1. Interesting that Before The Game rates 25,000 more people watching than the game of Football that follows it, guess the majority of the 153,000 people that turned off in Melbourne went over to Fox Sports to watch Port vs Kangaroos instead of staying for the Lions vs Swans match.

  2. i actually think this yr rikki lee and andrew are doing a pretty good job, its good having just 1 guy on stage and her with the contestants, i still dont like the new judge though!

  3. No offence intended, none taken PD. I will admit to being a League tragic, but no one’s perfect. I wish I had the gift of prescience that enables others to predict with certainty where the various networks will be one to two years from now. One thing you could bet on I reckon is, if Nine hasn’t gone into receivership there will always be 2.5 Men to watch after the Olympics.

  4. Hey Tom Morgan, by 2010/2011, the new things your talking about which nine is trying (don’t know what you mean) will not be new anymore. I can’t see any network standing still for that long just because they might be winning the ratings now.
    It does suggest to me that because you adore 2.5 men, you have seen all the episodes so many times and you still don’t get it. Maybe thats what the problem is, 2.5 fans are all just a bit slow to catch on.

  5. @JM & @Trev, my bad. I take back what I said about the Brisbane games.

    I wasn’t actually claiming that the AFL does rate in “Eastern states” (even though last time I checked Victoria was an Eastern state) I’m just saying comparing the two games is pointless.

  6. @ PD. The two Sydney teams were game 1 in Sydney, but the Briz teams were game 1 in Briz. 327,000 watched the league, not 143,000. That was the mob that watched the 2nd match between Parra & Penrith in Brisbane sometime after 9:30pm. Sorry mate AFL simply does not rate in the two eastern states…. Now lets get back to more important things.

  7. @PD – Broncos/Cowboys had a figure of 327,000 in Bris…. your getting your games confused.

    In Brisbane Game 1 (Live) was Broncos/Cowboys
    Game 2 (Delayed) was Eels/Panthers

    In Sydney the games are switched

  8. It’s good nine is starting to make a comeback. I applaud them for trying new things and not putting boring american shows on (except 2.5 men). in 2010 or 2011, viewers will get bored of seven and explore new things, and nine will be there. Even thought homeMade and APC were flops, at least its not 2.5 men.
    Seven, watch your ratings plummet in 2010

  9. Trev, I don’t think you can really compare the 72,000 for the Swans Saturday game vs. 384,000 for the Eels/Panthers Friday night NRL match. You’ve got a not so stellar Swans outfit playing in a game that has no bearings on the finals vs. a pair of western Sydney rivals duking it out for a spot in the eight.

    To be fair though in Brisbane on Friday night the Broncos/Cowboys only pulled 143,000 while on Saturday in the AFL the Lions pulled 110,000 – when all three Queensland teams were playing for positions in the eight.

  10. Sorry Ben, don’t think so. Do not confuse Union with League. In Syd & Briz league slaughters AFL every time. Check out the Swans figures and it was a live telecast.

  11. Earthquake… the afl is only shown in sydney and bris on friday at 11.30.. so realistically it’s a bit unfair to compare with the nrl figures.. plus it was a nothing game with no bearing on finals… also good to see that brisbane viewers split the football code audience share with the rugby pulling the same figure as the afl last night.. the afl making inroads perhaps???

  12. Great ratings for the live NRL match on Friday night, considering it was shown in only two capital cities it beat the AFL shown in all capital cities.

    David, do you know if the Eels/Panthers game was shown in Brisbane or was it the Broncos/Cowboys game?

  13. i would think that 7pm project would grab atleast 850,000 next thur with the announcement of 5 celeb contestants. the celebs that have been chosen are prob high profile ones since so many have been puttng their hands up including from other networks

  14. TEN actually had a comparatively (and surprisingly) decent share on yesterday, thanks to Nanny McPhee repeating well. Neighbours’ ratings also seem better than they normally do for Fri. But 7PM still lost a huge chunk off it. Pity because I think the Friday’s editions sans Hughesy are pretty good – Kim Watkins was a good addition. And as always fantastic ratings for BH&G, giving Seven another share close to 30.

  15. another ordinary week for the 7pm project. surely the end is very near.

    i wonder what the ratings are for foxsports+ for friday night afl. for brisbane and sydney

  16. Good research Andrew. If media marketing and advertising specialists are consistently getting it wrong, how the heck would us plebs know what’s going on?Watching television is not meant to be rocket science, it is an entertainment medium…..loosen up and enjoy, but as the late Dean Martin would always say, “Keep those cards and letters coming in folks.”

  17. @ Goonies: Yeah the only place I have found Ideal is on Amazon UK, even the ABC Shop do not have it so my guess is it has not been made in Region 4 at all, Amazon UK only have up to Season 4 and Season 6 was commissioned in July so will likely pop up over Christmas or there abouts.

