1. The Office could have gotten better ratings, if it were not for the Ten Networks’ poor implementation of the program. They should have went back to season 2 and worked with that.

  2. The reason Gary Unmarried and Accidentely on Purpose make primetime and 30 Rock gets a nosebleeds timeslot is because Gary and Accidentely are both from CBS, the top network in America, I doubt Australia wants to pi** off CBS, it’s also why Two and a Half Men gets 50 million timeslots a week during the ratings period.

    I cannot believe that the 6pm News wins the days and week’s ratings, and shows that air in the proper primetime (7:30-10:30, 6:30-10:30 for Sundays) don’t get a spot in the top 10, does everybody in Australia fall asleep at 7:30 or something?

  3. Is there any chance the ratings for Wild at Heart are available from ABC2 last night? Any idea why it rated well on ABC1 and they held off most the year and put it on ABC2?

  4. @kevin – TEN didn’t axe Charmed since it didn’t make it. It was ended after 8 years on the WB in the US and while I miss it too I think it was getting beyond it’s used by date.

    @mike – I like Paula Marshall more :)

    Yes it’s a same 30 Rock is still not in prime-time but shows like Gary Unmarried grow on you. Accidently on Purpose is okay I like Jenna but it’s not likely to make it past S1, as for According to Jim it’s now gone but I mainly watched it for Courtney Thorne-Smith.

    😆 I think there is a pattern to my TV viewing.

  5. Whacked Out Sports! what kind of drugs are people on??

    The Office gradually getting better ratngs but the ads don’t do the show justice which is a shame or more people would tune in.

  6. It really is sad that sitcoms like Gary Unmarried and Accidently on Purpose are given the opportunity of an early timeslot, yet comedy gold like 30 Rock is subjected to late nights.

    According to Jim is right up there in the worst sitcom stakes.

  7. i think they should show Charmed at 6:30 Saturday before Merlin for an actual “seriously magical” night. I miss charmed, cant beleieve ten axed it in its eighth year, sad, just sad.

  8. @Andrew F
    We’ll if Ten were “serious” about the future of the show they would make something like this happen.
    7PM Project has to dig deep for answers if they want to get an audience over 850K and the 16-39s each night.

  9. According to Jim, Garry Unmarried, Rule of Engagement…. those shows are great, really watchable and fun to watch.

    Whats the deal with Die Hard 1 and C7? I mean all the other Die Hard movies have been moved to different Networks over the years, yet Die Hard 1 stays on C7? Any reasons behind this?

    Also looking at the advance print TV guide, the last week of December (and only that week), C10 are showing Malcolm in the Middle 3 times a day – 11.30am and 7-8pm. Great news, but I feel the need to complain just like when 2.5 Me….. nevermind :)

  10. accidently on purpose was pretty good last night, alot better than previous eps, and the office was also pretty good.
    7pm project boring as hell! deserves its crap ratings
    Ten need to bring back burn notice! put it on at either 8.30 or 9.30 thur!

  11. Is it just summer ratings are lower, or is genuinely no one really watching Accident on Purpose?? It’s my households favourite summer gem. Best american sitcom in a long time.

  12. @Ryano I think Hamish might struggle to get from South Melbourne to South Yarra after finishing a radio show at 6pm. Why would he jump on a sinking ship when he’s got the most popular radio show int he country and probably makes more money than he would in tv?

  13. Seven News continues to thump the living tripe out of Nine News in Sydney. Mark Ferguson must be so loving this,as success is the best revenge and he is lording it over Peter Overton at the moment. Nine News had one win this week, with a slight 9,000 more viewers. Last night, Seven had 140,000-odd more viewers for their 6pm bulletin than Nine did. Ouch!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what Nine’s Sydney news room can do to stop Seven’s 6pm ascendancy.

