Gone: Stargate Universe, Supernatural

SupernaturalBoy, that didn’t take long….

TEN has dropped Stargate Universe and Supernatural from Monday nights.

Both shows are now out of schedule, giving the new sci fi just three weeks on air before being pulled.

On Monday night Stargate Universe took 487,000 viewers, leaving Supernatural just 394,000 and more importantly a lowly evening share of just 16% for the night.

They will be replaced by Monday night movies:
Jan 4: The Siege (1998)
Jan 11: Double Jeopardy (1999)
Jan 18: Speed (1994)

TEN is probably working out where to reschedule unaired episodes of both shows…. keep you posted on this one.


  1. I sat down tonight to try watch supernatural to find out its been canned and replaced with crap. That was the best veiwing of the week and channal 10 needs to wake up. I only caught the first episode of this series by accident , so were was the advertising for it , no wonder ratings were down alot of people i have talked to didnt know it was back on eaither. Well nothing to watch on that channal anymore.

  2. Yes I agree with all the other people on this blog, SGU should not have been axed it wasnt even given a fair go. But to add to all that is going on, do you all know that for the past ten yrs ive been trying to find out when they are going to release “Malcom in the Middle” on DVD.They wont!!! The worst part is that Channel 10 have bought it out right, wont release it due to money cant decide what price to charge WHY??? They always air it at a stupid time so you cant watch!!! This is what they do to all the popular shows and then say that there arnt enough viewers. load of crock!! Bring back all the good ones and stop repeating things from the seventies some are really boring!! Oh and “dont care” your an idiot with no imagination get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bring Supernatural back! Ratings are a sham anyway…they don’t know exactly how many viewers watch a show. They have a Tiny sample size of people and work it out statistically. It’s a shame they don’t really know what people want. I’d be happy to inform TV stations about what I enjoy watching, but they don’t care. Many great shows with strong fan bases have been axed over the years because not enough people in their lil’ sample sizes (I’ve read about 500 people a city which is nothing) watched a show. Get some real data, keep people happy.

    Oh, and when people work sometimes it’s hard to stay up and watch a show, despite loving it. Supernatural should be on earlier.

  4. This is why people download shows. It’s either that or wait unbearably long for it to come out on dvd (and pay ridiculous amounts for it, when they could have watched it on free to air).

  5. Stupid Channel 10. they have the rights for a fantastic show like supernatural and play it for 4 years and then say “Oh we won”t play it anymore because of ratings” grow up. You’ve screwed over the dedicated fans of this show who have watched it on their channel or have set their VCRs to record if they weren’t able to watch it for years now. Talking about last nights Supernatural provided hours of conversation when i was at school especially on the day the next episode was on “Supernatural on! Why won’t school end faster!”. As for SGU i don’t really blame them it was shockingly bad compared to SG1 and Atlantis but still you paid for the rights so you might as well stick it out. Just my two cents worth and im now turning on the foxtel and xbox. RIP Channel 10 tell me when you have grown a brain and stopped cancelling damn good shows (Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural) and replacing them with the garbage that is Australian Idiot, Big Brother *shudders* Fattest Loser and all the other “reality” tv shows. If Only they would follow channel 7s lead and make Channel 10 2 and put the crap on one and the good stuff on the other. Miserable corporate jerks.

  6. Ughh, Im going nuts. When oh god, When is Supernatural going to come back. For weeks I’ve been waiting cuz I desperately need my fix of castiel but I can’t do that since I only have the first 3 freaking season. I want to scream at ten..

  7. SGU is a brilliant show and a lot grittier than previous versions and a little more serious. The stargate movie was a grittier than the show
    just hope ten will bring out another channel to show these episodes we have missed.

  8. Channel 10 usually makes dumb decisions but I think this time they made the right one. I can’t comment on supernatural because I haven’t seen many episodes but for Stargate…oh my dear Stargate. I have been watching SG1 and Atlantis for 15 years I have all the dvds and I love it. I can’t stand SGU it is boring as hell and for fans who have been loyal for so long it feels like a slap across the face. I was also wondering was Universe pulled or did it just reach the end of season1 because there was only like 12 or so episodes…..Oh it is just horrible!

