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  1. No problems David, all of the ‘rules’ (except for the Rebel one) were directed more at the comments and not the articles or the site in general. Hell, even I agree that reality shows like TAR and Survivor should be promoted and fasttracked, as shown in my other comments on this site (I think 90% of which are in Survivor articles). I think you do quite a good job staying neutral and providing coverage of a good cross-section of TV, whether you might like a certain show you post an article on or not. It’s just a shame that some of the comments on here show an ignorance to opinions (and proven facts, obviously a whole bunch of people enjoy ‘bogan shows’ like 2.5 men or Hey Hey in order for it to rate so well) of users and people who don’t comment or even visit sites like this.

  2. I love how people on here find it so crazy that a show like Two and a Half Men rates so well. It’s not must-see viewing for me and my family but I thoroughly enjoy the program whenever I catch it on 9.

    It’s like “the TV world according to the readers of TV Tonight” rules that:

    2 and a Half Men is the worst show on television.
    Rebel Wilson must recieve an article for every television show or award show she features on.
    Despite the ratings, Survivor needs to be fastracked and given a primetime slot.
    Despite the ratings, films must only be played once on television.
    Masterchef was awful to begin with, but as the show kept growing (and more people started to watch), we changed our minds.
    Anything “from the makers of Love My Way” should automatically recieve a Logie.
    The Hey Hey Reunion was the greatest piece of Television since the 2000 Olympics.

    All in good fun, guys. Calm Down.

    • Ben happy to respond to some of these… given that articles are my domain not readers. I write about my responses to television, be it positive, negative or otherwise. -it’s worth remembering this site is a personal blog. Yes I wrote about Bogan Pride, as I do about most Aussie productions (especially narrative pieces). You would be hard pressed to find many positive articles here for The Wedge or Monster House, which Rebel was also in. Reality contests like Survivor and Amazing Race benefit from quick turnarounds due to internet leaks and an audience that seeks them elsewhere as a result. 2.5 Men has its defenders but I’m not one of them (give me Frasier reruns anyday). All of the country warmed to MasterChef as it developed -no surprise there. It’s also fair to say a large number of the site’s readers don’t even comment, so those who are regulars will continue to reiterate their passion and observations, just as you have. I would like to think over the course of a TV year I give a good cross section of what’s on the box for better or worse…

  3. Bette, are you insinuating that perfectly normal people are all bogans? How do you explain the 3 million plus who watched Masterchef, were they all dole bludging, mullet headed meatheads driving rusty utes with two blue heelers in the back and another4 three on the front verandah, or were they highly sophisticated normal pillars of society like you and me who watch nothing but quality television?

  4. Odd how Ten pulled Three Rivers for getting a little under 500k when Supernatural got the same figure every week for a whole season and they left it there.

    Bette Streep, you’re on the money, although it’d be more accurate to say middle-to-lower class. And for the shows you listed, throw in unemployed, uneducated and over forty as well. There’s probably some trailer parks and mother’s basements in there too.

  5. Congrats cleanskin. It’d be interesting to know what shows you watch – but I am more interested in you and other occupants in your house. For eg.

    Are you single, married, defacto? Gay or straight? Have any kids? Lower , middle, upper class? White, Asian, Black, muslim, christian, buddhist etc??? Rent, mortgage, paid off?

    The reason I ask is that I believe Oztam deliberately select households that are white, christian, straight, married with children, middle to upper class.

    How else can anyone explain the ratings of crap bogan shows like Hey Hey It’s Saturday and 2 and half men???

  6. If we had a ratings box at our house we’d be too conscious of what we were watching! I think it would distort the result. For example – somtimes I leave on a show without watching while looking after kids so if we had a ratings box, these shows would count as being viewed I believe. I wonder how many other people this happens for especially early evening?

  7. Why is nine and go (plus others) added together to give a total figure for each day?
    Every station should be stand alone. If they keep adding them together, we will soon see specialist stations which will have 2,5 men for 24 hours per day.
    All the brain dead people can then watch that station and it can win the ratings every day.

