1. Will be interesting to see if Idol’s ratings lifted last night, given that Harry Connick Jr was guest judge. In the wake of the blackface controversy, people may have viewed in out of curiousity to see him. I saw part of the show last night. Harry was great, such a pleasant, personable bloke, but the talent, bar a couple of them, is still pretty ordinary. I predict Stan will eventually win it. He’s starting to distance himself from the rest of the pack, as Wes Carr did last season. The big band theme last night was much better than that stupid Pink theme last week.

  2. watched idol tonight and was pretty impressed with the performances! they are getting better and better and im glad the brickie went. rove was funny 2 esp when they got delta on the golf buggie and the peter chasing after them in a grandmas cart, lol.

  3. Seven needs to stop swapping around certain shows if they want to keep them rating. I think that The Amazing Race at 9:30 is a poor move, much better suited to 7:30 IMO due to wider potential audience and the lesser competition. 1million v 730 000 proves my point.

  4. There probably would have been a bigger audience for Hey Hey repeats….if we knew they were on and where…….Channel Nine changed their minds sooo many times is was ridiculous!!!!!
    First it was the following Saturday……Like Hello….the show is called Hey Hey Its Saturday…….I …my family and friends all settled down to watch…..and what do we get…… a movie we have seen dozens of times…..and a pre recorded message when one rang the TV station……
    Then it was to be run after the 2nd program……again….a no show…….and finally last nite….without any fanfare on GO!…..I only discovered ti halfway through…..when flicking around on the remote…….
    Also Drop Dead Diva was supposed to start again on Sept. 28th….Where has it gone?!?!?!?…….Some repeats ….again on Go!…..but you have to be a mind reader to find them……as again…..good ole channel nine…..keeps changing the times…….
    No wonder they are slipping…….it is all about customers service and satisfaction….they supply neither……

  5. @Harry. Yeah, totally agree about Charlie Pickering. His jaded/I’m totally bored ****less style of delivery is terrible. He always sounds like he’s there on sufferance. I don’t care for him at all. Don’t get me started on Dave Hughes – God, he’s awful.

  6. Yeah the 7PM Project has been the biggest failure of the year. I personally dont mind it, depends what news stories they talk about. Charlie Pickering sounds so enthusiastic.. Not. Seriously, his voice is underwhelming and bores me.

    Looks like TEN will have to go back to MC / TBL at 7.00 in 2010.

  7. 552,000 people for the 7pm Report on Friday night. Ouch!!!! Could somebody hurry up and stick a fork in this turkey, it’s done. To rate that poorly in such a key timeslot is unforgivable. There is no way it will be return to that timeslot in 2010, unless 10 truly have a ratings death wish. They may rework it for a later timeslot, but somehow I doubt it. Why bother? It is probably never going to rate very well.

  8. @Trev:

    You never know! If 7PM’s core audience can shift to another timeslot TEN will be laughing. Imagine if they were able to retain 500-700k viewers at like 10:30 or 11 each night? Their late-night shares would prop up their overall shares a lot.

  9. Well well well GO! repeat of Hey Hey completely deleted the Jackson Jive skit. Bloody hell. Censorship wins again.

    And i agree with George, 7PM Project really isn’t that bad. It’s a good show but still needs some minor changes. Get rid of Dave Hughes for one, balance the comedy and serious topics. I like how they can discuss serious issues as a panel, but getting Carrie to read a serious news story, crossing to Dave Hughes who you can never take seriously, and then following up that issue with a funny story just doesn’t work. And if you’re gonna invite people on the show to talk let them talk. They had a guy on the other day and Charlie cut him off, but they ended up talking about the issue for another 5 mins amongst themselves. They were saying “what i want to know….” well you had a guy on you could have asked but you cut him off. Ok that was a bit of a rant. Sorry. Just don’t think the show should be axed when it has potential.

