1. 6 Wipeout Nine 738,000 213,000 229,000 138,000 88,000 71,000
    7 The Cricket Show Nine 711,000 208,000 236,000 123,000 69,000 75,000
    8 Taggart Abc1 702,000 192,000 197,000 102,000 100,000 110,000
    9 The Bill Abc1 697,000 204,000 179,000 121,000 80,000 112,000
    10 Borderline Seven 696,000 166,000 216,000 128,000 78,000 108,000
    11 Kingdom Seven 639,000 153,000 228,000 112,000 60,000 86,000
    12 Final Chance To Save The Orangutans With Joanna Lumley Abc1 621,000 169,000 156,000 148,000 75,000 73,000
    15 That Thing You Do! Ten 524,000 172,000 124,000 92,000 71,000 66,000
    17 Wallander Seven 520,000 156,000 192,000 67,000 62,000 44,000
    19 Crusoe Nine 510,000 115,000 170,000 103,000 57,000 65,000
    20 Wallace And Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions Abc1 508,000 147,000 134,000 104,000 54,000 69,000
    22 Brand Name Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2009 Seven 458,000 206,000 108,000 65,000 48,000 31,000
    61 The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie 7two 96,000 18,000 44,000 14,000 6,000 15,000
    62 60 Minute Makeover 7two 95,000 24,000 33,000 16,000 10,000 12,000
    63 Get Smart Go! 94,000 23,000 31,000 22,000 11,000 8,000

  2. @aznfratboy … there have been whispers that SN may be picked up for a season 6. Both the stars of the show are contracted to the CW for another year and the shows creator Eric Kirpke has said in interviews that he would do another seaosn if the CW wanted it…. so fans are awaiting news on a 6th season.

  3. @ Amir, Supernatural is in it’s 5th and last season Eric Kripke (the guy who writes the story) said from the get go that it would end after 5 seasons.

    @ Ryan Rove won’t lose money, Ten would if they can’t generate enoug advert revenue to cover costs… I don’t get why they don’t air Friends or even The Simpsons repeats in that timeslot? It probably costs like $20k an episode? I’m sure it costs more to produce 7pm project and pay the salaries of the presenters.

  4. 6 Air Crash Investigations-Wed Seven 804,000 204,000 252,000 148,000 84,000 116,000
    7 Superstars Of Dance Nine 797,000 197,000 254,000 146,000 79,000 121,000
    8 City Homicide-Wed (R) Seven 790,000 232,000 222,000 147,000 93,000 97,000
    9 Cold Case -Ep1 Rpt Nine 776,000 180,000 256,000 136,000 99,000 105,000
    12 Futurama Wed Ten 692,000 185,000 201,000 126,000 87,000 93,000
    14 The Cleveland Show Ten 637,000 169,000 231,000 72,000 79,000 85,000
    21 Malcolm In The Middle Ten 572,000 132,000 196,000 83,000 61,000 100,000
    27 Californication Wed Ten 416,000 119,000 161,000 57,000 47,000 31,000
    49 Rex In Rome Sbs One 219,000 66,000 68,000 24,000 31,000 30,000
    87 Mother And Son 7two 128,000 28,000 50,000 27,000 13,000 10,000
    98 The Unit 7two 114,000 17,000 43,000 36,000 10,000 8,000
    128 Tin Man 7two 81,000 14,000 24,000 23,000 10,000 10,000
    134 Fringe Go! 77,000 22,000 27,000 15,000 7,000 7,000
    194 Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab Abc3 40,000 26,000 0 0 2,000 13,000

  5. 7 Hitler’s Favourite Royal Abc1 878,000 256,000 240,000 177,000 86,000 118,000
    13 Survivor: Samoa -Ep2 Nine 762,000 277,000 223,000 106,000 60,000 96,000
    15 White Collar Tues Ten 753,000 186,000 236,000 158,000 91,000 83,000
    16 Survivor: Samoa -Ep1 Nine 702,000 252,000 184,000 135,000 49,000 83,000
    17 Private Practice Seven 682,000 180,000 193,000 117,000 110,000 82,000
    19 Malcolm In The Middle Ten 635,000 190,000 215,000 80,000 73,000 77,000
    21 Accidentally On Purpose Ten 604,000 154,000 237,000 98,000 49,000 66,000
    23 Dannii Minogue: My Story Seven 585,000 130,000 181,000 88,000 105,000 81,000
    27 The Office Tues Ten 481,000 138,000 172,000 75,000 46,000 49,000
    58 The Circuit Sbs One 193,000 64,000 40,000 38,000 29,000 22,000
    78 Mother And Son 7two 130,000 32,000 45,000 27,000 13,000 15,000
    96 Seinfeld Go! 101,000 28,000 35,000 12,000 17,000 8,000
    101 Ugly Betty 7two 96,000 27,000 30,000 16,000 10,000 14,000
    105 Tool Academy Go! 94,000 22,000 34,000 16,000 9,000 13,000
    110 Late Show With David Letterman Ten 92,000 22,000 20,000 25,000 15,000 10,000

  6. re 7PM Project – Why the hell do they bring up serious subjects and then just make idiotic jokes about everything? Is it supposed to be a current affairs show with intelligent comments etc or is just about who can make the silliest jokes.

    What with that and Carrie’s warped view of the world, I am rapidly losing interest.

    Her comments on the internet filter really took the cake.