  9. they canned supernatural?!?! devo!
    me and the family always watch it! i even get off work early so i can watch it!!!
    honestly chnl. 10 u hav lost a fan! many of my friends enjoy watching supernatural when we get to school we tlk bout it!
    i dnt understand y they have shows that arent great on.
    i know 4 certain supernatural was Amazing!
    i believe they should of advertised it more to let people know it was coming back!!!

  10. I note that ten have even taken SGU off their list of shows on their website ?

    Wow, didn’t think it deserved that. Not appropriate to the 730 time slot, later perhaps, but with ten’s innocuous attempt at live variety at the later time slots, doesn’t give the show much hope of survival does it ?

  11. people think This site has a lot of comments about Supernatural, check out ten’s actual website for supernatural (ten.com.au/supernatural) and their forums about the choice to remove Supernatural. I didn’t know there were that many fans…its amazing. I was so shocked they got rid of it, after they clearly have hundreds of thousands of fans :)

  12. Was looking at yahoo tv site David.

    Even there, the episode mentioned, was not the next in the sequence for SGU. It was the one after the supposed conclusion to the two parter.
    Now, who knows. Haven’t taken much notice of the guide of late. As mentioned above, I will watch them elsewhere.

  13. Ripped off again.
    The guide said both SGU and supernatural were back on tonight, but were replaced with Speed, as reported.
    Well Ten, I gave you the respect you deserved tonight, you were promptly switched off.

  14. DVDs are meant to be release 6 months after it becomes aviable for TV stations to purchase the brodcast rights, so they have a 6 month periond in which to show it before the DVD comes out, but after than it will be released on DVD, I Stargate Universe should be release by June 2010, it hapend simarly for alantis which the last 3 seasons were release before seven got around to brodcasting them

  15. Stargate universe is the best show ever!! i cant belive they stopped showing it i asked heps of people what they thought of it and they all said “its awsome” or “the best show on earth” and “i could watch it over and over again” so i cant belive they canned it!!!! channal 72 is paying stargate atlantas witch is also relly good so channal 72 will be doing better then channall 10 if they keep canning relly good shows like stargate!! they should put it back on air!!!! Now!!!!!

  16. I see SGU is back on tonight, but looks like they will miss an episode, the conclusion to two parter they had before they took it off.
    At least it is back, I suppose that is something ?

  17. cherish gibson

    Supernatural is the best show ever, why axe it in Australia? Its not our fault the ratings went down maybe if the tv guides didnt put them in the guide to be on then swap it for movies or double eps of SGU where fans tune in just to see its not on again then maybe it would have received better ratings then what it did, also over xmas people are very busy they dont always have time to watch tv its just unfair to all the dedicated supernatural fans in Australia… this isnt the first time channel 10 has began a season of Supernatural then taken it off for weeks and even months at a time please channel 10 just bring back the show we love !!!!
    also the CW network in America are planning on renewing it for a 6th season so come on dont disappoint us again Bring back Supernatural!!!

  18. I will be honest when I first saw stargate universe was on I thought oh no not another stargate sequel of a kind. I loved SG1 and Stargate atlantis and thought perhaps this was just a cheap rip off of the two. Turns out I was wrong it really was interesting and it got canned. My kids even enjoyed it. Now what I cant understand is why this excellent show got canned and the sleazy sickening Cleveland show is still on? Just how are you supposed to bring up decent human beings with shows like the Cleveland show?
    the other viewers above are right SG1 did get canned several times then got put back on several times. I honestly would prefer reruns of SG1, Xena and Hercules then the junk and perversion of the Clevland show.

  19. Supernatural fan

    I can’t believe that supernatural has been canned, sure the 5th season is in my opinion the worst one, but i know alot of people who watch this show and were so annoyed when old movies weve already seen before were on. seriously, at least tell the tv guide you canned the show, they have repeatedly shown the wrong show at the wrong time and im sick of it.
    1. supernatural and sgu still shown on tv guide after canned.
    2. the office was replaced by winfrey ooprah christmas special one night and Again the tv guide lied to me.
    seriously you can sci fi shows which will always have low ratings because of a small audience, but you can keep crap like the cleveland show, Give me a break Ten, you’ve lost a viewer.