    I am hoping they do not jump around with Pulling as there were only 13 episodes of it spread over a couple of years (1st season of 6 in 2006, 2nd season of 6 in 2008 and a final 1 hour show in May this year), like I said I enjoy all this quirky shows on ABC2 lately.

    Also must say George Gently is doing well for the ABC on Friday Nights … I must be in the minority of minorities rewatching Torchwood and the 9:20pm shows on ABC2 (currently Being Erica) … 89,000 for Torchwood ( at least it is not on TEN now and can watch properly with no ads, then even the UK Channel put ads in which put me off as well).

  18. @vid, from 6 months ago:
    vid says:
    February 18, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    @ Andrew B
    ive been taking note of things within the last 6 months.
    and there will be a shift viewer patterns.
    i reckon around june/july.
    7 is being too cockie and and some of the favs programs that they have… i feel ppl will not be so interested in them
    10 on the other hand, have great new shows and ppl are taking interest in them, like what happen when 7 got new shows…
    nine on the other hand i feel are just getting started. some show..yes i will admit are crap, but i do feel they have some new ideas. and more importantly they will take risks. mike healy i feel is learning from his mistakes from last year

  19. I can relate to that Mike. For years watching two coppers wanderihg aimlessly about knocking on the same doors at least several times throughout the show and getting nowhere, next thing I’m sound asleep, wake up in time to watch the following program, ask the missus, “Whodunnit?” only to have her say, ” Dunno, I dropped off.”

  20. dare i say it if sam newman was not on the footy show they probably can shut the doors on the show, for my money lyon,brayshaw and sometimes shane crawford are hard to take.

  21. i dont know if anyone else was watching 9am with david and kim today but james accidently let out natalie imbrulia ( if thats how u spell it ) is going to be a celeb contestant on masterchef. also news which ten didnt deny that Eamon Sullivan the swimmer would also be on the show.

  22. @JG,

    If you really want experience sleep inducing material then watch all those British “who-dunnits” the ABC is so keen on showing. Saturday night viewing on the ABC is the best excuse to leave the house.

  23. Burn Notice got a great number last night, well compared to previous screenings. Dont watch it but good on it. I think Rush is really taking charge in its second season, fantastic show – very underated. The acting is fabulous and its probably the best Aussie Drama out at the moment (yes, better than PTTR and Underbelly) Thats my opinion, Im sure people will see differently.

    Great to see The Footy Show up from last week as well.. I wonder how low the ratings for the show would be if Sam Newman was sacked.. Id stop watching it for sure!

  24. Hey David

    Ideal is on ABC2 on Thursdays @ 10pm. They showed season 1 and then season 4 for some reason. Black comedy revolving around Moz who is a pot dealer.

    UK comedy, very good everyone – pretty niche though :)

  25. David Ideal is a comedy show on ABC2 at 10pm about a guy called Moz who is a small-time hash only drug dealer in Manchester coming from BBC Three, there are 6 seasons (of 8 episodes long), though it finished last night and is being replaced by Pulling another BBC Comedy.

    Another of my ABC2 Nights on Thursday with How Not to Live Your Life (9pm), United States Of Tara (9:30pm) before Ideal (10pm so I will be watching Pulling now) and Billable Hours (a Canadian comedy series set in a Toronto law firm called Fagen & Harrison) after it at 10:30pm.

  26. Really Jerome? I was under the impression that The Secret Life of Us rated higher in its hey day. Then again I have never seen any ratings for that show. Anyway Rush is very deserving of its great numbers – always enjoyable.

  27. what a whole lot of bulls**t! nine is serving up to us with hot seat being the no.1 game show, for 3 days dond is nearly 100k in front of hot seat and only 1 day they get close to dond, so i think 9 is giving us incorrect info and making them look desperate for anything that rates especially with nothing rating big on their channel nearly all the time. it is a shame tv burp is a ratings flop i do like the show but double take is s**t so both look like getting the axe but the amazing race is a great show and earl and family guy rock.

  28. @andrewB
    where did i say in my comment today.. that i said 9 will make a comeback???
    i didnt!! i said that it wont be the last time 9 will top the rating now and then..
    seven has had a good run…. but it wont last for ever! u only have to look back at history and the trends of the networks… nine will better next year… and so will ten… iam sorry to say 7 will feel the pinch next year…. and No i wont tell you where i get my info from..
    u seem to know it all… so ill leave it to that..

  29. Rush was tens highest rating drama episode since Oztam began last night (which i guess says more about tens drama tham rush’s performance) but it’s good to see so many drama being so sucessful on tv.

