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LOGO 7TWOaWhen 7TWO launches at 12 midday on Sunday November 1st it begins with a five minute Welcome to 7TWO greeting. If it’s anything like theĀ  “It’s Time” clip on the Yahoo!7 website, expect a rousing Gough Whitlam-like motivational start-up.

From there it launches into Michael Jackson: His Last Televised Concert followed by Disney movies, the first four eps of Scrubs, and three more movies across Sunday night.

Late nights on 7TWO the channel will screen AFL matches from as far back as 1999. Across Monday November 2nd there are more back to back movies, before The Jay Leno Show kicks in at 6pm, followed by still more movies on Monday night.

It’s not until Tuesday November 3rd, Melbourne Cup Day, the channel really moves into its regular programming with daytime soaps, and first run episodes of Ugly Betty and Reaper in the evening.

Heroes follows on Wednesday November 4th, with Season 4 which aired in the US in late September. American Gladiators also airs on Wednesday.

Thursday November 5 sees UK motoring show Fifth Gear (it’s just been given it’s notice in the UK), Stargate Atlantis. Friday night sees a local version of The F Word with Matt Moran while lifestyle shows air Saturday nights.

Unlike GO!, 7TWO does not run on block programming, nor is it aimed at a particular demographic. Its plan is to complement the primary Seven channel with alternative entertainment. It will even enjoy promotion on Seven.

The channel will also screen on Prime with 7TWO branding and on Channel 127 on Foxtel in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (dates to be confirmed).

Most importantly, 7TWO will address a ratings boost for the network that has seen GO! help Nine to 5 weekly wins.

News of the impending channel wa also picked up by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

A full Guide for 7TWO is now available on TV Tonight’s Advance Guides.


  1. Disappointed Deaf viewer

    Can anyone explain why CH7, 9, 10 treats the deaf viewers with contempt and discrimination by having the programs closed captioned on the new channels GO 7Two and One?

    Some programs previously had closed captionings (Frasier, The Nanny, Seinfeld etc) and yet does not show it currently?

    And please, don’t tell me they cannot afford it! If they can afford to buy the AFL TV rights, surely they can afford to have the programs captioned?!

  2. Why are people making a big deal about getting these free to air channels on Foxtel? Isn’t the main reason you pay for Foxtel is because of the lame content on free to air?

    Otherwise, just pick up the other remote and change the channel! Seems like people are too lazy to change the channel on a remote these days!

  3. just ran a re-scan and they haven’t changed the channel name yet, it still says “7 digital 2” wonder when they will change this? I’m also hoping they will load up the EPG now that it is a workday because yesterday both 7 and 72 were blank. 7TWO is also not on the yahoo7 online guide yet, we know what the schedule is but it would be good if this info started filtering through to everywhere else instead of just the one webpage. It is also doubtful that this will be in printed guides for the first week or 2 because they left the announcement so late.

  4. Ch Mate! does seem like a Ch7 idea though as they aim at that aussie battler demo which would lap it up. The new one is better but fairly unimaginative which is mirrored in the content.

  5. Looking on the Prime / iprime websites there is no mention of the new channel at all.

    Have yet to see any info / promotion on local Prime channels (6’60’61’62) and Prime website tv guide shows next Sunday as only Prime and Prime HD when 7two launches.

    Doesn’t look good for regional viewers.

  6. To me it would make more sense to have the word “two” underneath the 7 numeral instead of next to it. This current 7two logo is going to make one ugly watermark. I don’t mind though because this channel is too crap for me to watch!

  7. Thankyou, David, for not buying into the rumour and gossip that has been surrounding this new channel. We can at least rely on this site for accurate, verified information. It is obvious from the trademark classes listed against “mate” that it was never going to be the channel’s name.

    After all the anticipation the schedule is a major disappointment. AFL at night and Brit soaps on daytime is just dumb. Would prefer to see the prime time block repeated or NBC Today (which I watched religiously when it aired earlier than 4am) at midnight. Currently watch nothing on Nine, but have been watching Bang, Survivor and the odd classic on Go!. 7TWO has nothing to offer me.

    • Mate! just didn’t ring true to me as a channel name which is why I didn’t run it, although I did report the 7PLUS and PLUS7 registrations some months ago. Interesting that nobody seemed to notice one of the Mate logos mirrored PBL Media’s. Pretty sneaky red herring….

  8. Whilst I commend Seven for their effort, and can personally see this rating better than Go (due to most prime time shows being on their standard channel first), I won’t be found watching it much. Only show really interesting me is Reaper. I also might watch it for the movies.

    I think that showing old AFL games overnight is a huge mistake. It will virtually alienate Sydney and Brisbane viewers. They should show either their prime-time line-up again, movies or a variety of sports (motor sports, Olympics, etc).

    I’m also not a fan of their daytime line-up either. I would have liked to see some American sit-coms like According to Jim and My Wife and Kids between 9:00 and 12:00, then a midday movie until 2:00, then their “classics” or lifestyle line-up. I find in the mornings, when I’m doing nothing, I like shows like According to Jim and My Wife and Kids as some light-hearted entertainment.

    One smart thing I can see from Seven is cross-promotion. Advertising on their standard channel for SevenTWO will surely help improve ratings, and will be a major reason why, I think, it will eventually beat Go in ratings …

  9. Now that’s an idea johnson! Would be awesome to have NBC Today at midnight like in the old days instead of 4am. And show the whole 4 hours and don’t edit it. But of course that’s too good an idea for 7 to bother with and we’ll be stuck with decades old footage of Dermott Brereton and Wayne Carey!

