1. @ Tom Morgan “I predict nine news will be number 1 by 2011”. By 2011????
    A week is a long time in TV land. 16 months isn’t even on the radar.

  2. You may be right Tom, but at present Seven’s shows are rating well, Ten is on the verge of launching some new shows that may or may not work for them and Nine simply has nothing that appeals to anyone under the the age of 60 and the network is being run as if it’s a sheltered workshop.

  3. Nine aren’t doing well, they’ve slipped from their hit series (Underbelly) and Ten have some hangover too. Just because has a bad night of programming means little if it’s just that. Having NRL in eastern states and AFL in the rest ain’t exactly an easy night for anybody let alone the youth station.

  4. I dont get why everyone calls nine a joke. It’s doing well as opposed to earlier this year, and i think nine is getting better slowly. Maybe sometime in the future, nine can once more boast its “still the one” slogan.As for ten, absolute fail. Movies could do better than tens friday. as for seven, its winning back to back weekly wins, which is not unsual. I stil think that 7 being “the one” doesnt seem right. And, with double take and tv burp, 7s lowering its standards. i predict the network will collapse in ratings soon as many of its shows are getting boring.
    I predict nine news will be number 1 by 2011.

  5. I notice that the return of The Great Outdoors crashed against Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Show, while its rival Getaway was Thursday’s second most watched program. Why do people prefer Getaway over The Great Outdoors???

  6. If SBS had the final test in the Ashes on last night Ten may have even finished last.. Next Friday they do so look out next week. It’s amazing how their schedule has just completely collapsed without Masterchef. Maybe Ten should’ve shown the Idol auditions all week instead of just on Sunday. It’s a shame The 7PM Project hasn’t improved in the ratings because it has definitely improved in quality.

  7. boy do ten need to change their fridays!!! dance is just not working which is a shame cause there are some really good dances on it. they need to show either movies, simpsons repeats, even medium would rate better than dance!!

  8. @ Jed, The AFL usually starts between 11- 11.30 pm on Friday nights in Syd/Bris and at 7.30pm on Saturday nights when the much unloved Swans are playing. Very few are interested, as tonights published ratings will attest tomorrow.

  9. I would say the advertisers would prefer the maximum number of viewers Ravi, as against the ranking…….more viewers, hopefully more product sales. Also, was George Gently as good as the ratings indicate, or did Martin Shaw simply play himself as usual?

  10. @Trev . yes but from a network point of view would they rather have a show that is higher up the ‘ranking list but low in ratings or lower in the rankings but higher ratings?

    EG Neighbours – Wednesday – 21st with 800,000 or

    Friday 15th with 679,000

  11. I’m still 50/50 about 7pm project. I think TEN needs it but at what expense to it’s ratings? TEN really needs to do something on Fridays, maybe a few big movies and not the endless re-run of About a Boy!

  12. @ Ravi, Friday night’s audience is always smaller as a large percentage usually partake of the odd drop of firewater and a dodgy taco or kebab before arriving home from work to collapse in a heap on the lounge.

  13. Is AFL shown at 8.30 in Sydney and Brisbane??? I always thought it was shown late at night which is why i don’t get why the ratings show AFL results for all 5 cities, yet NRL ratings don’t include all cities. I know both NRL games are shown in Adelaide around midnight so why aren’t these included, or is because these technically start the next day??

  14. Which is more important ranking or ratings? I notice Neighbours’ figures drop from Wednesday onwards yet their position goes from 21’st most watched to 15th?

  15. TEN need to act fast on their Fridays. This week they single handedly dropped 1.3% due to Friday. Simpsons repeats and movies would do better than the 14.6% of Neighbours, 7PM and SYTYCD. Shocking.

  16. @ducko …….if you don’t like them, Don’t watch them.
    It amazes me how many people like you want to put crap on shows but have no other constructive comments to make.

  17. @Ducko

    Ive not seen Double Take, so I cant comment on that.

    When TV Burp started on 7 I wondered if it could be as good as the UK version, and for the first 3 episodes its was, this 4th episode on the other hand simply awful.

    I dont know how many episodes 7 has ordered, but it needs to make sure that future episodes are much better than the last.

  18. @ warmdue,

    I agree. Everybody has bagged Double Take & praised TV Burp. They’re as bad as each other in my opinion. Actually, I think DT is slightly better.

  19. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock’n’Roll. If Nine is such a shocking network, which I believe it to be, where does that leave Ten. With Friday figures like that, even Masterchef would not be able to save it..Their two top shows were Neighbours and The 7pm Project….oh the shame! Check out tonights figures Sunday morning, they’ll be even worse.

  20. Wow. ABC beat Ten by 5.8% and Ten’s highest rating show for the night is Neighbours! I know it’s a friday night and they get slaughtered by Seven in the AFL states, but surely Ten can’t keep their fridays like it is with results like that.

