1. Why go to uni to be a jurno? Look at all the newspapers websites. All their jurnos are just bloggers who probably did about two years of high school.
    As far as survior goes. I hope coach stays. He is like that bull****ing uncle We all have. I find him a lot of fun to watch.

  2. I think its funny how ten has advertised ncis as the finale next week and yet on ten.com.au they have ncis episode 8 on there. Does ten think were stupid of something? a show doesnt end after 8 eps you loosers!

  3. why do ten have to play movies that we all have on dvd and have prob seen a thousand times? if anyone puts movies on they should do some research to find out if the movie has been released on dvd and if it has dont play it! we need new movies on our screens if you want us to watch it, or movies that havnt been on dvd for yrs. yeah it will prob cost a bit more but it would prob pay off

  4. Just a quick question – how did the (WNBL) womens basketball and the W-League (Women soccer) rate for the ABC1 during the day yesterday? Just curious to see how it went

  5. Apologies Sydeny Uni is I’m sure a very good university. I don’t however technically accept that journalism is a profession. We’re talking about ratings, what we may or may not do for a living or in our private lives has little to do with the discussion unless we work in television and have some specific insight. I think a lot of Australian journalism is very good. It’s a shame that 4 corners is one if the few shows left where they seem to be resourced enough to really investigate and break stories.

  6. Another strong Saturday for ABC, pipping Nine to take second place. Also interesting ABC News beat Nine News.

    Yet another horrible Saturday night for Ten.

  7. @ Andrew F and Pakes:

    Um, Journalism is actually taught and offered at Sydney University, which is arguably one of the most respected Universities and highly regarded Institutions in this country. Sure, you may question the integrity of Journalists in Australia, and of the state of the profession as a whole, but you need to realise – It is you the viewers, you the listeners, and you the readers that ultimately determine what sort of Journalism we are fed. If you want hard hitting investigative Journalism, watch such programs as the ABC’s Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent, etc. Sure, such programs may not be your piece of cake, but don’t winge, and embrace such Journalism if that’s what you want. The bottom line is though, the majority of Australians have shown what they want, what they want to read, listen to on their way home from work, and watch after a busy day at work, is soft lazy Journalism, evidently through Today Tonight’s number one rating, and top / most watched show status of Wednesday night. If you want hard hitting investigative journalism, watch the ABC, SBS, and embrace such programs, and show the Commercial Television Executives that’s what you want, because at the moment, there’s nothing but mixed messages, and a stronger force for soft lazy news and current affairs, opposed to hard hitting news. So before you question the integrity of Journalists in Australia, and of the profession and try to shift the blame, think again – Take responsibility for your own actions Australia, because maybe if enough of you do, you can revolutionise Journalism in Australia.

  8. Enjoyed the CSI crossover episodes. Good to see them rate reasonably well. Now my points for Nine. The good – reasonably quick turnaround in screening since they aired in the US, screened together and in order (it wouldn’t surprise me if Nine stuffed that up). The bad – as expected, the delays in Miami and NY series were highlighted. With Miami it was evident from the very start and the opening credits how far we are behind the US – no Delko, 2 new CSIs and a new ME (that I was aware of). NY wasn’t as bad – just the update on Danny & Lindsay’s relationship..but still not good enough Nine.

  9. Good on ya David. I left a comment as well. I clicked on Episodes expecting to be able to watch previously aired episode or the very least a recap, but no they had a pic of the final 3. How stupid are they!

  10. No worries jed.. I put the second episode recap up but you must have just missed it while it was being moderated… as for the GO website.. David couldn’t have said it better.. absolute Morons.. I love it that it’s finally getting aired but the way they have treated it regarding spoilers is dreadful – last season’s ad showing the final tribal two weeks out, now this… poor form..

  11. Okay this is what I hate about out ranking system, it’s got everything in the entire day, for 5 different channels. Why not do it like America and just have “primetime”, 3 hours. The 7:30-8:30, 8:30-9:30, 9:30-10:30.

  12. Seven’s embarrassment… 72,000 in the third largest market, and fastest growing capital. Even Perth beat Brisbane’s Deal figure. How low can it go, from a program that often achieved 200k, to now just above 70k. I’d say Seven needed Extra more than Nine needed it.

