1. i’m just glad burn notice didn’t end up really s**t lol

    hoooray to BN yes i am obsessed with it if ur wondering lol

    i mean its not a bad show after all lol

  2. Channel 10 deserved to have a shocking night on Friday. I for one, hate latre changes to programming and end up resorting to downloading shows. The whole ratings system in this country needs revamping. There is no reporting for shows that are recorded and watched later. I along with a lot of my friends are out on Friday nights but have been recording So You Think You Can Dance to watch at a later date (usually Sunday when you need something that doesn’t require to much thought to watch and that isn’t sport). Imagine our annoyance when we go to watch the programme and you have some movie repeat on.
    Commercial television in Australia treats it’s viewers like rubbish.
    I think that it’s the programme directors that need to be canned not the shows.
    So what if a show is not being watched live, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to see it.

  3. why is it that channel 10 are the only ones who show on the epg when a show is going to over run?? constantly 7 and 9 have shows running overtime but their epgs say differently! i thought it was a rule to have the right times?

  4. I just have to say everybody watch Bones tonight! I am a major fan and tonights episode is my favourite…ever!!! Also I just wanna say that I’m really enjoying Stephen Fry In America. It’s a great show!!
    (BTW I’m not some 60 yr old that likes SFiA….I’m only 14 and I think it’s Awesome!)

  5. Harry i don’t think it’s as easy as that.. The last thing TEN wanna do is over expose their audience with cooking. I mean yes, it might do alright to begin with.. but in the end, it could damage their Masterchef brand.. They wouldn’t want that..

    And also, it’s always going to be a battle for ten to do well on a friday, because their key audience is out at the pub or doing stuff with mates.. Seven has programming which skews toward the older, who are all in on a friday night.. So in the end, that’s what it comes down to… (or at least that’s how i see it)

  6. Honestly TEN, grow up. Bring back a permanent weekly Masterclass. Not Masterchef, just Masterclass. After the success of Masterclass on Fridays during Masterchef, Im sure having a non mc edition of it will succeed. Its pretty much their only hope!

  7. George, Ten have tried older skewing first run drama with Medium and Law & Order, and they’ve tried female skewing reality with U.S. So You Think You Can Dance, as well as Simpsons and repeat movies. Fridays are just really tough because Ten’s younger audience is out and they are competing with AFL on Seven, NRL on Nine and older skewing British drama on the ABC…add to that the cricket on SBS and there’s not a lot of viewers left who would be interested in watching anything on Ten.
    Masterclass worked really well while Masterchef was on the air, but would it work without the interest of following the characters of the popular reality series? Also, is it overkill for the franchise?
    Someone also suggested that Ten play first run movies every Friday rather than repeats. While that is a great suggestion, unfortunately Ten do not own that many first run movies and there are 40 weeks of ratings to cover, remembering that they also have movies on Saturday before and after AFL. and this year they needed movies for a few Sundays as well.
    Fridays are really tough for Ten, just like the U.S. Networks with younger skewing audiences like Fox have the same problem. Ten can schedule older skewing shows like Law & Order, but because the older audience are not used to watching Ten they will always choose the ABC first…and by putting older skewing shows on, Ten are alienating any younger viewers who happen to be home looking for something to watch, so their younger demos will be terrible.
    I cannot think of anything else Ten can do that they haven’t already tried.

  8. OK i flicked over to GO! at half time of the footy. Dance Your Ass Off. OMG! I knew it was crap and didn’t want to watch, but i wanted to see how bad so kept it on for a bit. OMG. Really whoever came up with that shoudl hang their head in shame, whoever gave the go-ahead for it though should have their head checked. I’ve never seen somethign so terrible in my entire life. They had the fat people pole dancing and then were giving them comments like you really worked the pole well. I was in shock. Wow. That’s all.

  9. Woeful ratings for Ten last night. With the sixth season of So You Think You Can Dance starting in the US on September 9 (five days after season 5 finishes on Ten), Ten will have to think whether to show the series itself or sell the rights to Foxtel so the latter can show it via satellite, similar to American Idol.

  10. Maybe TEN could focus on a different demographic for Friday nights? They could skew older programming and try to get different advertisers for those slots so they can maximise their profits, because 16.2% is pretty darn sad for the nation’s 3rd largest network.
    Plus I’d like something other than Simpsons and a movie repeat to watch on a Friday evening. >_>

  11. Of course Ten was destined to fail last night. Last minute changes that are too late for printed guides always have that effect – no better example then when Nine was messing with their Tuesday nights at short notice all the time. With only two weeks to go now, they should have just left Dance on at 7.30 and redone Friday schedules from Sept 11 onwards.

    As for 7pm Project, Friday is as low as always. Still, as said before, 10 are sticking with it for the year and its better to have locally produced content on at 7pm rather than sitcom repeats.

  12. Tens friday night is awefull.Not much better than SYTYCD and still it gets 300 plus for 10.30 at night
    Come on ten bring something back to boost up Fridays
    for the tenth time Bring back master class

  13. You cant blame Rove for 7PMs ratings, the only people you can blame are the ones that appear onscreen, its based on their performance that people watch, judge and continue to watch. I like Carrie, I dont think Pickering or Hughsey should be on there.