  21. tv burp is a great show but the ratings are dwindling, so I hope more people see it at 8:30 nxt wk so 7 can keep it or it will be axed just like double take, and I really feel sorry for the people who watch two and a half men and 20 to 1 where recycled shows are the norm at that channel called 9!, at least 7 trys new programs and they have nearly success with all there programs that they produce, I don’t watch 9 anymore what a joke of a network!

  22. Great to see Rush 5th again. TENs Thursdays arent that bad, they will be strengthened once Glee comes along and the show that fills the 7.30 timeslot whatever it may be. Footy Shows great.

  23. ducko – you make a very good point about the 7PM Project – it would probably appeal a lot more if it was on late at night and was billed as a satirical look at the day’s news and didn’t stray into serious news coverage. How this show in its current format can possibly take itself seriously is beyond me? – You’ve got a jerky cluttered set, hand held camera actions, resident comedians just itching to make whatever situation comes before them funny and a former newsreader who’s style and presentation was half the reason we laughed at her on Rove.

    The producers need to rethink the whole format if it’s going to survive!

    I hear that Vile and Tacky O are returning to the airwaves next Tuesday – expect ACA and Today Tonight to be going ballistic over gets the scoop interviews with those two. Let’s see how long the dreadful radio duo last before another controversy brings them back under the microscope! Now that he’s not a judge I wonder if Vile will have any of the Australian idol finalists on his show as he has in previous years – knowing Vile I doubt it!

  24. In regards to last night’s ratings, in Adelaide Amazing Race started at 8pm, with a double episode of H&A due to footy tomorrow night. Which meant TV Burp started at 9 and Double take at 9.30. So next week might give a better indication with the new timeslots. I expect TV Burp to do better. Because of the times i recorded Rush and watched Seven’s shows, and TV Burp is a good show, so i do hope they keep it. I would like to see double Amazing Race though so we get the new season sooner.

  25. Ill say it again – the 7pm Project is dead. Everything about this program is wrong,esp. its timeslot. If it were the 10pm Project it may have a chance & its ratings would be acceptable.

  26. Sorry to see the ratings for TV Burp slide, as it is a rough diamond of a show. I love it! I think Seven needs to take drastic action in the form of double Amazing Race, then TVB and DT at 9:30 and 10:00. I would actually love for that to happen! Then hopefully we get TAR Season 15 sooner, which starts in the US on September 27.

  27. Re TV Burp:

    Pietro – I hope they keep it but you’d have to think it’ll be in a later timeslot, wouldn’t you? Those numbers are not tolerable in an 8.30pm slot. Literally 500,000 viewers behind 20-1.

    PD – I agree there are some ‘family type viewing’ people who would watch TV Burp before Double Take but not afterwards because DT might be too racey for them.

    But on your other point – of course the lower ratings are because of the timeslot switch. The numbers don’t lie: TVB massively down on where DT was in the same slot; and the drop off from TVB to DT was much, much less than when TVB was on second and DT was on first. Indeed, as I pointed, even at 9pm, DT had more viewers in Sydney than TVB had at 8.30pm. There’s no question that, as a matter of pure mathematics, the switch was a major error of judgement by Seven.

  28. The problem I have with Two and a Half Men is that it’s puerile and is just the same teenage-level comedy distilled to its most juvenile form every episode. It’s a classic case of people laughing simply because the canned laughter tells them to.

    That, and the fact that 30 Rock, the cleverest, most-acclaimed comedy since Arrested Development, gets shoved into the 11.30PM timeslot by Seven without being given a semblance of a chance when it’s miles better than 2.5 Men. Yes, I’m aware they are different networks, but with the rise of Shaun Micallef on TAYG I thought that we might be seeing Australians return to an era of clever, interesting comedy rather than carbon copy sitcoms.

    So ultimately it’s a matter of jealousy, really. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

  29. Very sad result for TV Burp. It was a funny ep last night and quite clever too. Also sad for Double Take, which had by far its funniest and cleverest episode too, I thought (that Bill Henson sketch was superb, with him among the paparazzi photographing not Tom or Katie but Suri Cruise; must have gone way over the heads of most Seven viewers).

    But what no-one has commented on yet was how few viewers Double Take lost at 9pm from TV Burp at 8.30pm. Only 20,000 viewers, a virutal statistical glitch in the scheme of things (also Double Take did more viewers in Sydney than TV Burp, and had a big switch back on in Melbourne this week). TV Burp had been losing way more viewers than that after Double Take. Shows Seven’s decision to switch the shows was dead wrong. But hard to seeing them switching the two shows back again now.

    Seems inevitable both shows will now be moved later instead. Maybe that’s the right decision – to put them at the later timeslot where comedy fans can appreciate them. Bet at 9.30pm they would both do pretty similar numbers to what they did last night. Maybe that’s what they’ll do after next week, when ‘True Beauty’ finishes.

