1. Thank god for 7two and GO..wipeout, big bang theory, matrix revolutions and kill bill 2..that is how sunday night viewing is meant to be…not endless crime shows.

  2. Huge audience for day 3 of Australian Masters, with Tiger Woods locked into a three-way battle with local golfers Greg Chalmers and James Nitties. It is the highest single day audience for the tournament ever. Channel Nine and tournament organisers will be pleased with that. I reckon the audience for the final day could hit 800,000.

  3. neighbours has fallen big time. maybe it’s time too bring out another lesbian kiss or lesbian story just to get people watching it or talking about it. well that’s what they have done in the past and i doubt it will work like it didn’t in he past.

    it’s time to cull the show

  4. Neighbours has such a hugely fluctuating audience. We’re talking over a quarter of its audience lost by Friday, but it’s pretty much a given that by Monday, most of them will be back (only to drift away again over the course of the week). David Mott must scratch his head over the weekly trajectory, especially since it’s become fairly consistent.

  5. Studley Dudley

    re : poor ratings for Nine News in Sydney

    The problem …
    Denham Hitchcock
    Danny Weidler
    Peter Overton
    Fake stories on Australia being flooded with boat people (thank you Media Watch)

  6. Ten need to advertise what’s on one hd during primetime breaks, so it would be
    : coming up on ten___, then also coming up on one hd. this would be alot better because to be honest i never check what is on one hd so if i see if on screen and i like that sport i would most likely turn over

  7. Jed,
    The school episode involving the uni this year has been my least favourite episode. It just didnt do it for me! There wasnt enough chaos and where in the world are 2 students going to get crossbows from?

  8. @Harry. I think the school one was a great episode, but the one where Grace died has to be up there, didn’t see that coming.

    Great to watch the first episodes of Lie to Me and Criminal Minds this week.

    And my god, Eddie McGuire commentating the golf, why??? Because Tiger Woods is playing?? What’s wrong with leaving the usual golf commentators to do their job. Nine are stupid.

  9. Nine News at 848,000 total on a Friday night?????? Seven News had a whopping 100K more viewers in Sydney and 112K more in Melbourne than Nine? I couldn’t agree more, Brodie. Nine has hit rock bottom. That is an absolutely shocking performance, just shameful. Seven must be giggling with glee at these numbers.

  10. I thought TG would have done better for SBS last night. Lets just hopw they keep it on there, I guess they have nothing to loose and want to use up as many ‘first time in Australia’ eps they can before Nine get there hands on it. I also have to wonder if SBS still had the rights would they air new eps starting next week since we have new TG in the UK this weekend?

  11. Jed, yes for me personally the last 2 eps rank #1/2 out of all the eps in Season 2. They have been brilliant. And yes its almost 4 AM, watching Rafa V Tsonga.

  12. @Harry, 2nd best ep ever, really?? what’s your number one??

    Good to see Amazing Race pick up.

    Yay finally watched Survivor tonight, and the 2nd ep recap was handy for me since i missed the first 4 eps. But what Jeff said, somethign about this season having some of the best characters ever int he game, do not agree with. There’s no one that reall stands out to me. No favourites. I like Brendan and Taj but meh with this lot.

  13. Very happy with Rush’s figure for last night. It was the second best episode throughout its history. Melbournes figures are back up above 300k. Burn Notice is doing well.

  14. great to see rush build on last week, hopefully it keeps growing till the season finale, glee did well 2 for a repeat and burn notice cam second in its slot, another awesome ep from burn notice! they rarley have an ep which isnt packed full of action, explosions, death, bashings and hot chicks! plus tips on how spys work

  15. Big figures for The Amazing Race. Looks as though all those Secret Millionaire viewers didn’t like Fergie and switched to TAR. An increase for GW up against a repeat of Glee. B&TG smashing the demos. Rush slightly up but its demos are nothing to rave about and it should at least be doing above 1.1mil like it was doing earlier in the year. Thank goodness TEN already commissioned another season otherwise they may not have with these ratings! And ABC News won its timeslot!

  16. Quite a low figure for Day 1 of Australian Masters golf, since the main drawcard (Tiger Woods) had finished his round by the time the telecast began. However, since he is playing this afternoon and expected to make the cut, the audience should increase steadily.

  17. Great result for The Amazing Race, really good episode last night.

    7 TWO must have pulled a decent share last night, it’s been a very long time since Seven last won a Thursday.

  18. @ James. The answer to your question is in fact yes. Still waiting for an answer but I don’t expect one. You may be happy with watching up to ten ads in a row every 7 minutes, but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority loathe it and that includes me.

  19. If Nine aren’t panicking about their national news ratings, they damn well should be. They have been falling below 1M quite a lot lately – terrible performance. It was beaten by the ABC News last night, I never thought I’d see the day that would happen. Big drop in ratings for last night’s 7pm Report.

  20. Rush back up a little bit to more respectable figures after last weeks series low, Last nights ep was awsome. As for Glee it repeated well for ten. Great show and one of my favourtite eps. Ghost Whipser inceases thanks to Glee being in repeat mode. Burn Notiice a solid litle performer for ten, no major figures, but doing 700k plus every week, ten know what there getting, another awsome ep last night. As for nines Fergie special, what a flop. They should win next thurs with the CSI cross over, but they should of done the CSI cross over as a major event, airing it over 2 days instead of 3 hours in one night (2hours Wednesday or Sunday then the last part Thursday). 7 had a good night demo wise and winning total people thanks to the Fergie flop.

