1. ” Harry says:
    November 8, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    God TEN play horrible movies. The Last King Of Scotland? Kenny? Seven plays good movies – Love The Day After Tomorrow! I’ll watch that movie over and over again. Maybe TEN can screen A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne next week. With a decent promo it might pull 800k.

    Well Done to the ABC on Friday – 1.5 million is great! TEN should repeat Rush over the summer.”

    This comment speaks volumes about the attention span of TEN viewers. Seriously.

  2. This season of Heroes has been fantastic, especially the most recent episodes. They don’t feel the need to have every character to appear in every episode, and the storylines and pacing have improved tenfold. I never got the hate over Villains either, that was a fun volume. Fugitives and Generations were rather lacklustre though…

  3. God TEN play horrible movies. The Last King Of Scotland? Kenny? Seven plays good movies – Love The Day After Tomorrow! I’ll watch that movie over and over again. Maybe TEN can screen A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne next week. With a decent promo it might pull 800k.

    Well Done to the ABC on Friday – 1.5 million is great! TEN should repeat Rush over the summer.

  4. its pretty clear that on fridays and saturdays under 39’s are out enjoying themselves and not watching tv. Ten need to start putting on shows that cater for the older gen and their 25-54 demo, shows like guerrilla gardners, or a new show like better homes an gardens but with a younger feel too it. even bondi rescue bali might pull 700,000 on a fri or sat, ten could also replay the season of recruits on fri’s or sats

  5. Why did Seven show The Day After Tomorrow in some cities and Deep Impact in other cities? I wanted to watch The Day After Tomorrow.

    I hate Channel Seven.

  6. Was it Seven that actually won the night? Based on the audience figures, Seven’s movies (Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow/Deep Impact) did better than Nine’s (She’s the Man/Around the World in 80 Days).

  7. Saturday Disney beats Weekend Today: Saturday.

    Is the figures for Kids’ WB the number that watched the actual segments, or the segments and the cartoons as well? In the tv guide, the Kids WB segment is at 9:00am, then cartoons start at 9:05.

  8. i turned over to go last night and i was so happy to see 2 resident evil movies played:) thanks 9! love extinction and now i have it taped so i can watch it over and over. i rekon those 2 movies would have done better on 9 than harry potter.
    Go abc! wow that’s a good figure for them. I dont even bother with ten on fridays now, their shows are boring and when they play movies they are old as fk! and if they have a new movie its the most boring movie out there!

  9. Re: Heroes ratings erosion. You also have to factor in that the show has been falling in the ratings in the US and UK. I know so many fans who had access to 7-2 and just decided they no longer cared about the show. It also faces greater competition at 8.30 Wednesday, when even ABC1 has a good line up.

    Agree that Being Erica is wonderful. Love Go Girls too.

  10. Huge figures for Sunrise in Brisbane (must be a record), due to the storm that hit SE Queensland and northern NSW. It doubled the audience of Today, and made up losses for Sunrise in Sydney and Melbourne.

  11. Thanks David! Good luck budging those messy Channel 9 network executives – either way I’m just happy they’re finally televising the best reality show on tv… Now all I need to do is get my self a green card!

  12. Gee some people have finally come to the conclusion that downloads might be affecting ratings. Well thats an understatement. Last week total downloads from the 4 major sites accounted for 16.4 million seperate downloads worldwide. As yet there are no definite split by country and category.

    I wouldn’t think that some 900k people in Aust have downloaded Heroes but it is a major issue for the networks. Fast tracking shows is one way to reduce this epidemic.

  13. I agree with Bette Streep (great name btw) – you must be quite the thesp!
    I have tried 2.5 jokes a couple of times, but struggle to raise a smile – and yet I love sitcoms. Jon Cryer is a fine actor, but the dialogue is lazy – relying on the same character flaws and quirks to milk the situations and so called humour.
    I also really like Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell, two seasoned thesps – but how it is the Number 1 sitcom in America and Aust escapes me too. Reflecting on that – every few years has a big hit comedy that is laboured yet works with audiences – Married with Children, Home improvement. Also agree that Hot Seat would work in the 7pm slot, but it doesn’t address 9’s losing viewers at 6pm.

  14. Friday nights ratings prove that if you give us good movies we will watch them. I recorded the resident evils for later and decided to watch War Of The Worlds again. It gets better each tme I see it. Now to get my popcorn ready for tonights double of Residnet Evil, which is replacing my long time favourite The Bill. The old Bill aint the same since the fabulous Gina Gold left !

