No risk for 20-TEN

talkin bout On set Shaun 2A year ago when TEN unveiled its programming for 2009 it brazenly shocked the nation when it said Big Brother would be replaced by a cooking show. And it promised other local titles including Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation, Guerilla Gardeners, Bondi Vet and even some that never eventuated: Australia’s Hidden Genius and Undercover Boss.

Unveiling its 2010 titles last night in Melbourne, TEN programmer David Mott played it both safe and sure, only promising one new local title, the Junior Masterchef spin-off. For a network that has prided itself on taking risks (including the Big Brother brand, dropping Sunday night movies, and commissioning MasterChef Australia and The 7PM Project), it is a stark contrast.

As Mott tells TV Tonight, he is buoyant about heading into the new year from a position of strength. The network has confirmed its returning shows will be led by Masterchef, The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance, Australian Idol, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Rove, Recruits, Bondi Rescue and Rush.

“That’s the good thing about where we sit today. We haven’t had to take a big risk,” he says.

“Yes a lot of it’s what we’ve known but that’s the best position for any network to be in. Because at the end of the day we’re creating television that people want. They have clearly resonated with these shows.

“Media-buyers, advertisers, key clients, they want shows they know have some audience numbers there that says ‘this demographic watches that show.'”

Mott says 2009 was all about building domestic content.

“We knew we were saying farewell to Big Brother. We knew we had a big job convincing the market and coming up with new shows. It was hugely risky.

“If you think 12 months ago when we gave a sense of a lot of new programmes, how did the market react? MasterFlop I think was the term used,” he says.

“A number of those on your site referred to it as MasterFlop but I’ve got to say you are my site of choice in terms of updates on television and to get exactly what’s happening in the industry. You’re the first site I go to. And I have absolute respect for people on that site, because you need to get a sense of what they’re talking about.

“And when I read about MasterFlop I thought ‘God have we made the right decision? These are our viewers.’ But again, people probably didn’t see what people saw in that show.”

Other titles to return in 2010 include Merlin, House, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Dexter, Californication, Burn Notice, Bondi Vet, Good News Week, Neighbours, Numb3rs, The Simpsons, Jamie Oliver, Lie to Me, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Intent, Medium, TEN News, AFL. They will be joined by new US series The Good Wife, The Cleveland Show and Modern Family along with the continuation of Glee.

“The benefit was while MasterChef was just launching we then went to the US for the LA screenings and suddenly we’re seeing some shows coming through and we’re thinking, ‘Now we’re starting to cook.’

“This is starting to become the network that we’ve been looking forward to for some time. We’ve never had the sum of all the parts,” he says.

Pivotal to this were the deals with CBS and the winning deal with FOX Studios.

Local drama Offspring, described as Brothers and Sisters meets The Secret Life of Us, is hoped to proceed to a series. The Hawke telemovie is also slated for 2010.

But not everything is settled. The 7PM Project has struggled to build an audience amid comment its format is still in need of change. Mott says he would be happy with 850,000 viewers.

“It’s not right, it’s not there yet,” he concedes. “But I gotta tell you, it is going to get there. The idealogy behind 7PM is absolutely right. And there’s nothing stronger in my mind that that show will be around in 5 years plus. Things may change within it, but the idea of that show absolutely belongs at 7pm. I completely stand by it.

“I’ve been very clear with that show from day one. We are completely changing the landscape of news gathering and news reporting each day. Now have we got it right? Not 100%. My view is we’re 65% – 70% there.

And as I’ve been saying to a lot of people, it’s content over comedy not comedy over content.”

TEN plans to continue the show through summer, into the new year and indeed, into the ratings year moving key shows such as The Biggest Loser and MasterChef to 7:30pm. Mott is adamant the shows will improve their pull at 7:30pm.

“Suddenly people are over with dinner and they can now sit down as a family and watch television. All the shows get a bump at 7:30,” he says.

“Whenever I would extend the episodes from 7:00 to 8:00 –and I did that often– with MasterChef and with Loser, you always got a bump at 7:30. There’s some switching going on at 7:30. So potentially those shows can perform even better from 7:30 – 8:30.”