  30. Hey Mak – notice I said ‘networks’ in my post – I used an example from the Seven Network but yes I will concede they all do it and usually shamelessly… and aren’t you being just a tad hypocritical calling me ‘critical’ when your entire post is critical of at least 3 shows…talk about throwing stones…but hey you’re entitled to your opinion and we love you for it!

    Agree with you that TV Burp and Double Take are bordering on a bit rotten at the moment. They were funny for about ten minutes when they first premiered but now are just plain boring. They should be retitled TV Bore and Double Boring!!

    And before anyone has a go at me for criticising the 7PM Project again…well I watched last night… again…and it was hopeless..again. I am trying to like it…I really really want to like it…but can someone tell me what was entertaining last night about having some actor called Rees or Rhys Muldoon…Ress who???…talking about his time on Playschool…this was followed by a 2 second grab with Disabilities Minister Bill Shorten about disabled parking…that really got me out of my seat and my retinas burning…then there was a sad and uninspiring cross to John Paul Young…not looking so young…at a very sad after party at some non-descript awards show where nothing was happening. Even one of the hosts asked why no one was there??

    Everyone on the panel was trying to find the joke…any joke…just one reason to laugh…and nothing…and the crew who must masquerade as the background audience tried so hard to laugh but it was like pulling teeth! I will try again tonight…and then if all else fails will switch to TVS and compare programs!

  31. Hi David

    Can you advise what (if measureable) Ideal on ABC2’s ratingsare?

    @ mak – are actors only ever allowed to do one show or something?

    Re Catherine McClements, I agree that she is excellent but my partner goes mad when she comes on – he and callas would probably get along well! Go figure.

  32. TV Burp and Double Take on Seven last night was some of the worst shows I have seen. Burp should be a fantastic program with lots of material available but I guess the writers aren’t very clever.
    Rush has accummulated all the has beens from every show thats ever aired and it shows. What a load of rubbish.

    @JG. Every network does it so why be so critical. Take a look at Hot Seat some time and see Eddie weaving as much promotional material into questions and general discussion.

  33. I must agree with those saying that the episode of Rush last night wasn’t its best. Awesome ratings for it though, but the ep was quite boring. I found myself uninterested in what was going on for the first time since it started. With the exception of Kerry’s storyline, it’s great.

  34. catherine mclements is what puts me off Rush… i find her character to be far too agressive and not too easy too warm to…. every scene she is in just shows her strutting her stuff in a very manly manner so i have never managed to watch an entire episode based on this.. a shame really because i think the others are great.

  35. Oh my god do the networks have no shame!!!!. Apparently there was a tacky cross promotion to Sunrise in a recent episode of City Homocide. It was playing in a background scene!!! Onya Network Seven!

    What’s next…..Gerrard Gossens slips and falls down the stairs on Dancing with the Stars and Frank and Von from All Saints come flying out of the audience to his rescue!

    Or whatabout Fifi Box doing a weather forecast from Summer Bay as the locals baton down for a cyclone!!!

    The mind boggles!!!

  36. Ooops! read your post Mike and must agree. I meant to single out Catherine McClements and also Sam Johnson. I thought Rush was codswallop, but those two made out OK IMO.

  37. And 9 is only hanging in there mostly thanks to Melbourne viewers. in Melbourne, 9 has 5 shows in the top 10, with Footy Show first. In Sydney, they only have 2 in the top 10. Rush is 1st.

  38. You stole my thunder Ravi. I was going to ask Vid the same question. Nine won’t be a threat to anyone if they keep the same tired old format and cheesy shows. In all fairness tho, there are some programs on Nine I enjoy watching. I simply want the top network to be the one with top shows.

  39. It’s not the first time @vid has made comments like that relating to channel 9. He made one back in Feb saying 9 would have a comeback mid year. Now it is late August.

    @vid – again I’ll ask – what is the source of your information? What will ch 9 make a come back with exactly? Please share with us – we are all dying to know. Thank you in advance.

  40. @Vid Gee Vid you’ve really gone out on a limb there with the “u will see” comment. Nine’s fumbling the ball and no bigger fumble occurred when they decided to prematurely claim victory over ‘Deal’

    No offence, but we need a more concrete prediction as to why Nine will be the champ instead of the chump, put it on the line…

  41. It’s great to see 7 finally get a kick in the pants for programming that god awful TV Burp. Coming third must be a real wake-up call.

    As for Rush, it is borderline good, medicore and terrible. Never have I came across a show that can fluctuate between all three tiers multiple times during one episode. The parts with Catherine McClements were very well done, owing to the writers and the saving grace of Rush, McClements herself.

    I am pleased it is doing so well in the ratings, it’s always good to see Australian content flourish that doesn’t involve a fluff family and their sexual exploits.

  42. I dont know enough about ratings for Aussie shows, and what will get something axed, but would I be to right to guess that TV Burp isnt getting a second series?

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