  15. Great to see the Resident Evil movies do as well as they did considering they ran for 3.5 hours across 9’s second digital channel – Got to love the zombie sub-genre! Also, David, any truth to the fact that GO will be airing three episodes of Survivor Tocantins on Friday 8.30 on top of the 2 eps shown Tuesday? – I sure hope so…

    • Benny yes. Survivor will be Tues / Fri on GO! from next week. The downside is they currently have the finale / reunion set for a Sat 1am start too to finish before Samoa on Nine starts. I’m going to see if I can knock some sense into them…wish me luck.

  16. With the two Resident Evil movies on GO doing 156,000 and 134,000 repestively and Harry Potter on 9 doing 629,000, the GO share last night must have been between 4 and 5% – as big as Sunday nights.

  17. That’s got to be the first time that home and away in melbourne has beaten 2 and a half men. Maybe because we they are getting to the final weeks until the end of the season.

  18. tasmanian devil

    It’s true that if 1 million viewers watched a show like Heroes a few years back, and now only 100,000 have watched it on 7 Two, it doesn’t indicate that 900,000 have already watched it by downloading and chosen not to watch again. That’s a ridiculously high figure and you need to consider other factors, such as the people without digital TV, people oblivious to the existence of 7 Two, people in areas unable to receive 7 Two, and people who prefer to watch the tried and true main channels. They are the four main reasons why multichannels get lower audiences and there are many more. If so many people had downloaded and then chosen not to watch again, the figure would be much lower.

  19. According to imdb.com – there has been 6 complete seasons of 2.5 men aired in the US – a total of 140 episodes including the pilot.

    If Nine has screened these episodes at 7pm Five Night a week this year – then after 44 weeks – 80 episodes would have been screened twice in one year!

    Eventually some viewers will realise they have seen an episode for a second or even third time and Nine will have to consider showing something else at 7pm weeknights in 2010.

    Maybe a return of Sale of Century? Or putting HotSeat on at 7pm?

  20. frankielupo – I’m still here and still embarrassed over 2.5 men’s ratings!

    I just don’t understand why it is so popular! It’s certainly not funny or even original.

    Compare it to sitcoms like Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Will and Grace, Cheers…. no contest.

  21. I didnt see Getaway at #1 before.. the most disappointing ratings night in a while in my opinion. To make things worse for Rush – Glees on repeats next week so it will probably drop to 700k. TEN made a mistake in putting Glee and Rush on the same night – opposite genres.

    Monday 7.30 New Simpsons 8.30 Glee
    Tuesday – NCIS / Lie To me as it is.
    Wednesday – 7.30 Celeb MC 8.30 Rush
    Thursday – 8.30 NCIS LA

    I think that would work better in my opinion.

  22. Lewis you make some fair points, but is downloading really as prevalent as we think it might be? Let’s say a million used to watch a show on 7 and brand new eps of the same show on 7TWO gets 100,000 – does that necessarily mean 900,000 are viewing a downloaded episode? I don’t necessarily think so…guess there’s never going to be a way to truly measure what Australians are illegally downloading.

  23. Beauty and the Geek is absolutely killing it, cleaning up in both demos and total people. I’m usually up for trashy reality but I decided to pass on this one as I’m already watching Rush and too many shows in general. Speaking of Rush so sad to see it down to such woeful numbers. Deserves to rate much better.

  24. @ byron yes ten must have been over the moon seeing 7pm on mon -wed get under 770,000. 7pm project has had quite a bit of time to find its feet and it not. do have to say few times this week it has won the 16.39 demo which is good for ten.

  25. B&TGeek will definitely get a second series now. Those numbers are pretty damn good. I really hope Xenogene wins. What a legend! I couldn’t believe his makeover last night. After some promising numbers during the week The 7PM Project falls back into mediocrity.

  26. hey david, this is by no means me nit-picking! just wondering if there is any reason you don’t put up the confirmed figures? im guessing tha, as an already very busy man you simply don’t have time. just curious!

    • Hoople these are Preliminary figures issued every morning which is industry practice. I also offer the Weekly Top 100 every Monday if you want to compare for adjustment / overruns etc. If you look at Week 44 you will see last week’s. Week 45 will be added next Monday to this thread. The difference is usually pretty negligible.

  27. @ damo – no thanks!

    As a regular watcher of 7PM that is a sure fire way to get me to stop watching it forever.

    @ Andrew B, I agree with you re CB’s new hair

  28. Last nights episode of Rush was the most brilliant one ever in my opinion – deserves much higher figures than 800k. 1 mill at least! Cannot believe people watch Beauty and The Geek over it.. disappointing. Oh well, Season 3 confirmed!