One of the networks other weak points is Friday nights. Next year TEN will rollout extended episodes of Biggest Loser on Fridays with a ‘healthy living’ outlook. Based on the succes of its Friday Masterclass on MasterChef, It will include a dietician, doctor and cook.

“I think Better Homes and Gardens great show, but you know what? It doesn’t deserve the figures it’s getting. We’ve proven that with MasterChef up against it. We can knock it off.

“We are committed to doing something broader on a Friday night. It’s tough. You’ve got NRL and AFL. We’ve tried series. But I’m very open to ideas from our loyal fans about trying to find a solution there but they need to go back and study what’s gone there before. I think we’ve got the answer with extended Biggest Loser and extended MasterChef.

As for Australian Idol, Mott defends its one million viewers and its demographics. The network is yet to begin discussions with FremantleMedia on how it would adjust the show for 2010.

“All the product we try and develop nowadays is the ‘stickiness’ factor of these shows.It’s not just a linear broadcast now. That’s not what television’s all about. It’s the stickiness: online, catch-up, mobile… Australian Idol still plays a function of bringing content to consumers in a number of different ways.”

With the Delhi Commonwealth Games set for October, TEN is also considering its option for the programming of Idol next year.

Another show yet to be clarified is 9AM with David and Kim. With David Reyne departing the show at the end of the year, TEN is still considering its options for the competitive morning slot, particularly when it enjoys no significant lean-in.

“It’s like having 3 casinos in 3 shopping centres all delivering the same thing. What you need is a real point of difference there. You’ve got male / female, female, blah blah blah… all well and good. But when you’re delivering the same message in principal and the same reason why they belong then we need to create something new,” he says.

“Where we lose out in the mornings, we gain in the afternoon, and we do. Look at the numbers.

“There is a great opportunity to come up with something new and different in that timeslot and that’s what we’re about at the moment.”

Finally, TEN confirmed its plans for a new digital channel to replace ONE SD, at a time of its choosing.

“We’re assessing where Nine are at, where Seven is at, so it gives us the ability to go ‘Ok where do we see our channel going forward?’ We are technically ready.”



  1. TEN have made a few very good acquisitions from the US – Modern Family is a very good comedy. I just hope that Australia gives it a try because it would be a shame if it doesn’t work. The Good Wife is one I’m looking forward to – though I’m just about to fit into the 16-39 demographic (16 soon) I find these sort of legal dramas very interesting. Usually Seven or Nine have legal dramas such as Boston Legal so this is an interesting move by Ten.
    I think Ten will have a good year, lots of promising titles. And hey, maybe Junior Masterchef will motivate me to cook!

  2. why don’t you guys at the channel ten network not do another Master Chef for the adults but think of kids it could be a kids version of Master Chef 2010 like junior Master Chef ???

  3. The 7pm Project deserves to succeed.Some of us might think it’s nonsense but I was watching earlier this week and the content is rather good and accurate besides not all of us get to watch an earlier News Bulletin or can wait till 9:30pm for SBS World News So This makes a perfect compromise.
    I was surprised My Mum was watching it the other day after getting fed up of those old Charlie Sheen Repeats and I don’t blame the woman.

    • Can’t confirm NJ, but don’t take that as meaning it is out. The list I did receive today doesn’t include all the titles I saw on the showreel either. Frankly if Dexter is back and it’s been 11pm Saturdays I reckon NJ will be as it is first run.

  4. wow- what an interesting discussion about this post. I am an huge fan of network 10 and was happy with there successes this year.

    But should the network should keep the The 7pm project many changes need to be made. I think they should look at modeling the concept on the View shown during the day on Nine. The hosts on The View have a variety of backgrounds, professions and ideas. The concept could easily translate with the 7pm project (mix of male and femaile hosts). Money needs to be spent on the quality of the hosts- not just a couple of ‘lame jokers’ from Rove. Have one or two Big names- people the country knows and responds too. Just off the top of my head Jana Wendt, Megan Gale and Magda along with a few others (some fellas). Maybe not the best example but you get the idea.