    That figure for better homes and gardens in embarassing.. The movie did nothing for TEN, why dont they screen premiere movies, not old repeats that no-one knows.

  14. I suppose I can’t blame you Jed, despite Bewitched being older than me, yhe late Elizabeth Montgomery is a much better sort than the irritating Rob and Fast Eddie.

  15. great to see dond beat hs but looks like eddie’s growing in audiences as he won 3 out of 5 days this wk but i hope its only a short time like that cause andrew rocks over eddie everywhere and bhag is still rating big for 7.

  16. i have a source at Ten who told me the 7pm Project cost about the same as re-running US content. This is mainly cos the production cost is not that hight cos its live to air and has no editinng, one set…simular to a news service. As for its ratings, its tanking, but ten will risk airing friends, or will and grace, more simpsons and get even lower figures. ten are trying to build loyalty with its viewers.

    As for Rove, cant balme him, he doesnt actually produce the show, the company he owns does, he wasnt even in the country wen it premiered.

  17. Well that makes more sense. I’m one of those people who has been watching Bewitched on GO! Guilty as charged. Still doesn’t change the fact tho that Deal’s numbers have decreased. Just means it doesn’t mean Hot Seats numbers have improved.

  18. I thought as much. Ever since GO started Nines ratings coincidently improved. Does that mean that Eddie’s Hot Seat numbers include all those tragics watching Samantha twitching her nose at 5:30 on GO?

  19. Hot seat is offically the no1 gameshow on at 5.30. And its still increasing its lead as its now got 80000 viewers more than deal or no deal. also interesting is that nine news has gained ground on 7news. Its catching up in all markets, even perth and brisbane, which both loooove seven.I think that nine has really turned the tables on 7. It might be losing in everything right now, but over the last few weeks, nine has begun to become more of a threat to its rivals. It has had a boost in primetime, afternoon, news, morning tv, game shows and everything else. Could nine even overtake seven with its new tv station, GO!, boosting it’s ratings? Anythings possible.
    Seven, thursday was a crap night for you. put something good on!

  20. Rove was in South Africa during the first couple of weeks of the 7pm project

    So Rove does have the final say on the 7pm project. But he would have a team of people who look after it and rove just oversees them.


  21. I am unsure what the 7pm Project costs to run, however I do remember back in April when the story of TEN extending there News to an Hour and Half happened back in April this was said:

    “it has been reported each episode of The Simpsons costs $25,000, meaning cutting the show would represent savings of $6 million each year.”

    Even though that story proved to be false at the time and was just an experiment, no-one at TEN denied that the Simpsons was costing that amount or that the figures had been crunched and a an extra half hour of a News Program would save them money.

    As for other American shows, I was just pointing out that TEN dumped Will And Grace, Futurama and Friends at 7pm because of low numbers (under 500,000), as the cost of showing them to advertising ratio did not make those shows worthwhile (ie I did not say they were not worth showing TEN made that decision on taking them off air). Without knowing what kind of cost the 7pm Project is it is hard to know what result is there on advertising rates charged per cost basis, perhaps there is some kind of advertising share revenue in Rove Enterprises that helps (ie KFC or someone may benefit from advertising on all Rove Enterprise Shows at a lower rate for instance, similar to some deals between 9 and GO).

  22. Ravi good question i think but why no answer from the guy that works for this post or rove enterprises no idea after the blast he gave me is inexcusable

  23. I don’t know exactly Ravi, but if you’re more enlightened speak up, we’re all dying to know.
    If you have knowledge that the 7PM Project costs less to produce than re-running an episode the Simpsons I’d be more than delighted to eat my words.

    • Seems to be a lot of assumptions here. Roving Enterprises produces a number of shows, with numerous people employed in key production roles.

      To say “he rules by his money” gives no credit to the input of others nor the opportunities they all have, successful or otherwise, in working on these shows. Nobody says you have to like Rove as a performer. If you don’t enjoy these shows don’t watch them, but don’t go around making wild assertions about someone’s character.

  24. Ravi, as you well know only Network 10 can answer that one exactly. But if Two and Half Men cost the same to run as Temptation then Temptation might still be on-air.

    I’m more for local production than you could know, but casting 5 or 6 so hot right now talent and throwing them in the deep end with an ill-defined format and saying a little prayer that it will work is not doing anything for the local industry.

    Unfortunately the shrinking of the market and the attention span of the audience doesn’t afford you the luxury of experimenting and developing a show on-air. Hence even though the 7pm Project that goes to air tonight will be far better than ep1 it can never recover the viewers it lost getting there.

  25. Darryn – I absolutely agree with your observations there – rove enterprises must have an escape clause in all their contracts which state:

    “None of my shows can be axed unless they rates below 5,000 in primetime or I give my express permission that they can be yanked…signed Rove!

    I think because he is a ‘stable’ star like Bert on Nine…Ten don’t want to upset him too much…

    The deal or No Deal versus Hot Seat ratings battle is very interesting – wish it would translate to Sunrise versus Today…would love to see more of a topsy turvey battle between those two!

  26. Those who argue that 7pm should stay in deference to the Simpsons and other American products that may rate 100 or 200k less are missing the point that it costs much less to re-run a syndicated Fox import than it does to employ a team of underperforming local talent, writers, satellite time, guests, crews etc five nights a week.

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