1. David I was just wondering with The Footy Show figures (where for example the show made #3 this Thursday), is that the total figures for both the AFL and NRL Footy Shows being shown at the same time or just figures from one particular football code?

  2. Stunningly successful weekend for Nine’s Rugby League finals series. The Parramatta-Canterbury final on Friday night attracted a combined audience of 1.213M and the Melbourne-Brisbane final 1.353M, over 2.5M overall. Considering that it is a game that is only really played in NSW and Queensland, those are some amazing numbers.

  3. Thanks for that David. I wonder if Ten/One were happy with that figure. It will be interesting to see how it goes with it continuing on Wednesday. It seems as though they aren’t giving it a decent timeslot, with what it will be going up against on the next couple of Wednesdays. I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been cheap to produce, so I wouldn’t have thought those figures would be particularly ideal…

  4. it’s very impressive for saturday disney to be competitive with weekend today let alone beat it considering it is just kids shows, in a lower rating timeslot and it was a big news day with the GF.

  5. Are the rating results correct for Friday and Saturday. It appears that Seven won Friday and Ten won Saturday.
    Seven had 4 of the top 5 shows on Friday but Nine won by 8.6%.
    On Saturday Ten had 3 of the top 5 shows with some huge numbers and yet came third with 4% behind Nine and Seven.
    Surely if you are in front with the top ten shows by a fair margin, you can’t lose the day by 8.6%. If thats the case, the programs which rate from 30 on are polarising with one channel or this unbelievable situation where the digital and HD sister channels are being added to 7, 9 and 10. If thats the case….Whata joke!

  6. @Jed: it’s also because Geelong has three players from Adelaide: captain Tom Harley, Corey Enright and Andrew Mackie. The GF audience went up in Melbourne (possibly a record), Adelaide and Brisbane compared with last year, but was down in Sydney and Perth.

  7. Don’t worry too much about 7pm projects friday ratung, all ratings go down on friday. Just look at Hotseat and DOND, both shows have dropped a lot on fridays recently.

  8. Maybe if the 7pm Project would show full interviews rather than telling us to go to the website to see the rest they may attract more viewers. Also if they should stop cutting guests off when doing live crosses or talking. There’s been no change, no improvement to the show, the ratings reflect that and still continue to drop.

  9. @Steve regarding the michael jakson jab in the movie “Click”, I watched it in Melbourne and yes the line was left in…something along the lines MJ was the first person to clone himself, then molest himself, then sue himself for molesting himself…got a chuckle in our household!

  10. It’s a real shame about the ratings for the 7pm Project since its a great little show now since they have kinda reworked it and found the groove. Maybe Ten should promote it like “Take another look” before they can it at the end of the year…

  11. The whole concept of lead ins goes back to the 80’s and earlier where people actually had to get up off their lounge to change TV channels. Makes no sense these days, and only affects a very small number of people who are indecisive or simply don’t care to much about what they watch.

    Shows like Rush for example rate consistantly 1.1-1.2 million every week whether the show before it had 2 million or 600,000 viewers.

  12. The NRL and Channel Nine should be happy with last night’s preliminary final between the Eels and the Bulldogs. A record crowd for a finals match outside the big one (74,549), and more than 10 times more watching the game live in Sydney (765,000). It also did well in Brisbane. Strangely Nine split the figures apart; otherwise the combined total was 1.213 million, making the match the 2nd most watched program of the night behind Seven News.

  13. I’m starting to feel sorry for the 7pm Project. I’ve watched this show pretty much every night since it started and I think it’s moved in leaps and bounds since the first few very awkward weeks. Only thing I could think of that would improve it would be to replace Dave Hughes with Jo Stanley. I really like Jo’s delivery of stories and her insights into the issues of the day. For those who have given up on this show, I highly recommend you revisit it… if only to stave off more two and half men!

  14. Hi David,
    for your story about a farmers girlfriend finding out through tv week he’d broken up with her, you said at the end of the article ‘Nine is yet to make a decision about a fifth season”, yet i’ve been seeing promos on channel 9 asking for farmers who want to be in the next series of ‘farmers want a wife’, so is the promo on channel 9 not right?

  15. I for one have never worried about a lead in in my life – if I want to watch, I watch, if I don’t – I don’t.

    No amount of late starting times or shortened credits etc is going to make me suddenly go ‘oh I will just watch this then’

    Thoughts from others?

  16. Good to see Rush hold up well against The Footy Show. I taped both as it was my birthday last night so Im about to watch them as I speak. Good ratings for The Footy Show. Didnt like the annual players review – Crawf and Sam make the show worth watching!

    Id really love Glee to do above 1 mill. Shame that it doesnt have a good lead in.

  17. it looks like the AFL footy show keeps NRL show alive by combining the ratings. No wonder channel nine has got no hope of catching channnel 7. The NRL version is amature hour and should have been cut years ago. But Nine are trying to satisfy a small group of wealthy executives in NSW.