  20. I swear channel ten is the worst for this sort of crap. Ive watched Supernatural since it started and I know lots of people who arent into but I know lots who are.
    It has quite a cult following but No thats that the kind of thing channel 10 is into!!! Its not even ratings time you morons or is that the only reason you even sheduled it in the first place, cause you guys didnt care if it rated. Well obviously you do. Make your frigin minds up…..Put Supernatural back on now!

  21. thank bloody christ it’s not only me that’s scandalised by ten takeing off these two shows
    i was so looking forward to comming home last monday and watching them and then there was this old doddgy movie on instead, i swear i’m sulking and not watching ten anymore!!!!
    it’s so frustrating because they won’t release the show on DVD until it has been aired on telly.
    i can’t believe they are doing repeats of the 7pm project but they take shows which are actually funny and interesting off!!!
    i hope they at least put them on late then i can tape them but if it doesnt happen soon i’ll have to look elsewhere!!!
    oh can any one actually tell me if there is any place i can complain to offically???

  22. I have always been against downloading tv shows from the web, I prefer to watch them on TV and then buy them on release. I prefer the money to go to the right people, but I also know that shows are not release to DVD until they after the complete series is shown (something about broadcast rights). I enjoyed Stargate Universe, and I’ve been watching supernatural for years. Regardless what channel 10 says about ratings, we are traditionally in a non-rating period – ratings should not matter. However, returning to my initial point, if TV channels want to stop people downloading TV shows from the net then they should complete a series once it starts – otherwise people wont get into the habit to begin with.

    Looks like it will soon be time to pull out my multi-regional DVD and start hunting for the US release of these shows – Despite channel ten encouraging illegal downloads – I’m not about to start…

  23. I am not quite sure how either show was meant to gain a loyal following from the word go. I love Supernatural and loathe Stargate, my husband loves both. Following the TV Guide and sitting down to watch Supernatural only to find 10 had done its usual unreliable business and put Stargate on instead was a real pain, and it would have also lost viewers who switched on at 9.30 to catch Stargate, not realising it had been switched to 8.30 and they had missed it. I refuse to get excited about any show being on 10 now as they have done this kind of thing so often, what is the point liking anything they show as it won’t be on at their whim. Their programmers are absolutely hopeless.

  24. OMG I’m going to KILL Channel 10. I prayed, I really did. I Prayed that Channel 10 would be smarter than Channel 7 but instead I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all Idiots! How could they Possibly judge if a show is popular after Threeepisodes??!!?!?!
    Thanks to Australian TV idiocy Stargate Universe seems to be the latest innocent victim in the ‘cut it off and push in more cheap reality crap’ syndrome. I get to speak to a lot of international students at the moment and all say that Australia is the worst for cancelling and moving shows around. This 3 episode teaser was a joke and I don’t know why Channel 10 even bothered. I wish they’d give the rights of the Simpsons to Channel 9 because then I’d never watch them at all!

    I beg, plead and pray that everyone ticked off by them cancelling this write or call Channel 10 and tell them you are mad! I’m personally still furious that Threshold and Surface were cancelled but at least we got more than three lousy episodes – nope wait, they weren’t lousy, they were good! So long Channel 10, good riddance if you go under!

  25. how many times did the original stargate sg1 get canned in the middle of a season. It was pulled for cricket, pulled for olympics, pulled for the australian open, pulled for wimbledon. SG-1 lasted for 10 seasons. thats 10 years of increasing popularity, increasing ratings and a huge budget. Atlanits scared sg-1 fans originally but it is now much loved by those original fans and a whole generation of new fans. Stargate universe needs the opportunity to prove it is just as competible.
    Once again as many have commented. Viewer ratings are never collected from 18 to 30 year olds. Kids get the chance with teenie bopper shows but all other shows are rated by 40 to 60 year old retirees, middle aged women and people who never leave the house. If ten wants to compete they should make a reality channel with cooking shows, dance shows etc. and leave the standard 10 for highly popular sci-fi/ action programs.
    Does channel 10 know that sci-fi/fantasy has become the most intensely followed genre on television, in theatre and in novels.
    They were foolish enough to air Merlin and ignored the series Legend of the Seeker. Now i haven’t seen this to give my opinion on the series.. however my point remains that the executives at channel 10 have no idea what people may or may not like based on the reviews by a biased select group. The target audiences of each of these shows are never asked to review these shows so they will never receive a positive rating

