Every kid wants to be on Prank Patrol, but…

pprSince launching ABC3 in early December, it isn’t the pride of place drama My Place that is resonating most with the young audience, but Scotty Tweedie and his Prank Patrol Ninjas.

In the show, kids get the chance to create, build and execute the prank of a lifetime on their chosen target – a friend, sibling, or even their class.

Production company activeTV, which also produces Carols in the Domain, The Amazing Race Asia, Tropfest and the Country Music Awards of Australia, could be set for a long run with the show if the avid pleas to TV Tonight are anything to go by. So popular has the show become that the ABC had no facility to field enquiries from frenzied kids across the country.

Since drawing attention to the problem, an ABC spokesperson has now issued a statement to TV Tonight advising: “The first series is almost over, so it’s a little too late to apply to be on Prank Patrol. But that doesn’t mean Prank Patrol won’t be looking for more Pranksters in the future, so keep checking abc.net.au/abc3 for updates!”

It has now also issued the advice on its official website.

Meanwhile ABC3 is screening Prank Patrol International to keep up the interest with episodes from the UK and Canada.


  1. i would love to prank my firend Ellen she all always pranks Me everyday I want to be on Prank Patrol I love pranks!!

  2. i think i realy shoud go on prank patrol cause my dad thinks hes all good. and he thinks hes not scared of anything but i want to prove him wrong.i really wouldnt no what to prank him with but im sure andy could help me with that. and whatching my dad get scared will be altimate payback for what pranks he did to me when i was young soo ple ase prank patrol please!!!!!!!

  3. I think i should be on prank patrol cause im a really good actor and i think my friends Tegan, Amaylee and Rina shoul be pranked. they always do something 2 me and laugh. i know wen something is up. i make them confess in the end. i love prank patrol and my idea of a prank would to get a letter sent to each of these girls that they get to dance in Zac Efron first ever hit cause they love Zac Efron. Please pretty please let me go on prank patrol australia.

  4. i really want prank my sister for her being mean to me everyday and thinking about her self all the time so i really want to do it can you tell me how to do it

  5. charlie mckay

    it is so annoying that prank patrol is in a whole different country.
    please come to adelaide and send me a letter that says in big letters
    You are in for a big treat… .Prank Patrol is coming to your house

  6. i want to prank my teacher mrs norris because i would like to make it funny so everybody in the school can see 😀
    something like making her meet a famous toy elephant collecter

  7. Prank Patrol is the best! I am a big Micheal Jackson fan and I know all his moves, my friends tease me a bit about it and I would really like to prank them!!

  8. i need your help to prank my friend ella because when i stayed at her place the for a sleep over i woke up the next morning with orange and red lipstick smeared all over my face and legs ! I need help to get her back big time .

  9. i know how to be on prank patrol but ther are no spaces to be on it.

    go on bbc kids click be on a show and if your lucky it will have an add saying prank patrol aply now.


  10. punter:
    I have been closely following kids programming for over 8 years, mainly from the animation side. See my web site (via username link), which is dedicated to any cartoon related news in Australia.

    Reality TV is killing the TV industry, for both adults and kids. It is only in the last year or two, that reality TV series have started to effect kids programming though.

    The ABC is looking for cheap Australian programming, due to their plan to have as much Australian content on the ABC3 as possible (no matter the quality). While better quality content from overseas gets overlooked, due to this clear Australian bias by the ABC, which started before the ABC3 was launched.

    I don’t think it is too much to ask for a government funded channel, to actually provide good quality content for kids, rather than more reality TV rubbish.

    If the kids you know look forward to this rubbish, I would suggest they need to get out more and play.

  11. Kirben you must be a guru on TV…. Have you studied it or something. Man you know your stuff. I am actually quite interested to see what you write next…

    Get out of your house and live for a while. I have three kids and they loveeee this show and all there friends at school can’t wait for more episodes! And obviously you know nothing about the TV industry, of course Australian tv these days is looking for options to produce cheaper TV, because budgets are as tight as they have ever been.

    Keep up the good work Prank Patrol!

  12. Once again, kids requesting to be on a TV show, doesn’t mean a TV show is popular. Nor does several kids posting requests for information on how to apply to be on that TV show.

    I don’t think the ABC should be encouraging kids to be mischievous at all. Many kids series offer a lession in each episode, with pranks going overboard been a frequent example.

    Prank Patrol is just another example of a Australia TV series that is cheap to produce, adapted from the overseas versions.

  13. Whoever thought that My Place would be the most popular show of ABC3’s offerings doesn’t know kids. I personally don’t care for watching people make kids cry though.

  14. Why would Nickelodeon pick up Prank Patrol? Surely ABC3 have some sort of deal in place to keep it for the foreseeable future?

  15. tasmanian devil

    Wow, I didn’t realise so many had no idea how to apply for the show. No wonder the kids who made it onto the show were the smart ones and not the dumb wannabes flooding the above link with comments. In fact some of them were so thick (no offence) that they seemingly don’t even realise that the current eps are the UK version and think Scotty has been replaced with a new host (I agree though Scotty is a lot better than UK’s Barney). One even had a go at Kirben. So I think it’s safe to say the show is popular, regardless of its quality.

  16. I caught about 5 minutes of the show a while back and thought I would have loved that back when I was a kid.