexpected nosebleed for Tahnee nearly upstaged them all.

“I think that’s a first,” said Murdoch.

All 13 contestants also participated in a ‘forum’ style chat with Dawson and Perry asking questions about the series, including their conduct and comments. Much of it focussed on bitching, dummy spits and tantrums with clip highlights.

“I called you a mole, so I apologise,” Dawson said to one contestant.

Another girl clarified that the bitching was, “more sibling rivalry than bitching.”

img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-34545″ title=”antm” src=”http://www.tvtonight.com.au/wp-content/uploads/antm.jpg” alt=”antm” width=”290″ height=”200″ />Murdoch’s hosting of the finale capped off a confident, often empathetic, debut as the new series host. Last year’s finale was upstaged by the last minute walkout by jost Jodhi Meares. This year, Murdoch put an end to any insecurity with the role.

As the winner of ANTM’s fifth cycle, Tahnee wins agency representation, a trip to New York, features as the face of a Maybelline collection, a magazine shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and $20,000 cash.


  1. dear God people, the Fashion Industry is all about one thing only.. aesthetic / beauty! That’s it. Nothing more. If you cant take someone being a bitch to your face, you will never survive all the subversive, insincere, backstabbing, transience that is the vocation of a model. The pay is exorbitant because the conditions are extraordinary. You are paid to be professional ‘meat’, follow instruction which includes criticism. Im sure none of you would reject a fee of $5,000+ for a few hours work.. so youre expected not to bring your personal hangups / show any general insolent behaviour / display any random opinions. Youre a manequin for a product; that’s it. People who have no inside knowledge of the industry give too much credit to modelling as a dignified vocation.

  2. iI cannot believe mt eyes as im reading other peoples opinions on the outcome of ANTM! Shut the hell up about cassie and claire. cassie did not win and nor did claire, it is no longer time for them to shine, it is Tahnees! For most people to say that Claire shouldve won is shallow and not respectful of all the hard work Tahnee put in. This is one beautiful girl who is down to earth (unlike the other two), she represents real women, and is certainly the kind of girl i want my daughter to look up to!! Cassie and Claire need to go and have a good feed, and come back down to earth. There was no ‘rigging” involved in the final vote just obviously the majority of Australia voted for the girl they wanted. Tahnee would not have made it as far as she did on the show judged by high up people in the industry if she was not the model type, and the people who say such a thing probably voted one of the others. Congrats Tahnee i think you are gorgeous, and best of wishes for your fantastic future!!

  3. Helen Young

    The fact that when sent on ‘go sees’ to Top Fashion houses the one girl given most positions in the Fashions shows was Clare, was the definitive point in what should have been Clare’s immediate choice as one of the last two compeitors for Australia’s Next Top Model. Alex Perry chose Clare but Charlotte Dawson’s comments were not only rude re Clare they showed Charlotte as the ‘bogan.’ Because she is a beautifully mannered, calm and controlled young woman, Clare was way out of the league of understanding of the judging panel and therefore not included in the final two. That Cassie was in the final was, from many angles, just wrong!

    Tahnee is pretty and had lost weight for the final but the winner should always have been Clare and it’s difficult to have any faith in that show for the future when such an obvious mistake has been made. The public knew who should have won!

  4. Cassi should have won. The public should not be able to vote – this is a modelling contest, not a popularity contest. The public already voted for their favourite model – Claire – and she won $5000. We don’t vote for the best chef on Masterchef, we don’t vote for the best designer on Project Runway … because we are not professionals in that industry. The professionals chose Cassi – so she should have won.

    As for Sarah and Charlotte’s reasons for not voting for Cassi – I was appalled. They could have delivered that message in a much more positive way. Why not give all the reasons they wanted to vote for Tahnee, not all the reasons they didn’t want to vote for Cassi. They should have a better understanding of how those kinds of comments are going to affect a 16 year old girl. If she chooses to get married and settle down in Sunbury … what business is it of theirs? They brought her to the final – if they didn’t think she deserved the prize, they should have eliminated her earlier. I was so upset at the way Charlotte and Sarah spoke to Cassie last night.
    Worse still they made fun of the way her mum walks and then they laughed along with Lola’s “no regrets” comment. Hypocritically, they made Mikarla apologise to Tahnee for calling her fat … did we forget what Tahnee did? She put cigarette butts and rubbish in Mikarla’s bed!!!They seem to pick and choose when personality and behaviour counts in this competition. If that was the case … Demelza wouldn’t have won last year.

