Prank Patrol ABC3’s top show

ppAn audience of 192,000 viewers watched ABC1’s Countdown To 3 live show on Friday as the PM was joined by Cassie Davis and Short Stack. It peaked at 222,000.

At 6pm 83,000 of them migrated across to the new channel to check out Prank Patrol. Whilst ABC hasn’t released a complete breakdown of figures for its first night, it claims it peaked at 91,000 later that night with a FTA share of 49% amongst its target 5-12 year olds.

The jewel in the crown for the broadcaster, My Place, was not one of the top 5 titles on its opening weekend:

Prank Patrol – 83,000 Tot Ppl (16.2% FTA Share 5-12yo)
CJ the DJ – 65,000 Tot Ppl (14.1% FTA Share 5-12yo)
Studio 3 Evening – 60,000 Tot Ppl (11.7% FTA Share 5-12yo)
News on 3 – 55,000 Tot Ppl (13.4% FTA Share 5-12yo)
Studio 3 AM – 46,000 Tot Ppl (20.5% FTA Share 5-12yo)

ABC3 has so far reached 15% of 5-12 year olds in metro cities since its launch.

The official website attracted 44,000 visits and 331,000 page views over the launch weekend with over 3000 children signing up to be members of ‘Club 3’.

Director of ABC TV Kim Dalton said “These figures are fantastic and just confirm what we have been saying for quite a while now- Australian kids want their own free to air channel. The response to the first three days of ABC3 make all the hard work worthwhile.”

PLEASE NOTE: ABC3 advises, “The first series is almost over, so it’s a little too late to apply to be on Prank Patrol. But that doesn’t mean Prank Patrol won’t be looking for more Pranksters in the future, so keep checking for updates!”


  1. PLEASE NOTE: ABC3 advises, “The first series is almost over, so it’s a little too late to apply to be on Prank Patrol. But that doesn’t mean Prank Patrol won’t be looking for more Pranksters in the future, so keep checking for updates!”

  2. Hi Scotty,
    I love prank patrol, I love playing pranks on my friends and my little brother Ben, Aged 9. Scotty, If you can I need your help on pranking my friend Brianna. She is 12 yrs old as well. So please Scotty I need your help to come up with a great prank on my best friend Brianna.
    From Erin.

  3. Dear Scotty,
    My name is Erin and I am 12 years old and I live at port maquarie. And I want to prank my friend Brianna, because she really needs to be pranked, so please prank patrol, I really really need your help to come up with a prank to get her so badly.
    From Erin Myles.

  4. hi guys
    i am a big fan and your show rock yhat i can’t miss any epoisodes
    and i would love to come to your show to prank one of my best friends
    see ya later

  5. hey scotty i realy want to be on prank patrol becose my friends are all ways pranking me and i hardly prank them good. i need your help scooty and ninjas.

  6. Heeey
    I wnt to be part of the show bcoz i wanna prank my friends reeallly badly!!!
    And also i dont like the new prank patrol……

    Help me Prank Patrol!!


  7. i love pranking i wont to prank my brother he always pranking me i wanna get him big time he loves speedway if i get him i would make him think there is a nrw car and he has to try it and blows it up

  8. I really luv Prank Patrol i watch it every night i even got my grandma to watch it i always laugh when u get tricked by the ninjas and when ur mum sends u messages like the one where u play netball. I really want to prank my brother because he is always scarying me when he wakes up he raises like a zombie. So plz scotty can u plz sign me up for prank patrol and i won’t tease u when u get massages form u mum oh yeah i forgot i luv the ninjas when they pull there own pranks on people like the one where one of the ninjas dressed up like a tree and when someone walked past they would scare them and the one with the best smaling flowers with the off milk haha soooooooo funny LOL

  9. hi scotty i love your show it is awsom.
    i watch it nearly every day.
    it is so cool i would like to prank my friend deanna.
    i raely want to prank her please help me!!!!!!!!!