    The 7pm Project continues to tank – when is 10 going to stick a fork in this turkey? Also, how bad is Gary Unmarried??? It’s up there with Rules of Engagement as being almost unwatchable, it is absolutely terrible.

  14. Re: The 7pm Project. Did anyone catch Ten’s news last night, where that
    annoying little weatherman practically drowned Charlie Pickering with
    compliments about his “breakout success” and “new hit show” ?
    The look on Charlie’s face as he tried to hose down this obvious b.s. was
    Just how stupid do they think we are?

  15. RE: Arrested Development

    not sure if it will work. its looks like one of those “tv niche” shows where people know about the show, it would get viewers but not enough to warrant a primetime slot. It’s similar liking to The Office and 30 Rock.

    Also the show is over, so they wouldn’t be able to offer “brand new” episodes to viewers along side of the older episodes. However, chucking on a 2nd SD channel would work

    and remember, no matter how much awards a show get, no matter how much critics like it, it’s not always going to translate into a ratings success. its just the way it is

  16. Here’s an idea:
    Maybe Ten should buy the rights of Arrested Development from seven and try it in their 7pm slot that will be vacated once 7pm project is dumped. The show is arguably the best comedy of the decade and if advertised correctly, could lead viewers to ten for their 7pm comedy fix (rather than 2.5 men). They can’t really do it with the office now because they treated it all wrong, but AD could be a fresh start… Even if it doesn’t work they will still have an A grade program for their new channel next year. So much potential; somebody just needs to realise how to utilize it!

  17. Seems to me, that Nine has a strong audience in Sydney and Melbourne for its news, current affairs and Today programme, daily usually beating Seven. The problem seems to lie in the other states where the ratings are doubled by Seven…. what is the reason for that, in particular with Sunrise vs. Today

  18. In melbourne at 9:30 last night ch 7 showed the Take. Its meant to be a British version of underbelly. I didn’t watch it but thats what it was described by.

  19. HIMYM repeats really starting to dominate, largely at the expense of The 7pm Project. Great result for Cold Case, one of the better summer offerings. What was shown in Melbourne instead of the Criminal Minds rpt at 9.30?

  20. The 7pm Project’s Bondi week has killed it. It’s so bad.

    I don’t understand why TAR’s finale did so much better than the rest of the season. Well, to be honest it wasn’t that much better, but who’s tuning in to watch the last episode without watching the rest of them?

    Even more perplexing is that the second ep of Survivor beat the first one.

  21. that is a shocking result on a tue for 7pm project! Ten need to realise its had its time and it hasnt worked!
    Great to see the xmas special and ncis pull good numbers for ten.

  22. The 7pm Project isn’t looking any healthier this summer. The competition is weak, and still it is trailing by a wide margin.

    Ten might want to rethink moving their realities to 7.30.

  23. Excellent result for 30 Rock. Could well do a ‘Scrubs’, and finally make the successful move from late night to prime time – that is if Seven come to their senses.

  24. tasmanian devil

    It’s good to see Hot Seat beat Deal or No Deal, even if the latter is a repeat. The fact that it bombed in 2004, when Deal Or No Deal was still a bit novel, and now it’s getting much stronger figures, goes to show that after all these years Australians are getting bored with Deal Or No Deal’s vapid format and switching over to something a little more high brow (emphasis on little).

  25. I guess SGU with 744 isnt too bad, same episode in US got 2.35mill, just over 3x more, when the US scifi base has got to be at least 10 times bigger than ours.

  26. I was all set to watch Supernatural and it wasn’t on. Boo!!! It better be back next week.

    @Tony R, I also wondered the same, what happened to Futurama? Times like this I really wish that Channel Ten’s second channel wasn’t all sport, some great shows will be left out in the cold with nowhere to go.

  27. I quite enjoyed SGU. It wasn’t like SG-1 or Atlantis but the story was well written. They have just announced that SGU has been given a second season.

    I hope Channel 10 hang on to this and not drop it to 12:30 like what Channel 7 did.