  8. too bad rush isnt getting the ratings it deserves! this season is great, glee is just hilarious, i love it! burn notice was again a great ep and great to see it hold onto its viewers and grow a little. 7pm project is getting boring now, same s**t everyday, annoying dave who cant string 2 words together without stuffing up, annoying charlie with his fake as laugh, carrie is ok but the news segment is boring now.

  9. me and so many people i know are really into B&TG including some that are really only living for it and would never dare miss an ep. quite a feat for a show only in its 2nd ep. the rise in ratings dosen’t surprise me at all, it is a really good show. and i saw more than one person watching last nights episode on yahoo7.

    I think it might grow into quite a hit before the end of the season. i’d say it attracts an audience that 7 otherwise struggles with.

  10. i am obsessed with beauty and the geek. i spend all week waiting for the next episode. terrific show.

    i hope it rates well enough to get a 2nd season, chances are looking good.

  11. I have to say the highlights of this week for me was man vs wild, luke nguyens vietnam and costas garden odyssey. The last two were a surprise as i don’t cook and i don’t garden but both of the hosts are great at talking to their guests. And the work costa and his group did for the special needs kids was a brilliant transformation and i hope sbs show it again for an update.

    Other then that tv has been dull other then the already great topgear, ncis, and simpsons.

    On the idol discussion most of the artists from idol fall back into obscurity after one or two albums which most of the money goes back to the record company. Only kelly clarkson can say she has made money directly being on the show.

    I’ll try to see if i can watch nurse jackie before i fall asleep. Hint hint channel ten. Cut gnw back to an hour so i can watch nurse jackie at 9:30.

    Also david do you know if channel 7 will pick up scrubs: Medical School (bill lawrences wants that title) and if the networks would pick up cougartown and the middle.

    Thanks in advance. And if you can’t answer thats fine too. Cheers for the good work.

  12. At least Rush went up from last weeks dismal 800k. I dont know why people have stopped watching, but with some heavy promotion from TEN it could be back doing 1 million. Glee didnt do well either.. both Glee/Rush should be in Top 10. Anyone noticed the numbers for Neighbours are appauling recently?

  13. Glee won its time slot in all key demographics. Only because Getaway so huge with 55+ does it beat Glee overall. Ghost Whisperer just gets worse each season. Beauty and the Geek exactly the same challenges as one of the US series, but seems more emotional than the US one. Beauty and the Geek also number one show in Melbourne, #3 in Sydney. Seven and Nine neck to neck last night without GO share added.

  14. beauty and the geek. fantastic show. very entertaining, funny, well produced, and has a big heart. what more can people ask for.

    we need more aussie tv like this. so glad it is rating well.

  15. That’s a pretty poor result for Rush. Considering the competition, it should be getting atleast 1m. On the other hand Nine seem to have revived CSI with the move to Thursday. It may no longer be a juggernaught rater but it is much better than the 900k it was getting on Sunday. Very shocked Beauty & the Geek went up from last week.

  16. @ Ducko: On Rush last night was an unusually low rating for this season. Hopefully they will bounce back next week, but they are competing against the CSI franschise which ahs been huge in its day! So I think Ch10 are wise to keep it, it is a great gritty drama and has a loyal following. Plus they would have to start another show from scratch to keep Aussie Drama requirments.

  17. Thursday is another low rating night so Glee and Rush did perform very very well.

    Am still confounded with the huge success 2.5 men repeats are. Haven’t the 1.2m viewers seen this episode the million times it was aired previously?

    Seinfeld and Simpsons are still funny on their millionth repeat – but 2.5 men?

  18. I’m really happy 7pm project is (slowly) improving in the ratings. It has out-rated its lead-in everyday so far this week aside from Wednesday night.
    Is there any truth to the rumour the show will be continuing into the summer?