  10. To prank patrol can you please help me get my friend flecher back I really want to pull off a good prank on him please please help.

  11. Hey Scotty,
    I’m 15, and soon I’m having a birthday party for my 16th , around 30 people are comminng. I wish to pull them a prank, a night they’ll never forget :)

  12. scotty can you help me prank my nextdoor neighbour frosty he is 13 and i am11 and he thinks he is the coolest person on earth

  13. Why Is There A New Prank Patrol, I hate the new one, i like the first one better with scottie 😀 his the best unlike Barney :( i want Scotty Back !

  14. hi sotty help me help prank my friend adam please :) we love lego games and heps of sports help me or die joke Help help help please :) anything from best fan matt

  15. i live ion queensland so it would be kinda hard for you to come up here and do one, but if you cud that would be so awesome! x thanks

  16. Hey, i just wanted to let you no that i watch your show all the time, but that other PP is on and the dude on that is not as cool as you, haha so yeh

  17. hi scotty I’m natalya I’m ten years old I love your show and I want to prank my bestest friend mackenzie tricking her that were famous r something like that we love to dance sing and act and I’d love to prank her so plzzzzz I’d love to part bye the way you rock ninja

  18. Tad suprised by those figures, but as that was Day 1, and well publicised (plus the simulcast) ment it was to be expected. Give it 3-6 months, and I’d say 35,000 or so will be common.

    As to all those annoying “i wanna be on prank patrol” kiddies, go fire off a letter (Not email!!!) to ABC Management. Odds of being picked? Lower than lotto.

    @Javs, I would say (guessing) that Kirben knows a lot more about TV than yourself. I have to agree with Kirben though. Given I’m 17 (nearly 18), I’ve seen a lot of shows that have:
    Failed miserably (50% of Commercial Kids Shows in the last 10 Years
    Done extremely well and were good quality (A’mazing or Agro anyone)
    Or complete & utter garbage that should be axed (This/Toasted TV)
    The quality in the last 5-10 years has really gone down. As reality went up in the world, networks are spending less on quality, and more on quantity.
    Hopefully 2010 brings a change to that.

  19. hey scotty
    i would like to prank my best friend brandon
    because he is so smart and annoying
    (ps:his last name is smart)

  20. Jasmine Rallis

    Hi Scotty I love you show I like it soooo much I realy wont to be on your show so badly I realy would like to prank my friends my friends taylo and rachel so pleas can I be on Seon2 Pleas

    Love jasmine

  21. hey sctttoy
    please can i be on prank partol . I rellay need to prank my bro.Your show rocks!. please help

  22. someone please help me get on prank patrol. i really need to prank my bro.Parnk patrol i need your help

  23. hey scotty i would realy like to be on the show im 12 years old and want to play the ultimate prank on my cousins

    so can you please help me

    this show is the best

  24. Stuart masefield

    Heyy Scotty and Ninjas i really need your help my best freind jake is a massive game freak and (really bossy) so i need to get him back some how. maybey somthing like get a game studio to ring him and say they want him to come up with a game to publish (in stores) and stuart recomended him to them or something like that.

    i always watch prankpatrol and think ur all awsome

    thanks stuart

  25. Hey scotty ,your show is awesome!Mum and dad have been pranking me.They gave us coke but it was actually balsamic vinigar.I need a awsome prank to get them back!!!

  26. kirben i dont know what u watch but u dont sound like a kid. a u some kind of middle aged stalka? the shows are kool:) (except dex hamilton and blast lab)

  27. Hi scotty

    I am wondering how to get on prank patrol. I am eight years old and I never miss an episode. I think it is the best show. My favourite episode was that mad snake loving dentist. I am always pranking people.

    From Louis

  28. Joshua Rendell

    hey ppl from prank patrol I really want to get on the show because i am desperate to prank my cousin jesse because he is coming over for a week or two and he lives in canberra whilst i live in melbourne so please helpme!

  29. hey scotty, i have been watching your show and was inspired by what you do and i really wanna prank my two friends and i really need your help!!! if you can help me please email me back!!