    Another thing that I think Ten should consider is having an animaton night once a week- similar to PayTv. The figures of shows like American guy rate pretty well at 10 pm on Seven- sometimes better than programs shown on other networks (including 10) at 7.30 the same night. Purchase these and team up with the Simpsons and such.

    Finally- Ten has the opportunity this coming year to produce a new drama series. Great to see they are considering this. Rush preforms ok and when you look at the figues on Seven- now is the time. Especially with the long running All Saints now ending.

    Anyway- thats enough suggestions- if they want me they can contact me hehe.

  5. If Ten wants the 7pm Project to succeed and continue, they need better hosts. They obviously overrated the popularity of the hosts they got for the show. Dave Hughes is largely maligned in most circles. Charlie Pickering is a non-entity to most people. Carrie Bickmore has little comedic skill. Ruby Rose is pointless on the show. The only person who’s really succeeded on the show has been James Matheson.
    If they really want it to build a fanbase, they need to get hosts who are Actually Popular- Hamish and Andy, Shaun Micallef, Arj Barker, Angus Sampson, Josh Lawson. That’s who people really want to see, not Hughsey and his gang.

  6. I think he’s absolutely right to move the major franchises to 7:30. It’s a much more convenient timeslot and I also recall Big Brother receiving massive audience boosts in the second half of its hour long Daily Show’s (sometimes it would gain around 400,000 from the first to last quarter). Having said that, I’m not sure whether The 7:00PM Project is the right choice for 7:00, but It’ll will be interesting to see what changes they make.

    Also great to see Ten are continuing with Dexter and Californication.

  7. 7pm is a great show, and will get better in time. 4 regulars on the desk every night would be great. 7pm to last until 2014, highly unlikely. how much faith can Ten have? 7 pm should take a break for 6 months, while loser/ masterchef are on, and improve its format. I do not like the plan to show Masterchef at 7 30.

    Can’t wait for the new season of House next year. As for Dexter, why do Ten even bother wasting such a brilliant show? Glee is one of the best shows i’ve seen in years. thank you so much Ten! please continue to treat it right.

    I think one of Ten’s main problems, is that they have poor cotent on between late July- late September. They have no new episodes of imports, and reality shows are over. Best thing they had this year was Rush, which should always be saved for a July showing. They need to find something to fill these months.

    Great interview David, and David Mott is just brlliant. So honest with his viewers and the best personality of all the Free to air programmers. Leckie and Gyngell are just arrogant and rude. let the promotion for 2010 begin.

  8. 21 episodes of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation seems like a lot. I hope that the season is split to give the back 1/2 a boost. I thought TEN may have thought about launching Undercover Boss in the 2nd half also, but no mention, I guess moving Loser and MasterChef to 7.30 gives them a lot less slots to fill.

    As for Friday’s issues, I think a regular contestants version of Friday Night Games would be good, but again, I think only short seasons would work. Maybe an Aussie version of Saturday Night Live (renamed obviously) would work on Fridays? Or copy FOX’s Saturdays with Australia’s Most Wanted and Cps? Maybe also a 60 Minutes type program?

    7.30 The Biggest Loser/MasterChef/Friday Night Games

    8.30 SNL Rip-off
    10.00 Cops
    8.30 60 Minutes Rip-off
    9.30 Australia’s Most Wanted
    10.00 Cops

  9. @daqua_99 I vote No for Glee on Friday nights! It will kill the show… The target audience will be out having a drink with friends and the audience numbers will crash.

    I already cancel Allmy plans so that I can watch the show on a Thursday night… (My sister gave birth to her first kid on Monday, because of Glee, I didn’t visit my nephew tonight… (I visited him earlier today though, so I’m not all bad! haha)).

    If it was on a Friday I would just end up never watching it… Or my friends would not like me any more because I would never be able to go out for Friday night drinks.

    James Gleek

  10. @Billy C I think that is spot on. I think where 7pm fails is content. Considering there is never time to cover any subjects so that I feel I know anything more anyway, concentrating on the jokes would actually make it a laugh.
    The show’s pace fails because someone will be on a roll and then suddenly get cut off. Perhaps we really only need one topic per segment, instead of trying to cover everything?
    Hughesy does a fine job of joking about current events every morning on the radio, but on the TV show he just seems flummoxed. It’s like, “one liner – move on!”