  19. Glee is still doing well, but id like to see it hit 1mil each week, thou on a low rating night, its doing well. Ten have had trouble in the slot, and its beating GW and winning Demos so Ten will be happy. Im dissapointed in Rush, id like to see it back to the 1.1mil or so it was doing earler on. CSI has hurt it, Nine did the exact same thing with City Homicide. Just cos there Aussie Dramas fail, they try and kill off other networks, cant wait to see Bones crush Rescue. Rush has hit 1.3mil so the potentail is there, though from someone who watches Ten alot, I must say i barely see a promo these days, so promote it Ten. Cant believe Beauty and the Geek held its audience, trash TV at its best. Thursday gap between Nine and Seven is closing. Nine should of Kept 20 – 1 at 8.30 as it does better demo wise than CSI and put Secret Millionare 6.30 Sunday

  20. Is it too late for Ten to change their mind on Rush? It has the lowest ratings of the current crop of Aussie dramas (Neighbours is not really a drama).

  21. I agree that Celebrity Masterchef is nowhere near as compelling as the original Masterchef, as the ongoing soap opera nature of the show is missing from it. It would be impossible to replicate on the Celebrity version, given that the people appearing on the show have myriad other commitments, so the formula they’ve come up with really is the only one that will work, given that it is only screened for one hour once a week, rather than approx 10 hours per week over six nights. As the celebrities aren’t pitted against each other in teams, it lacks the edge and dramatic tension that the orginal has.

    I think the trick to making this particular version of the show succeed is the combination of celebrities per episode. The episode screened last week, with the trainer from Biggest Loser, Peter FitzSimons and Kathleen deLeon has been the best of the three screened, IMHO. Those three gelled really well, and there was more tension in the kitchen when they were doing their thing. Last night’s episode was good (Eamon was a revelation in the kitchen), but it did lack that edge-of-the-seat tension that makes the show so addictive. Gary, George and Matt are fantastic, I really enjoy the screen presence of those three. What a great find they were!!

  22. Nick,
    Isnt that the original MC formula used overseas? It doesnt ruin the show – at the end of these cook offs the six winners of each heat will all compete together, with one going home every week. Its not that bad.. and its figure was pretty good. Came 7th, TEN would be very happy with that.

  23. Ouch, City Homicides figures were really low last night! I didnt see that before.. I really do hope Rush picks up tonight – at least over 900k. Thats still bad but its a start (it used to rate 1.3 mill at the start of the season).. Promote the hell out of it TEN.

  24. Not really a surprise Celebrity Masterchef isn’t rating through the roof. They’ve changed the formula. It isn’t the soap opera that the original was.

    There are no challenges or tension, it’s just the same show every week. Three celebrities cook and one wins. The episodes aren’t linked by any ongoing story. They could make it a nightly game show.

    We didn’t even get to see all the celebrity contestants together.

  25. Ten would be very happy with masterchef winning its demos, and for all you people out there anythin over a million is success, esp if you win any of your demos. three rivers was good and im surprised it got such bad figures, good to see ncis jump and CM. there was no way cm was going to rate more than the original version considering there are only 3 contestants at a time and 2 of them are boring most times, plus its once a week so would be hard to get interest

  26. i guess all the hey hey viewers just came out of nowhere and disappeared again just as quickly as they arrived.

    i don’t watch medical shows but i did end up giving three rivers a chance, i still can’t decide if i’ll keep watching coz i already have heaps to watch, but i probably won’t have the chance now. if i were going to watch any medical show it would be this one.

    10 really should have brought supernatural back when they said they would, could have had 600,000 instead of what little britain, nurse jackie and 3 rivers have gotten. they could try supernatural on a wednesday 9:30pm as the monday just does not work for it any more.

  27. @ Craig. What you say is true, however it should be rating around 1.4 mill. in that time slot like its more successful stablemate. It may pick up next week, I hope it does, it is a lot better IMO than its opposition.

  28. That’s a pretty poor result for Celebrity MasterChef, I don’t think Ten would be happy with that result. NCIS LA doing okay, winning it’s timeslot, but not reaching the success it is seeing in the US. Don’t expect to see Three Rivers in that timeslot next week.

    2.5 Men holds together Nine’s entire sched, Money for Jam falls to the sort of figures it deserved all along. CIA did well at 9.30, excellent show in my opinion.

    Border rpt and Medical Emergency do well for Seven at 7.30. But City Homicide has dropped very low. Will be interesting to see if Seven pick it up for another series. But then again Ten picked up Rush and that is doing far worse than CH.

