2010: SBS looks beyond Top Gear

Next Monday night SBS bids farewell to Top Gear for the final time.

The show drives off to Nine after a ferocious acquisition battle last year that SBS lost due to being outbid.

But the network is keen to remind us it was just one hour of television a week, and that it still has plenty to bring its “six billion stories” theme to life.

This year SBS has the World Cup exclusive, a third series of East West 101, Eurovision in Oslo, more Mad Men, Skins, Inspector Rex, Entourage and Shameless.

Over summer, the public broadcaster has been doing very nicely thankyou. On Monday it took double figures in the ratings. It has been performing with Man Vs Wild on Monday nights. From January 25, new Mythbusters return to the Monday night slot.

Big Love returned to Tuesdays this week, another favourite with the SBS audience. In January, The Fixer, Trawlermen, Monster Moves and the Grierson Winner 2009 Best Documentary Feature Thriller in Manila are also showing.

Coming soon are the documentary series Love of Money, James May’s Big Ideas, James May’s Toy Stories and new Danish crime drama The Killing.

In March get ready for the long-awaited second season of Wilfred, documentary series Iran and the West, Italian Food Safari, a second series of Costa’s Garden Odyssey, Disabled Body Saliors and series 2 of Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections. April begins Series 5 & 6 of Who Do You Think You Are?, a new series of Paul Fenech’s Swift & Shift Couriers, plus 80 Rituals Around the World, Jobs for Junkies, and Inside Nature’s Giants.

Later in the year it will bring Manson, Life Begins, Comedy School and season 2 of The Family.


  1. SBS should get deadliest catch.
    No one is showing it and the show is brilliant; a real ratings winner in the USA and all the other countries. Ten showedless than half a season some years ago but has done nothing since.
    Hate channel 9, screw them for taking and soon to be butchering Top Gear from its rightful home of SBS.

  2. Seems a pretty good lineup for 2010 there, looks like I’ll be watching a fair bit of it.

    However, SBS need to drop that Garden Odyssey show. Just appalingly boring, even by SBS standards! Bring back Vasilli from TVS/31 I say!

  3. You will sadly Never see an official release of the early pizza seasons due to rights reasons. That’s the reason why the theme song changed from “That’s Amore” in the latest season – so it can get a DVD release. The older episodes are riddled with music and cameo appearances that would give a lawyer a headache. Suss out the net for these, sadly they’ll never come out…

  4. Swift and Shift is often quite good… it’s just some harmless, not so clean, almost honest, almost always ethnic-oriented, ham-fisted boganistic fun. That’s right, I said ‘boganistic’. Plus, there’s some handsome hairy men in there too! (Grandma’s favourite)

  5. These people who say “bring back Pizza” often mean “bring back Sleak The Elite” as he was the talent of Pizza.
    But Sleak is gone from the Fenech world.
    And he is not coming back.
    So forget him and Pizza!
    Swift and Shift rules!

  6. Please SBS bring back Pizza!!! Habib, Pauly, Toula, Rocky…they were sooooo funny. It made my monday nights.

    I also love Bogan Pride.Will that be coming back? Please don’t be stooges SBS!

  7. I’d been wondering what happened to the new series of Swift and Shift!

    Its also strange how in a time when virtually every show ever broadcast is made available on DVD, the original first Pizza TV series has never been released (to my knowledge)? It was the best one.

  8. SBS seem to be dragging their feet on a lot of very good show that they have available – Big Love, MadMen, the James May and Richard Hammond shows are also up to 2 years old.
    I think they need to smarten up their act a bit.

  9. I cant wait for myth busters to start. It’s been out of sight, out of mind when it’s on at the weekends. H3ll, I’d probably watch it over top gear, should C9 decide to run top gear at its “usual” time – mondays at 7:30.

    I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Fixer – coming from the makers of Spooks, i may have started watching it with too high expectations. I guess i was looking for something along the lines of the rich tapestry of characters that Spooks has.

    Speaking of, (and apologies for this being an sbs thread and not ABC) – is there any word on spooks coming back ?

  10. SBS bring back The Mighty Boosh and promote it!! There is truly nothing else on TV like it. Oh and don’t worry SBS even without Top Gear there are a bunch of us who still love you dearly :)

  11. The 2nd season of Mad Men is going to be great, I thought SBS weren’t going to show it since I hadn’t heard anything on it. Thrilla in Manilla sounds like a good documentary since I’m a fan of boxing. But the World Cup is going to be the best thing of the year, go the Socceroos!!. By the way does anyone know if Skins season 3 been shown yet or are they showing season 4?

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