1. Just heard some preliminary ratings for yesterday’s NRL Grand Final. 1.1M viewers in Sydney and 650,000 in Melbourne. About 2.4M viewers overall. Should give Nine a comfortable win for the evening!!!

  2. watched idol tonight and i have to say thank god! the contestants have finally raised the bar!! 6 out of 8 songs were awesome!! and watching rove now and im lmao

  3. Why are people saying HEY HEY wasn’t on on Saturday night.

    It says so in the raitings that an encore screening was shown.

    I don’t get it!! Why are people boycotting the network when it was on.

    Please explain something to me please

  4. JM: There has been a noticable downward trend, just look at the Brisbane figures a month ago, compared to recently. The two things Hot Seat has right now, is favor in Melbourne, and Gold Coast News viewers in Brisbane.

    Deal’s issues in Brisbane can easily be solved, by some clever thinking by Seven.

  5. Geez TEN have had a dog week! NCIS and Celeb MC were the only shows that pulled 1 million +. All their regulars failed like Good News Week, Rush etc. Glee should be scoring in the millions as well.

  6. Probably says something about the networks’ approach to Saturday nights that the top three shows were all newscasts, and they were the only shows to crack the million. Maybe more people would watch if there was something available on Saturdays other than crappy movie reruns?

  7. ok can we please get rid of Susan Bower, Neighbours ratings have been average to awful this year, the only peaks worth mentioning were due to Masterchef

    year on year the ratings for Neighbours ive been down for a few months now.

  8. BH&G was just 1 big advertisement this week…. Bunnings this…. Bunnings that. It was hardly a TV show and more like a Paid segment on one of the morning shows.

    And Hot Seat won again but it was more like people turned off DOND and not that HS got more viewers. Are people getting sick of AOK? I know i am!

  9. Probably flopped because NCIS was only on like a week ago! I love NCIS and always watch the repeats but that was just too much lol. And NCIS LA looks boring compared to the orginal don’t think I’ll bother with it.

  10. I think TEN should try giving Ready Steady Cook another chance at 7 pm to see how it goes and maybe change the lay up of the show. Does anyone know how much it rated when it was on that time?

  11. So Ten’s encores of Celebrity MC and NCIS: LA came fourth, behind Hunter on ABC, and movies on Seven and Nine. That’s bad, even considering there was little promotion for the revised line-up.

  12. Hey Hey if it did return would most certainly go to it’s proper night,tonight is likely an issue with a personality from a rival network who was on the show. With almost no oppostion it would own Sat nights.

    Oh and what’s happening with DOND?? Looks like Seven may have to find a way to combat Hot Seat.

  13. Hopeless numbers for The 7pm Report, 561,000 is terrible. Friday night is not a particularly enthralling night for TV viewing, I didn’t watch anything last night apart from Seven News and Today Tonight.

  14. according to mediaspy – celebrity MC encore rated just over 500K – just scaping into the Top 20.

    the encores of NCIS and NCIS LA must have rated much less because they aren’t in the Top 20 .

    This means about 1.9 m people watched Celeb MC – so I don’t consider it to be dead and buried like some TV critics have already labelled it as such.

    Shame NINE isn’t repeating the HHIS reunion show tonight – I mean it is Saturday for geez sake – Hey? Hey?

    Just adds fuel to the rumour that if did come back on a weekly basis they won’t waste it on Saturday nights. My money is still on Sunday nights – up against DWTS, Border Security, Idol/BL/MC/SYTYCD (or whatever reality show TEN puts on at 7:30pm).

    Who would you watch?

  15. The “Footy shows” have developed into a farse over the years. The AFL show tries very hard to be as outrageous as they can with that idiot Sam Newman as the lead clown.
    The NRL show has the most unprofessional group of presenters I can think of. Paul Vautin has had so many years under his belt to become even an average presenter but he still appears awkward, nervous and that shaking head…
    If you want to hear about the game, tune into the sunday shows. If you want cheap frills, watch the footy shows.

  16. Perhaps a reason for the dismal ratings for The NRL Footy Show was the fact it didn’t finish until 12.15am Friday. Also Fatty mentioned that Sterlo was returning to the show full-time next year and he was still waiting for a contract so maybe they are revamping the show next year without Fatty.