    So, It’s time for better ratings to be here, Brisbane wants more, yes it’s time…

  13. Cheers Benny. I should have just waited to get a response from here. I actually just went on the GO! website a few minutes ago to check the episodes to see who went, and you wouldn’t believe it, they had the finale episode and the reunion episode up with a lovely picture of the final 3 sitting at tribal council. I’m bloody pissed off now.

    But thanks for the recap of the episode, would have been great to see Tyson go liek that. So what happened in the next episode??

  14. Previously on Survivor… For the second episode Debbi and Coach began to really worry about the old Jalapao tribe sticking together (Stephen, Jt, Taj).. so after bagging her so bad, they approached Sierra about regrouping the old tribe together along with the haridresser lady (she was at exile and the other three Jalapao people were on a reward).. she told them to get stuffed [which was great] but then Coach later went to JT and told him that Sierra had appraoched him with the idea (trying to make her look bad).. nonetheless, Coach won the immunity. After this, Sierra told JT that Coach was lying to him and she had a big argument with Coach and Debbi in front of everyone to prove he was the one who put forward the idea.. Coach continued to lie.. but the old Jalapao tended to believe Sierra. After all this, Sierra still went as the old Jalapao didn’t want to keep her coz they thought she was too unstable/unpredictable. Now it seems inevitable that the old Jalapao are tight as tight and will get to the final three.. The hairdresser lady is with them (4), meaning coach and Debbi (2) are on the outer.. This season has been a bit of a downer following the epic Gabon, but nonetheless stil very enjoyable!

  15. @ Jed..
    So the first episode everyone was absolutely bagging poor little Sierra.. Coach was well, Coach.. He, Tyson and Debbi were all on their egotistical powertrips. In the immunity challenge the survivors were given the opportunity to sit and and eat if they felt comfortable that they were going to be safe.. cos they were all thinking sierra was gone a few sat out, all the boys cept Tyson. Then Sierra just got pipped by Debbi in this lawn bowls type challenege.. so it looked like she was goneskies.. Tyson was saying how he couldnt wait to see Sierra ball her eyes out at Tribal but then everyone other than the powertrippers blindsided him and he went.. Hallelujah! Coach and Debbi are then on the outer to a degree…

  16. tasmanian devil

    I find it a bit strange how Nine treats a triple episode of Two And A Half Men as a single episode and a double episode. In the ratings list the second (7:30) episode is labelled “Ep 1” and the third “Ep 2” and on air last night labelled as a double episode when it was clearly three episodes in a row. It’s like they want to disown the 7:00 episode.

  17. At this risk of getting myself banned, I’d be amazed if journalism was actually taught at one of Australia’s top universities. Certainly not at any with sandstone buildings.
    On a related note I think 900,000 will be the new 1 million next year. It will be really interesting to see what the pvr stats do to the ratings. I wonder what advertisers will think of those numbers. You’d have to assume the ads were being skipped wouldn’t you?

  18. you can tell already alot less people are watching the box, i mean not one show got past 1.2m last night.
    Im praying ten play the summer version of 9am with david and kim since last yr it beat its rivals shows

  19. who’s been watching neighbours lately? some good storylines, susan lost the baby, libby and dan break up, elle leaves:(, and the major arguements bewteen susan and dan are killer.
    Glee was good last night but im so annoyed with that guy who believes that he got his g/f pregnant just from junking in the spa, how stupid do u get?
    Didnt watch rush last night cause the promos were shocking and it didnt grab my eye one bit. Burn notice though was great! And again 7pm project fails, how will tens biggest shows go next yr with a 7pm project lead in

  20. Ok I did ask nicely. The two who are arguing better get a room. No more posts in this thread will be approved for either. Grow up guys, you’re givin’ me grief.

    General note for all: direct your criticism at shows / networks not readers.

  21. Edu, I’ve been out every night this week in Brisbane’s hottest nightclubs, while you sit at home crying about 2.5 men and wasting away watching crap like Glee and CSI calling everyone who watches ABC old and saying anyone who finds Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms tacky and unintelligent “Channel Seven employees”.

    And for the record, I watch ABC News as I like to keep up with whats going on in the world, and I’m studying Journalism at one of Australia’s top universities. From your comments, its evident you’re either still in middle school, or dropped out.

  22. You shouldnt have to give reason for your favourite shows. You’re allowed to like what you like. And you are allowed to have an opinion. For example Ryan @1.37, I believe that overall, Australian actors are a fair bit better than their american counterparts. But that’s just my opinion, and I respect yours. Cheers/

  23. Loved Rush last night – fun episode. I hope it exceeds 900k for its big Season Finale. Glee should be surpassing the million but it probably wins in the demos.