  21. Your TV guide states that on both One and One HD there would be a program on skiing, from helicopters. (Thurs 12th) Neither channel showed this program at the stated time. What’s the point of displaying a TV guide if it’s wrong?

  22. Celebrity MasterChef should do better at the final. It will because people will just have interest in a winner than the whole series. If anything I know the crocoumbuche is to return. I saw a glimpse at last weeks final heat rounds and, it looks like Julie and Poh’s classic cries of ‘burnt myself and oowwow!’ are coming out of some of their mouths. I just hope people see this one!

  23. Rory,
    NCIS LA has not been a flop in this country. Every other show TEN airs on Wed does not rate at all. L&O UK sinked below 700k. At least NCIS LA has maintained the million for 6 weeks.

    Celeb MC should be rating higher but 1.11 million isnt a pathetic result. It was only 150k behind the #1 Show.

  24. tasmanian devil

    I find myself disliking Hungry Beast more and more every episode. Last night’s episode would have to be the worst so far. It’s one thing to present news in a comic way, but it’s another thing to sandwich a serious news story (such as the pedophile story) between poor attempts at humour. And it’s yet another thing to poke fun at what was once a serious story (i.e. the robot story) in the way that they did.

  25. @ Trev – if you think a Network is breaching rules then go to ACMA.
    question for you. Did you recently propose any changes to the Code or are you only an on-line bleeter?

  26. Pathetic result for Celebrity Masterchef, once again beaten by repeats of Border Security with 2.5 Men not far behind – how embarrassement.

    It also looks like NCIS: LA is a flop in this country.

    Good to see Spicks & Specks holding up decently. Shame John Safran is such a ratings bomb, love that show.

  27. Celeb MC should start to take charge in its final weeks – Im expecting it too to be honest. It is MC after all! NCIS LA’s first week below the million – shame because it was a ripper last night.

    Its beyond me how City Homicide’s numbers have jumped and Rush’s keep sinking. Come on Rush, lift!

  28. Well done to Channel 7 for having six of the Top Ten shows last night. ACA below 1M yet again, and RPA Where are they now? is tanking.

    Freaking Awesome episode of MasterChef last night, an absolute blinder. So entertaining and the food was beautiful – I had to restrain myself from licking the TV screen. I am super impressed with KirK Pengilly’s cooking prowess but my God, how good is Eamon Sullivan???? I am stunned at his cooking skill level for such a young man. That dessert tasting plate he produced in the mystery box challenge was astonishing. No wonder George was almost lost for words and praised him to the skies for it. He has already offered Eamon a job at one of his restaurants, post swimming career. This kid could find his way round a kitchen blindfold, he is the real deal.

  29. low ratings night for everyone . expected celeb masterchef to get higher cause it was a bloody awesome ep and best yet! ncis held up well, 7pm project grew but is still sh*thouse.
    I really hope ten play 9am with david and kim through summer like other yrs because when they did they held around 180,000 daily and beat 7 and 9’s slot

  30. Yeah, i can’t believe how inaccurate 7TWO’s schedule is. last week i recorded strikeforce and as it turned out i only recorded the 2nd half as the show began 15min early. i’ve kinda gotten used to shows starting late, but shows starting too early is so much worse. this is unacceptable as 7TWO will have less deadlines regarding advertising and also has no live programs so shows should start at the stated times.

  31. I sympathize with you Jed but the only thing that’s going to change the annoying practice is to abolish self regulation and limit the number of commercials and promos per hour and allow no more than 3 one minute ads at a time. Will it ever happen? Don’t hold your breath the networks are all too greedy.

  32. @Jed. The ACCC/ACMA or whatever authority should be given the power to enforce an “advertised time, be on time” law. It is a complete joke what the nets get away with.
    If you start a show at 8.40 advertise the start time as 8.40, don’t lie and say 8.30 when it wont start for 10 more minutes.
    If retailers for example advertise a product price and sell it for something higher, they get in trouble. The same should apply to false advertising by the commercial networks.

    • TEN Press Release 24/11/08: “A peak audience of 1.85 million watched Wes Carr fulfill his ambition to become the 2008 Australian Idol last night. An average 1.60 million viewers shared the final stage in Wes’s transformation to Australian Idol, as they watched The Winner Announced segment of the finale spectacular (21:06 – 21:44). Both the peak and the average audience were higher this year than in 2007.”

  33. David, you’re the man with power, don’t suppose you can hassle the networks to start showing programs On Tiime? It’s even more frustrating now theres more channels to choose from.

    Watched Celebrity Masterchef, which ran over time. Wanted to record City Homicide at 8.30 and watch Heroes on 7TWO at same time. City Homicide started at 8.40, so Heroes had already been on for ten minutes, and worse Seven had the gall to show an ad before City Homicide for Heroes over on 7TWO. I don’t get it. None of the shows are live, they’re pre-recorded, the length is already known, fit the ads with this time, and start on bloody time.

  34. 7PM Project, what a sad state, Ten should have never given Roving Enterprises the contract to produce that show.
    If the show had a news director and some actual talent it might have worked.

  35. @Harry:

    Totally agree. TEN need to cut out so much Simpsons from their schedule. I’ve said it a million times, but they need a new show at 6PM. The Amazing Race possibly? And they can move Simpsons to their 3rd channel when it launches next year.
    As for the Simpson Hours.. God they annoy me. Friday is OK I guess, since it’s the only show which works relatively ok for them on Fridays, but on Tuesdays they really need to be making sure there’s good content. In their defence, they had Spearman, but it was so shockingly produced they should’ve expected it to flop.

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