  11. I have fond memories of the Golden Years of Hollywood on Ten on Saturday nights. They should look to try and revive that, with a younger host, and capture the interest of young people who have grown up without being exposed to the great movies of the past.

  12. @ Justin – They could always move to 8:30pm weeknights … I like doing these, so these are my ‘predictions’

    Sunday: 6:30 – Merlin / 7:30 – The Biggest Loser Weigh-In / 8:30 – So You Think You Can Dance / 10:00 – Supernatural
    Weekdays: As-is with News at 5, Simpsons, Neighbors and 7PM Project. From 7:30 onwards…
    Monday: 7:30 – The Biggest Loser Elimination / 8:30 – So You Think You Can Dance Elimination / 9:30 – Good News Week
    Tuesday: 7:30 – The Biggest Loser Warehouse/Challenge / 8:00 – Bondi Rescue / 8:30 – NCIS: LA / 9:30 – House
    Wednesday: 7:30 – The Biggest Loser Temptation/Walk / 8:30 – NCIS / 9:30 – Lie To Me
    Thursday: 7:30 – The Biggest Loser Major Challenge / 8:30 – Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation / 9:30 – Law and Order: SVU
    Friday: 7:30 – The Biggest Loser ‘Lifestyle Format’ / 8:30 – Glee / 9:30 – ??

    This doesn’t take into account The Recruits, Bondi Vet, Rush, Dexter, Californication, etc but it seems to be the best way to do it unless they cut down The Biggest Loser/Masterchef from their daily line-up, which, going by their ratings, would be an idiotic move.

  13. I totally agree that the 7PM Project show is too short, especially when they’re interviewing someone who’s in the country to promote a film. What Ten could and should do, is move the crap Neighbours show to 6pm and have 7PM
    Project air from 6.30 – 7.30 pm.

  14. If ten are to revive its a knockout I say don’t put it on friday. How about sunday 6:30 it would work. We already see Wipeout dominating on GO! Its A Knockout could do really well. But don’t make Fitzy a host. Please! Get someone good and don’t make it all about the hosts make it more about the knockouts!

    I also think in the later half of the year ten should give Undercover a Boss a go! It looks really really good in the states and its something that is actually working here in Australia with other similar concepts like; Secret Millionaire – although thats a documentary I think Undercover Boss could be a bit of fun. Go On Ten give it a go!

  15. Thanks for the interview David – interesting reading.

    Jason I agree Friday Night Live was a solid performer on Fridays, something you could retire to after a long week and just throw out your brain. It always did around 900k which is up to 500k more than they’re currently getting in that timeslot. Goonies I’m pretty sure the FNL spin-off was with celebs. Naturally they were Z-list with teams like “Australian Idol contestants” or “Football players”.

  16. tasmanian devil

    Thanks David, reading that interview was refreshing and a nice contrast from arrogant Tim Worner the other day. The only disappointing part was reading that Idol will be back in 2010. Looks like they are intending to drag it out and do it to death or beyond…
    I would say that I am against a 6pm news bulletin for Ten, and to keep The Simpsons, because 1) The Simpsons is the ideal alternative to news, 2) Ten would get killed against 7 and 9 News, and 3) there’s nothing wrong with the existing timeslot (i.e. Ten News wins constantly).
    Well done and long live Network Ten.

  17. David M , how bout a variety style show for a Friday night, something akin to CH 4’s in the UK Sunday Night Project, or hamish and andy doing “saturday night takeway” style show(i think i read about that a few years back) Soething the whole family can watch and is funny but dosn’t have to relay on crappy humour like HHIS

  18. Re: The 7pm Project – I honestly think the problem is it is too short. You just start getting interested in what people have to say about an issue and then it’s on to the next subject. I think it needs to be an hour long, keep up the special guests as I often tune in just to see who is on (I’m sure others do too)…

  19. I have a Friday night suggestion – one of the best performing Non-Better Homes shows was Friday Night Live, if they could revive the Friday Night Games format but stay away from celebrities and instead have regular people on. Regular people don’t protect their image the way celebs often do, it would make for more rivetting television.