  24. Rush deserved better ratings. yesterday’s ep was on the lighter side, and slightly humourous which i liked. cant wait for next week season final, lets hope its actually a movie length episode not just two episdoe put together like what ten preivously did. btw, glee was great too.

  25. @Jed
    People are also free to watch Rafters but that doesn’t make it also a good show. I find it lacking on many respect and almost vomit inducing for me.
    Besides I didn’t say 2.5Men is good, what I said was, I find it very entertaining and that’s my purpose of watching TV, to be entertained otherwise I’ll just be reading books. I don’t feel the need to watch particular shows just because they were award winners but I also agree that there are really good shows out there that are deserving of wider audience like Nurse Jackie on Ten and United States of Tara before on ABC but you can’t compel people to watch and impose your own taste on them, that’s not how it works man.

  26. America does put out better quality shows and better actors but thats prob because aus has a measly 22m people and america has over 350m people so they would have alot more talent than aus anyway

  27. @ Edu peopel are free to watch 2.5Men, doesn’t mean it’s a good show, which i it isn’t, and doesn’t mean it’s funny, which it isn’t. I just find it embarrassing that people do watch it, and like it, and think it’s funny.

    @catherine. said the same thing last night. All the teams are so likable and last night all the teams actually sat down and had a chat and a laugh together, that rearely happens.

    Don’t know what’s with all this talk about Australian TV being so bad. I think it’s never been better. Packed to the Rafters, and City Homicide are 2 of my favourite shows. City Homicide is underrated imo, was another quality episode this week i really hope the ratings pick up and Seven treats it right. Rush is also quite good, has its bad moments. Kath and Kim is a brillant comedy series. And i know a lot of people hate factuals, but some of them are very good. Border Security, The Force, RSPCA Animal Rescue and Highway Patrol i quite enjoy. The problem is that crap like Underbelly gets rewarded just cos of the hype, whereas City Homicide gets no recognition at all.

  28. The amazing race is actually a good eseries this year. For once there isn’t a team I hate in it. It deserves a better timeslot. Ghost Whisperer is doing nothing at that timeslot. Anyway next season of the amazing race should be put on another night or an earlier timeslot.

  29. Glee and CSI were really good last night. The diva off was great, need to see Wicked now.

    I do leave the house and I’ve got a life, I just don’t know about you and in the same token I also like watching 2.5Men, I guess that’s what young people do. It appears that in your nursing home, only ABC news are allowed because you need to be tucked in your bed by 7:30pm. LOL. and oh btw, about the Celebrity Masterchef, it wasn’t intended for you, it was for Jed so “Save yourself the embarrasment and think before you post”.

  30. Can anyone please tell me what order the CSI eps aried in as I didn’t watch it and everything I have says CSI specail event but nothing about the oder?

  31. The reason Masterchef isn’t doing the numbers is because it was way too early for a “celebrity” version. In fact, it has probably done more harm to the franchise than good.
    Masterchef did well because it was real people and not people trying to boost their “celebrity”.
    Why won’t channel 10 learn???????

  32. @Steve, yes, i agree the US does TV better than almost anybody. It does TV much better than Australia can, for a very simple reason – it has infinitely more money and a much wider talent pool (actors, writers, technical staff, etc) to choose from. Comparing the quality of Australian TV to American TV is not a fair comparison, because of the enormous advantage the US has over us in terms of resources and talent. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

    I have never really enjoyed Australian television dramas, apart from the Kennedy-Miller miniseries done in the 80’s-early 90’s. We do mini-series well, but I don’t think Australia does ongoing drama well. We are incapable of producing a decent sitcom, as I don’t think the Australian sense of humour is suited to the obvious straight-for-laughs kind of scripts you need to produce for a successful sitcom. The Americans do that way better than we ever could. The Australian sense of humour is quite dark, sarcastic and satirical, much better suited to shows like the Chaser, Thank God You’re Here, and the great Aunty Jack and Norman Gunston shows of the 70’s. That being said, the US certainly punches out some total dogs that deserve to be consigned to the nearest toxic waste dump.