  18. Wow, amazing numbers for The Footy Show last night. Nine should comfortably smash the competition tonight in Sydney; the Bulldogs-Eels Rugby League elimination final should rate through the ceiling and maybe even set a new ratings record for a finals match. The build-up and anticipation has been immense. Not sure how it will rate in other states, but it will comfortably wipe the floor here in Sydney.

  19. The AFL Footy Show Grand Final edition did very well for Nine in Melbourne. Nine could still win the week, but all will depend on the ratings of NRL finals tonight and tomorrow. The Eels-Bulldogs clash in Sydney tonight has been building up for the past week, a big crowd of 70,000 is expected between the two fierce local rivals, and I reckon 800,000 will watch the game on TV in Sydney alone. The Storm-Broncos final in Melbourne will rate well in Brisbane and Sydney, and (as Nine hopes for) Melbourne.

  20. At the end of the Amazing Race they previewed the first episode of the new season (season 15) which is about to start in the US!

    “Coming soon to Thursdays on Seven” they say. Any new about this? Nice to see that Seven may be fast tracking this season.

  21. loved glee last night, pretty good show considering its mostly about singing,ratings prob not so good cause of its poor lead in! Burn notice was once again an awesome ep and its seriously prob the best spy show out there! hopefully next week the ratings pick up more.

  22. campgrenada ten will stil be happy with Glees demos. This is from a Ten Press Release. As you can see from the below figures, it won its slot in all Key demos

    18-49 – 39.9%
    16-39 – 44.9%
    25-54 – 36.1%

  23. Hi David, Can you please tell me what Footy Show the ratings are for, AFL or NRL as not all states get each footy show but there is a figure shown for all states, did they combine the two shows figures?

  24. Not great for Glee, which is a shame with all the promotion and all. It didn’t fair that well last night in the US against the premieres of Modern Family (absolutely hilarious!!) and Cougar Town either, although the 18-49 demo is what Fox is after I suppose and that was good enough I think. Plus the music from Glee is making money off downloads, so it should stick around in the US. Not sure what Ten will think of the below par ratings here though ….

  25. Glee did ok for ten, still it should be doing 1mil considering all the promotion its had. I also think that it got a bad slot, it should of gone 6.30 Sunday or 7.30 Tuesday. Thursday night is a night where alot of its key audience will be hanging out at there local Westfield. Still me and my brother (whot hates TV, but was addicted to MC and saw Glee after the Finale) are offically Gleeks. Rush held up very well against the Footy Show Grand Final, which hit it hard in it’s home market. TFS: GF did amazing figures for Nine, especially accross 2 hours in Melbourne. i think 7 should stick with Gary, Ive never seen it but it seems to have a loyal 800k audience, as does TAR. Next week, CSI comes along, but im unsure about this, and if it will hurt Rush, hopefully not. Ten have gotta take advantage of NEW NCIS, Celebrity MasterChef and NCIS: LA and promote Rush and make people forget about CSI.

  26. i am also disappointed about the repeats of all saints coming and going im a stay at home mum and i tell u what i dont want to watch murder she bloody wrote its the worst show you could of choosen to take over at leaast put something interesting or aussie on!

  27. i am very dissappointed that channel nine cut out the funniest bits in not only a classic movie but an all time favourite Australian (crocodile dundee) for starters it was on at 10pm which kiddies should be in bed and anthor thing the bits u cut out werent in anyway offencive for its time slot considering what u see at 8.30pm watching underbelly, u dumba**

  28. I love how they get “expert” Rebecca Wilson to rip into Brendan Fevola’s drunken behaviour at the Brownlow medal. At least Fevola has never been done for drink driving.

  29. Great numbers for the pilot eps for NCIS LA. Watched the second one and the first one wasnt the best. The behind the scenes special was fantastic. Someone in my family deleted it from my planner. So angry!

    Whats happening to United States of Tara? Its failing..

  30. @matthew – If 7 didnt keep changing their schedule it wouldnt be a problem. As with IceTV there is a setting to record with “prefer high def”. I dont see the point in 7 filming a show in High Definition and then only showing it on the SD channel and instead showing a movie from 1984. The only idiotic network in this country to do that is Ten with OneHD.
    I would just record Channel 7 instead of 70… but i have a HD-PVR… id like to use its capabilities as much as i can.

  31. Nah i don’t think City Homicide deserves to be axed. I think it’s a great show, but Seven have screwed it around too much which if you have a quality program, rule #1 don’t screw it around. This is now it’s 3rd timeslot, and it did so much better on Sundays, would have fitted right in Sunday, and would probably rate better.

    And they’ve got that many detectives now the show could have it’s own bloody spin off. Don’t know why they needed all 5 detectives to go to a house for 1 man breaking in too.

    Yeah we got Game Day Season’s best in Adelaide too, but it aired at 10.30 instead of 9.30 like it said in tv guide, so Criminal MInds was on 1st.

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