  20. I would like to see 7pm become a better show – how about starting with the hideous set David M? I think the panel should be extended to four people all the time too. I think Charlie is a good host, mainly because he isn’t afraid to have an opinion about things – sick to death of Rove type hosts who just sit on the fence (I feel Andrew G is doing that this week).

    Not happy Idol is back, and not too sure about Junior Masterchef. Do not remove Neighbours from 6.30 and do not implement 1.5 hours of news please.

    I agree that a Retro Friday is a great idea, Melrose, 90210, Macgyver etc.

    You can do it channel 10, I believe in you :)
    (and I hate having to watch 7 & 9, you get treated like a moron)

  21. Mott is very confident with the 7PM Project. I however have given up on it, no way its still going to be around in 5 years. Get rid of Charlie and Hughsey, they are no good.

  22. I think 2010 should be Idol’s final year, but it should be announced before the auditions begin. It might help increase the talent pool if people know it is their absolute last chance to try out. Also needs the results show back, but at 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be Mondays either. But there needs to be something Idol related on another night besides Sunday.

    I like the idea of sitcom night on Fridays. Also please consider The Office again for Summer or a low profile time slot.

  23. Anything about a new logo? I would have thought 2010 would have been the perfect year for it…

    Not that the logo is tired… I just like new things 😉

  24. GNW I hope comes back but couldn’t they had the best of both worlds like 90210 at 7:30pm and GNW an hour later to keep their targetted generation who watch both given the lack of decent offerings elsewhere happy.

    I love my funny takes on the news and how a programme like that makes a person smarter.

  25. I would have liked then to develop at least two new australian series – one drama and one comedy. they could have used their high rating programs to launch more shows. It would enhance their rating perofmrance in the back end of 2010.

  26. @KFed I think Idol isn’t dead I just think its timeslot isn’t right. We seen Idol do some very nice number during the semi finals on weeknights. How about a move to Thursday 7:30 with an elimination show on Fridays or possibly Sunday 6:30 for half an hour? The performance show on thursday 7:30 managed close to 1.3 mill its highest figure so far this year. As for changes there is one I would make – Lose the judges give people something new to listen to!

  27. Thanks for a great interview and it’s great to see once again David taking the time to communicate with non traditional media.
    This comment “And as I’ve been saying to a lot of people, it’s content over comedy not comedy over content.” strikes me as strange. In my opinion and this is more from radio than tv, you never get a good result when you get comedians and then ask them not to be funny all the time. They’re not happy and they’re not sure why they’re doing what they’re doing. Why stack a panel with comics and then have comedy the secondary element? The panel got it right but they had a week of stories to choose from and a longer format. They were also around before the internet was as big as it is now. I still think it’s a confused show but I think it’s great channel 10 are actually giving it a shot and I hope it pays off for them.

  28. As I’ve said many a time before, TEN really should look at moving their News service to 6pm; the First at 5 thing really isn’t relevant anymore in the digital age. Problem is, TEN seem to be resistant to any form of change, particularly between 5pm to 7:30pm.

    The programming is this area has been non-existent for the past odd-15-years; at the time, it may have been a good idea, come on guys, you’ve been on endless Simpsons repeats, interspersed her & there with failed projects or other repeat sitcoms, that Seriously, when one think TEN, they think Simpsons – and Law & Order and that’s about IT! And I don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

    I would be happy for Neighbours to remain @ 6:30pm (happier for it at 7.00pm, it’s original home) as long as it it didn’t suffer the shocking lead-in it’s had for over a decade!

  29. @ Russell: News at 5 & 6? That’s way too much. It would also potentially damage either 5pm news or 6pm news. No one wants 2 hours of news back to back.

  30. Hi David, great interview, congrats! Was there any word on when exactly MasterChef Australia and Biggest Loser will come back? I assume MasterChef first, then Loser? Thanks!

  31. Idol really, really needs to be put out of its misery. I can’t think of a possible format change that could save it.
    Or maybe we could get already well-known acts and have Dicko tell them why they suck? I’d watch that.