  26. Hmm, and we wonder why there are bit torrent sites. it is because the penny pinching accountants and their execs that run this so called ‘entertainment’ run with cr@p!
    Seriously (not ten!) your public is over the reality show phenomenon…BB is buried, Geeks dating stunners, farmers that need wives, Aust has (no) talent, Aust Idiot…damn well over it.
    I thought my tv viewing had expanded from only watching Top Gear at 7:30 on a Monday to having a second show to watch for the week. Then when it just starts to get into it some moron in a leather chair and paid way too much money decides that they may not be able to get advertisers (that they over charge to peddle their wares) to cough up even more money for a primo timeslot.
    TV is not about entertainment any more but more trying to line TV execs and $hareholders pockets.
    Well back to SBS on a Monday night for me and will have to ‘acquire’ my much needed fix.

  27. I love Supernatural. I have watched it from the start and i know heaps of other people who watch it too. I dont know where they get their stupid ratings stats from!! There is no way I am watching anything on Channel 10 unless they put it back on!!

  28. Thats just stupid SGU was a bit slow to begin with but its a cool show and supernatural was deadly wtf are they thinking.. i can understand y they cut SGU (caus ppl scared of something new) but supernatural… they must have rocks in they head.

  29. Done…………D-O-N-E! I own all 4 seasons of supernatural & keep eagerly awaiting a monday night were i can sit & watch supernatural & alas i get another movie that has been screened for the 14th time in 12 months. Now if i didn’t work through the day i would gladly sit at home & watch channel 10 with it’s high quality programming (*cough*) of Dr.Phil, Oprah, Ready Steady Cook (OMFG),Judge Judy, Huey’s Cooking Adventures & the Bold & The Beautiful…(i left out dharma & greg cause if i didn’t own them on DVD i’d actually watch it)….All of this jam packed programming in between two 1 hour bulletins of news both of which seem to end ad finitum with a dog on a surfboard. I didn’t watch stargate but give things a freakin’ go for christ’s sake (sorry Cas). Screen it in a ratings period to at least give it a chance. Useless pee-ons. Even if they do change Supernatural & SG do a different time slot they don’t advertise so no-one will ever know…….Psst do you want to hear a secret…….Channel 10’s evening programming… now don’t you go tellin’ anyone…oh that’s right you can’t

  30. Rubbish. I can’t believe channel 10 dumped it. How do they expect to make up ratings with old rubbish movies that people can buy at JB for less than $4.95.
    It seems like a dumb move.
    People make a good point about the holiday period and ratings.
    Looks like I will be watching elsewhere.

  31. Ten have just updated their guide for the 18th Jan.

    SGU on 830pm on ten down in Tassy

    Not the end of the two parter, but a start none the less ?
    Perhaps someone listening ? It wasn’t there yesterday, at least in yahoo’s tv guide anyway ?

  32. channel ten sux always messing with programs . 2 great shows , you cant put shows on then pull them , grow some balls and run with the decision you made when you put the shows on in the first place nothing worse then getting into a show then the di***heads who live in disney land decide nah thats not working !

  33. “TEN is probably working out where to reschedule unaired episodes of both shows…. keep you posted on this one.”

    No, I reckon TEN is probably working out what might happen if they actually promoted a new show and let an audience build up rather than just dump it on air before Christmas and wonder why it didn’t have an immediate short-term impact.

    Was SGU a bit too grown-up for their target market of dopey teenagers who want to feel important by sending SMS messages?

  34. Such a shame that Supernatural was dropped – and it is no consolation that it may be back later in the year, as Australia is hosting five actors from the show for a convention in May, and most of these are very important characters in Season 5. So if those of us attending the convention want to be up to date on what is happening (so the actors don’t have to say “Oh! You are only up to That episode – well I better not say too much and spoil it), we will have to look elsewhere for episodes.
    Thanks a bunch channel ten.