  29. Poor Rush, it deserves at least 1.1mil minium. It has dropped of heaps since its peak of 1.3 mil. It hasnt been able to attract 1mil since Glee became its lead in and CSI came along. I think Glee is 2 female and young skewing as a lead in and is not compatable at all. Add the older skewing crime drama of CSI and its no wonder why Rush has dropped. Crime shows (including CSI) tend to struggel against other crime shows. (SVU and CSI are examples)

  30. @ Ryan: don’t you have anything better to do than bag out 10’s Thursday night line up. Why the hating on 7pm. It is something different, it’s Australian and channel 10 are really giving it an opportunity to grow. Network patience with a t.v show is rarely seen these days and channel 10 should be commended (and I’m sure you’ve noticed the week on week growth for 7pm project Mon-Wed this week)

  31. lol look at 7pm project, what a shocking figure! will they go under 400 tonight? glee holds its viewers but rush isnt travelling so well, maybe its the s**t house camera work where it shakes all the time! have the got a trainee filming rush or something? burn notice dropped a bit but still doing well and was a great ep last night. Time for 7pm project to go david!!!

  32. @ Brodie, I think you will find that Rush is still an excellent quality drama. Ch 10 should be congratulated for picking it up. While it may be struggling at the moment. CSI has been a powerhouse crime show for years. It is Beauty and the Geek, while I wouldn’t watch it and it doens’t appeal to me, I wouldn’t call it great competition. Ch10 may have other questionable shows still continuing, but I am glad Rush will be back again for season 3.

  33. Jerome, you are completely wrong, of course they should be comparing themselves to the sport channels, because that’s what ONE is, a sport channel. Comparing to GO and 7TWO is almost pointless as they are completely different markets.

  34. @Marco: First of all, it might be new to Australia, but the nature of Heroes is that its audience is primarily younger people, and they will have downloaded it already, since it aired back in September/October.

    Secondly, 100,000 seems to be a good figure for shows on GO, 7TWO, ONE or ABC2. I think Wipeout has been getting bigger numbers, but Ugly Betty, Reaper, Survivor, Stargate, they all get about 100,000.

  35. It’s unbelievable how low Ten’s standards are, to pick up another season of Rush when it is flopping so bad. It was doing well for a period, probably due to the pathetic competition on 7 (Double Take / TV Burp). But now with some “competition” it is failing miserably.

  36. not sure why Jerome – all I know is that it’s been the plan since ONE began.
    starting any new channel is going to cost millions, and i suppose particularly with acquiring sporting rights
    of course it can’t be as successful as GO! and 7TWO because it’s still niche, even though its a broad niche. I mean how many sports on ONE are actually popular in Australia? Not all too many! So you’re right.
    And for technical reasons which I won’t go into ONE wouldn’t stay on digital only because if you ever watch ONE SD when simulcast with TEN you can see the screen that says “switch to TEN or ONE”… and due to anti-siphoning this is going to continue to happen for quite some time. So ONE needs to be on HD more than it needs to be on standard digital.
    And sports fans are more likely to appreciate the HD capabilities.
    All networks are going to have three channels eventually, so surely it’s not that much of a suprise?
    As for the source – hmm not sure what to tell you there, other than I just know :)

  37. Couldn’t catch Caroline Byrne (or anything else for that matter) due to vigorous studying but it seems to have attracted a good audience, even in the under 55s winning all three key demographics (according to “TEN times”). The 7:30 to 8:30 slot seems to have stabilised to consistent numbers for all networks, CIA is struggling, and the Criminal Minds repeat benefits heaps without a repeat of NCIS against it.

  38. Shame TENS movie did not pull bigger numbers.Should have beaten CH
    Excellent cast and story.
    Yes I would have liked it to run longer and show court case and verdict and to see his face.

  39. I agree with all those saying ‘A Model Daughter’ was brilliant. Well written, well filmed and most of all well acted. The lead male was just fantastic. First time in a looong time I have been consistently entertained for 2.5 hours!

    @ Ben, we watch 7PM every night at my house too (all 2 of us) and usually come away at the end of it fairly satisfied. I still do not get Carrie’s attitude to things though, especially her ideas on male / female relationships.

  40. Good to see 7PM Project keeping above 700k this week, lets hope it gains and sustains a bit of momentum.

    I wonder if David Mott reaffirming Ten’s commitment to it last week has helped? Its pretty certain now that it wont be pulled anytime soon (well at least till start of ratings next year) so you can invest in it and take the time to check it out.

    Its watched nightly in our household, better than H&A or 2.5 Men, at least its Australian.

  41. It’s a sad day when you see brand new Heroes only pulling 100K viewers. Yes, I know it’s on 7TWO, but still, a sad day…our once upon a time TV greats just slowly fading away, like Prison Break before it, and Lost expected to join the ever increasing number of shows to do this… :-(

  42. well appears what i said was controversial.
    @Craig, if sport is a tricky business and doesn’t rate then why bother, i don’t see why that is an excuse.

    @AndrewB, so the network are comparing themselves to cable channels now to make them feel better? not exactly apples for apples. we’ll never have a flop ever again! next we’ll have abled athletes claiming legit medal at the special olympics. ONE should be comparing themselves to GO! and 7two to judge their sucess.