  32. As for the Friday night problem, maybe say a two hour youth oriented show from 7.30 – 9.30 with music, interviews, youth culture, etc – something poeple can watch before they go out or have on while friends are over? Then follow with series for those staying home.

  33. I think you’d find that many Ten news viewers are actually gone long before 6pm in any case. I’ve seen a number of comments here and elsewhere about people who switch over to 7 or 9 around sport time and then watch 6pm news. I don’t think news at 6 would do anything for Ten and I don’t think having 90 minutes of news on 10 would hold the same numbers it has as a 5-6pm average.

  34. What about shows such as 90210 and Melrose?? When are we seeing these??

    Why can’t they put them on a Friday night? or after Glee?

    Also, they should switch their news to 6PM and have editorial content like Fox News.
    This is different and would appeal rather than watch bogan “current affair” shows on the other two.

    Neighbours could move to 5PM after Bold.

    Surely there must be a show they could try at 7PM and Friday nights, I mean there are 1000’s of channels worldwide.

  35. One assumes The Spearman Experiment is gone with the wind, as I can’t see it mentioned in the article.

    Hopefully Madga gets another shot at TV hosting, she just needs the right vehicle I think.

    And as always I would love to see Ten use its archives and show some classic stuff from the 60 – 80s either on a new digital channel or as a late night ‘cult’ idea.

  36. It costs Ten $25000 to air a Simpsons repeat at 6pm, most of which have been already shown 2000 times (which means they probably have to make 3 times that much in the ads shown from 6 – 6.30pm for 8 or 9 minutes), so it’d definitely be cheaper and wiser for Ten to show a re-airing of what their 5pm news covered in 40 minutes, over 22 minutes at 6pm, or they could show longer Aus interviews and stories, that had to be cut down for the 5pm news.

  37. @Russel or the opposite could happen and ten lose viewers and GO! and 7TWO gain viewers, in particular. People will get bored of the hour long news and may switch over for another opinion or for entertainment! Ten already win the 6 timeslot in 16-39 and competitive in 18-49 so you can see why ten would opt for repeats of simpsons over more news. Also a repeat of the simpsons costs 20,000 dollars to show which would be a lot cheaper than showing more news. But I agree i think ten should increase the news – but I was just giving you an idea from the other perspective its not all win win.

  38. @ Paull. I never said move Ten News @ 5. I said a brand new Ten News @ 6. In addition.

    So you’d have

    5.00 Ten News @ 5
    6.00 Ten News @ 6
    6.30 Neighbours
    7.00 The 7pm Project
    7.30 Primetime

    Ten News @ 6 may not win, but I’m certain it would do better than The Simpsons does now. It also stops that massive switch off from news at 5 into simpsons at 6 that Ten has now. Not only would they bost their own 6pm numbers, but they would dent Nine and Seven’s numbers.

    It’s win win.

  39. Excellent Interview, Ten is really taking a good hard look at itself. No mention of Bondi Vet returning, that was such a solid show this year, thought for sure it would be making a return. Great to hear David checks out this site to get a feel for what people are thinking, as for friday night the solution is Sitcom night an Hour of “The Office” plus other comedys..

  40. You cannot have digital at above 576i as the main channel which is the analogue equivalent otherwise that’s HD and the law as it stands does not allow that.

    Those asking for Ten HD to return you have let any programming from any Ten network channel on it not just Ten 1. You may not like sport having exclusive access but you’ll find there’s bugger all room for all HD content on one channel without having something rescheduled or delayed “very frequently”. ONE will be HD for some time (probably + 3 years) until more spectrum is used or compression broadcasting starts up depending on MPEG-4 equipment take up.

    I’d also say Mott is playing his cards close to his chest because until Ten 2 is ready to start there’s hardly any benefit in announcing what shows will be on it for the competition to counter act.

  41. @ Russell: I have to disagree with your opinion of moving 10 news to 5. Ten news does well at it’s 5pm times slot, and being a whole hour of news/ sports, it targets a different market. If they go for the 6pm slot then they’re likely to lose because people are used to getting their news from 7 and 9, any other competitors will only eat into that share, rather than build it up. Also, if they moved neighbours to 7pm, then that would push out the 7pm project, one of my favourite regular weeknight shows (I didn’t jump for it at first, but it grew on me).