  5. I think Cassi should have won. She was unfairly discriminated on the show because she comes from a lower socio-economic background. How hard would it be to do anything if your mother moves to L.A. and leaves you when you are just 16 years old? A lot of the so called drama and bullying is just staged anyway. Also all the people in the know – the agent, the photographer, the designer and the magazine editor all voted for Cassi – what does that tell you. Actually Sarah Murdoch’s prejudice against ‘bogans’ has turned me off her – I thought she would be above that.

  6. I agree with David 100%.
    The girl has been picked on because she is from a different class of people.
    All the models were nasty and mean, some were more sneaky about it.
    She is still a good person and conducted herself extremely well. As her mother said, she took a lot of rubbish and she listened to it and tried to change.
    That’s pretty big for a 16 year old to take so much on board.
    I couldn’t help but see a “kid” that was being descriminated against, mostly by the media, because of her backgroud and it made me want to jump to her defense when I ordinarily might not.

  7. DId anyone else notice the way Cassi hogged the limelight when the vote was announced. I thought she had won! And what about that headlock she gave Tahnee – I thought she was certainly lacking in any class whatsoever, which is really the reason she didn’t win.

    • Maude I think in such a pressure cooker, and at their age, any reaction risks being taken out of context. She was a good sport considering.

      I also think a lot of the press has been unfair, including Foxtel reminding us she is ‘boganista’ Cassi in official press releases today. Sure, she admitted she was a proud bogan -she had to after press brought it up. Again, including contestants under the age of 18 is a big risk in reality.

  8. I’m glad that Tahnee won, she was ahead all along, Cassie did nothing but bitch and moan right through the show, how she made it to the final is a mystery, Clare and Tahnee should have been in the final. Congrats to Tahnee you deserve it.

  9. I agree with Daniel,well done Tahnee.I’d rather my daughter look up to someone like you.You were my favourite from the start.
    Beautiful blue eyes & dark hair & a great pair of legs.
    All the best for the future.

  10. For Tahnee to have beaten Cassie with the audience vote she should have gotten 76% of the vote.
    It doesn’t make sense to me. I would like to see someone challenge the show as to how they work out the audience vote.
    They both deserved to win but I would hate to think that it has been rigged and someone has been ripped off her rightful prize regardless of how she’ll spend it.
    I prefer Tahnee but I am all for fairness and everyone to be given a fair go.
    And also what about all the kids that spent their money on text messages. If it has not been worked out fairly the voters have had money taken from them under false pretences.

  11. the show was okay, but its better then the last four season.
    I still don’t like the concept of public voting and i believe the judges to have the power vote then the public.
    i believe cassi should have one the AUSNTM because she show people that people with less beautiful features have more characters.

    ne-ways…. either way they both deserved it.

  12. Christopher

    It doesn’t matter who won, because it’s obvious that the only girl from the show who’ll be successful as a model is Clare.

  13. Rose Krsticevic

    Yes I am glad Tahnee won over Cassie, I still believe that Clare should of been one of the two last girls standing she is just a dream! Good on Charlotte for saying what she did about Cassie she hit the nail on the head and she spoke up! Tahnee mite not be what the judges “think a model” should be – but she is a beautiful young girl who can only get better.

    Congratulations Tahnee and great job Sarah

  14. Tahnee was not the sweet innocent girl you all seem to remember, she said some pretty nasty stuff about Cassi while doing Lolas hair on the rocks.
    Good on Cassi for getting so far considering all of the bullying she had to put up with. How many times did she come home to find her much loved frog in the pool? With Cassi I saw an insecure girl in the house who was just trying to fit in, and a young lady who was trying to improve every week with her modelling.
    Good Luck with your modelling career Cassi I hope to see you do well and show everyone that there is more to you than just a brickies bride !!
    You can do both if you work hard and have an understanding and supportive boyfriend, if he’s not get rid of him!!!

  15. Hmmm… Well, good result – very glad that Cassi didn’t win, she shouldn’t have made it as far as she did, her heart wasn’t in it. Clare would have been the better choice last week.

    Anyway, the production thought – urgh! Sarah’s hosting was fine, but the whole show just came off with a very ‘bored’ and ‘tacky’ feeling – it sort of looked like they wanted that atmosphere you get at the old Big Brother eliminations but with that fashion show class… Everyone in the audience just looked bored.

  16. I didnt think Cassie even deserve to be in the final two. I thought Claire and certainly Tahnee were the 2 standouts through the series. Im glad that Cassie didnt win, as what some of the judges thought, Cassie wouldn’t have the professionalism and attitude to see it through. All the way with Tahnee. Well done.

  17. I know that Cassie was a bogan and all but she had really improved and by the end you could tell she was dedicated to modeling and she already had someone who will go into partnership with her if she won and as gorgeous as Tahnee is, her figure is one that is considered “plus-size” in the modeling world and she is too short to be a model.
    I know in the beginning we all hated Cassie but at the end, her attitude had really changed, she was a lot more dedicated and she was no longer out of control.

