1. @Tony, sorry you might not see this.

    neighbours ratings have levelled off a bit in the the past couple of months.

    Of course its too late in the year to change anything now, we have to wait to see what viewers returns in 2010.

  2. I know its quite sad but i have been watching Rock of Love and last night Ch 10 was meant to play the reunion show. I taped it till 2am but it wasn’t on. Can anyone tell me if it was on at all?

  3. Ten should get rove to make up a Rove best bits show where he pulls all the best segments from the 10 yrs on tv and puts them into a few shows. I would personally love to see the old years of rove.
    or either just replay a few seasons.

  4. @wamdue, yeah I know Neighbours scrapes into the top 20 most nights and
    wins it’s demo but my basic question remains, how low can the numbers go?
    Now if the ratings have hit bottom and bounce back that’s fine. But what if they’re
    in freefall?
    I mean at what point does your audience become so small that winniing your demo is meaningless?

  5. Very good night for Seven, with a seven point clear winning margin over its nearest rival. They cannot put a foot wrong lately.

    Totally agree about the two Getaway talking heads presenting awards at the ARIAs. What the hell?? Completely and utterly pathetic. as was the entire broadcast. Hands down the worst ARIAs I’ve ever watched, just awful and cringe provoking.

  6. on the ARIAS…

    Having Getaway presenters giving out awards was an absolute travesty. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

    What the heck does bland and personality minus “Farmer Wants a Wife” host have to do with the music industry – enquiring minds want to know??? What next, let’s have Mike Whitney presenting an award at the AFI’s.

    Are we really that hard up for talent in this country that we have to use no talents, just talking heads without any useful application to present awards.

  7. @ Tony, that this is the first time Neighbours has been below 500,000 is very true, however it is the 19th best show of the day (pretty normal these days) and ahead of alot of the TEN network line up.

    Also for a non primetime TV show to be Top 20 I dont think is bad going, whilst it will always win the demo, maybe due to the lack of competition in the timeslot but they win it none the less.

    Year on Year ratings are problematic however.

  8. @Faik:
    I actually didn’t mind Carrie hosting the 7PM Project. For her first shot at it it was pretty good. That being said, there’s a lot of improvement to be made, but last night’s show was fairly enjoyable IMO. Having Kerry-Anne and Julian co-hosting made the Friday show very relaxed and a lot more fun than having Dave/Charlie.

  9. Friday’s 7pm project was terrible. please never let carrie host the show on her own ever again. Its going to be tedious few months if 7pm does not get numbers of around 850 000 consistently.

  10. Lord, ACA tanked last night, with only 820K nationally. Today Tonight beat it by almost 400,000. Terrible performance! Neighbours continues to be flatline, less than 500K nationally is shameful, really very bad. Does it have a particularly boring storyline at the moment? Viewing figures for Day One of the First Test weren’t exactly stellar. I predict the ratings for cricket are going to crash and burn this season, due to the poor form of the West Indian team.

  11. Oh Lord how low can the numbers for Neighbours go? They finally crashed through
    to below 500K. Strangely this particular ep. was one of the best I’ve seen. The Libby/Dan break-up spotlights the four best actors on the show (Kym Valentine, Brett Tucker, Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodbine) and had me gasping. Ofcourse this may be the basic problem. These actors ages range from 32 to 51 and any story involving divorce, therapy, surrogacy, miscarriages, sexual jealousy and inadequacy is probably not going to appeal to your average teenager.
    Now I know that with the river of gold from the UK they’re not going to axe the show.
    Also they’ll be hoping for a bump with the 25th Ann. but if the numbers continue this slide how long before they move it back to four in the arvo?

  12. @Johnson & Alison, i was referring to Gabriella Cilmi in 2008. Her debut single ‘sweet about me’ went #1. And that’s the only thing she’s ever released that had any success. And she was awarded 6 ARIA awards for one song, one terribly annoying song. Don’t think Jessica Mauboy should have won all she was nominated for but she’s at least had 5 top 20 songs. The ARIAS has a credibility problem as it is, the running of the awards show only adds to this.

  13. No surprise here: Pirates of the Caribbean beat Die Hard 4.0. If Ten’s early evening line-up rated better, the margin between the two blockbusters would have been closer.
    @Jed and Alison: it was Delta Goodrem who won 7 ARIA Awards in 2003. She was nearly 19 at the time and having chemotherapy to treat her cancer. She wore a wig to the event (she lost her hair as the result of chemotherapy) and cried when Darren Hayes sang her No.1 hit Lost Without You live on stage.

  14. Like many other Rush fans – glad to see it do well ratings wise last night. I was unable to watch it last night – but taped it – can’t wait to watch it tonight. Very disappointed to see ARIAS scheduled on a Thursday night – hence loss of viewers – I am a fan of Australian music – but would tape Rush over it as it’s my fav show!!! Go TEN you have done well this year!!!

  15. Impressive result for Rush and The Amazing Race, both holding their audience over 2 hours, especially for Race seeing it finished at 11.30.

    Looks like Seven have locked in a win in 18-49 for the year, which will probably be consolodated by thier movie premieres tonight and tomorrow.

  16. Amazing season finale of Rush last night. The only cop show and Australian drama that I watch. The show is made so well, what really makes the show is the background stories to the characters lives. I am disappointed that its numbers went down during the second half of the season, as in the first half it was getting numbers of 1.1- 1.3 million. Glee was also fantastic last night! Thursday nights on Ten are great!

  17. good night for ten, rush did well and the second ep was a good number for 9.30 onwards, glee was hilarious as usual and got a great number. Ten need to somehow buy the rights to bigger sports so they can put them on one hd and get a better result. like cricket, or rugby or more pro racing, they could even just play old games of footy like 7 does but just put them on earlier.