  30. Hi Scotty please help me prank my friend Sean because he needs to be shown a lesson for pranking me with his so called “slinkey prank” I would be good for the job because i’ve pranked my sister with a fake virus and i keep prank patrol stickers underneath my tissue box i discribe myself as a comedian, class clown and a bit crazy me and Sean are into cars and crash tests so please help me Scotty and Ninjas

  31. My name is Jordan, I watched two episodes of Prank Patrol thats why I want to go on the show. I would really like to prank my Dad. He can take a joke, this would be a thrilling day. Keep up the funny work at Prank Patrol and I will always watch it except when I’m on your show. Jordan.

  32. Dear Scott,
    My name is Sean and i want to pull a target is Al. Al is a lady next to my mum’s work(Canningvale hardwear store).I have made a ghost called The Ghost of Wisdom (the ghost of wisdom gives you info about being wise and if you don’t listen to him he will haunt you then hunt you down).I have an idea on how to prank her.First we shold make a company that cach ghost, then we shold send a business card to her.then we should make wierd stuff happen like stuff fulling over and paint spat open so the paint can go every were(but use paint she didn’t buy).see you soon, Sean

  33. Hi Scotty! my name is Jaggah i am 10 years of age and really love to prank my BFF, Dylan, because see is really funny and always having fun!
    Please help me!

  34. Hi Scotty!!

    My name is Annalese but people call me Annie. I am nine years old. I really want to prank my sister Melody. She is always on the phone and can get really annoying!! She will get freaked out at the start but at the end she will just laugh. She really needs to be pranked badly! I really love ninjas go loose, it is so funny! I really want to be a actress and a singer. You are so cool and I really want to be on the show to prank my sister Mel. (Partly because of the cool license and vest.)

    Please, please, please! I love your show and watch it every day!


  35. I have a friend who i really wanna have on this show..
    i have a cousin who was on scare tactics episode 102 his name was jason
    but my best friend needs a good prank. plz..

    xoxo hendersonjamie

  36. hey Scotty and Ninjas i love your show we don’t miss 1 episode, Hannah’s favorite episode is the stealing granny and mine (Bella,s) is the celebrity car wash any way hannah, my sister and me want to prank our Aunty so please help us

  37. hi scott can i apply prank parol i love prank patrol beause sometimes its to prank people scotti i really want go to prank patrol please tell your ninjas that your pranking is very funny

  38. Hi Prank Patrol
    I love the show-it is fun to watch. I really need some help to prank one of my friends. Can you please tell me how I can take part of your show?
    Thanks and keep up the pranking!!!

  39. Hi prank patrol i really need your help to prank my sister. She is younger than me and is really annoying and always pranks me and i would like it if I could get her back.

  40. Hi prank patrol i really need your help to prank my brothers though i’d think it will be hard. My brothers are masters of pranks and i need to get them back and i’d think it will be my best birthday gift if it happened on my birthday thank you prank patrol.

  41. we totally need your help !!!!!!

    we want to prank our brother TJ

    so please let us prank

    scotty ur awesome alway Viki and Bell

  42. hi, i always watch your prank patrol stuff and love it so i really wana prank my bestest friend because she allways pranks me and i wana get her back………………..please can you help me i really need your help thanks

  43. Hi I’m from england but I live in adelaide. Scotty you’re awesome and I’d love it if you could help me prank my friend he’s called Jakeb He lives closeto me and I just really want to prank him

  44. My name is Ruby and i am 10 years old. i would really like to prank my sister because she is always annoying me and making silly faces my back when i’m not looking she’s only 6 but she is really annoying so i would really like to prank her! i would love to see her face if she gets pranked!!! So i would like to come on the show and prank my sister.
    Thank you!!!

  45. HI i really wanna go on prank patrol.
    I have got this best friend and she always pranks me and it is getting worse.
    it is time i get even with her. To set things straight.
    I reaally wanna go on your show. I think it is Really funny.
    And i would love to have the chance tp be on it and prank my friend.