    @hoople, source? why would they spend millions on a channel that was just going to dumped to HD-only in about 18 months when they could have spent that time building a channel that has actual potential.

    i’m not having a go at ten for making a sport channel, or doubting the quality of the content, it was a good idea at the time to do something different, but now that we have seen the figures it gets after almost 9 months i think we can tell that it has stablised at less sucessful than they hoped.

  43. Nice to see Celeb MC pull a decent number – The Killing Of Caroline Burne was brilliant. Good to see TEN come second because of it. Top cast, each one of them were brilliant.

  44. Jerome- TEN never intended to keep ONE on the SD channel, it was always their plan to break out three and leave ONE on HD for the avid sports fans.

  45. Ratings for Wednesdays are the same as always…Celeb MasterChef seems to have stabilised.

    Crime Investigation Australia flops worse than Ladette to Lady…Nine may want to start rushing on the new Hey Hey specials with those figures.

  46. The problem with One is that most of its live sports are not in the traditional 6-midnight slot. I think it would fare much better, audience-percentage wise, during the times when their sports are live.

  47. I wonder what sort of reach one has. I have an old crt television which is widescreen and a set top box. I can’t get One and while digital might have 50% penetration that doesn’t mean HD does. I think a lot of people would have just bought boxes for existing televisions and it’s going to take some time before some people can even get One.

  48. how can a repeat episode of BS come in at australias most watched program of the night? but then again, the nightly 2.5men repeat still manages to make it into the top 5 occasionally.
    why are we aussies so intrested in repeated programming with so much first run brand new television?

  49. @Jerome – I wouldn’t saw ONE is a flop, sports is a tricky business and with no AFL it’s numbers are going to be done. I still think they did the right thing but that said having their 2nd SD to compete with GO! and 7TWO will be good.

  50. now with a good idea of how multichannels do, ONE is looking like a bit of a flop. no wonder it is being demoted to HD-only next year and ten are having another go at multichanneling.

    Channel, Nightly Shares, Shares week-to-date (6-midnight)
    ABC2: 1.6, 1.4
    7TWO: 1.7, 1.7
    GO!: 2.1, 2.7
    ONE: 0.7, 1.1

  51. just on the melb cup in adelaide – it must have been wrong. in confirmed times it jumped up to 156k
    good numbers for the caroline byrne movie considering it went so late. was a timeslot winner i believe

  52. a model daughter did well for Ten, specially accross 2hours and 15mins. It was absolutley brilliant and could of easily been a mini series of bout 6- 8 Episodes IMO or at the very least a 4 hour, 2 telemovie event like Maty Bryant was. Its a intruging and interesting story. It felt 2 short to cover a 13 year story and when it ended I wanted more. Celebrity MasterChef is also doing well for ten, better than any other 7.30 show they have atm. Its lowest figure was 1mil (against Hey Hey) and is doing very well demo wise, most the mega hit everyone expected, but still good figures. As for 7pm its stayed at 750k mark and won 16 – 39 demo 3 days in a row, is this the start of a better perfomance (its up over 100k from last Wed as is CMC)

  53. Good going TEN coming in 2nd for the night, the TV movie worked a treat.

    @Jed – those numbers for Heroes are expected since it’s on the 2nd channel with limited access and many people with digital unable to get it.

    Damn I missed the re-run of What About Brian on 7TWO why do they insist on endless AFL re-runs and not ‘time shifting’ some shows to the early hours of the morning, or the next day?

  54. Only 100,000 for Heroes. That’s odd. It was rating better at 10.30 on Seven and an 11.30 show on Seven rated better. Surely there’s a lot of Heroes fans, and a lot have digital. I think i’m expecting more from the digital channels for some reason.

  55. Good numbers for “A Model Daughter”. I wasn’t sure how this one would rate outside of Sydney, as I wasn’t really sure how well known the Gordon Wood-Carolyn Byrne saga was.

  56. Ooops. I’ve just realised that the Julie character is probably quite far advanced in her pregnancy, so I take back the miscarriage prediction and I’ll make it a premature baby prediction!

  57. Julie collapsed on PTTR on Tuesday night? I didn’t watch it, but I’ll bet that a miscarriage is on the way,

    Private Practice’s ratings will inevitably drop. It was going to nowheresville in its last timeslot, and with good reason – it’s an awful show.

  58. I am so glad to see PP with such high figures – great opening episode to season 2. Last seasons final was a brilliant cliff hanger! So glad it’s back and getting a good opening audience. I know it will drop figures – but Tuesday might be a better spot for it :)

  59. What on earth happened to Moonlight on Tuesday nights? First nine starts showing the episodes from the middle of the season, then pulls the show two weeks later. Can they do anything right?

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