Axed: The Shak

Channel Nine’s kid’s series The Shak will cease production.

The Brisbane-based afternoon show has been running since 2006.  The end of production is effective immediately and all staff working on the show had been advised.

“There was an inaccurate post on Twitter saying that Nine we’d axed all in-house children’s programming, that’s not true,” a Nine spokesperson told TV Tonight. “We’ll still be doing Kids WB.

The axe on the show is a cost-cutting measure by Nine.

“These decisions are usually economic ones.”

So far there is no clarity on the future for the show’s presenting team, Curio (Drew Jarvis), Nitro (Beau Walker) and Willow (Libby Campbell).

“Hopefully we can move the team into other roles,” said the spokesperson.

The show will remain on screen with completed episodes yet to air.


  1. as for ch9 has the rigts to top gear takeing from sbs and at the moment kitchenwizz is on athe moment as kingdom of paramithi ison at 3:30
    can we have at 4:00 selectin form abc2 in the night garden

  2. Kristian Kriesel

    I liked the Shak, Nitro was funny as were all the characters. It wasn’t very educational like totally wild for example but it was much funnier than The Big Arvo. Two of the shows it was probably modeled on.

  3. I had a feeling The Shak was “Jumping the shark” when they changed everything and then having a competition for a new female presenter. It really is a shame to see them go. They should never have changed the setting of the show last year.

  4. Just so u know… the show didnt change because Eco left, the show’s change meant they could only have 3 presenters, ie Eco was cut. Haven’t seen her since so she clearly leaving for another gig? I’m pretty sure Nitro has a gig on Great Outdoors or something – thats the rumour going round… QLD production obviously is never going to be respected down south… But with decisions like changing the Shak from a fun but pretty educational show to what it became, who can blame them? C’mon the new show was pretty dodge…

  5. AA: Labrats only got picked up for 2008, Pyramid was done in mid-09, with the expense of flying Shura Taft to Brisbane, to tape episodes. I’m expecting the next major announcement out of QTQ, is that all non-essential (i.e anything not Hi5 or childrens drama) in the way of childrens programming left in Brisbane (i.e the gameshows, like Pyramid etc.) will be moved from Brisbane. That will only cause more job losses, in a already fragile industry up here… #saveQLDTV

  6. Could Nine find other roles for the Shak team-I was a fan that show.

    David-on another note does Nine have any new Pyramid episodes to air and how many unaired The Shak eps to air?

  7. Good news! It was a poor quality show.

    Hopefully Saturday Disney is next to go, so we can see Saturday Sunrise with AOK! (this should surely happen soon as Saturday Disney is now regularly being thrashed by Today).

  8. tasmanian devil

    I have to say that I am a little glad it got put out of its misery. Before the revamp it was quite good, as kids shows go, and I still watch the repeats every now and then. But ever since Eco departed, thus changing the show’s format, it’s been terrible and I have refused to watch the newer episodes. By the way, does Drew Jarvis still host Lab Rats Challenge?

  9. @michael

    The second incarntion actually won an international television award of some kind for season 1.

    The first host was Liesel Mcdonald, but she was sacked, Hound the dog didn’t talk.

    The next host was with Pascall Fox and the puppet dog ‘Hound’ started to talk, she was rather zany in both looks and persona.

    The last host was Catrona Roundtree, they got rid of the dog and she went all serious and tried to sex it up. Not surprisingly it was shortly axed after that.

    It was a good show, far better than the Shak ever was.

  10. @woodrow
    channel 9 did do an updated version of wonder world a few years ago I remember a woman hosting it (cant remember her name) with a puppet dog

  11. @Kuttsywood: this means in 2010 Nine will sponsor arts festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, while Seven sponsor Adelaide and Perth arts festivals. With Nine sponsoring Riverfire, it will make sure the event will not clash with the NRL finals, unlike what happened in 2009.

  12. @Lou says:
    January 13, 2010 at 7:02 pm
    “Bring back Miraculous Mellops! can’t find that anywhere”
    I loved that show when it was on!! Bring it to ABC3 like the did with Spellbinder which I am rewatching, and enjoying.

    @Dr. TV says:
    January 13, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    Bring back re-runs of Pugwall
    – Pugwall is available on DVD! Yes I was shocked to see it in JB HiFi in 2009.

  13. @cpandilo: Seven only found out they lost Riverfire, when promos aired on Nine late last year, that stated that the network was “bringing the much loved Riverfire and Brisbane Festival home to Nine”.

    Good luck trying to host it with Lofty, as the best candidates for hosting Riverfire’s return, have just been sacked.

  14. Kuttsy, maybe you would be happier if you moved to Sydney. Then you could delight in how much attention is paid to the city you live in.
    I realise that doesn’t help much, but I tried.

    Oh, and while The Shak was a bit rubbish, cutting local kids TV is not a good thing. Kids WB has local hosts presenting US cartoons, so it is hardly the same thing. Bring back Agro indeed! Or Shawn Sheep! Where have the puppets gone?

  15. A cost cutting measure… Just like Extra, Just like Bruce Paige…

    I hope Nine are happy, Brisbane production for the network has gone from two full time programs, to zilch in six months. And yet Eddie McGuire hasn’t been given a pay cut.

    I am fed up. No more Nine News. Might as well can Riverfire, too while your at it.

    Keep ripping “Brisbane” from Nine, and viewers won’t accept “Welcome Home”, as it is only a symbol of the Sydney-Brisbane divide.

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