  10. @Elijah P: You’re right. Yesterday when the 7Two guide first came out, it had 1.5 hours of scrubs 6 days a week, now that’s been reduced to just Sunday, and 1 hour on thursday- glad to see the 72 guide is still a work in progress, im hoping for better shows than what they’re currently offering.

    As for seinfeld, it’s half an hour every week day and 2 hours over the whole weekend. So that ends up at 4.5 hours of seinfeld a week.

  11. I think the AFL classic replays should be left for the AFL season proper from mid-February to the last Saturday in September. The midnight-to-dawn slot should be reserved for news programs, such as the full broadcast of NBC Today Show from midnight to 3am, Tuesdays to Saturdays, as well as its weekend editions from midnight to 2am. In WA during summer months, 7Two can be used to show Sunrise from 3am to 6am Perth time as it goes to air in Sydney and Melbourne, because often in the summer the program is cut short due to sporting commitments such as Australian Open tennis.

  12. Most excellent news, re late night AFL replays.
    The matches being played are so random. Wonder how they picked those particular matches?
    Will be recording many of them and watching back in prime time.

    I also hope that when the 2010 season starts, 7TWO replays the Friday night match the next day in the late morning. I dont stay in most Friday nights so it would be good to catch a replay of the previous night’s action before the Saturday afternoon matches begin!

  13. Reruns of sport really are the most pointless viewing. I love that Go! reruns the prime time line-up, I have caught some great shows at 3am.

    Also, how many times does Seven want to replay that MJ concert? It must be five times since he died now (including 7HD screenings).

  14. I think 7TWO will be carried on Foxtel in all markets on cable (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Geelong, Central Coast, Canberra and Gold Coast metro areas) but only the larger markets (Bris, Syd, Melb) on satellite.

    I’m sure more markets will be added in time

  15. @Boy Wonder – they are not permitted to have a 3rd SD channel, only ABC can do that at the moment. And seriously the amount of time Seven took to launch the 2nd one (11 months after they could have) I very much doubt they will any time soon. Plus you have the whole bandwidth issue with PayTV doesn’t have to worry about with cable and Satellite.

  16. @ andrew b – that would be good seeing old game shows and classics like ACP would have me interested. As it is nothing there does anything for me except the likes of Magnum. Throw in some more old classics instead of ancient AFL matches and I’ll tune in.

  17. Check out the freeview channel page for Darwin. They get 7 TWO 3 times! Twice on Darwin Digital Television and once for 7

    The Regionals also get 7 Two more than once, the 2nd one is next to ONeHd.

  18. @Boy Wonder

    The timeshift channel was pure speculation gone to the extreme. So extreme that almost everyone was believing it. The reason being, because 7 seemed to refuse to provide any information… not even a drop.

    I still think 7 hasn’t left enough time between announcing the channel and it going to air. I seem to recall that GO was announced in pieces in the 2-3 months leading into the soft launch in August, so there was little speculation and more anticipation.

    But i suppose, the last week has generated quite some attention to 7 and the fact that the two channels are going to be cross-advertised is a plus.

    Since the second channel is 7TWO… is the main channel going to be re-branded as 7ONE? I would assume not as it didn’t seem to be announced in the press release yesterday, but i thought i’d just ask anyway.

  19. Neil says:
    October 24, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Somehow I have got a feeling we will not be watching this out in Prime land, I just wish they would just let us know.

    Do some of you not read the full story, can not read at all or are just ignorant? The story says Prime are carrying it, untouched.

  20. old Afl games over night aren’t they just copying that of abc2 when they had late night legends few years ago. if they are going to play overnight sport classics what about some other sports seven have shown over the years V8 supercar classics, olympic games, Melbourne cup, not just afl.

    I probably agree that repeats of the primetime block like go! does would be better.

  21. Who even watches old AFL matches? And at 2am, 3am? I know its 1-5am but anything better than that! Why not more classic 7 shows like Country Practice (which used to be on 7HD) and the like? Hey Dad? Kingswood Country? Old game shows?

  22. On the schedule posted on 7TWO’s website, it says that there will be a 30-min “Welcome to 7TWO” at 11:30am before the channel launches with the Michael Jackson concert at 12pm

  23. Apparently there are Closed Captions for 7TWO – I’m not hearing impaired but it is good to be able to fully understand what is being said. Can’t wait for Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 7TWO.

  24. “Will be screened on Foxtel…” Is that for Satellite subscribers too?

    So far none of the shows has me wanting to tune in, but as a concept, I like it. Screen AFL games overnights is weak filler content IMO – I would much prefer 80’s and 90’s movies or something.

  25. Are they ever going to put these stations on Optus Aurora Satellite TV??? Rural and remote people do exist and are considered part of Australia too, well as far as I’m concerned we are!

  26. tasmanian devil

    A local version of The F Word with Matt Moran? I really hope that doesn’t mean they’re hiring him to do nothing but say the F word non stop.

  27. Do you have any more info regarding Prime? Are they picking it up from November 1? One would assume it will be on channel 62.

    I can only imagine they are running AFL repeats during the night (between midnight and 6am) as they don’t have anything else to fill the gaps at this stage. It woud have been nice if they repeated the primetime shows like GO does, but oh well.

  28. 2 episodes of stargate atlantis in 1.5 hours? hope that means virtually no ads and not hacking bits out of the episodes.
    ancient AFL matches- no thanks. are sports fans even interested in this sort of thing, they virtually riot whenever things are not shown live, if games are worthless only a few hours after they happen is there any interest in games from years ago?

  29. Is it just me or does that look almost exactly like the SBS TWO logo, being all caps and stuff. I mean, sure theres not much different you can do but it looks Exact!

    Anyway why didn’t they give it a new name, like GO! or ONE HD.

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