  30. So TV Burp is up on Double Take but both TV Burp & Double Take are down on last week. I don’t think it’s because of the switching of time slots. I still thinking by putting TV Burp on first it allows family audiences to watch a show they wouldn’t find nestled behind the “adult” Double Take.

  31. As an advertiser I’m concerned with the present ratings smoke & mirrors. If GO! (which I noted my teens watching last night – “Gossip Girl”) is included in Nine’s figures for 20-1, but my commercials are not on GO!, how in hell do I know how many people saw my commercial last night in 20-1? Makes the whole rating figures farcical.

  32. I think 20 – 1 got good figures because
    1. its a good topic…. Rock Anthems…. (they seem to do well when it is music or movies)
    2. The Competition – TV Burp and Double Take are S**T!!… TV Burp, as good as it is, its sooo corny and hard to watch… i feel sorry for the studio audience they must be exhausted after having to laugh all the way through the show….hopefully they have a laugh track to help them out…. and Double Take is just Comedy Inc on a different channel…. Its an OK show to watch at Midnight but not in Primetime.

  33. I’d hardly call nearly two weeks notice for the TV Burp / Double Take swap a “knee jerk” reaction! Unlike the way channel 9 makes changes.

    As for 2.5 Men, it’s all a matter of taste. But I wonder how many of the 2.5 Men fans actually watch all 9 or 10 episodes every week? Even some fans make comment on the fact it is on so much.

  34. Oh forgot to mention TV Burp..sadly those ratings could mean yet another knee jerk reaction from Seven. I’m hoping they keep it on but knowing Seven it doesn’t look good.

  35. The reason for the 2.5 Men bashing is simple..it’s on Nine and many posters here are Seven fanboys (the scariest kind of fanboy!). If it were on Seven those same people would be raving about it and we all know it. It’s a very funny show which is why people watch it that’s all there is to it. Whenever I see someone here attacking 2.5 Men I think “Seven fan” and move on :)

    Anyway to last night..great for Nine..Getaway doing very well.

    And agree with the comments about Cold Case. I gave up on it ages ago as it depresses the heck out of me but have been watching recently and the last ep was awesome. Can’t wait for the conclusion!

  36. That 20-1 figure must include Gossip Girl on GO. 20-1 rarely has more people watching in Sydney than Melbourne – well at least not by that much anyway. While GO shows are not being listed separately yet, Go’s share must be included in 9’s total share which would explain why this week is not a run away win for channel 7 so far, and why 9 is doing better than usual with essentially the same programming as last week where they were way behind 7.

    So far this week overall: 1st 7 27.9%. 2nd 9 26.1%. 3rd 10 22.9%. 4th ABC 16.3%. 5th SBS 6.8%

  37. Could not have put it any better myself Ellie. People will watch what they like regardless of what others think, the ratings for 2.5 boffins prove that. I personally can’t stand it, but over a million each episode obviously do. It was pleasing to note that your comments did not contain any ‘should ofs,’ ‘ there, their and they’re etc.’ and any other mangling of the English language, but I suppose not too many have been gifted with literary ability like wot we’ve got.

  38. Anita, I agree – excellent Cold Case episode. Looking forward to the conclusion next week. And great timing for episodes with Pearl Jam music with the tickets for their upcoming conerts going on sale.

  39. After reading all the rants about 2.5 men this week … I asked every single client of mine that came in to see me (about 20 per day) about what they watch at 7pm and why?… Many said 2.5 men (and not just out of curiosity as one on here suggested). Nearly 100% of them said they watch it because it is light, makes them laugh, and after a long day at work they don’t want to turn the TV on and have to think about anything.

    The majority said they were more likely to want to watch something a little more cerebral later in the night. 2.5 men is not for everyone and I think it gets more bashing on here then any other show because yes, Nine over use it.

  40. Ravi – I’ve gone from Mr Aggresive to Mr Defensive to Mr Venom – my gosh all from two posts…maybe I’ll now be Mr Persistent for continuing my rant about the 7PM Project.

    In some strange way we do agree…the show isn’t able at all to find a balance at all, and they don’t treat their range of subject matter delicately – their switch from light hearted banter to serious news is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I honestly don’t think a show that is geared towards comedy (with roughly 3 comedians on the panel) needs to revisit tragic stories that have been featured quite extensively in the 6 and 7pm news bulletins. It’s just ridiculous. This show is not geared towards serious news yet we are suppose to laugh ourselves silly at Hughesy in one news item and then switch our emotions completely across to the tragedy of Kokoda in the next. Haing seen the show the other night that’s what happened and it just didn’t work!

    I personally don’t see the appeal of this show or its clunky format and that’s about as delicately as I’m going to put it!

    As for the rest of last night’s viewing watched TV Burp for the first time – actually thought it was quite funny – not belly laughs funny but worthy of a second look next week. The host seems to adapt himself well to the variety of shows he ls caning!

    Q and A on the ABC always impresses and hope the ABC continue with it next year!

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