Judith Lucy joins Rove

judithlExciting news today with confirmation that comedian Judith Lucy is joining the Rove team as a new regular.

“We are back live this Sunday and ramping up our 10th season! Excited to announce the first of our new cast members will be Judith Lucy,” McManus wrote on Twitter.

It follows the exit of Dave Hughes and Carrie Bickmore to The 7PM Project.

Lucy’s dry humour will be a perfect replacement in the absence of Hughes.

TV Tonight understands the team has also been auditioning for a new newsreader for the show.

Meanwhile Carrie Bickmore is reportedly quitting her NOVA 100 job as Assistant News Director to concentrate on her newest TV role.

Rove is gearing up to celebrate 10 years of the show (on Nine / TEN) in September, which will include a look back at some of the show’s highlights and guests.

The show returns 8:30pm this Sunday night with guests Katy Perry, Carl Barron and Judd Apatow.


  1. Why do some people dislike Rove so much? I don’t think he is the funniest man on earth but he suits the light hearted banter for that timeslot. I like Judith Lucy so looking foward to seeing her on the show.

  2. May you Rest In Peace, Judith Lucy. Because having anything to do with the most unfunny man on Australian television since Alan Jones does nothing for your career. It’s such a waste of a comedic life & it just goes to show she’s having trouble paying the bills.

    Q: Judith, who would you turn unfunny for?

    A: Rove… :(

  3. Thank goodness Rove’s coming back, and I like Judith so it’s all good. I wonder if later in the year they’ll have a special retrospective show?

  4. Jude Lucy is without doubt one of Australias best comedians. Her deprecating schtick and penetrating observations are tops. I just hope she gels with the format. Her last apearence on the show was great.

  5. At last a reason to watch Rove regularly. Recently read The Lucy Family Alphabet, great read, made me love her even more. I hope she finds the right niche there. Like Shaun Micallef, she’s an outstanding talent that needs the right showcase to shine and be properly appreciated.

  6. i cant wait for rove to return!!! i have missed it over the past 4 weeks and my sundays are boring without it!! judith will be an awesome addition to the show!!

  7. Nice to see Rove picks his co-workers from the bottom of the pile. Judith has never been funny. Maybe Rove could hire Kyle Sandilands.

    Ah well, I haven’t watched Rove for about 5 years now. I think my life is better for it.

  8. No No No, Judith Lucy is probably Australia’s worst comedian, her constant toilet humour is a massive turn-off. Bring back Corrine!!! No reason to watch Rove anymore, No Carrie, No Hughesy, No me

  9. No, this is a mistake. It really is swapping Hughes for Lucy – they’re interchangeable – right down to their voices. Isn’t there talent out there that has something new to say, or at least a new way to say it ?

  10. Great news! I love Judith Lucy… and her stand up show was amazing. Each comedian has their own style and hers is so dry its fantastic. I just wonder if she’ll have her own little segment..? Like PeteSPACE and Carrie at the newsdesk.

  11. Yessss! That’s gonna make a already great show unmissable now! saw Judith on a recent stand-up tour and she was non-stop hilarious. Little snippets of her comments during Rove (ala Dave’s appearances) will be awesome and a perfect fit.

  12. Noooo! Has anyone else noticed that all Judith Lucy’s can do it make up sarcastic style jokes? Boring!!

    I suppose it could be worse. It could have been Claire Hooper from Good News Week. Her stand up shows are about as funny as paint.

  13. Judith Lucy gives me even more reason not to watch the show tbh. I haven’t found her funny from the first time I heard her on JJJ.

    I just don’t get this show, I see Rove as a huge talent and a great host on 5th grader but his live show comes off as incredibly poor.

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