  17. @Jim MD. Are you serious? “it is doubtful that people in Sydney want to hear about League.” Rugby League games routinely rate their head off in Sydney and it is the major winter football code here. It has just enjoyed one of its most successful years, ratings wise, in NSW, and there is enormous interest in this Sunday’s Grand Final. League isn’t even close to being a spent force in this state, it is still very much the dominant football code. Which makes last night’s ratings for the Footy Show all the more shocking.

  18. @Jim MD you see that’s the thing when i watch the Footy Show i actually want them to discuss Footy. That’s why it’s in the title!

    I’m in Adelaide, and i no longer watch the AFL Footy Show because it’s crap now, nothing but gags and stupid segments with Shane Crawford. When i’ve watched the NRL Footy Show however i’ve loved it, they actually talk about the game, and i find that version far more entertaining and interesting. And i’m an AFL supporter. That’s why i don’t get the difference in ratings, because to me the NRL version is actually better.

  19. JIm MD: I’m with you on the poor quality of entertainment on the NRL Footy Show, but you’re on pretty shaky ground with the ‘league is not popular in NRL TV markets’ argument.

  20. The problem with the NRL footy show is twofold. Firstly they are poor entertainers and the variety aspect is dull and falls flat. And secondly when they start talking football everyone dies of bordom because the NRL is not the major sport in this country, and even in Sydney is doubtful that the people want to hear about league. The show is just a heavy promotional tool for the NRL and the figures prove it. Talk about propaganda, that for sure. I am sick of Nine trying to satisfy a handful of wealthy media executives at the expense of quality TV.

  21. I loved watching last night’s CSI. Great to see where the promo came from. Also good to see Sara back, even if it’s only for a few episodes.

  22. It really annoys me that people prefer to watch the stale and repetitive CSI over the fresh and deftly written Rush. Hopefully they get over it after a week. Nice to see Glee do solidly tho.

  23. Nine deliberately scheduled CSI against Rush to try to reduce the latter’s ratings, and eventually force the police drama out of the current timeslot. And initial figures suggest Nine may have succeeded, as CSI convincingly beat Rush in all cities including Melbourne. Which is a shame, as Rush is a good Australian drama and deserves to flourish.
    @ angelsgal: this Sunday’s sneak peek of Glee (episode 4) is apparently a one-off, to lure people away from the NRL Grand Final which happens at the same time in Sydney and Melbourne.

  24. @ Ducko… You’re welcome to be critical of Rush, no need to get your knickers in a twist.
    I just like conversation… you know where someone makes a point and the next person expands on that point or gives a different opinion.

  25. Quite a good result for Glee last night, and Channel Nine did particularly well. I don’t normally watch Getaway, but watched last night’s Australian wonders episode. It was excellent, I was very impressed by it. I am very shocked by the result for the NRL Footy Show; 32nd for the evening, given that a prominent Sydney team with a huge following is in the Grand Final? What the hell happened here? Only 225,000 viewers in Sydney – that is shocking. There have been rumours for years that the NRL Footy Show was going to be canned. Perhaps it should be, that is just a diabolical result for the biggest edition of the show for the year.

  26. @crAig, Why is no-one allowed to be critical of Rush?
    All I said was the fact that its ratings were down & it got the same total number as Rescue. Yes different nights, different competition & very different demos, but, by coincidence the same total.

  27. what a night for ten, glee beat rush, rush was down on last week but burn notice grew! lol, all over the place. burn notice was awesome last night!

  28. See Channel Nine, if you have intriguing advertising you’ll get viewers. Instead of just overfloooding your ads with random scenes, do creative things with your ads like you did with CSI (even though that ad was from America). The ad was so intriguing that I just had to watch what happens.

    And Hot Seat beats Deal; again, sticking with something pays off.

    So good to see Ellen beat Dr Phil. Probably because all the school kids (like myself) are on holidays, and most of us love Ellen. The View is also doing well up against Queen Oprah.

    Plus Today beats Sunrise in Sydney and Melbourne. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Today should seriously consider moving the show to Melbourne (perhaps Fed Square) to build on its loyal Melboune viewers. There were talks of moving it a while ago, but it never happened.

  29. @ ducko… by comparison though, Rush wins it’s demo’s in the 18-49 and 16-39. 2nd top show of the night in those demos as well.
    RSO doesn’t come close to winning it’s demos

  30. Rush didnt do that well last night, being beaten by Glee. Thats a shame, TEN wouldnt be too happy! And either am I – Used to rate 1.3 million, now its dropped below a million. Not good.