  35. @David Knox: Let us know how the followup with TEN goes… don’t forget to mention SGU :-) I was really hooked! I really don’t want to have to download the episodes.

  36. Please, please, please put startgate universe back on!!!! This is so silly. Ok so you may want a higer rating show in that spot if your a tv exec, fine, just put it on later in a less valuable time frame. I don’t care and I think many other sci-fi fans won’t care ether we just want to see it, so we will ether stay up late or record it. I came from UK 2 years ago and am stuggling with how little sci-fi there is on tv compaired to England, please don’t get rid of the best addition in a long time.

  37. Alright, so the execs reckon it’s not getting a viewing. No probs. Axe it. But do it properly. Not right in the middle of a to-be-continued. Stupid execs have no idea that this kind of behaviour flows into other programming. How many people will prefer to watch 7two or Go!, keeping an eye out for new programming, rather than TEN?

    Maybe SG Universe needed a prompt at the end of the show requesting everyone to spend 55c on a text to vote for their favourite character on the program. That seems to be the only shows that TEN seem to want to carry.

  38. I saw the big black hole that was the Stargate Universe timeslot and couldn’t believe my eyes. I hoped vainly that they’d just done their usual trick of reprogramming it to midnight on a Thursday but this blog tells me otherwise. Damn I was really getting into it. It was a fabulous personality based show – not just sci fi whizbang – which made it believable and compelling viewing. Channel Ten have done it to me again. They lull me into trusting them and then Wham in the guts.

  39. I am sick of channels getting rid of shows before giving them a chance. Seriously SGU and Supernatural could’ve got more ratings over time. The ratings in America were huge for SGU, surely that’s a good enough guideline for 10 to keep it going? I can name at least 11 people I know of who love the shows and some who have gotten into it due to hiring the DVD’s. They all do not have the ratings boxes. I actually could probably think of more people who have watched the show in the past who have loved it and don’t watch much tv anymore because the networks have terrible reality shows, dedicated to cooking, dancing and singing. I personally like to escape that, by watching Sci Fi.

  40. Katrina Hancock

    I’m writing to the programme director just to let him/her know that i won’t be watching their stupid channel ever again. Now with the tech available I can get any show that Ten may screen that I like elsewhere so u don’t have to rely on them ever again. It’s not the first time they’ve done this sort of thing and I’m sick of it.

  41. Why TEN why????

    Three episodes?!?

    I have alot of very colourful and inventive things i would like to say to whoever made the decision to can SGU & Supernatural (well mostly SGU). SG hasn’t been in a decent time slot since i was a kid! Give the show a chance to gain some new fans!!! And replacing SGU with the old action movies? Give me a break.

  42. I’m pretty sure the only way tv station can get ratings is from ratings boxes? One thing that’s gets me is that no one I know owns a ratings box, only a curtain type of people get them, so only those people are giving there opinion.

    I could be wrong (very likely) but I though people kicked up a stink about privacy and tv stations couldn’t get ratings from everyone?

    Most sci-fi gets poor ratings and gets pushed to 12 at night, and dancing, cooking and singing popular crap gets prime time. Are the ratings riged or am I wrong :)

  43. I’ve been a big fan of stargate from the first movie through SG1, Atlantis, AOT and continuum. When I heard stargate universe was being shown on TV I couldn’t wait to start watching it every monday night (even though I rarely watch TV). No matter what anyone says I believe stargate is and always has been quality entertainment with elements in each show that are original and can appeal to a broad audience. It’s Never like watching more of the same thing. put it back on at midnight on wednesday, monday morning at 2 am, I don’t care when. Just don’t get us interested and then drop it like a hot potato coz then I’ll have to wait for it on DVD :(

  44. I’m glad I’m not the only once furious at Supernatural being taken off air. The show is obviously very popular, as I would imagine because the show is great fun to watch not to mention very easy on the eyes. I too have watched this show from the beginning and I was really getting into the current season and then what do you know…it’s taken off air…thank you sooooo much channel 10! ‘Batlestar Sceptica’ too true…it’s all about how much money they can make out us addicted fans. Dear Channel 10 I hope everyone turns elsewhere to watch all your shows and you go bust.