    Maybe ten should get rid of Ten digital and turn it into Ten HD at 720p, with OneHD reduced to 720p, for those who want SD ten, just turn to an analogue tuner, almost all digital tvs/ tuners have an analogue tuner built into it.

  42. Great interview David!

    Doh I was one of those people who called it Masterflop early! It just seemed to catch fire in a way like no other, certainly surpassed all expectations. Made a believer out of me.

    I agree that 7pm Project should remain on air, sure the figures aren’t great but its definately a show that needs time, and I think long term the strategy could pay off.

    Friday nights are a real problem, and will probably only get worse once the weather not sure what the solution is there, maybe extend out 7pm Project? or maybe a 2hour Sitcom block? Friends/Raymond/Simpsons/Seinfeld?

    Is it worth getting the rights to WWE? Seems to work in the 80s for 10. Or maybe aim at the teen audience? Perhaps something of a Young Talent Time type show?

  43. Swayslayer, Ten tried all new Law & Order with all new medium Medium this year on Friday night, but it appears any audience who would normally watch those shows prefer to watch the series on the ABC on Friday nights. Fox has the same problem in the U.S. It’s a tough one to fix.

  44. Well I was expecting to see something more from ten to be honest. My guess is Generation might take a sunday timeslot – with no rove could it be an 8:30 timeslot? It will be interesting to see how it pans out with The Biggest Loser at 7:30. Because Glee is sure to continue so that would mean atleast one night with no The Biggest Loser unless both Generation and Glee go to Sunday – which I believe is doubtful I couldn’t see Glee working at 6:30 Sunday especially in summer. Maybe it will look like this on Sunday:
    6:30 TBL
    7:30 Glee
    8:30 Generation
    9:30 Supernatural
    Obviously Generation will run overtime and probably go till about 10:00.

    10 if you are going to keep Idol going next year Please move it to a week day and bring back the elimination show – just condence it to a half hour. Also its time to remove the old judges and bring in some fresh faces – give us something to watch for how about Delta as a judge and a few other fresh names that might give us something to watch for!

  45. I love David Mott! What a professional. Smart guy. I love that he is sticking with 7pm in 2010. I agree with him, it has so much potential. They just need to get the content right. It can’t be too expensive. And I’m guessing it actually does better demo numbers than US sitcom repeats (the alternative). Fridays are tough for Ten as the 18-49s and even more so the 16-39s are not home. That’s why Seven kills it with Better Homes. When Ten tried to go older with Law & Order, that didn’t work either – as the oldies were parked over on seven or ABC1. So Mott is right. Extended MasterChef, Biggest Loser etc sounds perfect. It bridges the gap of younger skewing stuff, and if those hours can be made a little more “lifestyle-ish” it may steal some people from Better Homes.

    David, I’d love to see Ten introduce a 6pm local news in each market. Not a 90 minute news. But a brand new “Ten News At Six”. Some anchors as 5, but fresh reports, fresh content, continually pushed to in the 5pm hour (“Coming up new at 6, new at 6, new at 6”) You have the advantage in that more people are watching you between 5 and 6 than any network. keep the momentum into 6pm. Make the 6pm News a little younger, a little edgier (Fox style) and challange the old way Seven and Nine do news. I think you could easily win 18-49 and 16-39 with the right news at 6. And give Neighbours at 7pm a boost. Has to be cost effective too – you have the crews and talent in place at 5.59pm.

    HD. As the world moves to HD, and even cable turns HD (W HD, UKTV HD) it is pure craziness that a national broadcast network is not in HD! You have stunning shows. Let them shine in HD. In 3 years you’ll be outdone by W HD. How embarassing! Give HD back to Ten, One becomes SD only – and your third network SD too.