  31. Shame about Rush, awsome epsiode last night. Glee was alos great. Ten will be very impressed with its demos, question is, can it hold an over 40% share in 18 – 49 when Ghost Whisper comes along, i doubt it. Ten won 16 – 39 and 18 -49 on the back of Glee and Rush, which also had impressive demos. I think it says GleeThurs, cos there was a promo at the end about a Sunday SneakPeek at 6.30, maybe ten are testing the waters for a move pre Idol and keep it away from Ghost Whisper. Im sure they have a few cop fatuals from overseas they can fill the 7.30 slot witrh Thursday, or maybe swap Glee and Generation

  32. The figures for Sunrise & Today in Sydney & Melbourne have been really close this week.

    And Hot Seat beat Deal. Wonder why it couldnt do that on Monday with the Million Dollar Question (which everyone knew wasnt going to go off)

    Also great to see Ellen is smashing Dr Phil…. she has to be my fav person on US TV. And the View is competetive with Oprah…. I look forward to my Ellen/View combo every day either when i have the day off work or watching it in the staff room over lunch.

    The Footy Show really needs to be put out to pastour i think… The NRL version struggles without the figures for the AFL Version…. Interesting to see this year they didnt go to the trouble of having a massive show at the Entertainment Centre. They must have run out of money or something. Was the show watched by anyone in Melbourne? or would that be in tonight figures?

    I dont know if i would have shown a 3 hour kids movie on a Thursday night on Seven. Epecially one that has been out for 4-5 years and most people (with kids)would no doubt have on DVD. Good luck getting a kid to sit still for 3 hours. The movie only runs for 2 hrs & 15 mins so thats 45 mins worth of Ads they have to sit through. In my opinion if the Commercial Channels want to show Movies they should get advertisers to “sponsor” the Movies and run then Commercial Free with limited onscreen advertising (especially for kids movies). Otherwise it is easier to grab the DVD or switch to foxtel.

  33. Shame about Rush’s number cos it was another great episode last night. So too was City Homicide the night before, excellent ep, but bad numbers. Hope Seven don’t think about axing the show because of the lower ratings it getting. It’s their own fault for screwing it around. Put it on a Sunday, leave it on a Sunday and it would rate its socks off. Don’t know why they don’t just switch Bones with City Homicide on Sundays.

  34. Wow Glee is just killing it in the demos. No.1 show for the night in 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54!!
    But of course Grandma and Grandpa aren’t tuning in so it brings down the ttl people. What a shame. Brilliant ep last night, next weeks looks even better, can’t wait for Single Ladies.

  35. Jack,
    PTTR’s number was lower due to new NCIS. Still a good figure, 200k higher than NCIS. All shows peak in ratings and then drop. And Neighbours doesnt get 6000k! Hahaha.. good grief! Major typo!

    How the hell did the Apprentice Australia get that many viewers last night? More than its actual premiere. Im tipping FlashForward will sit at around 1.3 mill in the next few weeks, with HHIS at 1.9mill next week.

  36. What horrible ratings!

    City Homicdide- 700k (Australia for god’s sake watch the show its a decent drama that has good prospects of logevity.)

    Neighbours- 6000k- Please get those ratings up!! Just watch the show, its actually a lot better than what you think at the moment, the amount of work that has gone into improving it over the past couple of years and the fact the majority of you can’t even be bothered to tune in disgusts me!

    PTTR- 1.6- Not a bad figure but copnsidering this show is like the abckbone of Aussie TV at the moment and the thing that is holding together this fragile industry please can a few more tune in so we can get this show abck in the 2 millions.

    Home and away- Stop watching this show your 1.2 mill a night is helping this s**t so carry on going and ruining our Tv scheduals- please stop watching then Seven will ditch the show!!

  37. I experienced a side effect due to watching Hey Hey last night. I turned on my TV this morning and what was on? Channel Nine! So, I watched Today over my toast instead of Sunrise. It wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered changing the channel, more so they got me interested in what they were showing.

  38. holy s**t! hasn’t anybody got a life with that many people watching hhr over 2.1 million i couldn’t stand daryl and no more then half an hour when it extended to nearly 3hrs god help everyone!, i also think 7s made a huge mistake with ch on wed its getting its worse ratings but it is still a excellent show, so move it back to sun where it would fit in great with border and the force.

  39. 9 will jump head first to get HHIS back on tv and won’t it backfire like everything else they do.
    MC celebrities???? What celebrities. Looking at the others they have coming up hahahaha.

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