  46. hey my name is james and i have just started watching this tv show
    i reckon its awsome i was worndring how i can be on the show because i love it
    i want to prank my mate blake relly bad it wouyld be sick
    so please send me an email back
    ps how do i send in a video.

  47. hey prankpatrol i really like your show i really want to prank my mum and i got onto the thing were you prank someone but me and my cousin jay wanted to no when we can prank her we only did it on the 15/12/09 so please let us now as soon as possiable because we really want to prank her because when she laughs its really loud and funny but we need someone really funny to make her laugh. thanks just email us soon please

  48. Yo pp. I need to prank my friend big time because he is always getting me I love the show and I never miss it.

  49. My name is Macy, I am 6 years old and I would love to prank my daddy because he is always tickling me and calling me a gherkin! It’s time for Payback.

  50. I would like to know how to send an e-mail to prank patrol because my sister is always pulling pranks on me (in a way) and it’s time for pay back.

  51. hey i have been watching the show i love it i want to prank my brother because my brother is annoying P.S. how do you send a video in.

  52. tasmanian devil:
    I have been closely following children’s programming on (free to air) TV for years, mainly from the animated side. I am very critical as I had seen the children’s programming really degrade over the last few years on the ABC, and someone needs to speak up. It has dramatically changed, if you compare to only a few years (2007) ago.

    I still regularly watch animation via DVDs and legal streaming online. So I know there are still good quality series around, that have never been shown on (free to air) TV before, and are suitable for children.

    Unfortunate there is little positive to say, since the ABC has become much worse than even commercial TV networks, in terms of handling kids programming. You must have noticed many of the issues, I have mentioned in previous related comments. I could go into even more detail, but this message would be far too long.

    In terms of the ABC3, I can only say the upcoming Black Panther series looks promising, although it is quite short (6 episodes).

  53. @Kirben, re the ratings system: precisely what I’ve been saying for a long, long time now.

  54. tasmanian devil

    @Kirben, I agree with some of your points e.g. the ratings system, kids don’t like being talked down to, unfunny toilet humour, but every time there is a story about the ABC it seems to me that you criticize them on practically every point raised. Overall I think the ABC have done quite well with this channel, aside from an excessive amount of repeats and the notion that kids will watch anything of a children’s genre and nothing else. As for dumbed down content, although there are few things I dislike more, I would say that regular documentaries are not much better because at least the content on ABC 3 is made specifically for kids, so you feel like you are being talked to directly. If kids want to watch a regular documentary, and I’m not saying they don’t, then they can watch another channel. It is a little disappointing though that Prank Patrol was the top show and not something that offered (at least) some educational value.

  55. yes those figs are very good. if they get better which i’m sure they will one of the commercials might try to do a kids channel. most likely 7 with all their disney channel shows and movies which seem to be underused on the current channels.

  56. I’m tired of reading about so called ratings, when the ratings system is majorly flawed. A few thousand people choose what we are forced to watch in each area, made even worse when it is divided into gender and age groups. I frequently think the TV networks would be shocked, if the realized how many people don’t even watch TV any more.

    There currently isn’t any new content on the ABC3 even worth watching in my opinion.

    The new cartoon series are silly, stupid, and use toilet humor. So much for providing any serious or even decent content.

    The edutainment suffers from been dumbed down for kids, as I expected. Why can’t the ABC just stick to regular documentary series? kids don’t like been talked down to.

    The new live action series aren’t much better, bland and generic. My Place in particular suffers from the usual issues growing up story lines, and would be more suited to an earlier timeslot.

    I still think Degrassi: The Next Generation would have been a much better evening choice, than showing Heartbreak High again.

  57. hey i wanna b part of the show cos i have a mate who really needs 2 b pranked

    please help me prank patrol

  58. For a network targeting such a small demo: 5-12 year olds, those are some pretty damn impressive shares and viewing numbers.