  7. Please note there will be erratic Ratings data available over the Xmas- New Year period, including changes due to the addition of Timeshifting from Sunday. During its period of transition, let’s wait for the dust to settle….

  8. Re: 80% Bogan, 20% normal

    one could easily say 80% normal, 20% elitist

    either way, like i say, no matter how good you think a show is, no matter how much critically acclaim it gets, it’s not always going to translate into ratings success. It’s just like mainstream vs. artsy movies.

    Stargate universe may be a great show, but how many people actually like sci-fi shows? 95% of females don’t like sci-fi, thus the lower ratings. Then other factors such as the internet, holidays, recording etc.

  9. nine Sucks when it comes to keeping to time … i have to kieep my tivo with a 30 min buffer each side of MadTV (ie 2hrs!!!) and it still didnt catch any of it on sat nite — it got bumped completely becuase the earlier movie ran over time, and cut straight to an infomerical program … they suck!!!!! >:P

  10. “There may be some bogans but exactly how many are there”

    Too many. You only have to look at Australia Day to work that out.

    In Sydney for example (I lived there for 6 years) the upper/lower North Shore/Paddington/Vaucluse and some inner city areas are reality Bogan free, however if you travel to the Northern Beaches you find them (apart from Palm/Whale beach), the Beach Bogans, very Aussie type of Bogan, Sutherland (same breed), Western Sydney onwards (the mega Bogan – similar to the Norhern Beaches Bogan but worse).

    They are the majority. When a nation bases it’s entire identity and self esteem on sport you can pretty work out the percentages.

  11. How many people have “ratings” monitors? I’m guessing its a very small percentage of the entire population. These people are screened and categorised by age, sex, income, number of pets and children etc etc.
    From this very small group we miraculously arrive at generalised ratings which everyone believes to be accurate.
    If we believe the “blue eye, brown eye” experiment and follow the laws of probability, then this whole ratings process is a sham.
    There may be some bogans but exactly how many are there???

  12. Wake up Seven and move 30 Rock to an earlier timeslot (Unless you are saving it for 7TWO), because Scrubs was doing about the same numbers in the 10.30pm slot and look what it did it primetime. I’m thinking we won’t see The 7PM Project after it’s Christmas break. The show obviously needs a change of hosts and a name change if it is to have any chance.

  13. another week, another batch of bad 7pm project ratings. If this was a game show, it would’ve been dropped ages ago.

    unless the production isn’t losing money, then it’s more than likely won’t be off air?

    just watching the promo for this show… wow… one minute its shows (supposedly) funny moments, then the next minute its (tries) to be all serious.

    7pm project = today tonight/ACA with (attempted) humor

  14. The pathetic viewing habits of this country continue to astound me. Stargate universe is a great show, yet it drops in ratings. I guess if it is not some friggen crime show, some foul last chance surgery crap, world funniest failed heart transplants, people dying in seconds etc the majority don’t watch it.

    We really are, en masse a bunch of unsophisticated bogans. Whilst the USA has a balance of rednecks and normal people we are more 80% Bogan, 20% normal.

  15. Fkn Axe The 7pm project! every night for ten is being pulled behind thanks to the s**t house shows ratings, god even malcom in the middle beat it!, if rove has any brains he would force them to resign since he is probably loosing money on every ep

  16. The problem 10 faces is that they don’t program scripted program at 10:30 or have a proper digital channel so if a show dosen’t rate in Primetime it is a lottery to see if it would ever air after midnight or weekend afternoon. For a network that regularly tries to aim to younger viewers they are very out of touch.

  17. Watched the middle last night (first time). Thought it was very ordinary. Would rather watch repeats of “raymond” where Patricia Heaton was a lot better.
    The small kid performed well. he was fun.

  18. Another poor result for Ten last night. Its decision to show Stargate Universe at 8.30pm backfired, losing over 180,000 viewers from last week’s premiere. It was also dragged down by poor ratings from Rules of Engagement, which seems headed to Ten’s new digital channel in 2010.

  19. Holy sh*t at those 30 Rock ratings! Seven really need to move it to primetime next year (maybe put it with Scrubs?), because those ratings for a repeat are amazing for a 10:30pm show. It’s pretty much on par with all of Ten’s other shows for the night hahaha. Poor Ten. I just hope they don’t give up on Supernatural and drop it for next year…

  20. I liked GO! Now i’m starting to hate it as much as Nine because the old Nine tradition is starting to creep in. Is it really so hard to start and finish programs on time. Couldn’t record It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia last night because Dante’s Cove went overtime by like 15 mins, and i had to end up stopping it and just watching the end of it because my disc was only 2 hours long and i recorded Nip/Tuck before it.

    Anyone else noticed Seven H&A promo has a lot less Todd Lasance. I think there’s now only one shot and its of the back of his head.

  21. i think ten is the only network that shows the real times that shows start and finish, im sick of having to flick back and fourth waiting for the program to start

  22. The Vicar, Spicks & Specks, Hamish & Andy Special then Castle. Not too bad a summer viewing schedule last night for me, even if the majority of shows mentioned were repeats.

  23. Sunday was Not kind to ten. I would’ve thought since an earlier repeat of Glee (about a month or so ago) got 800,000 or so, that repeats would get 600-700. Apparently, Glee fever has reached its peak already or no-one wants to see an encore series (like Merlin). I wonder if ten will stick to its Glee-peat marathon next week? In the meantime, I’ll be waiting until it comes back with new episodes next April.

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