  18. It’s odd that the voting calculation wasn’t made transparent. If I was Cassi, I’d have my lawyers onto it. Perhaps they explained the process off-camera, but it’d be nice to know how it was worked out, and what percentage of the viewers’ vote Tahnee won.

  19. Wasn’t Alex Perry’s reasoning for sending his vote to Cassi (after pumping up Tahnee) utterly pathetic? He showed he’s a weak man, caving in to the three industry judges the way he did. Charlotte & Sarah each have more balls than he does.

  20. thesportsfreak

    This is not my sort of show, but friends of mine were having a party for it, so I dragged myself along… only to be amazed at Sarah Murdoch’s hosting – brilliant!
    Where was she from the get-go?

  21. While I believe Cassi would make a greater editorial model (which is generally accepted as the ‘best’ type of model) Charlottes comment about her spending her prize on her boyfriend and not having the drive to use the opportunity highlighted a scary prospect if Cassi had won. Surely Cassi’s continued demands throughout the season that she wanted to leave, show she can’t handle the career that would be demanded of her. Her fears over the London trip are a good example- as the winner she would be traveling often. Tahnee represents a great model, ready to make the most of the prize due to her optimistic attitude. Furthermore, fashion changes so often that Cassi’s fashionable frame and face may soon be eclipsed by the comeback of the true ‘supermodel’- the amazons of the 1990’s- Christie Turlington, Naomie Campbell and Elle McPherson. Tahnee fits this mold perfectly.

  22. I can understand how the public voted Tahnee’s way. Even though she may be not what every professional in the industry is after, she is a great role model. I wish all the catwalks of the world were filled with Tahnees. I agree with some of the judges that Cassi might do a “Millionaire” and simply ‘”take the money ($20,000) and run” and buy a new plasma and stuff for herself and her brickie boyfriend. I love how the budget gets increased for the finale every year. They no longer give the finale the “it’s only going to be on Foxtel” treatment! I am also interested in how much the votes were worth. I remember at a previous finale it was Judges 85% Public 15%, but that was with 6 judges. My calculations are Cassi 49% Tahnee 36% adding up to 85%. This must mean that at least 13 out of every 15 people voted for Tahnee in order for her to have won.

  23. Anonymous coward who wont admit to watching

    Well done ANTM!

    Tahnee was the best result. As more than one of the judges said, if Cassi won she’d have blown the cash on her bogan boyfriend, gotten pregnant, married, and live the rest of her life with regrets.

    Instead, now she has no contract, no cash, no [whatever-else we always fast-forward through]

    Now she’ll have to either go out and “work it” or just live off the boyfriend’s dole cheques. If she decides to make a living from it, she’ll do well. The money would not serve her well.

    [As to the public vote mystery .. I’m guessing it’s calculated in some statistically correct manner that would take half an hour to explain and totally bore the audience.]

  24. Tahnee has done girls the world over proud. She has a smokin’ hot body, amazing charisma and fabulous morals. she is truly a beautiful girl- isn’t that what a model really should be? We are all sick of the skinny insecure bitches that represent women in the worst possible way. I’m stoked she won. Every one that thinks she isn’t skinny enough or ‘industry standard’ is just cementing industry opinion and adding to the accumulation of insecurity that plagues girls everywhere- let’s start celebrating amazing women instead of bitching bitches!

  25. Meanwhile, that nose bleed was just crazy! At first I was in hysterics then I thought, how awful for her……! Poor girl she must have been dying.

  26. I think we will have a repeat of the Demelza outcome that was last year’s shows- e.g the agents overseas don’t like the goods! During the trip to see London top agents during the show, they indicated that Tahnee was not a model they would book. The judges/votes might have let her win- but whether she will be a model or not- isn’t up to them!

    It really ended up being just a popularity contest. Clare should have won, and like her or not, Cassi deserved second.

    Tahnee is not tall enough and regardless of how thin she becomes, does not have the necessary bodyshape.

  27. I too am glad to see Tahnee win, but I’m not sure how legitamate it was. Throughout the course of the series Cassie was made out to look very bad (Though i think that it was more her than the editing) with her constant smoking, lieing, lack of commitment and unethical behaviour. Sure it made good tv but how keen would FOX8, Sarah Murdoch and The production company be to heavily endorse someone who not only possess these qualities, but who have been ‘made famous’ by them.

  28. I’m happy Tahnee won. It would have been a shocker if Cassi did. Tahnee was a great contestant throughout the series. Cassi was a disgrace.

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