  10. Heh. I have to admit, TEN’s share on Friday was kinda hilarious.
    7PM is a great show, but needs to be moved to a different timeslot. It’d work better at 10PM in my opinion. Could TEN be thinking about this? I’ve noticed that lately Charlie has just been refering to the show as “The Project” instead of “The 7PM Project” or “7PM” as he used to call it. A lot of people are calling for it to be axed, but it’s not really That bad in terms of its quality.

    I’m a fan of having a stripped reality show at 7PM. Biggest Loser, MasterChef and maybe TEN should try and do an Amazing Race-style show for the other part of the year?

  11. Thanks, David. My mistake (looks sheepish). Week 40 begins on Sept 28, and the figure of 629.000 is from the following ep with Germaine Greer. Now I’m jealous:)

    I guess one of the best takes on that episode of Q&A that I read comes from Loon Pond blog.

    Eureka Street has its own take on it too.

    Anyway…thanks for your help and clarification, mate.

  12. Finding: Brisbane loves pregnant newsreaders.

    Second Friday loss for BTQ’s news in two weeks, first caused by the infamous 84k result, and now caused by Downes’s last night prior to going on maternity leave.

  13. Hi David,

    I left a comment on the Q&A page but would like to ask here too. How come you haven’t mentioned anything about ABC’s Oct 1 Q&A hour with Christopher Hitchens? From what I could gather so far, it was the highest rating Q&A in recent weeks with 629.000 viewers tuning in according to Oztam figures. I wonder if it was the highest rating Q&A show ever. Is there a page that shows week-by-week ratings for individual programs? Thanks.

    • Q&A Oct 1 was 473,000. I didn’t see the ep or hear of anything warranting a separate article. Which is not to say it didn’t, but if you care to email me any you saw I will take a look. Clearly I don’t see every ep or read every article! Ratings archive has all the results for this year listed week by week. Click on the Ratings tab.

  14. @ harry: yeah weird hey, i would say though those figures for simpsons are ok considering most young people are out on fridays, also i would think ten would have won in 16.39 against goldeneye and U.s M. i think idol will pick up in the next few weeks, i watched last week and they were pretty dam good singing pink songs.

  15. Thought The Simpsons Movie would pull a much larger figure than that! Dont know whats going on at TEN, it seems all their shows (bar NCIS) flopped this week. Idol even beat Rush for goodness sake..

  16. Another low point for 7PM only over 550
    Not sure what the hell is happening at TEN
    showing the same movies over and over again,milking odol for 2 hours plus will not help it at all,Rove is too boring and leaving Nurse Jackie for late night viewing
    The way its going SBS will be beating you.

    • Frankie you wrote having a go at somebody, but your writing style left a lack of clarity. Who were you having a go at? Me as Editor? The comment below you? Everybody?

      If you are directing comments at people, especially where it is a criticism it needs to have clarity and respect, otherwise the person directly below your comment may feel you are having a go at them and suddenly we have ourselves a flaming war. You also have no way of knowing which comment is going to align beside yours by the time comments are approved, so when directing a comment to another person use their name? Remember too that while I welcome comments and debate, the site is a personal blog which differs from a messageboard. I am reticent to block and comment, and the hit rate is about 1%, but where there is a question of doubt, defamation, abuse, lack of clarity, etc I do err on the side of caution. Good grammar also helps clarify meaning too?

  17. Based on preliminary numbers, there was little between the three movies last night, but in real fact GoldenEye was the winner because it averaged 764,000 viewers over 2.5 hours while The Simpsons Movie averaged 760,000 over 2 hours. (Speaking of The Simpsons Movie, last night we got to see the full credits for a change, it went for more than 4 minutes. Next time the movie is shown we may not be so lucky. In comparison, Seven not only showed the credits for GoldenEye on the bottom half of the screen, it omitted the list of production crew for computer graphics, so the credits ran much shorter.)

  18. What a pathetic waste. The Simpsons Movie could easily have pulled over a million if not for the poor choice of day/timeslot and the blatant censorship.

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