  29. Three Rivers failed miserably! I didnt think it would pull a huge number however I was expecting 700-800k. Celeb MC went ok, up from last week at least and its nice to see NCIS LA finally over the million. Loved the action in last night ep.

    I dont watch Celeb MC but I’ll be tuning in when they have the Top 6.

  30. like others have said i also thought masterchef would have done better dont people realize that border was a repackaged repeat last nght fair dinkum seven could make a factual on the history of the test pattern and it would rate

  31. No surprises last night. Nines two top shows 2.5 Men, The Gift slipping and Money for Jam bombing as it deserves to do.
    Seven had the top 4 and 5 of the top 10.
    Ten did OK in the demos, but Celeb MC only hung in there, NCIS LA must be a worry and Three Rivers failed miserably.
    Apart from Spicks and Specks, Aunty and SBS made up the numbers with GO making Nine look more successful than they really are.

  32. Another good episode of Master Chef last night, though I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous week’s episode. The celebs on Week Two have been the most entertaining so far. Eamon Sullivan- wow, who knew who was so proficient in the kitchen? For such a young bloke, his cooking skills were incredible. No wonder George offered him a job in one of his restaurants on the spot. I was very impressed by him. The other two, Simon Westaway and Anna Bligh were also very good cooks, but for his age, Eamon was quite outstanding. It gained 100K viewers from last week, so the HHIS juggernaut only had minimal impact on its viewer numbers. However, it took some time for the regular Masterchef to rate in the high 1M’s. It did not started doing that until well into the series, so I’d say CMC will follow a similar trajectory in terms of ratings. Let’s not forget it rated just shy of 1.2M viewers up against the established franchise that is Border Patrol- that is very good, by anyone’s measure.

  33. Celebrity MC and NCIS: LA did well but Three Rivers flopped on debut, reflecting its poor ratings in the US. Is Alex O’Loughlin going down the path of fellow Aussie Anna Torv? Until Anna’s appearance in Fringe, many dramas she starred either had a short lifespan or rated poorly.

  34. I cannot believe Celebrity MC rated so badly last night.

    I’ve watched it since the start and it is a cracker show. Very entertaining.

    Much better than unfunny American sitcoms like 2.5 men or crap reality shows like Border Security.

    Well I guess TEN won’t have a Celebrity MC next year.

    But we will have Hey Hey it’s the black and white minstrels instead???

    Very sad!

  35. That is an absolutely terrible debut for Three Rivers. I didn’t think it would rate well, but that is bad bad bad. I decided to watch it, and didn’t think it was that bad. It’s weird watching a medical show, knowing that one of them has to die each episode. And Alex O’Loughlin was really good too. The show was a bit too try hardy with the green/red screens. Overall wasn’t a bad show though. I might stick to Criminal Minds though, because no doubt Ten will move it or axe it soon, if it doesn’t get axed in the US beforehand. Feel sorry for Alex O’Loughlin gets no luck with shows.

  36. Gee, Celebrity Masterchef didn’t do very well. I would have thought that, with Hey Hey not on anymore, it would have done a lot better, but if I’m not mistaken it went down from last week.

  37. I guess only 100,000 of Celebrity Master Chef’s audience watched Hey Hey the last two weeks; as that’s all it jumped up in numbers.

    I thought it would bump right up; perhaps people are not as interested in watching “celebrities” cook as they thought.

  38. Shame Three Rivers tanked. I quite liked it.

    Celeb Masterchef was great last night. I thought it would have garnered higher figures.

    I can’t believe that rubbish Nine line up rated.

  39. Wow Channel TEN wins in all the demos under 50! And CM and NCIS:LA both pick up key wins.
    Pretty darn good now that they aren’t contending with that racist show on Ch9 from last week.

  40. SBS has to move East West 101. It is such a great show and deserves alot more than 193 000 viewers. What were they thinking putting it up against PTTR and NCIS. It should be moved to Monday 8.30pm or pushed back to 9.30pm Tuesday.

  41. I think the cliffhanger made spectacular viewing and yes, the show has evolved into a more dramatic format – the whole Ziva things coming back in next weeks ep and I think its all resolved! Top show.