    9am. “There is a great opportunity to come up with something new and different in that timeslot and that’s what we’re about at the moment.” Have you seen “Live with Regis & Kelly” in the US. Brilliant! No infomercials, no interviews about skin cancer care, no cooking segments, no lame boring guests. 4 things make “Live” work. It’s Live. 2 The hosts. Two wise cracking nut jobs that are just a little crazy. The guests. And most of al – the studio audience! It makes such a difference. The show feels alive. KAK and Morning Show on Seven feel dead. Put in a studio audience going crazy – with two hosts people will Love. And model it on Regis & Kelly Live

  46. There really was nothing definite in the article about Idol coming back next year, just discussions. Let’s hope the discussion memo has the headline “Idol to be rested”.

  47. David Mott, you bloody legend. Now That’s how it’s done! Given his propensity for reading the viewer comments, I’m going to jump right in and say:

    1. Hire another female host for the morning show. David Reyne’s obvious distaste for the show he was hosting was an insult to the network, his co-host and the team behind the show. Who says TEN has to follow the morning formula of male/female hosts? Get a smart, sophisticated female to join Kim in the mornings. Do what TEN does best and throw caution to the wind.

    2. Friday nights. Oh boy. The night where shows go to die (sorry Magda). Save for Biggest Loser and Masterchef, everything else in that timeslot has failed to attract and audience. Serials, Movies and of course, Simpsons when all else fails. I am not an AFL fan, I abhor DIY shows and as such I would happily watch a Premiere movie (not Love Actually, Mean Girls or About a Boy for the 17th time) or a solid drama. Surely TEN has some Law & Order series in the programming vault? What about a helping of that on a Friday night? It’s admittedly not an easy fix, but it’s one that seems to have everything thrown at it to see what sticks.

    3. I thought that combining Idol into one Super Sunday event was actually a great idea, but the problems start to appear when the first singer takes to the stage 45 minutes after the show has begun, the new judge (while evidently filled with industry knowledge) is an arrogant, name-dropper who can barely get a sentence out without stuttering or speaking nonsense and the guest judges, while undoubtedly heavyweights in the world of music, are more relevant to the demographics watching the other channels. Idol has lost its way, but not its spark. This show is about Australians who love to sing and do it well. Show them the respect they deserve and stop dramatising their “stories” to the point soap opera status.

    5. Thank you for giving us Glee. Not only is it the best 60 minutes of my week, but TEN has treated it with the unique touch that it deserves. Go New Directions!

  48. Friday night used to do good with Big Brother Friday Night Live. And I think Friday Night Games did OK without the BB branding. So why not bring that, or another family/fun show to Fri nights?

  49. The titles were mostly from a showreel we were shown, so it was hard to notate them all. At this stage don’t read anything into titles that aren’t on this list. I have added a few more. Pretty sure GNW is included, I will check. I would say if Dexter is back, Supernatural will be back too.

    Yes David Mott was indeed complimentary about this site. I debated about whether to include it in the article, but I felt given he was respectful of readers it was worth communicating back to my readers. It means you are being heard too…

  50. Ten really needs to fix its Friday and Saturday night schedule (especially in Sydney and Brisbane). As I have said several times before, Ten should not have dropped its output deal with Sony Pictures two years ago, given the network’s movie library is the smallest of the three commercial networks. Ten will need to source programs and movies from independent producers and cable networks in the US, and even Canada, UK and New Zealand.

  51. “So potentially those shows can perform even better from 7:30 – 8:30” or worse. Love how he does not speak At me unlike some other big wigs (even if I prefer the content of 7).

  52. excellent interview david!! and how good was it david said he loves your site and again confirmed that he reads our comments in your forums! now thats a good programmer. Im happy with pretty much everything thats coming back except the 7pm project, ive said it a thousand times, too much news from 5-7.30! over 7 programs about news stories during that time and its too much! get kim watkins hosting the show and ditch charlie. 9am better return because it is different in the way that 9am has way more informed and educational stories than the morning show or kerri anne! and kim watkins is a babe and so good at what she does.
    So 10’s new channel will be 12 im guessing and hopefully have some good content on it which i think they have.

  53. “The site of choice” he is right there, yes stick with the 7pm project it is getting better, please David Mott fix friday night, be daring & innovative, your right about better homes and gardens, and please please dont take as long as ch seven, to announce and launch the second sd channel, before april please. Thank you

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