  28. Glee was ok on Sunday, i enjoyed the second last episode better though, Ive actuallly only watched the last 2 eps of S1. Deserves much better figures.

  29. Since kim watkins isn’t on 9am anymore i would like to see her given another series of saving babies! this show if a can recall did ok for ten and could be something that could work on a friday to draw in older viewers. I’m also surprised to see kim isn’t hosting the summer series on ten for the last few weeks and this may have something to do with her work on the new show?

  30. 7pm project was hell bad last night, ten are trying everything and its still not working, on the other hand im really enjoying the middle! hell funny show!

  31. Peter Overton is nothing short of a failure, easily beaten by Mark Ferguson on Sunday and Monday. I bet the Nine News division are licking their wounds right about now.

    Fantastic result for The Middle, and 30 Rock repeats (at 10.30pm), two of the better sitcoms this summer.

  32. The Middle is retaining great out of 2.5men. Its a great show and im really enjoying it. I hope it continues to do well. The Mentalist is repeating very well and i expect it will dominate the monday slot come next year. As for SGU it did alot better than i expected and alot better than supernatural. Shame 7pm let Ten down. This show is great but ten have tried everything. They now have to accept defeat IMO and either move it to 10.30 in place of its news for 1hour or move it to 6pm after news and hope it retains some of that audience, its not that much more expensive than simpsons repeats (according to romour) so if it can do 700k or so ten would be happy wouldnt they? Rules repeat didnt do much worse than new Futurama with very little advertising so hopefully it can get up 2 about 70k or so for ten. Malcolm is doing just as well as nieghbours had been doing this time of year. Im enjoying watching these classic eps and wont be suprised if its an ancor show for tens new channel the way Seinfeld is for GO.

  33. Oh man, I was watching the NFL on channel ONE yesterday and the game was being broadcast by CBS. And as they do, a promo with footage popped up out of nowhere about the final 6 survivors for Survivor Samoa!

    Luckily I was able to run out the room in time

    So, just a word of warning guys

  34. agree with most here about Glee… i thought the entire episode was entertaining but the highlight for me was rachel singing “dont rain on my parade”… wow is all i can say about it and i’m sure streisand would have loved it too !!

  35. @Marco: I agree with you. That My Life Would Suck Without You performance just puts a smile on my face. Shame we have to wait till April for new eps of glee

  36. I am absolutey loving Heartbreak High on ABC3 at 8.30pm. I was 14 at the time these eps originally went to air. It stands the test of time as well as Degrassi in my opinion.

    Poor teenagers today – do they have any decent teen soaps? Blue Water High and Home and Away do not count cause they have too litle realism IMO.

  37. The final performance in Glee last night (My Life Would Suck Without You), was fantastic, and cleverly rewarded the season-long fans with nods to previous episodes, including the Single Ladies dancemoves by Kurt, the flicking of hair done by the girls from the Hairography episode, and the raunchy dances moves from when they performed Push It and horrified the entire school. I can’t stop rewinding the final performance on my IQ2 because it just puts the biggest smile on my face. Can’t wait for the back nine!

  38. last night ep of glee was bloody awesome! i dont usually watch every ep but that 1 has hooked me in for next yrs new eps!
    could aussies be any more of a bunch of loosers for watching the vicar of dibley and a bones repeat to get our fix, what has seven done? brainwashed u people! do u know what good tv actually is?

  39. Alvin Ten have the rights to the whole season of Glee and future seasons. They will air the second part of the season when it returns in April next year.

  40. Huh…Nine news on Sunday usually seems to beat Seven news in Adelaide despite Seven winning every other night, but this week Seven has smashed them.

    Glee last night was excellent, i love that show. Even my apprentice plumber brother rang me to tell me to record it. One thing i have with Glee, why don’t the other 2 guys talk at all??? Well one had a line last night, but would it kill them to let them talk a bit more.

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