  42. Harry so far yes, ive watched it since season 1, and this show has evolved well. Thou only 3 eps in, i think this season has kicked off very well, especially with no ongoin cliffhanger from the previous season still in the backstory (well it is with Ziva) but its not as big as say wen Gibbs lost his memory and quit, or when Cate was shot dead, or Director Shepard getting killed and the new director spilting the teams, and i think thats been postitive for the show, 98% of the cliffhanger was sloved in ep 1 and they moved on. I think this has also aloud new viewers to enter the show, hence the 3 – 4mil boost its having in the US at the moment season to season

  43. Abdiaz,
    I dont watch TV to be educated, I watch it for entertainment. Which show were you referring to when you said ‘gets less viewers than NCIS?” Dont get me wrong, I heave learnt some new stuff when watching NCIS.. Try it! Its awesome!

  44. David, what are the figures for the cricket tournament on one hd. I’m so glad they’re screening it, if only they showed the champions trophy too.

  45. funny thing is people love NCIS yet a better show then which is way more educational then NCIS gets less viewers will you people try it for once at least, i mean it’s awesome

  46. Why Did 7PM promote new BL host for tuedays ep and only have Haley Lewis on for best 30 seconds poor form and have the boss wife on for longer. Who Cares?

  47. angelsgal,
    Do you reckon this season of NCIS has been the best one yet? I like them all – could never choose – lets hope TEN plays as many eps as they can until the end of the ratings year when they will stop and return when ratings resumes..

  48. Ten had a pretty good run last night. How does a repeat ep of The Simpsons beat a new ep? That cant be right… Glad to see NCIS back in #2 position, best thing on TV at the moment bar Rush. Lie To Me was a good pick up for TEN, really good number.

  49. I found Mondays episode of 7PM without Charlie a joke – no continuity and it just seemed to be bogan time, which was surprising becasue Andrew G is apparently quite intelligent.

    I have to also state in the very strongest of possible terms that Carrie Bickmore does not speak for all women. I find her attitude to her husband and gender roles really distubring.

    PS – I can guarantee that I would rather my man did the housework and cooperated with me rather than not doing it so i can be some sort of martyr and nag at him!!

  50. good to see ten up last night, was a good night of entertainment with new simpsons, recent simpsons, new ncis and new lie to me then news with sandra! great lineup, only dissapointment was seeing charlie back on 7pm, i say keep the show but replace all and get kim watkins as host!
    simpsons did well last night, much better than spearman, and good to see ncis hold its ground, prob grow next week aswell as new simpsons. tnight will be interesting with celeb masterchef against not much comp, and new three rivers ( which looks wikkid!)

  51. @Brad as a seven shareholder you should be happy they are saving upwards of $500k per episode and will undoubtedly replace with a US drama costing a tenth of that figure that will probably deliver similar numbers!

  52. That’s a pretty big statement Will re the 7pm joke. Over the past month its average ratings have gone from 642 thou to 649 thou, big deal! True the figures are up for Monday and Tuesday this week, but let’s wait until weeks end before making any rash statements.
    Last night proved however if half decent shows are presented people will watch.

  53. Seven are running stupidly over time before Packed To The Rafters. This is surely pushing up numbers for Last Chance Surgery and has a flow on affect for All Saints. I swear it was 8:40pm before PTTR came on last week.

  54. @ Brad. Yeah, the All Saints axing decision by Seven is puzzling. From memory it was axed because of rising production costs? I can’t quite remember now. It certainly couldn’t have been axed for dud ratings, as it regularly rates in excess of 1M. Channel Nine would acts of heinous physical violence in order to screen weeknight local drama that rates 1.1M each week. Their strike rate for local drama over the last five years or so has been absolutely abysmal.

  55. Question:- Is All Saints the best rating show ever to be axed??? Nine or Ten would love an Australian series that pulls over 1.1M every week and Seven axes it.

    I admit it is getting pretty tired and the Rescue thing has probably ruined it but, as a Seven shareholder, I hope Seven has something good up its sleeve to put on in this slot next year or it will look pretty silly.

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