7TWO to launch on Prime

24Regional Prime viewers will finally get 7TWO on their television sets from 9am tomorrow morning.

The digital channel arrives more than 6 weeks after it aired to metropolitan viewers, and three weeks after its Tasmanian launch.

It will end a long and frustrating wait for regional viewers who have been angered that they have missed out on the extra shows, and never getting any clarity on when the channel would air.

The launch will push the channel into regional homes in NSW, ACT, Victoria and the Gold Coast.

“Over the last few weeks, Prime has finalised massive infrastructure changes that not only make possible the launch of 7TWO on Prime but also prepare us to deliver even more services to regional Australia,” CEO Doug Edwards said.

Prime promises premiere episodes of programs like Lost, Ugly Betty, Heroes and 24 plus titles including A Touch of Frost, Prime Suspect, Judge John Deed, Rosemary & Thyme and Minder to premiere episodes of Fifth Gear, Heartbeat, Holby Blue, Benidorm, Gavin & Stacey and Britain’s Best Dish.

But some new episodes of key shows have already aired on 7TWO including Ugly Betty, Heroes and Reaper. Whilst the channel may be an early Christmas present its delay will not be quickly forgotten by some Prime viewers. They could be more forgiving if Prime finds a way to “catch-up” on episodes already aired either on air or online.

At least regional viewers will be channel-ready for the return of both Lost and 24, which both return in the US soon. 7TWO has promised them prime 8:30 slots, but yet to declare their airdate.

7TWO on Prime can be seen on Channel 62.


  1. I am disapointed that the martha stewart show was taken off the time slot of last year at 1300 followed by the essence of emerill cooking that has been taken off now martha is on at 0 730 in the morning and being a shift worker is this going to change is emerill cooking coming back

  2. I think Primes on air look and branding is dated and boring (Current look goes back to 2003). When 7TWO first started on the Prime service it was a burst of current trends in TV presentation (even with Prime’s big orange logo). Now Primehave got their hands on it, it just looks and sounds like a broadcast from the late 90’s (it looks crap in 2010). Still am enjoying Alf. GO on the other hand is as fresh as it would be seen in the city areas without the need for a WIN logo plastered or glued on it.

  3. Guys…..shut up….just be thankful that we have 7two in regional NSW…yeah the water mark is a bit how ya going but just watch the program & stop whingeing……

  4. Michelle O'connor

    I was away over Christmas & didn’t even know that 7two had started till last week. Unlike GO (which rocks) there wasn’t the publicity. I can’t even get a TV guide for whats on & the EPG isn’t very accurate. As for the shows we missed ie Ugly Betty & Heroes are they going to show them from the beginning as i have tried to watch them but we have missed too much. I have to say compared to GO 7two is a flop & i won’t be bothering with it much

  5. What happened to Stargate Atlantis? Isn’t it supposed to be on tonight? We can’t leave the team burried under a collapsed building with michael making off with Tayla!

  6. Just spotted Stargate-Atlantis. Brilliant!! After that dumb stunt that Ten pulled by showing Stargate-Universe then dropping it after three episodes (really dumb), turning on 7TWO was fabulous. You’ve just won me over – I’ll keep watching. Ten can go and wither on the vine for all I care. Hey, maybe you guys can pick up SGU where Ten left off.

  7. I agree, the current “7 Two Prime” logo is very distracting. I haven’t been able to watch more than 5 minutes at a time.

    Seems to me this is a rushed release of 7 Two for Prime. “Just to get it on air”. Like a test broadcast???

    They play ads for Channel 7 and 7 Two. Which is confusing. I noticed when GO! started NBN were having problems inserting their ads.. cutting to ads seconds earlier etc. But all seems fine now.

    I don’t understand why they don’t just use their regular Prime watermark they use on the original Prime channel.

    I mean they have 7 News, and don’t re-brand it “7 News on Prime”. They play sports from “7 Sports” with no re-branding. Or doubling up huge logos.

    I guess since Primes 7 Two raises no revenue for them (at the moment) they don’t really care. lol

    I won’t be watching, don’t want that hideous logo burnt into my screen. 😉

  8. I agree the large orange duplicate logo in the top right of the screen makes it unwatchable. But the large red top left logo on ABC3 is even worse. Email them please. We must fight back or they will run ads and promos all the time.

  9. Agree with all the comments above (for all channels mind you). I know what channel I’m watching. Don’t be so insecure that you have to plaster your logo insensitively everywhere.

  10. 7two on Prime logo has to GO! As in I will be watching GO! instead until they fixed it. I’ve already sent an email to Prime about it. I hope others are doing the same.

  11. finally, and yep when are we going to see those “catch up” episodes they’ve already played! and that logo has to go! it’s no way a watermark and just is intrusive. I think we already know which channel we’re watching thanks very much

  12. What’s with the large bright orange watermarks. Soon the programs will be shown in the corner and the watermark will fill the screen. We don’t need to be reminded all the time what station we are watching.

  13. Fine and dandy
    when is regional sa getting these channels
    1 hour north east south and west of here get them but we are supposedly the biggest “township” outside of adelaide dont get em

  14. I found out about the start of broadcast on facebook, not like prime to keep their customers informed. Oh and that watermark is just crap, does anyone at prime watch this and think having two watermarks is going to make people happy. you could have put a small watermark next to the 7two watermark in the same color.

  15. What is going on with that horrible orange 7TWOPrime watermark ?? And it’s there in addition to the regular 7TWO watermark !

    And it doesn’t even disappear during the ad breaks !

    I tried to watch as long as I could, but 5 minutes was about all I could tolerate. It’s just too distracting.

