1. FJ: I agree with that. The Brisbane figure for the NRL is lower than you’d expect for a Brisbane v Gold Coast game, and it appears that it’s been pushed down by the effects of averaging the audience across that game and the later Canterbury-Bankstown v Newcastle game. I’d be interested to see separate figures for each match.

  2. GO’s figures helped put Nine in first place.. Does that mean Nine will be adding repeats of 2 & 1/2 men to its programming seven nights a week???
    The rpt letters are added to all programs between 7.00 and 10.30P.M. Tuesday night.
    When are Nine going to add some Aussie content to it’s programming?

  3. ten does better than seven in afl coverage and it shows in the ratings. funniest home videos bombed last night and 9 still won! tonight will def be interesting to see whether idol picks up and to see how tens 2 new shows do.

  4. Brisbanes AFL figures for Friday pale into insignificance when compared with last nights Adelaide numbers. Sheesh! thats almost 38% of the whole city. Also, how the hell did Nine win the night with only 3 programs in the top 20? The League figures in Sydney and Brisbane were good, but the national AFL figures for Ten should have seen them romp home.

  5. Only got round to watching Rush today, and both those eps were excellent. Big improvement of last 2 weeks which have been disappointing.

    And i know it doesn’t rate well, but i’m loving Law & Order UK. I don’t watch the other L&Os, maybe occasional SVU, but i like the UK version.

  6. How funny is it that H&A still beat The 7pm Project and it only aired in Syd/Bris. Those numbers for the AFL in Brisbane is exactly why Seven chose to show last Friday’s game on delay. Nine could snatch this week tonight.

  7. Its confirmed that Lie To Me Season 2 is returning on October 6, Tuesday 9.30. New NCIS will help that achieve decent numbers.

    Is anyone a member on Buyten.com.au as they have released their programming for December/January according to the front page. You cant view it unless your a member.

  8. TEN must axe the 7PM thing right now, its the biggest failure for 2009. Fridays are so boring in terms of TV. Theres nothing on – apart from the footy! TEN have done the Full Monty to death..

    Rumor has it that TENs holding the second half of Rush until next year.. hope thats not true.

  9. Yeh, agree no more nana. He/she (it) must think we can’t see past the lame attempt at being funny. And to use a retirement village senario in beautiful Cesnock is not funny.

    Does anyone know when Lost is due back on 7? I’m guessing next year.

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