  33. Glee is doin well and i expect it to do even better on Sundays. As for Rush shame about those figures, it was really dissapointing to see this show go from 1.2mil avarage to 800k. Last nights ep was filmed infrom of my work (i work opposite the MCG) and we all been waiting for the ep to show. There was a close up of my work (HIA) in a shot. Anyways nexts week finale looks great, i just hope they dont kill another character off agian. The CSI “Event” did well for nine, impresssive figures for the 10.30 ep. Still this would of avareaged 1.6mil 2 -3 years ago. 7 had an ok night, not 2 far off Nine consdering they won every slot convincling from 7.30 onwards

  34. @john

    Man, I totally agree with you. God Bless America!!

    Australian TV sucks and no one does anything about it.

    Masterchef – boring and totally unentertaining, I mean watching people cooking, how lame.
    Underbelly – God, where do I start?

    Australian TV is really bad. The acting is lame and the quality is poor.

    I am Australian but I have to agree when it comes to entertainment, American’s do it way better.

  35. john – you are welcome to the crap that is coming from your “god bless America”!

    But what are you going to do when the Americans do their own version of Masterchef???

  36. @ryan. Totally agree about Charlie on The 7pm Project. He lacks charisma and is a hopeless anchorman, he should not be the host. Surely they can find someone more professional than him to anchor the show? Dave Hughes is worse and like you, I hate the way he stuffs up and says something totally unamusing and lame all the time.

  37. Edu, you “whinge” about everyone not loving your beloved favourite sitcom, and call everyone who doesn’t enjoy it a Channel Seven employee. Pot? Kettle? Black? When was the last time you left your house? And for the record, I don’t watch Celebrity MasterChef, the only show I’m watching at the moment is Dexter and ABC News. Save yourself the embarrasment and think before you post.

    City Homicide is climbing to consistent figures, and Today Tonight being the top show is not a good sign.

  38. I find it funny how everyone is having a cry over masterchef failing in the ratings. or how TT ( a show i don’t watch) is beating sbs. And the excuse they make. “Master chef is a great show. *waa waa * But ppl dont get it. Most Australians are just bogans. Too stupid to understand such great Shows as masterchef *waa waa* What you high brow ppl don’t understand is. Australians are sick of reality shows. And how serious they take themselves is just embrassing. They are cooking a lamb roast not curing cancer ffs I’m not a big fan of 2.5 men. I watch it because its better than masterchef..Sure master chef is great it lets sophisticated people like bette do sophisticated things like drool over someone in their undies. Maybe she could record the person in his undies on one of those dvd thingamejiggs. All a man can say is. When it comes to tv and movies. God bless America

  39. god please get rid of that tool charlie from the 7pm project! and im so sick of dave going to say something and stuffing it up nearly everytime and ends up saying something that is not funny at all. kim watkins or mike goldman for 7pm host!!

  40. @ harry: agree man i was surprised to see that number for cm, it was a totally awesome ep last night and was funny seeing the celebs in the morning in their undies lol, great comp too and very hard work to do. hopefully people realise this is much better viewing than a repeat of bs!

  41. I know I am a bit late but just wanted to say something about Ugly Betty on Tuesday 7two.

    The show went for ~ 50 minutes on the secondary digital channel but somehow managed to run at 1hr 10 when it was broadcast on the main channel – and the networks try and claim they are not over advertising!

    Primetime channel = 20 extra minutes of ads

  42. TT number one last night – I missed it, I assume it must have featured a heavily promoted story. Best career move Matt White has made, moving in to host that show. Loved MC last night. Having the celebrities work in the kitchen of a 1-Hat restaurant was a stroke of genius as it was quite rivetting to see how they coped. Kirk Pengilly continues to impress and I think the three finalists will be him, Eamon and Rachel Finch. Yet another excellent night for the Seven network, with six of the top ten shows. Nine can’t lay a glove on them at the moment.

  43. Celeb MasterChef is a very average performer, and continues to be beaten by repeats of Border and 2.5 Men. It will be interesting to see how the final episodes go next week, but it hasn’t built leading up to the final so I’m not expecting anything special.

  44. I just checked the ratings again and must congratulate Sydneysiders for their good taste!

    Celebrity MC was the Number One Show in Sydney last night.

    Today Tonight and Seven News were the Number one shows in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

    And Sigh – Melbournians preferred 2. 5 men over Celebrity MC by almost 100K!

    As a Melbournian may I apologise for this travesty!