  18. Glee was such a great episode last night. I love that show.

    Didn’t watch the ARIA’s because well i knew they’d be crap, what with Nine and the hosts, but if that’s true that they had Getaway cast handing out awrads then that is just disgraceful. It’s a music awards night, not Nine network night. The ARIA’s have no credibility as a music award anyway, they gave 7 bloody awards to a 16 year old girl who had one crap song that happened to go #1. Now this just makes it an even bigger farce.

    Haven’t watched Rush finale yet, but City Homicide finale was disappointing. Should have closed of the Simon character since we know he’s leaving. Maybe they gonna have the next series start with a bang.

  19. Ten or others should start trying better movies on sat and fri nights, and newish ones at that. Wrong turn 1,2 and 3 would be good or 28 weeks later, or play all saw movies over weeks, final destination 3, hangover, scream 1,2 and 3 (4th one coming next yr) sex and the city movie, indiana jones new movie and so many more could be played that would atleast be good to watch. just not mean girls and about a boy!!
    Any others?

  20. Rush was amazing last night! Top Final – thats how a Season Finale should be! Decent ratings as well.. lol @ Nine. Good to see Glee over 1 million. Dont like the show but good for Ten.

    The tactics used by the cops on Rush is to resolve crime without shooting/killing. Just a random fact about the show.

  21. I really enjoyed Rush last night, recorded Graham Norton for later viewing.

    I enjoy Glee but one thing I cannot stand is the lieing baby mama storylines.

    I was actually disgusted when Tina (?) said to Puck ‘too bad the role for father has already been cast’ Wtf !! You don’t get to choose a father – the father is the flippin father.

    And seriously what husband doesn’t get suspicious when they haven’t seen their wife’s pregnant stomach in like months!?

  22. Tha Aria’s were rubbish or is that more of a sad statement on the decline of the live music scene in Australia. Most winners are gone with in a year or 2 never to be heard of again…….

    Graeme Norton is fabulous !

    But more importantly, with the good-ish audience on 7two for Stargate which of the networks has the controls of the Star Trek franchise ?

  23. katie miller heidke, lisa mitchell and sarah blasko was great. i love that the arias is industry voted and not fan voted like most of the logie awards. the only disappointment being the getaway crew presenting best male but all networks have been guilty of using their own in the past to hand out awards.

    david the arias have been late on ten as well at times 15 minutes late.

    nurse jackie is becoming annoying. how many train wrecks can one person have. its like a soapie for adults which is a shame.

    the highlight for me was watching elders. andrew denton was great with his interview with helen hambour. her work with helping refugees to better themselves for over fifty years is something we should all applaud.

  24. Please don’t tell me there was new Ghost Whisperer in the rest of the country outside Melbourne? What for? Why is Coxy’s Big Break just a Melbourne show then?

  25. I was planning to watch the Arias, but watched the Graham Norton Show (with David Tennant as guest!) and Chelsea Lately (Eric Bana). Far more entertaining!

  26. It’s lowest ratings for ARIA Awards since it returned to Nine after a 7-year break. The ARIA and Nine have got themselves to blame (Thursday is simply the wrong night), although the high cost of producing the awards and lack of sponsors might have also contributed to low production standards this year.

  27. Nine and the Aria’s = Epic Fail. For all those rove baggers out there you cant say he didnt do a good job hosting and that his company did a fantastic job producting it. That garbage nine served up last night was a descrace to the Australian Music Industry and ARIA should be to blame as well for moving it there when they wouldnt help ten out with production cost. Nine did it on the cheap and it reeked of cheap.

    As for Rush, Ep 1 was probably the best of the series, and the team actually used real guns and shot people (finally) as for ep 2 it was a bit of a bore and it didnt leave me gaging for next year, should of had a cliff hanger. Glee is proabably the best show on TV at the moment and i think Sunday is gonna be good for it. Last nights ep at 1mil is great, only downside no Sue. Shes the best

  28. The only reason it’s on Nine this year is because Channel 10 didn’t renew the contract.

    It started too late for the people who want to watch it.

    It was scheduled to start 8:30, and didn’t start until 8:40, 10 minutes late!!

    Channel 9 get your flammin act together!!!!!

  29. Wow! I did not expect the ARIA’s to rate so low. I am glad the Finale of Rush nearly broke the million mark. i am amazed people would tune in and watch the beauty and the geek over decent Aussie Dramas. Go Rush!

  30. great number for glee! good retention between the 2 eps of the amazing race, still cant believe that it averaged 705k from 10.30-11.30!
    I IQ’d the aria’s, but from what everybody’s saying, i might not waste my time!
    Could seven make it a clean sweep this week and take out every night? They usually do well on Fridays, with bh&g and this week the h&a final. Plus if i was home if pick the pirates premier over the other offerings. All down to sat, nine and the ABC usually do well on sat, so we’ll have to wait and see!

  31. Nine got what they deserved with those ARIA Awards ratings. The whole show was just cheap. Bring back Roving Enterprises I say. Sunrise is killing it in Brisbane. Pretty much doubling Today’s ratings everyday.

  32. bettestreep2008

    Wonderful to see Glee and Rush do so well!

    Shame that Melbournians once again made a Repeatof 2.5 men the most watched show last night. It almost doubled the figures for 7pm Project!

    As for the ARIAs- when I heard Nine were going to televise it and that the hosts were chosen purely to promote Underbelly – I decided to give it a miss.

    From reports this morning – the hosts were appalling and the major winner Empire of the Sun were Dreadful!

  33. Rush did ok but it’s a shame people prefer imported rubbish over homegrown talent.
    It was quite a good series(preferred the first one though)and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops next year.I hope this site can give it the support it deserves and not relegate it to second rate coverage(it should be included in the tag box.)
    Roll on summer:)

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