  45. I have been an avid Supernatural fan from its inception and have atleast 3 people in my close contact network who are the same and we are completely fed up with the attitude of the programming for the show. Last years season was stuffed around and now this year we dont get more than 3 episodes shown. What is going on. This is obviously still a very popular show still and as another person commented if its out of ratings season what the hell does it matter whether it is getting high viewer ratings or not?????? I am one of those who is at the point of giving ten the flick, good shows or not, after all they obviously dont care about viewer interest just what shows bring in the money.Lets hope the people who have made an effort to let their views be known will finally be listened to !!!!!!!!!

  46. If people complian to acma and other media authority about channel 10 arrongance of dumping shows like supernatural, the ywill act on 10, infact channel 10 could lose lots of right to broadcasting shows in Australia’

    Looks like channel 10 could be he first free to air victim to be taken off air

  47. And that, my friends, is why people download TV shows from the US. Because the local stations don’t play them!!!

    I’d pay for “Supernatural” if I could; I love it that much.

  48. Thanks soo much for canning Stargate Universe Ch 10 Not!………fantastic effort …..get us hooked and finally watching your shows. Oh well back to channel 7 then for this fella…i won’t waste my time programming 10 into DVD recorder any further…….nothing but a let down. will rely on more reliable channels who recognise that 16% with all available channels is actually quite good.

  49. What?!?! Why can Supernatural – my family and I love this show – this is really disappointing news Channel 10 =/. A lot of people I know don’t watch Supernatural at the time its on but instead record it so they can fast foward through the commercials – I am one of them.

    Please don’t get rid of Supernatural!! :(

  50. Thanks David supernatural needs the publicity it deserves not to be canned with crappy sgu, ten need to lift there game with this show it deserves a hell of a lot better

  51. how is 16% low, considering there are now the following channels with different programs on, ABC1,2 & 3, SBS1 & 2, Seven, 7Two, Nine, Go, Ten, One. 11 Different channels means assuming even viewing each channel should get 9%, Ten got 170% of that, so how is it low?.

    Also based on 2010 estimate of population they had 2.2% of the total population of the country watching Stargate and 1.8% watching supernatural.

  52. Batlestar Sceptica

    Aaah 17% in a non rating period. Not bad fora non rating period.

    Bet it would do better when the holiday season is over.

    those Sci fi and supernatural fans are really dedicted.

    they will wait and watch it later in the year and we will probably pick up quite a few more viewers as well.

    Dump it!

    Put on Movie repeats that dont cost us anything.

  53. Just want to ad that I didn’t read the post from David, but I still feel the same. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Bring back supernatural and SGU!

  54. Maybe we’d get more Supernatural ratings if they bothered advertising the damn show in a slot other than the few shows before it airs, and Dr.Phil. Seriously. They’re not even targeting the SPN demographic with their advertising.
    They should put more effort into their advertising (for all shows, not just this one) because I really haven’t seen one for any show that has had me interested since around 2006.
    And as for the dismal complaint that we dropped 200,000 in the ratings for Oh no, one week in the Non Ratings period? Come on Channel Ten, we’re not stupid. Just end the ridiculous vendetta with sci-fi already and gives us our shows back instead of bringing over ones that have already been cancelled (examples: The Good Wife, Cougartown).

  55. I just want to say f$@# channel ten you guys have just lost my loyalty I used to think you where in my opinion the best FTA channel but after canceling these show you showed your true colours, your really just a bunch of D bags… I’ll be watching DVDs and borrowed tv series from now on. If anyone else would like to join me in boycoting ten please feel free.

  56. David, thanks for promising to look into this for us. I really don’t want to break the law by downloading episodes – but it’s hard not to when television programmes are so easily available online and Australian networks refuse to show them.

    Bring back Supernatural and SGU!

  57. My biggest issue with TEN running SGU was the amount of time lost to advertising.. I reckon there was nearly a 50:50 split. Perhaps we could convince the ABC or BSB to run the series. At least you wouldn’t go insane swearing at the ads every 5 minutes.

  58. SGU was a boring soap opera that just happened to be set on a space ship. Glad that crappy example of science fiction was canned. The ratings showed that Stargate fans left in droves.

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