  45. Jed – totally agree with you about Eamonn in his undies – lovely!

    In fact the whole show was a cracker – I thought one of the celebs would either walk out or hit the “chef” in the nuts!

    What a shame that it was beaten by another episode of 2.5 men !

    And Edu – I don’t work at any TV station – I am just embarrassed that crap shows like 2.5 men And Hey Hey it’s the black and white minstrels rate so high!

    As for banning all posts criticising the crap 2.5 men – instead of throwing away our right to free speech maybe you can pop over to JB HI FI and buy the DVDs of 2.5 men for $19.98!

    Oh wait – I just realised that the majority of people who watch 10 episodes of 2.5 men week after week after week don’t have DVD players or do have one and just don’t know how to use them!!!!!

  46. @RichoTB and Jed
    Oh well, you can whinge all you want about 2.5 Men but I don’t think you’ll be able to dissuade the 1 Million plus people not to watch 2.5 Men. They (or I’d say we) just wanted to be entertained and the show is giving it to us just like that you got entertained by watching Celebrity Masterchef, each horse for its course man. I guess you’re just the typical party poopers that nobody would want to invite because they know that you’ll just bag anything that you don’t agree with.
    Loosen up and enjoy the ride 😉

  47. This comment is late but Flash Forward started great but has become progessively less interesting with each episode. It should be a single season show, I love LOST but FF is just not interesting enough and also the flash forward itself being a big “experiment” is kinda dull.

    I was just waiting until for that 1st episode of FF they went way off the main plot trajectory and start going into “personal” stories – i think it was about episode 4 of Flash Forward: From memory Lost did not go into “personal story” episodes until Season 7. Of course, LOST became the blue print of how a show can make 12 filler episodes out of a 20 episode season.

  48. yeah yeah, i know im a bit late, but finally got to watch this week’s double apprentice in full and it was halarious!!! esp heather stunned as a mullet in front of TVSN, gavin who was just totally hopeless, and marcello and that vacuum cleaner — priceless!!!! ironically, the one who seemed to be on top of it all was the one that got fired!!! oh well ~ :'(

  49. Highlight of Masterchef tonight = Eamon Sullivan in his undies. Very niiice. They should make him cook in just his undies. There’s a show to put in place of Australian Idol.

    @Edu, i can assure you i’m not a Seven programmer. If only. I watch plenty on other networks, just nothing on Nine cos all their shows are crap, and the good ones they treated like crap. I watch Survivor on GO! though.
    And 1 million people can be wrong. Millions in America voted for Bush twice, wrong move. But like 2.5 Men viewers, they were probably the less smart people. Can’t be that smart to watch 10 episodes of 2.5 Men a week, with episodes in their 10th repeat, and still watch and laugh.

  50. 30 Rock is such a crappy, un-funny show. Good that it doesn’t deserve a good time slot. Not worth it. And do give me that “Oh but its a critically acclaim show! It wins awards! It deserves a good time slot!”

    See what I did there? :)

    Anyway, i wonder if GO! will go into a “summer mode” type programming schedule? I noticing more movies on GO! as well. I’m assuming this is because of the success with 7TWO movies (or lack of new non-repeated content?)

  51. Yeah…one million people watch the same 2.5 men reruns every night, ten times a week. What about the 21 million who don’t? (I’m aware different viewers tune in to different episodes, but you get my point). And the whole ludicrous argument that anyone who dislikes a particular program automatically works for a rival network, is just rediculous.

    As for everything else, same old. 7pm Project isn’t half as bad as everyone makes it out to be, sure its no Daily Show with Jon Stewart but its better than the other tripe on the commercial nets. Private Practise has lost 400k over two weeks, not a good sign.

  52. Ryan, if they did drag out Celeb MC to 1.5 hours then shows after it would be pushed back, not allowing them to build audiences. (Shows are more likely to rate higher at 8.30 than 9.)

  53. i think ten should have made celeb masterchef semi’s 1.5 hrs long, it seems to go so quickly and i want to see more! im sure they had enough footage to make a 1.5 hr show.

  54. It seems a few people have forgotten we live in a democracy – if I hate a tv show I have every right to go on and on and on and on about how much I hate said show.

    Comments like “David, you should stop all posts about Two & A Half Men!!” and “1 million plus people can’t be wrong!” are just silly.

    PS – I’m sure over a million people thought Nazi’s were a good thing at one stage too!

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