  16. I’m with you Adam. That water mark is so massive. It distracts you from the shows. I returned to watching GO.I can’t see myself watching that channel until the ychange it. Prime had the best water mark. It was very small. Just the right size. But this thing is massive. And it isn’t even see through. Its like someone threw a cup of yellow paint in the corner of the tv screen

  17. I was very happy that 7two came to my television screen. I will be even happier if they get rid of the awful orange “7two on Prime” logo that pretty much invades the screen. There is already a transparent 7two watermark down the bottom. We don’t need two watermarks.

  18. Prime we don’t really need to be remined what channel were on get rid of one before you turn people off you got 2 choices 1 Keep both and turns Viewers off remove it and keep the viewers Happy and just put Prime down the bottom transparent as others on here suggested just putting in my 2 cent worth

  19. @Adam & Woody, & @ Prime. Won’t be watching until you get rid of that vile bright orange logo. The 7TWO logo’s already on the bottom right. Just stick a transparent Prime on top of it like on the old channel.

  20. tasmanian devil

    @ange – it depends where you are. SCTV in Tasmania in Darwin already have 7 Two, if you live in those areas and can’t find the channel, try LCN 66 (former Mytalk channel) or rescan if that doesn’t work. If you are in Remote Central/Eastern Australia or Spencer Gulf / Broken Hill areas then I wouldn’t have a clue.

  21. Don’t blame Prime – blame Seven. My impression of what happened is that Seven suddenly found in October that they were losing weeks to Nine because GO!’s small figures were included. So Seven says, s**t – we need to get ours going ASAP. So they roll it out without much warning to viewers, or much warning to Prime either. And Prime wasn’t thinking it would be launching that soon so they were up the proverbial creek.

  22. Larry Combridge

    I’m happy that we finally have 7TWO on Prime.

    I agree it was badly handled by Prime, but they have come through
    with a early Christmas present.

    Hopefully they have learned their lesson by keeping the customers in the dark
    and next time will keep us up to date on whats happening, doing this would save a lot of heartache for everybody.

    Thank You Prime, you brought us a new digital channel, the wait is over.

  23. @ Paul. Actually i prefer the 7 branding. If Prime rebranded the channel i would hate it so much because i hate Prime to start with. I love the Seven shows but hate that Prime is the broadcaster. It is better this way i recon. Rebrand this channel and Prime can go jump!

  24. Are regional viewers so quick to forget how long they were waiting for One HD to become available in their area ? We completely missed the IPL cricket tournament this year, after having seen it on the main channel the previous year.

    6 weeks is nothing.

  25. how frustrating it must be to live in what the networks call regional areas. the worst part would have been prime’s refusal to even tell the viewers how long of a wait it would be.

  26. Note to Prime advertisers – I will be watching all my favourite Prime shows on DVD now…good luck trying to sell whatever you have.
    As a “communications” company you would have to say they are a failure when they cannot respond to their most important clients – viewers.

  27. What about WA!

    We don’t have GO!, ONE HD, 7TWO and GWN (7) & WIN (9 & 10) are still ONLY available by anaolgue.

    Why can’t the commercial channels be like the ABC & SBS and just launch thier new channels Australia wide? They should make it a law that if a new commerical channel (or it’s sister channel) is launched it must be launched around the whole of Australia (everywhere including regional areas).

    So come on GWN & WIN get your act together and give us GO!, ONE HD, 7TWO and digital TV now!!

  28. Finally! It took them long enough. I just want the 6 weeks of content i have missed like Ugly Betty, Heroes, Stargate Atlantis, Shark and Reaper!

    They need to do something because watching episodes out of sync is hard to get back into following a show

    Can we forgive? Sure but can we forget this happened? No way!

  29. Thank you Prime finally all good things come to those who wait though its a shame we have missed out on all the episodes of the different shows.So next year when 7 launches its new channel we should receive it here at the same time.

  30. I feel for prime viewers but I’m lucky that I live on the outskirts of Sydney and get both metro and regional channels. Catch up should be a must though

  31. Suggestion to Prime: Don’t air the Footy Flashbacks or worse, Home Shopping, air the content you missed out on.

    and now, for Gold Coast viewers, who already have two One HD’s, one One SD, two Go!’s and the metro 7Two, 7Two On Prime would be lost in the shuffle…

  32. A massive and very expensive exercise to “just add another channel”, requiring installation of hundreds of transmitters, translators, antennae, etc., etc., across the country. Compare to ATN Sydney and their one transmitter + 3 or 4 translators. Yes they had lots of time but it’s hardly like TV arriving in Tamworth for the first time, a’la 1965. I just can’t wait for the rerun of the 1978 AFL semi finals (LOL).

  33. WowThat is so quick and unexpected! Yay! I guess.

    Still Prime’s defening silence about this issue is ridiculous; ‘massive infastructure changes’ instead of saying nothing at all; the PR department should have sent a press release even a vague press release stating technical backbone work needs to be done and we hope to have it launched by years end or very early in 2010. Simple and it would’ve satisfied everyone.

    I’m not angry at the delay of the channel I’m angry and not having anything to go off as to when its coming or why its taking so long; nod to regional networks for future channels.

  34. Better late than never. It’s a free service so I wouldn’t expect exceptional service, however it is damaging to their public relations that it was delayed, especially in the national capital, Canberra.

    Because they would advertise 7Two programs during the closing credits of Better Homes & Gardens even though it was also on Prime which didn’t receive 7Two and broadcast television series before the Prime launch of 7Two, these annoyances will surely reflect badly on Seven Network in areas where the Prime affiliate network is broadcast.

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